Starobeshevo - night 14 - 15.08.07

So as after festival 12.08. Remained many prikormki and bait, decided to to go on night 14 - 15th of August. On the same body of water. Day 14, and the entire evening behaved not simply rain, and such a long not saw, simply the wall water, a bolt from, electric storm. And I have already with morning all loaded in trunk, and Sitting at work, I watched for this-. Already several times in psyche refused from this wouldn. But at the end work in 20-00 rain over, and cloud like began to fade. So as I were pigheaded, and if something conceived, then should necessarily do, then by taking over with a in company father went on body of water.

Well, after this population on a reservoir a bit because seats, but all same fishermen been lacking.

Zabrosilsya and roughly immediately see a small poklevku on feeder. Leapfrog and began struggle. Struggle lasted for long, I thought, that on other end simply trophy copy so as I his to Bank, and he not without getting tired of pulling back. Place it rebuilt (which I won on for competitions in Mariupol) and I not know on that it is capable, but it showed themselves with better hand (Mikado until 100 grams). In end, that you think, this proved a small asshole, roughly 800 grams karpik, which confused it's me with neighbor. Okay, coaxing it out I his and already like mood not bad. And the until this were doubts, that after such storm fish at all will getting caught.

, the weather has,: Wind Yu, Yu-In 1 - 3 flushed / with, pressure 736 - 735 mm r / cultures, temperatures + 20 + 23, moon 3% on growth.

Nibble was not as on "Black stones", but to 6-00 I caught:

Outcome: 2 karpika 700 - 800 grams, 4 karasika 250 - 300 grams, 6 podleschikov.

Neighbor right, took on your fishing bobber good karpushu from 2 until 3 kg, on softer hay.