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Podlednyy feeder

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Today the old a new year. And that for celebration? C. and the Communists his at all revile! But after all us fishers - only let-reason, and we perishing going to travel and take a whiz! And let the road to River "hail uzhos" o.o. A bear would still Pushcha their bonds. Ancestors Slavs not for good reason same noticed.

Is located on in the me place. Depth found on shore a relief. Winter feeder. On motives viewed on the eve films from defective-Tyuba! Was feeding one hugely, where the depth of proved about 6 meters. Second your cast put downstream lost ground Dam two from the first moons. On the. For weak, but prikormku apparently donosilo and the main catch was precisely there! Tackle for winters very raw, the main raskosami 0.16 "maver - multi band" and such same ceasing!

The first fishing pole under with their feet with very neat River Kymi and a leash around 0,08. Was feeding this hugely-tested a mixture of from "browning" with upon was already fat addition of scale very.

Licked is a master dam. One of these in - Holy shit louse! I have same, nor vodka nor beer!

The second fishing pole with a leash around 0.16 teetered downstream and it received initially 0 attention, but here is here - the me expected big surprise! Than more I was feeding hugely with the first line under with their feet, the more movements a simple nod was on another, had stood downstream! :shock: Szczuka met on property dace, which I zevanul, and a surgically sharp hook decoy fine mini 16 Number's holed up in street corner Pernod and ceasing she not bit off! :cool:
Here is such he winter feeder on Severski Donce, fuck! With a white fish tank until progress has been slow. Very low pressure. But have us Lies robust been ukha.

Has understood with ledoburom and now he unfortunately the ice, as chainsaw! In no clothing left expert-seller wrong've fitted knives! :rofl: Today, finally, routinely received pleasure from process, not smoke ?n and nodn from overheating!



Yesterday with plotvoy was quite progress has been slow! But here is from prikormlennoy moons. On the on minnow back took the good pike!



And prikarmlival than? Malcolm? ;)



Bykaraxa wrote:

A prikarmlival than? Malcolm? ;)

Brain premium feeder + Universal winter



February not the most the best month. All around revolts against. And rain and piercing wind. Although, today double-crossed cheeks precisely southern. And we perishing long with him make friends ’. In cold time year, yuzhak this a clear signal to. Grab with President and running to River!

Some where on coves around still held the ice. Dangerous of course and nozdrevat. But as otherwise? If the third day more ten heat! And all same, three zherlitsy have become there, where still can be pass and not fear Cold winter the font.

Honouring task is located on turn rivers. Direction already utterly just opened up for you from winter capture. Rare drifting ice cap not hindrance. Quite long studied bottom. Startled interesting a winkle terrain, In open a new season precisely here.

Used very sensitive snap. The thin the cord. Very subtler dog leashes but also from 0,069 until 0,083 and the most thorny hooks from Decoy M-001 Number 16.

Fish-sicles winter, from my secret lab,, trafficking in year-old kitchen. :D Nasadka night crawlers and maggot which dipanul cinnamon.

Season fidera I opened! Fish of course petty, but any. Ershi, perch, a dace, Blicca bjoerkna and even one podleschik, which immediately had let podrastat. Triviality will serve as and tomorrow, after all zherlitsy still are worth. Baitfish in such time on weight gold!

About 9 morning two zherlitsy raised the greetings flags. As see, exchanged hellos very good pikes! A fresh the bait, as I already and noted higher - this very it is important!
Weather worsened. Sit under rain under such a wind not worth. In 12 decided to two legal with President. Yes and okay. Fishing the and so Commission itself!



Morning everything solar. Calm. And all same crisp they could! Released to River late. Not love, when obmerzayut some tackle. Brought together your cast in eleventh 1: 00.

A fishing unfortunately limited. So, today very easy feeder! All such Microscopial. Trough from 10 to 20 grams. Very subtler leashes are and already lovely hooks from Decoy M-001 and fine mini 16 Number. In one word ultralayt!

A strong southern wind. Water + 4. Air + 6. Sunny. Fish gathered on prikormku very quickly! The depth of in place fishing until 3 meters.

You can imagine, how many poklevok I have was for couple of hours? :tomato: reception of prikormki with last fishing is gone very quickly! All from browning on the basis of Black Magic :cool:

Winter feeder in thaw this very breath-taking! And even reminds summer fishing. The size of the fish not indulge. But, what same spectacle after a long winter pause!

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To River having only in noon. Today it is getting cold. Wind winds. Northeastern Western goes right through your until broken bones! At night freeze. Water again + 3. And only three days ago was + 6! Here is, only, my’fishing barometer, all time have hinted. Walk and catch fish! Not weathered, brought together easy 3-'s metre feeder "browning super bomb feeder." On a coil the most the thin the cord, what I have there is. "Sunline super venite" - 6lb, plus shock leader from admirable fishing line of yours "browning feeda line" d - 0.2, a long 6 meters. Tooling ’. Povodkovaya raskosami "Sunline Vip plus" d - 0.069, a long 60 - 70 see Hook "Decoy M-001", N16.
Fish-sicles "browning." Classic for Cold water! Mere 0.5 kg "Gardon" and adds 0.3 "Canal. Fishing yet to minor and necessary quickly muster fish. Many feed and not will need. There's gravy from "RF team" weight only 21 grams and faint capacity. Copiously feed, in such the coldness there is no need for! Cannot be promoted bag for and other large-factional supplements-ingredients. Smells prikormki today neutral with typified strengths very spices. Through a sieve even not this. Where same find time, when his there is no?

A dace with gusteroy come with the first-the second trough. Very it is important correctly present the pourer! One moldy worm we dress with a stocking, and from above 2-3 moths. Or a larva flies with a stocking, night crawlers with small painball foam plastic. My today. Once was and tea keep warm.
Early spring always dipuyu moldy worm cinnamon. And she'll do for now in any time year! Winter of or the hot summer, and fish necessarily be appropriate. Maggot from foreign environment vonyuch got 3 a dump. Not forget, Vasha prikormka is fragrant, and the nozzle sitch often simply-this stinks and repels fish!

Wind such, that Roulette dry line over head. But after all tree gave shadow. Stood for the from wind, yes and fish in such a weather not so cautious. What on water - our advantage!

Closer to 15.00 raskormil point. Has drawn fish lot more. Received huge pleasure! Only time, as always my car for my calendar. Had to two legal tackle. Roads still slippery, jobs account for march through wood.

This a tiger-striped with gracious behavior baron, yanked so, that fishing pole slightly not escaped! Fish is waking up!
Such a situation aren! Ahead season and such innings still have us will.



A remarkable spring morning! Quite cool, just + 4, but not was strong impulses wind. Atmospheric pressure low, is expected rain, and after weekends again wave of raid year than traditional propeller.

Today configured two with President. One more powerful, but with 1 untsovoy vershinkoy and the thin ceasing d - 0.083, hook put lot more, than usually. 12 Number "Decoy fine mini." The nozzle sitch - worms extracted on the eve in the forest and oparyshy dipovanye cinnamon. With morning fish was very pro-active! In the remnants of prikormki with last fishing added half packs "Etang" from "browning", she contains many the growth cannabis and well collects belle in period Cold water.

Was biting, so, that long could not muster second fishing pole! Not was time and photographed dace with gusteroy. From such a labor atmosphere routinely received large pleasure. Frankly and not expected such a active fishing trip, when even grab a smoke once.

Sake of such moments we and walk on fishing. 're freezing over,. Slidy on dirty roads. A tiger-striped was butting heads, recognized, as bronze bream in June. Although in it just grams 700! Such perch on feeder much rare. And of course pleasure. - a fishing rod well worked good tugging, after all ceasing just 0.083 yes and seven metre shock leader from fishing line of yours, too, played a role. Stood would only the cord and perch inevitably now broken would ceasing!


Snow and a. Such here is spring gift! On the most steep sites roads accounted for go through, and ah behind severe backpack, which not parachute! With him not friend.
Moles hardworking. ° strictly in one line, and say, that blindfolded.
Wood revives! Nightly reduced the and snow no one not during the. Many birds. On the road traces curiously ungulate. Air very humid, but funky to breathe under easily! The palpable smells the first grass, prelykh oak of leaves and that the still subtle. Such final curtain and'll understand only early spring.
Here ran a 100 a pheasant. Left representing stezhku.
Green there the first grass. All of this aren eye and gives hope.
In such a weather decided to far not stray. Forecasts expected an rain. Alighted on old and already overgrown beach. Here quite conveniently and in case what, until homes me, quite not far.
Over water dense a. With long branches of old willow in the river are falling big breath. Gluggity. And again silence. Morning very silent. Makov and time the March day still ahead.
Local fly fishermen talked, that fish in such a weather not are biting. Are biting! Still and as! Need simply feed.
After 9 morning fish has become capricious, was it. First time used dip from "browning" entitled monster over. Heard, that his use precisely spring. Smells sickening, but plotve he clearly liked. One poof on oparyshey and nibble resumed.
- I feel warm. Ea southern and snow has vanished on the eyes of. Minute and his there is no. Here is so! :shock:
Several minutes tried to cope with big and furious pike sozhravshey dace with hook. And the undercling I not took. A pity. Chance all ??? was.
Spring begun. Cold and launched. Most time ending its feet!


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