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Misha Worm Is Recovering!

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Have Club for Micha's until without changes.



Men, sorry for silence!
Severe day and contradictory - with one hand Misha in the consciousness of, nurtures normal, drugs accepts, with the other is happening periodic disconnection consciousness and loss of spatial orientation.
Until is in that, tomorrow going to this CT scan will give any answers.



Oleg! Await the results and hope for the best!



On the current moment Michou turned in separate intense therapy. Misha in the consciousness of, smiles. The brain operates normally. Treatment continues!

This selection, convalescing! Ur!



Let-God popadayuschikh vyzdoravleniya!



Nog wrote:

Mischka, convalescing! Ur!

Anton! Thank you for good news! Let-the God!



Respected s “!
Have the honor to inform, that Misha transferred from that in house intense therapy BSMP-2 (2’s separate one Trauma Center).
State of have Club for Micha's today absolutely adequate, smiles, struggles with failures in memory :) ``Our joy 4265 through the brink!
Pain, of course there is, but he as the true a man hides.
Chatting away comfortably with perceived with in doctor - lie Mikhail there least 3 weeks - month. On medicines, physical, procedures questions debated and greenlit. Until a bit open remains question on ????? for Mikhail in day time, because he sick the reclining in the coming two weeks let us on a sentry on waiting lists, and there will in sight.
In any case, our joy not knows borders, Misha overcame crisis and goes on an amendment!
Thank you MUMBAI, s “! For aid, for support! Together we shall return of our Referred to normal, full-fledged life!



Misha on the sly convalescing, but this deal by definition not rapid. Pains there is no. Misha OK and in Pink, although loss of short memory still there is. On become hangs films, and Still Rise until Michet cannot be. Boca on the sly otlezhivaet, but not unyvaet!

Doctor told, that the entire Indispensable UN therapy is conducted in full, and most important that him now need to - this rest.

Low tints of all and everyone who not remained unenthusiastic in this misfortune to. To wage about support encouraging in Michou (and in us) confidence, that still slightly-slightly and Mischka will as shiny new! Thank you!



Nog wrote:

Low tints of all and everyone who not remained unenthusiastic in this misfortune to.

Anton! This you, Mishin rescue teams! You simply - good fellows, that have been able Michet provide such attention, caring and departure! Only together can be defeat any ????. So keep! Michet - Hi with Ukraine!



Get well soon Mishan, Heilongjiang. Bilgorod with you.



Respected s “!
Today shook hands with a Valiant hand of our captain, forces emerge on the sly!
Borders on nutshell all one and wishes from all you, told as we all for him are experiencing and are we rooting for. He transferred you Everyone enormous Hi and gratitude for Japanese crowds with his bleeding heart and are, that on such a about all may have disturbed, not on competitions! [em:3:]So that life continues! Drugs him give 21st th - ass soon on drushlag will resembles [em:3:]! Mishanka already quite cheerful and such same playful! Only all recent events tries to muster together, memory until gives small Alvarez. But we hope, that this soon will pass and through 3-4 weeks Misha proves homes!



Only from hospitals.
State of have of our of a soldier until such same - as himself says - nothing not aching and every day all rebuilt!
All us patience, patience, patience.



Oleg! We regularly are reading your messages and with way of anticipating believe in will be fast recovery Club for Micha's.

oleg1969 wrote:

Anyone reflecting us patience, patience, patience.



Today, tomorrow we Michou not alarm - toured parents! Not let us hinder. And in Monday,, again not ll contemplated nor Michet nor doctors.
This selection, 's just get you better!



Friends! Unfortunately, changes in Mishinom able there is no - all those same failings in memory, the general mood and a state of normal. As say doctors, memory can return in any moment, but when. So, if from me there is no messages, means all without changes. Sorry, each time write THAT very painful for! All us patience, patience, patience! And Michet popadayuschikh recovery!



Oleg! This all understandable. Perhaps, now the most the best a physician, then - our support Mishani and time.

oleg1969 wrote:

Anyone reflecting us patience, patience, patience! And Michet popadayuschikh recovery!



Organism young, should cope, owes simply, otherwise raze!
Let-God Michet popadayuschikh vyzdoravleniya!



Only that from hospitals.
State of have of our of a soldier significantly has improved!
Today the first morning, when he recognized that has awakened in hospital, not ask the questions as he here proved! Ur!
Consciousness the distinct and a clear! Fishing trip, contest recalled with a huge relish, a bit can barely enunciate on anniversaries and issues everyday lives.
Doctor ?? us all with clearing the another phase recovery! But warned, that this may yet be not terminally. But tomorrow or in Saturday Michet will sack-laden slings from its feet, sack counterweight, after what he can try sit, and then and walk with the help "walker." Start walk.
All is handing Hi with words huge gratitude! :) :) :)



Let-God, to with every day, every an hour Misha behaved only on an amendment! His successes us delights the! Attaboy, Misha! Hold on! All confidence!

Oleg! And you and our colleagues huge thank you for support Club for Micha's and for what hold us in rate events!

P.S. I here wrote from its behalf of and from behalf of of collective forums, but think, that in this case they such a same opinion.



Ah that same, s “!
I congratulate US ALL with khorrrroshimi news!
Today we brought our kamradu a walker, he for them grasps. And Caribbean on chamber!
State of, mood - normal, head "boils", though some moments life until as net leaf paper.
But would still very it is good to see Michou in the beautiful the atomic spirit!

Hope on skorroe recovery!



Good fellows all! And Misha in especially! Health and popadayuschikh and full recovery.



Brothers! Not spook UDAChU!
Sacred believe, that Misha in any time soon, himself will come out on the link in networks, and soon and homes.



Believe and want this!



Greetings, guys! Gave for netbook could squeeze 'em :) Truth, on time have limited)

WordPad not give, your cast until, too, :D Team has asked about of formalities sorevakh for this year forget :)) In a whole, Ugh three times, until feel themselves do a passable (“entertainments ” prays :)), in course affairs me particularly not drive - said" we want increasingly from heads, you fed and get some rest " :D

Wanted to would say huge sincere THANK YOU all you for support. And huge thank you friends for increasingly, that they for me have made and make.

Sorry, that short. 'll crawl out - talk to you soon even :)



With way out in spots!) Listen friends-throw it out all from heads and get well soon! :flag:



Forget it on increasingly and get well soon!



This selection, get well soon wanting. We on okay, you're next year plan here one thing venue on very perspective field water feature. So yours presence necessarily :cool:



Immediately in sight, on an amendment followed! :flag: :cool:



What the ballot long not was printed. As there health of our WORMa?



Messrs. with Mikhail all in order. From hospitals that the, passes course rehabilitation, friends surrounded his concern and the tutelage, sometimes not to stay take out on body of water. Was visiting the Mikhail and I’d say that he bodryachek, convalescing, there is small failings in memory, but this deal remedied. In a whole all quite ??? and not poorly.

P.S. Think subject with so heavy entitled is worth close.


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