R. Samara 06.03.08

Quickly raw seams Mosor in Dnipropetrovsk, and I immediately decided to, that stingiest the river Samara (as and in is year, the truth is year I was later still 27.03.07). Proposed to ride with a his running mate, on rybalkam, and he agreed. Him Nakamury greater pleasure swim, roughly 4 hours fishing on River Samara. Me same remained only about 1 minutes and out.

A bit lost time from-for search map for to a new community industrialized fishing. So and not managed get, so had to to return on place last years fishing:


Fishing was not strongly productive, but all same my partner managed to capture, and obtain mass of pleasure in apprehending not puny perch on feeder. And the rest of the:


And here is me not strongly was lucky, and I not strongly oblovil a new pikerok, only one little plotvichka, but nothing still ahead:


Pleased its the, that fishing season only begins.