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Brief feature increased the Rostov area. Cold Canal

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Cold stuck in Norvocherkasskoy GRES

Geography: Cold Canal (former Eric Vargunka) originates from from bridge, and if be more precise, from recently mounted rybozagoroditelya, which resides downstream Canal, for bridge Sommacampagna of Hovocherkask – Bagaevskaya in district UF. Bessergenevskoy, Takes he its the beginning of from Cold parts of rivers Aksai oil fields, stemming from rivers Don and freedom-- his right inflows. Canal bears their water past UF. Zaplavskoy, Bessergenevskoy, too costly Donskoi comes straight to Novocherkasskoy GRES. The dimension his not much.

Inhabitants of: In host usual enough a large number of various species fish: Blicca bjoerkna, bream, catfish Russian and even enclosed channel, carp and a carp, white White Amur, perch, pike, pike perch, ram and krasnoperka.

If you suddenly decide swim in host what any from numerous, listed higher and quoted in networks Internet kind of fish, that is more likely to just you expects bitter disappointment. Cold Canal fully and have it all belongs karasyu. Precisely Crucian is a full master this dam, he host at god and tsar.

Sea Bass large, desde,, the brazen. Densely a downed in well organized the packs, patruliruyuschie body of water in search of subsistence and rural.
Precisely Crucian exacts on Kholodnom host fate people, makes their happy and unhappy, he brings joy and frustration, he brings prize seats victors competition prosperously on him and a bitter taste of destruction their worse. Precisely he brings joy in family fishermen in the form of rich strikes in there and squabbles from for hobbies husbands, fathers and sons, syringe exchange host at several days to a range of.

The only fish tank, which Crucian with grown ups' leverage, permits ship types- wet with nakrytogo for him the table a measly crumbs is bull, isn't he. Crucian, at what the one him famous reason not believes his competitor and fully ignores.

Fly fishermen: On cold host can be meet as inhabitants the remotest corners Rostov area, so and representatives neighboring Ukraine and even inhabitants other edges and areas our vast the Motherland. On Canal not is spreading nerestovyy ban, so ravaged by spend some time fishing on it during dvukhmesyachnika rybolovu need to book seats on Bank in advance, as in some fashionable hotels. Yes and in another time with jobs for fishing can arise the problem.

Canal is an extension of rivers Aksai oil fields, so rybolovu needs be very careful and before strong Gone Fishin '(in nerestovyy period proactively to study borders dam and seats, proscribed for fishing industrialized fishing.
Canal is artificial water body are and his Bank very cozy to Go Fishing, that especially abundant and as ordinary fishermen, so and sketches – compete, regularly contributing on it various contest.

Not try harvest an after these competition, although would a few days, for even if in preparation culinary special hotel from various species prikormok you can compete with compete, then in kissing a diplomat caught up an under conducting free you never and not for that not manages exceed fishermen – athletes.

So that not’t upset glee times an your gnarly attempts to kissing-copies, because, that run grave risks look foolish, as schoolchild, first time renegotiation chmoknuvshiy in cheek down my old classmate. You same adults people.

Bank Soft drinks Canal naturally enough strongly gunked up, so leaving a place with dam taking with a the catch of the, mass of positive of emotions, a tan, good mood and of course same garbage, desirable and its and someone else's, left in other neradivymi sketches.

Not't forget mock fish, abide by rules and laws, respect each other. Let us place for fishing other people, not hesitate to to remove for this five – six their fishing gear from fifty misplaced on distance three Dam from each other. Caveat Be careful what you post and careful NKhNCh.

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Nice written. So and you smell bacon old, good "Almanac." Thank you author.



Bykaraxa wrote:

Zdorovo written. So and you smell bacon old, good "Almanac." Thank you author.

I glad, that you liked. :flag:


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » Brief feature increased the Rostov area. Cold Canal