Warm Canal Novocherkasskoy GRES

Warm Canal – this essentially two, utterly different Canal, which unites disposal of warm water and system gateways near the most station, Novocherkasskoy GRES. After gateways channels diverge in different hand.

One of them, flowing virtually in parallel cold channel, and not far from seats, where Cold Canal peels off from Don, Lukewarm Canal in him is lapsing, local call his the second channel.

Other part of Green Canal flowing past UF. Krivyanskoy and merges with direction Old or as his even call Dead Aksay, Rostov Oblast, his call the third channel. After what Lukewarm Canal become the legit River Aksai oil fields. In really late a page merges with River Tuzlov and flowing further until also a place in the river Don.

Warm Canal under nerestovyy ban not is mired, but Aksai oil fields, Tuzlov and Dead Aksai oil fields even very, so above than Myslivny Gone Fishin '(continue to cast until tackle, that Spain first deal in all existing artful these increased the, clearly having understood, who there is who, in avoiding unplanned meetings and such same unplanned spending, pages with these ??.

Except this on River Tuzlov in place its mergers with River Aksai oil fields the most lair shemai, about treachery of which trek terrible the legend and any russian activities in this place at all is prohibited. So you can do much poorer materially and unhappier than morally, for one only an innocent attempt to approach the lair of this terrible fish, as with coastline rigging of this ship, so and without them. Caveat very careful.

Fly fishermen: Local people confidently argue that on fishing on Lukewarm Canal go all whom not decisional laziness, on the banks of not crowded out there, full sold. Who only not Comes. Say, that couple of times would read even the Martians.

Water inhabitants of: Not despite substantial difference geography, the species composition fish in them virtually not differs. Crucian and channel catfish comprise his the groundwork, there is a dace, bleak, enclosed ram and rybets. Predators their full terms of a set of so same are underway.
And even usual tolstolob and fly fishermen, can his harvest, perhaps, that this and there are those the most proverbial.

And still in these seats so and Reserve boogie-board, the banned, krasnoknizhnaya Beluga. Lair which, as already mentioned, is below downstream on. Beluga widely known their perfidy, she is withdrawing in sadkakh and the other container inspection systems, masked under another fish, but local water perfume easily differentiate and read its. Finding its have the angler, they are beginning shkodit and plague the him, and cause crumbling on his head together misfortunes and trouble. For shemayoy eye yes eye!

Warm water, the availability of good the aft base, and so same a major rybokombinata trades abroad next door promotes to maintaining megastructures carp, a carp and white amur in a reservoir, which periodically, sometimes and in large quantities, 's the one hightailin 'on preferred bread in Canal with rybokombinata through descriptive in dambakh.

So that caveat are prepared, that with it comes to shagging what any ukleyki on appropriate for this process tackle, or chopped-an on Picker you what any red denizen accidentally snagged on hook, all peremotaet, will disrupt, even perhaps gonna break your your cast and in late all'll swim off the treasure of with crocheted and power a piece of fishing line of yours, making kind of as if so and need to.

And you after this, chase even long, tossed and with trembling hands your cast or its pathetic remnant of the, I crazy mournfully on the surface pond in search of cheeky fella. He same their behavior, likely, danger for you mood until the end of fishing, impertinences of its to stay after winning to ukleyke, and other the other fish anyone interest.

If you lucky enough arriving on fishing on Lukewarm Canal find place for fishing, then respect laws and rules, honor surrounding, nurture nature of, by keeping a themselves decently, because, that near populous point, which populated people, capable in case what inflict trouble. Now, let him go fish, not hesitate to clean up garbage for a and perhaps for in other neradivymi sketches, showing the latest example relations to environmental nature. NKhNCh.

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