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As need harvest winter. Richard van money Broek

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Too hard prikormka, very a major the nozzle sitch and had forced with fiderom winter becomes have died in vain waste of time. If you want, to in cold days tackle with the feeding trough proved ulovistoy, should to pay attention on numerous small beer.

When temperatures falls and days become in short, have peaceful fish begins strong the munchies. But with the first to nightlife frost big the munchies passes. Bream and a dace go on winter parking, and now them requires less food. However lovers of as industrialized fishing not worth for despair, they simply must adapt to changed situation. Tooling, prikormka, the bait winter all should be Ignac.

Choice seats
Fish winter prefer deep calmer seats. In conduits based fish should seek on deep box: In ports, in places divergences courts. Melkovodnye zone many increased the winter utterly bezrybnye. Witness close attention on terrain trawling singled dam. On strange a reservoir recommend after zabrosa to wage countdown, until there's gravy not will reach trawling. Do several pilot zabrosov on anticipate divergent distance from Bank and thereby arrive at misconception about profile trawling. Startled thus way interesting place (hole or with steeply obryvayuschuyusya brovku), still several times will con the feeder on beneath the, to establish, freely whether it from obstacles.

gap adjustment
Because on during harvest not worth, can be take quite lungs the feeder and place it. Under using removable vershinok for rods up make choices in favor of more responsive. I prefer fibreglass done, which not so nervously react to poklevki, as ugleplastikovye. To the same immediately in sight, as happens poklevka. Winter fish are biting extremely cautiously, so binding pletenaya raskosami on a coil. Before a twist I give the length fluorokarbona diameter of 0.25 mm, the length of the which doubled exceeds length rods up. Ceasing,, too, from fluorokarbona, should be-least 1 forge the Unvisible raskosami measure precautionary, so as bream can be extremely cautious. Because gets caught with small baits, hook place a small # 14 16. I prefer Gamakatsu 1810B, with spatula, the thin and unusually acute.

Subtle and economical way
Winter place prikarmlivaniya in no way case should not be large and well conspicuous. Fodder, too, is worth choose stealth Bombers a grey or black. Appropriate varieties prikormki there are in stores. Under need prikormku can be process dye pack. In this time it must be more active and faster exits from trough. With alive feeds should turn very economical way: A small a handful of Pinkies and Caster well enough. Worms winter in prikormku usually not add, even chopped Kaohsiung.

Securing economical prikarmlivanie this law under as it comes to shagging winter, because, if a feeding too copiously, can be quickly to sate fish and not to capture nothing. I do not proactively's on my payroll fish, and with the first small the feeding trough immediately same'm filing and providing a decoy on the hook. 'm using provolochnuyu the feeder with broad%, from which quickly is being released fodder. If through five minutes poklevki there is no, take from water snap and again filling the feeder prikormkoy. Thanks to thus active action quickly reprisal cloud from prikormki, and soon case discernible activity fish on prikarmlivaemom place. If place have correctly, fish already intends to nearby. Its, perhaps, frighten the first impose trough. Then leschi ponablyudayut for all pursue with a small distances, and the most curious soon start accusations. After the search for first fish the is worth prematurely cheer each toot..., because most often immediately comes a small pause in Cleves. However he soon the budding. Now on prikormlennoe place are arriving and those leschi, which were, lured with large distances.

Often on kolebaniyu done fidera can be understand, that fish already is on place, but not wants actively accusations. Sometimes sudden climate tide or movement water, fueled by lights filtering ship, becomes the catalyst poklevki. Fisherman can and himself give bait money some movement. Is easiest slightly podergivat crime as, and thereby and providing a decoy on bottom. Can be replace the feeder on a closed model, in that need to deposit several oparyshey. Change prikormki and purposefulness the most justified a means aktivizirovaniya fish. A new flavor, additive a different painting in prikormku or another going to hear live prikormka can to commit miracles. Instead oparyshey homilies offer fish to very. Thus, rule under as it comes to shagging winter diagnosis remain active. Movement and changes bring more poklevok.



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You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Articles » As need harvest winter. Richard van money Broek