River Tuzlov
Geography: Name rivers Tuzlov name translated with Turkic as “is salty water. ” Water in River on taste of indeed now, some fly fishermen argue that composition of salt in water change in dependence from seasonality and other, various factors. If watch on map, then can be see, that river Tuzlov Commonwealth. Its the beginning of on southern slope Donetsk the ridge, not far from sela with creative entitled Lysogorki petlyaya on territory Luhansk area of Lugansk People's Republic and Rostov area Russia, than something reminds deconstructing the car a path.

Length rivers without small two hundred kilometers. Double, she accepts the in themselves water about forty various small rivers. Flowing virtually through entire Rostov area, past more than twenty populated points, she is lapsing in the river Aksai oil fields, and likely, all ??? merges with him, because, that if watch on both these rivers in place mergers, then can be see, that Tuzlov several wider Aksay, Rostov Oblast, but his for more slowly.

In place mergers Tuzlov with Aksayaem reprisal vividly expressed termoklin, because, that Aksai oil fields bears warm water Green Canal, and Tuzlov cold, mostly rodnikovye water numerous rivulets, flowing into in him. Distance rivers from automobile roads with paved substantially affects number of anglers on its the banks of,, the fishing pressing moderate, except for some seats.

Fish: Enough much the dimension rivers affects and on the species composition fish in it. Basic mass of accounts for naturally omnipresent Crucian, there is ram and a dace, hypotensive full showerbooth, sometimes occur search for enough large copies Russian Sheat.

Usual carp and a carp, there is white amur, bream and Blicca bjoerkna. Many fishers seems, that in Tuzlove there is no major fish - this most wrong, the availability of nemalenkikh the depths and the aft base create all necessary conditions for its availability of. Simply need to try.

ZRSh: Except this in Tuzlov goes an appalling, a dangerous, you traitorous, krasnoknizhnaya fish Beluga, whose lair the in place mergers rivers Tuzlov and Aksai oil fields.
The fishers: There where river flowing past populated points, the groundwork fishermen comprise local people, on River there are several secret, particularly ulovistykh, rich fish tank seats, which repeatedly irresistible in popular eposakh and narrative and transmissible from mouth to mouth, from generation in generation. Concentration of fishermen in these places, on backdrop of common large fishing pressinga always great.

If you after listening another popular epic about how wide - and profound river Tuzlov and as she is rich in fish tank, will become the mean reds and wanted test his veracity sobstvennoudochno, then arriving Gone Fishin '(, on the river, respect laws and rules, honor surrounding, nurture nature of, by keeping a themselves decently.

Not forget about security as its, so and surrounding. Now, let him go fish, not hesitate to clean up garbage for a and perhaps for in other neradivymi sketches, showing the latest example relations to environmental nature. NKhNCh.