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Romeo wrote:

to boats were modicum have some

And there not rent a?



Vadkh wrote:

A there not rent a?

Like used to be 1 or 2 plastic. Need to specify. I as something these not I bred about 30 letters. In June d sleep there .NET. on than and what conditions the lease.

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On fish. Bream 700 grams - 1.5 kg - the main mass. Sometimes vletayut twos. Autumn credible capture will bass 1-3 pounds. Golavl 500 grams - 2 kg. Blicca bjoerkna, a dace, podleschik 50-200 grams - ah sho dirt. Toltolobik from 5 pounds. As something is now over a herd. The most puny on 8 kg dragged her up on 0.18 mm ceasing. Still 4 the forehead to without optionsve been cut off all that only can be. Thicker tug ropes with a not was.

For places fishing pole there is pike, perch. It in Mythbuntu control center chub. Truth not in rate are biting he in September or not actively. Jobs pike perch. There is Huangdi catfish. On voblery even caught yazka and zhereshka. But witnessed I not beat myself up. So dabble sometimes. But, can be Seagulling.

On peaceful fish there are three option fishing. Boogie-board on boat on pits (meters 400-500 from base) and harvest with Bank on feeder. With boats with Kormakom (maximum 100 meters from base) two options or with aboard deal on Picker or bolonkoy in the system. More two pikerov on stocks need not. Need to to the bait in cable prikormki teetered.

The best time for industrialized fishing. With 3-'s night until 10 morning. Can be and day and on the evening, but this fish on kormak suited. Better to go least on 3 days. Than dolesh you know, you feed one seat those garantirovanney capture will little slapping. Prikormka what in principle not it is important. Importantly pobolsche.

Ah roughly such Copy Hands. Boat onhere is such the control. Not am confident that administration at night the boat directly so quietly will give even with a pledge (they their how I saw pokatatis people accommodation (give. But would still .NET. on expense use for fishing.

Anchor better small flags with control rope with connected float switch - bottom jobs in koryazhkakh and the usual anchor long not will survive. I have there are two anchor. So sho one can to share if made. :flag:

Food cooked very difficult. Cuisine there is no, BUT without problems the surrounding and all concomitant until an axe and lay a chunk of firewood and coal. So that on lattice can be all that anywhere hook up. Ah or in cafes order on menu. :flag:

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Here is video from pros. Here and past three decades in sight and what fish you can catch a.

Ah roughly such Copy Hands (how I know Fduch in August but. Seats roughly those same. Only higher downstream on a bit) :flag:



In load of this pro to max / plug so as, too, his on are these :blush:
Often on Russian-speaking fishing forums in poplavochnykh branch lines raised question "is worth / not worth" expense to max 207 mph shtekernoy rubber. Propose a attention (and on Court) forums material from last numbers one English fishing magazine pro rods up, which initiallyapproaches combine functions and gave, and lug (electrical connector). Am asking so same given diametralnoe difference poplavochnoy industrialized fishing "have them" and "have us" - there virtually all of this plug, and have us contrary.
Scan of the original in format .pdfscaled as could, but he would still weighs 1.5mb :(:

And read more material:
8-foot-tall the mahi,
Had forced nekrupnoy white puppies were born with a long fishing line and "there on thumping" is perfect tactic as on rivers, so and on reservoirs with stagnant water. So represent a good the review 5 top makhov (English market - mouse button before you hit.).
As often you see, that word "whip" (makhovaya fishing pole), because of on mighty, requires strong, pyatisektsionnom form, which on fact is Karpov shtekerom, in which needs insert attached and he damnably severe?
Traditionally same this subtle, the easy udilishche for speed a small species fish with "there on thumping", whether on River, host or-start. Here no need in amortizatore so as tooling is tied to small konnektoru on late gossamer flexible done, which and predisposition of on fish until the kind not proves in the hands of or podsacheke, if gonna cost copy bigger than others. Had forced traditional makhovoy line - this whole art. And despite the that this kind of industrialized fishing some where dies out, she remains an excellent choice under it comes to shagging petty fish. We chose five models with different price, which, we think, will is famously respond all demands.

Model:Tri-Cast Trilogy 8m Competition Whip
The Cost (in of England):469.99 ?
This super thin model was built thus, to fisherman could harvest with grace, but in the same time its the form has enough capacity, to cope with situations, when requires use a short plug.
Trilogyweighs just 275g under full length of his widths 8m and-telescoping the whale with vstavlennym "of whale usom" ,-reaching in goes. So that can be harvest fish accepting its simply in hand.
Except this, in goes supplies go two removable whale (, too, telescopic arms), which can be to equip amortizatorom and use, when is supposed to had forced fish bigger than others.
A form "dry", that is expressed in his immediate reaction on podsechke. And in central parts of letterhead enough might, to tame fish.

Model:Airity Gecko Whip
The Cost (in of England):475 ?
Airity- this name of for a long time to be associated with present British quality. As and cost expect have this 8-metre model there is much, to conform to this.
System goes as the standard 8-metre to max. "Have mandated 3" telescopic sight, and the rest knee met on shtekernomu principle. All of this makes a form very "tough", with "sand" no better indication and enough a powerful to cope with "bonus."
Model very thin as for its rigidity, she perfectly sballansirovanna and weighs just 440gr in full length.
Airitygoes full gourmet two additional empty whale watching "have mandated 3" (telescopic arms), which created under buffer against an until # 6.

Model:X-Flex 4G Speed Whip
The Cost (in of England):199.99 ?
Your hands not will much to root after prolonged fishing with this exclusively easy 8-metre fell swoop, vesyaschim 254gr.
For industrialized fishing petty white puppies were born this model goes with standard-telescoping top was with "of whale usom." So that she enough is exquisite. Nevertheless, you also will in goes supplies hollow "have mandated-2" Whale, plus Whale with already a pre-installed amortizatorom that allow turn to max in plug type karpovogo. That may sound a bit extreme, but producer declared for this gave rating on amortizatoru equal # 20.
If same in configuration "under plug" on fourth knee was clothe hollow a long "have mandated-2" Whale, then tickles even more tight tool.

Model:Super Ultegra Whip
The Cost (in of England):129 ?
Although this only 6-metre to max, he easily can be converted in 8-metre-buying couples from low-cost additional its knees.
This to max itself very the thin and weighs just 154gr. And although this obviously, that his weight will increase with adding additional its knees (every weighs on 77gr), he still remains enough easy model.
"Have mandated-3" Whale is-telescoping, and the rest knee generation on shtekernomu principle. To max goes with already fixed "of whale usom" from this temperature delta. Plus you will hollow have mandated, which can be to equip easy amortizatorom, if is supposed to harvest more a major White fish.

Model:Maxim Whip 350
The Cost (in of England):149.99 ?
This fully telescopic to max, custom from high-quality vysokomodulnogo this temperature delta, has "rapid" build, which makes impose simple, and vyvazhyvanie and ppriem fish "on thumping" a labyrinthine hair-splitting. So he perfectly suited for tempovykh fishing trips on plotve, ukleyke and peskaryu.
This to max, 3,668 385gr, goes only with "of whale usom", but under its no small length of his have this rods up enough might to cope with "bonus."
Vershinka gave hollow. So that if there is the need, its can be a bit can decide, to to equip easy amortizatorom.



I remember under the USSR have the Father in first-aid kit machinic always Condy's crystals lay in, obliged the :)

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Let us touring burp in rossiyu? Under food intoxication of course :D



A hundred years ago there sold; in pharmacies as a painkiller. :crazyfun: And in Coca-Norma Kamali was cocaine until 60 s roughly. :crazy:



Vadkh wrote:

And in Coca-Norma Kamali was cocaine until 60 s roughly. :crazy:

Where such the details? Was, LIFE DENIAL? :D :D :D



Yuri wrote:

Vadkh wrote (and):

And in Coca-Norma Kamali was cocaine until 60 s roughly. :crazy:

Where such the details? Was, LIFE DENIAL? :D :D :D

Signature author

With respect, Yuri.

Javadxan and me 150 years :crazy:



Not, ah you not peregibay! 150! :D :D :D Life begins only after 50. And have someone and after 150! :D



Vadim! I tomorrow on fishing food! Mood "lyrical." You recently himself such was. Ah, you me don. :)



Yuri wrote:

Nu, you me don. :)

Understand :D Sam tomorrow'm going to go.



I from-for heat moved on evening fishing trip, and fish are biting and not feel hot. Beauty :cool:



Vadkh wrote:

Sam tomorrow'm going to go.

Nor tail! Nor scale! :)



Two weeks spent as a child in glorious city of Truskavets. "It's overseas for real!" But. With rybalkoi not request :disappointed: Wu Pavlo (Pavlikua100 talked a bit) affairs was ons throats. And I his understand, and here is Stah on Forum a rare a guest, so to meet with him not managed. In short, with fishing in Truskavets "full ass." Offered option with strong on taxable zaryblennyy hillsides with trout and the carp - lose the trip 70 grv + 100 grv for kilo trout + 10grv to we what You. Give place it, kukuruzinu and forward. In short, not fishing, and goffing around - child overborrow. Me this, of course, not pretended, so I refused outright refused from entogo arrangements. Visited a slight the pool of on road in Borislav and met there grandfather which catching "on a rubber." Fish (karasiki and okushki) which he me showed were less dozen centimeters. With little finger. Ah and. Here is can through year-two can find the money place where swim. Wanted to was today to continue "season open water", but. Increasingly, already rallied exits, from homes and here phone call from spouse - engulfed in accidents. It almost did lendrover with fourth, but itself, Slava God, increasingly in order (Yesterday were in First capital Russias! Old Ladoga. And candles there has put) only machine a bit whipped by has remained. But reality increasingly bullshit! "Only would not was war!" (With) :D



Vadkh wrote:

Hundred years ago there sold; in pharmacies as a painkiller. And in Coca-Norma Kamali was cocaine until 60 s roughly.

John Ford, ushering in range on his first machine, fueled up in pharmacies. Networks work in gas stations not was :dontknow:, and gasoline used as the medicine. Otake.




gasoline used as the medicine.

As disinfectant a means. I sometimes on church his used, when Husband shot about predator. We lived on a few days on islands and spend vodka on disinfection carried out was a tad sacrilegious. And so from boat house. Tank of a dipped benzinchika and Ouchies wipe, too.



Runks on fishing benzikom way. Most it this water from sacred rivers Ganges. There very many silver content.

Surprisingly on earth all pan out, who the entirely tears on izlovlennomu carp we should drink a, who the cares about psyche trying to to sever circle of rebirth, error accumulates material means all coexists overnight running their generally cadences.



El Amigo wrote:

Runks on a fishing trip benzikom way.

Runks on my detail by, when bass or zander you peel. :crazyfun: A after Ganges delta - only in to use bleach or acid. Ah to are the knuckles on the hands of white were.

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Honoured pido. @ posts.
And this people on zomboyaschiku instruct us to live.

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Can whom impress also there. Say immediately, I not politician.









With lunch goes rain, on forecast tomorrow also the entire day.



With lunch goes rain, on forecast tomorrow also the entire day.








My daughter and son friend. Gave us I have a light on number of fish. Daughter even on this stick took karpika grams on 250! Daddy's daughter!