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"Obktivno - Front or pushed drag in on"

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"Objectively - Front or pushed drag in on"

Respected readers, me often ask questions about virtues frontline either rear the brake in fishing on. Under this, often consultants in the vast his most, govern only own taking and loyalties, not given their real functionality. In this survey, I Bohrmann more or mene reasonably disclose this difference with hand user, not particularly understand in technical part of issue. So, will walk thru:
There are coils with front drag and two kinds of rear the brake “Classic ” and“ Dual. ” (see Photo from above down).

Accented even Method to, but this rare and in this survey we his view not guided, as and coils with baytranerom.

1. Convenience:

- Shpuli on on with front drag fixed these same supervisor, exception on today accounts for Preston PC-R. To change shpulyu, needs against-hour the switch fully weaken and to lift prerogatives the brake, that ranks in average 30 seconds time, that not always conveniently.

For installations a new shpuli, will need those same temporary costs. Often, regulirovochnyy a case not always comforting for grasp with, so not rarely himself prerogatives, either shpulya under remove have in having shed out out of the hands, need be careful and careful. Aside from this, under replace, himself prerogatives forever is clogging in drawn and again same Reserve fall either gotten lost in pockets!
Under remove shpuli, settings the most the brake confusing it gets, and his account for regulate in advance. In spinninge this most often not crucially, in feeder, under using thin tug ropes has highly meaningful role.
- Shpulya on on with backdating friktsionom is changing simply, click “save ” button, a retainer shpuli and decline its. Under this rebar built into systems in the very shpulyu, and settings the most the brake remain unchanged.

On lifting of requires not more of seconds time, even so much same to the installation of a new and tackle again is ready to work.

So, pros rear the brake over front:
- Quick and less trudoyomkaya replacing shpuli;
- Considerably smaller the likelihood loss and damage parts of and mechanisms under replace, remove shpuli.

In spinninge, on my view, convenience depends mainly from habits the fishing trainer, so as can be initially field drag on a particular feature strain and not now touch his in further, until not have replaced snap either basic as such. Weight bait shop, typically, a small and floodgates efforts often well lack for zabrosa bait shop. Roughly likewise and under industrialized fishing on poplavochnykh game.

In feeder not so increasingly simply! Above all, because, that in osnastkakh, often we use subtler fishing line of yours – souvenir, akess very a small razryvnuyu strain. Caricaturing effort the brake, we typically handle his not on gap the main filament, but on gap defence wakes up aggressivity. For zabrosa, in most cases, are used downturns weight and floodgates efforts on drag reel, becomes not sufficient for zabrosa snap. In the best case you its simply not to score, but great the likelihood obtain substantial trauma, the incised wound about basic to let the line out, with all stemming. Given this, before zabrosom drag account for down by, thereby the squirming settings. Regulate same his again account for already in the process vyvazhivaniya, intuitively. That often leads to breakages the leash either skhodam fish. Me often account for watch such case even have enough of experienced athletes, and that perishing to talk about amateur-hour!

In the application of frontline and “klassichesko rear ” the brake in this context difference there is no. And here is “Dual pushed ” drag, if he to the same well realized, substantially facilitated this process. For this, “Upper ” (flazhkovyy) drag, are posing in extreme left position.

Bottom arrangement drag activate necessary effort, for prevent cliff defence wakes up aggressivity. This position and will be the main workers. Under zabrose snap, 're tightening our drag, bumping “Upper ” (flazhkovyy) drag on-hour arrow in right position. Under this is happening increase for the break efforts, sufficient for zabrosa snap.

After zabrosa, is moved “Upper ” (flazhkovyy) drag in extreme left position, which previously we have identified as workplace of. If previously tormoznoe effort you configured correctly, then additional regulation in period vyvazhivaniya fish not will require, that significantly will boost your chances on successful vyvazhivanie fish. In period regulation the brake, remember, Friction clutch serves for regulation efforts on gap, for dampening high frequency jerks fish, is destined udilishche!

Given this, can be point to another plus “Dual Scroll rear the brake ” over“ Perednim ”:
- Quick and less trudoyomkaya replacing shpuli;
- Considerably smaller the likelihood loss and damage parts of and mechanisms under replace, remove shpuli.
- Possibility instantaneous return to counterbalancing former (primary) willpower the brake. Perhaps this the main and highly a meaningful advantage! Implemented it only on on with “A double... backdating drag. ” Unfortunately, adequately functioning this function I met only on on Shimano.

2. Tormoznoe effort and the reliability of:
Perhaps, this the main figure, doing forefront drag the most popular and demanded. Of the credit in this spinningistov and karpyatnikov. So, as feeder, became popular have us not so long, can be guess who have become his the first to lawmakers – Ireland and karpyatniki, with their habits intrude and affinities. In force features of data ways industrialized fishing, his admirers of, unlike poplavochnikov and fideristov, very often account for fight with true trophies, weight more five kilos. Aside from this, karpyatnikam, account for to do overcompensate long drives, the power zabrosy. All these demands impose greater strain on drag, his effort should be enough high, and himself he more reliable, to fight with heightened payloads. Maximum effort on drag for his provorota in force technical features of have zadnefriktsionnykh coils not exceeds 3 kg, in most cases 2.8 pounds. – this stated performance. This efforts, enough under vyvazhivanii majority fish lovimoy on feeder and zabrosa osnastok in the classroom “Hevy. ” Such burden pushed drag enduring the great, works really and long, and talk about his unreliable electrical-power only talk, if them enjoy on appointment within quoted leverage. In courses arsenal were and there is not little coils working enough intensively winter and summer, and not on one, pushed drag not seceded from by building.
However his capacity already not enough, for struggle with true monsters submarine world, and so same forceful zabrosa overcompensate difficult osnastok! Stated burden have standard perednefriktsionnykh coils usually accounts for 6 kg, and have dedicated can exceed and 20 kg. Here he surest leader!

3. “The right ” and“ Rapid ”
In courses understanding of:
“Rapid ” – range of speed regulation efforts;
“The right ” - Microdetails, uniformity of, stability of adjustments for the break efforts in predetermined range. Judging by from this context, I and d view on.
On my view, this two associated notions. Friction clutch, with greater the speed regulation, typically, will more precise. He allows use very subtler fishing line of yours, exercise filigrannuyu configuration on gap. Seemed would here is what and need! But not increasingly so smoothly. Under ??? scenario, than “Specifically ” Friction clutch those longer his account for regulate, moves away time on tightening under zabrose difficult osnastok, regulation in the course vyvazhivaniya fish, requires large range of rotation of control mechanism, that extremely awkward, vremezatratno and in end significantly increases the likelihood the vanishing fish either cliff cordage. Rapid same Friction clutch (has a smaller the speed regulation), loses in accuracy preset, but wins in speed. For everyone way industrialized fishing, conditions and manners the fishing trainer work out the optimal will their performance, ship types- wet should individually.

All zadnetormoznye coils have, typically, usrednyonnye performance speed of adjustments and they have overwhelming majority of coincide. And here is in “accuracy ”, differ and highly markedly. The most accurate is pushed drag have Shimano Super GT RS – outside competition, capable argue with majority perdne friction coils.

Have perednefriktsionnykh rails, so same performance substantially raznyatsya with even have one producer. To plyusanyut, someone need to compare concrete samples, on Different this will be not correctly and not conform to fact. So point to forefront either pushed I cannot!

4. Weight and dimensions.
This comparison will also a valid, if to compare one and tighter line of coils in one Touring. Perdnefriktsionnye will easier and more compact. For fidera, weight and compactness not always plus, this is worth account for.

So, sum up, then pros:

1. “Classic pushed drag ”
- Quick and less trudoyomkaya replacing shpuli;
- Considerably smaller the likelihood loss and damage parts of and mechanisms under a change of shpuli;

2. “Dual pushed drag ”
- Quick and less trudoyomkaya replacing shpuli;
- Considerably smaller the likelihood loss and damage parts of and mechanisms under replace, remove shpuli;
- Possibility instantaneous return to counterbalancing former (primary) willpower the brake;

3. “Front drag ”
- standby tormoznoe effort;
- smaller weight;
- compactness;
- G-choice on market.

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PVR wrote:

That's what having in this spinningistov and karpovikov.

Perhaps all same karpyatnikov



For fidera - double, for karpfidera forefront rapid, as something here is so. About behind forgot already)) Thanks for analysis.



Recently saw in the catalog dura-Ace, coil with three shpulyami. The standard flazhkovyy pushed drag and still plus forefront.



As the me, then the author articles for some reason :dontknow: left that part out about application of in modern as it comes to shagging SWITCH in the form of fidergama, pavergama, bisergama and camping on P., posited in fidernykh osnastkakh.
With these shock absorbers most my "nekarpovykh" fishing trips, say so :glasses:, passes with fully Laplander, that's drag on on with front drag, so as in case the search for Ryboidov until 3 kg stretch the "rubber" well enough and there is no needs in weakening screws the brake :hobo:.

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Dood wrote:

How the me, then the author articles for some reason :dontknow: left that part out about application of in modern as it catching SWITCH in the form of fidergama, pavergama, bisergama and camping on P., posited in fidernykh osnastkakh.

- At fact increasingly simply. Article not about possible osnastkakh and other as as it comes to shagging, but about comparisons in the pure frontline and rear the brake.

Greys wrote:

Recently, saw in the catalogue dura-Ace, coil with three shpulyami. The standard flazhkovyy pushed drag and still plus forefront.

There is and such have Tvina. I mentioned about them, quote

PVR wrote:

there are some that are even Method to, but this rare and in this survey we his view not guided, as and coils with baytranerom.

Not the most the favored, on my view option.

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VDA wrote:

PVR wrote (and):

Of the credit in this spinningistov and karpovikov.

Perhaps all same karpyatnikov

Signature author

If would accurately not knew, that fishing reassures.

Perhaps. 'll keep that in mind. In article adjusted the.

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Here is honestly, mnogobukaff but about than speech understand difficult. Have read closely but sense written not ponyal-)



himik wrote:

Here is honestly, mnogobukaff but about than speech understand difficult. Have read closely but sense written not ponyal-)

Signature author

Always hard you try to speak truth and friends, and enemies: Then have you will less and those, and other.

"speak like a can many — understand not all."

Grigory Nazianzus



PVR wrote:

"speak like a can many — understand not all."

Grigory Nazianzus

Here is with this as times agree. Here is honestly nor has never saw to athletes change on sorevakh shpuli, and with hard illustrate, that so easily loss in perednefriktsionnykh on and is not lost in zadnefriktsionnykh-)

And ??? yes very like would understand, who flaunting effort on friktsione, sootvetstvueschee gap the main leski-) and somehow through Friction clutch to zabrosu spinningista-)

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himik wrote:

That honestly nor has never saw to athletes change on sorevakh shpuli, and with hard illustrate, that so easily lossin perednefriktsionnykh on and is not lost in zadnefriktsionnykh-)

If tackle fully intends to homes, this more often is done in game stand it comes to shagging. And shpulya on udilishche remains separately from reel, in a special I.
The then on a reservoir, under lie this for good back in together, can be was in elementary dropping them nut on shpuli. Because as hands just two, and keep and manipulate simultaneously account for large number of hyphenated. And then its not find at all, skativsheysya in water, for example with levees, or find obsypannuyu with sand. As more likes. Speech goes about this. In zadnefriktsionnom version number of captured hyphenated and manipulation is declining. And athletes to accelerate assembly as some tackle so, too, make. This the kind the reason, on which in game stand it comes to shagging virtually not adopt perednefriktsionnykh coils.
Viewing question is worth shirshe look, after all except fidera there is still other ways industrialized fishing. In which more are manifest other devices equipment. :flag:

P / S / but includes in match, the deeply on't care properties clips. :crazyfun: She there applies exclusively on-instructions producer.

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If not secret can be to know why? Do thus? That prevents homes put shpulyu? Homes where hands four? I not come by game stand catching, when the long tried-not get gibbled. But not understand why shpulyu to store the from reel, to on a reservoir its of the right stykovat-)



You asked, that can be losing - you profoundly responded. If have you all you the unknown causes the unruly laughable, perhaps this diagnosis. You himself now wrote many letters of nothing, before these in this blaming author attractiveness articles. But judging by sinking sticks manufactured through new of expression fancy with themselves somehow the the measure genesis. Think about it, can you again what the not make allowances for?



I have is laughable, when is to from empty in porozhnee-this indeed my lack of. Antero and zadnefriktsionnye reel-same meaning, if Th eiaee and those and in other. And o.s. self-styled dignity and shortcomings and express this through "mnogobukaaf" -Funny. On fact-this deal habits whom the like blonde a (perednefriktsionnye), whom the brunette (zadnefriktsionnye) here is and all. Pro the that matcheviki prefer pushed drag from-for fear of losing nut on-honestly I confess learned vpervye-)

Text or. To all themselves not ioniones, expressed there is strictly my point zreniya-)

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Without portrayal, indeed interestingly, why place it with shpuley transport separately from coils? After all in kofr or cover it fits with coil without problems.



If udilisch 5-6 or more, then the part kofrov where regency reel dressed on rods up, Tomkin's is very strongly, camping on K. Place this’s budget provides for with large surplus. And any a from a plane - there is glee reason teflon. He's,. And means hurt. Without coils how is obtained much travel-sized. And the sekonomlennoe place can be take more effectively. And reel in separate box safe. And smaller racks easier to place in any space. This one aspect of.
The second, match snap so and housewife quite long and if leave coil on udilishche, then account for clench my Friction clutch. To would not provisala raskosami from reel until first rings. And Friction clutch as known that Spain fully dissolve in regime storage.
Third, as in sight on vylozhennom photo, the fishing line is from enshrined shpuli goes press along letterhead, not serves on distance from rotor until letterhead. That place quite often determined for their snake in their cage and castles under ukladyvanii and dostavanii udilisch from / in racks. Case receives damage. And this glee reason rupture.The in the most not an opportune moment.
Fourth, there is as least two basic species mounting poplavochnoy game stand some tackle. I have several sets charged udilisch under different species industrialized fishing. Shpul have us usually more than coils. So box with coils one. And kofrov several.

Actions all incisions arising without bobble in the hands of and podzhilkakh. But even with this the odd property detail in the form of screws rocket launcher very easily. In principle in our mentalite adopted perceive all only when already "miracle die aller neueste Kreation aus." So, when one times gonna lose, then I mean, get replacement, awareness easier goes.

If whom the this not worries, it is difficult – is underway, decisional laziness and camping on P., I no one not agitated to repeat.
Believe, times Stonfo specifically for such idiots, different from other, rolls clamping ring under shpuli two sizes. Means I not one such. As least still the author articles, with which we not are familiar, knows that same ??? lost on perednefriktsionnykh on. :crazyfun:

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himik wrote:

Pro the that matcheviki prefer pushed drag from-for fear of losing nut on-honestly I confess learned vpervye-)

I you I congratulate! You today opened for themselves many new.
Deal truth not only in gayke. But let you this not upset.
Excuse, that disturbed you. Will try more not violate yours self-admiration..
Have zadnefriktsionnykh coils more shortcomings, than merits. But this we to discuss accurately not let us. You and so all better all know, that brunette those same blonde a, and obey girls - ah those same boys. Why to transfer hew vain for nothing. And the what bountiful drown in with laughter, society lose their caregiver human. This already without yet.

Text or: On the future, if you the answer in principle not seems interested - not put!

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Age live-age East. Try to put to follow this injunction. And the that love laughing-life nauchila-) Uvy ago not redo. And hew to transfer for good reason all OK should not. All OK as you not sought to you me not persuaded, can because on 5 vulіtsy udilishche I have lacks money-) A with four I shortcomings have perednefriktsionnykh on alas not vizhu-) state shall, Monty, let otklanyatsya-) and yes boys with girls not putay-) they not reel-strongly differ ;-)



I spharischen the no one not urged. You perishing those more. One times had temerity foolishly answer like would interesovavshiy you question. Then I wrote for human not vpadayuschego with hysterics. Obtaining response to its question he, unlike you, reacted without attack laughter.

Not raschesyvay red-hot its I.M.H.O.,, can grate a blister, Armenians would still better than Georgians. Than? Than Georgians. And so entire their centuries history. In than their can be philosophical? Initially futile!
So same and with you. Laugh further, it for health helpful. And has money on fifth your cast, if prichine sense only in this.

P.S. You already me in discussion podtormazhivatelya rotor its natertoe I.M.H.O., showed. Explaining, that sense in this arrangements not prichine. And here is man, which with your easy hands acquire families new showerbooth cordages, in official occupations Simano took and spent on adding podtormazhivatelya in a new coil as much as 60grn. And I described how to do this for 2-3. He, too, perhaps not quite in itself, on with your criteria? Why same do the, that you one is useless? Over him, too, can good for a laugh. He truth many letters not writes, not quite spodruchno him. And there same bro your with shtangentsirkulya, too, long ugaral. Until moderators unyatsya not asked.

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I have no bratel-) First bezynertsionnaya the coil I have appeared about 22 years ago. Zebco was such a company, problem from which you studiously sought to eliminate for 22 year use different on design bezynertsionnykh coils I not watched. Suspect not d watch and in the upstream. You simply me reminded human as running with beam of of straw in the hands of, fearing, which fall. Me decisional laziness carrying sows with pleasantly) Who will read and cherished invulnerability as you, who the as I, this world not in any. I unlike you not urge to follow themselves and aggressively not standing up for my its "righteousness" -) simply say, that there is an alternative. With shtangeley never laugh much, if that under hand always 4-5 different actual structures and mass another fiber optic measurement and both oborudovaniya-)



Rumpelschtilzchen wrote:

Без подтекста, действительно интересно, зачем удилище со шпулей транспортировать отдельно от катушки? Ведь в кофр или чехол оно влезает с катушкой без проблем.

Выше я уже написал зачем. Сейчас немного проиллюстрирую фотографиями. В какой чехол оно и они влезают без проблем. И почему выбрал другой способ. В одиночный действительно помещается без проблем.
Его ширина лишь немногим меньше трехместного:
Во время съемки, в левом находились четыре фидерных удилища, as is. А в правом четыре оснащенных матчевых, шпули без катушек.
Вот так выглядят три комля с 4000 катушками рядом с чехлом. Даже в таком частично пересекающемся положении и тремя продольно расположенными роторами, хорошо видно что стопка катушек гораздо шире чехла. А там внутри еще есть разделительные вкладки, которые не позволят деталям катушек проникать в соседнюю ячейку. Да и на реально заряженных оснастках, все три ротора могут стать поперек, относительно друг друга. Что сделает пакет еще шире. Ну не влезут они туда, даже с проблемами.
Этот чехол имеет ширину:
И при этом, в этот же чехол действительно, без проблем, помещаются три удилища отделенные от катушек:
Их относительные габариты:
А если складывать удилища "валетом", подобным образом:
то в этот же чехол, при неизменных наружных габаритах, помещается до шести оснащенных удилищ.
Совершенно не понятно, зачем авторы этого чехла нашили ему пазуху под непомещающиеся в него катушки. При этом без них, для укладки туда шести удилищ только со шпулями, она не нужна. Но место в танке занимает.
А вот так выглядит четырехместный чехол, в который действительно помещаются удилища вместе в катушками. Рядом для сравнения такой же как на предыдущих фото:
Его ширина в районе кендюха больше полуметра. И остальное внутреннее пространство используется неэффективно. Но все это еще нужно как то поместить в ТС, для перевозки к месту рыбалки. Справа виднеется еще один объемный чехол на шесть палок с катушками в "валетном" исполнении.
Еще одна визуализация разницы в занимаемом пространстве. На фото справа чехол с матчевками, потом два штекера и дальше одиночный с фидерами. Если там поставить чехол с предыдущей фотографии, он перекроет все место от пенала до чехла с фидерами.
В итоге возникает резонный вопрос: при выезде на рыбалку, мне что лучше сделать. Штекера дома оставить или катушки в отдельной коробке повезти? Чтобы спокойно поместиться в расчетный объем. К тому же в отдельной коробке они сохраннее и их легче разместить, в какой нибудь нише.
Я очень давно и без подобного рассусоливания, с уровнем детализации "для полных идиотов", выбрал второй вариант. Правда нигде и никогда не заметил, чтобы я агрессивно настаивал на применении моих методов в чем либо. Я всегда демонстрирую, что я делаю именно так то и поясняю почему делаю именно так, а не иначе. Опираясь на какие то технические параметры предметов, в каждом конкретном вопросе. А заимствовать этот опыт или нет, дело уже не мое. И оно сугубо добровольное.
Теперь я робко надеюсь, что даже самые исповедующие принцип "Век живи-век учись-)" (правда только на словах, поэтому видимо здесь добавлен смайлик), смогут наконец то заметить разницу в размерах занимаемых оборудованием в разных вариантах "упаковки". И возможно все же ответить на свой животрепещущий вопрос:

himik wrote:

Но не понимаю зачем шпулю хранить отельно от катушки, чтобы на водоеме её судорожно стыковать-)

Да и возникновение у себя каких то судорог на водоеме, не нужно проэцировать на остальных.

Ну если ты, за 22 года пользования безынерционными катушками и 39 лет жизни, так и не понял какой из пяти предметов показанных на нижеприведенной фотографии проще всего потерять:

himik wrote:

Вот честно ни разу не видел чтобы спортсмены меняли на соревах шпули, и с трудом представляю, что так легко теряется в переднефрикционных катушках и не теряется в заднефрикционных-)

Я тебе очередной раз подскажу, в заднефрикционной катушке невозможно в принципе потерять то, что в ней напрочь отсутствует.
А поэтому, руководствуюсь инструкцией под твоими постами, вынужден констатировать, на основании всего тобой здесь написанного. Что ты либо беспросветный дебил, в чем я лично глубоко сомневаюсь, либо банальный латентный тролль. Собственно именно вот это, и вызывает у меня то, что ты определил как агрессию. Потому как в последнее время количество подобных тупых вопросов с массой лыбочек возросло. И тех кто их задает, подобно тебе, я и назвал твоими братанами, исключительно аллегорически. Ну ты и здесь, снова ничего не понял. Как и в эпизоде со штангенциркулем. И если первый вариант, беспросветный дебил, более подходящий , то тебе стоит показать последнее фото детям в садике, они тебе подскажут. Мне ведь ты не веришь. Могут в исследовательских целях, образцово-показательно и потерять.
Пойми, у меня нет к тебе ничего личного и я тебя знать не знаю. Кроме того, что ты сам здесь поведал.
Ты тычешь в меня своими четырьмя фидерами с переднефрикционными катушками и 22 годами стажа безынерционщика. Но своими куцыми мозгами даже не смог предположить, что человек на 10 лет тебя старший, с тем же диагнозом - РЫБАЛКА! Все то же самое, что и ты, прошел несколько раньше. В 1982 году я купил свой первый Дельфин, тебе 5 лет было, а в 2000 первый Stradic 3000FG (он на фото справа).
Ты начал троллить автора статьи, а сам когда нибудь, что нибудь по объему большее, чем высер в инете написал?
У меня например, был опыт публикации в рыболовном журнале в 2007, даже денег ощутимых получил. Но как ты выразился о матчевках, это меня не вставило. Больше не писал. Но и никого не отговаривал.
Понимая, что реально твое мнение особо ничего не весит, а уж очень хочется. Ты приплетаешь для солидности, что даже спортсменов вблизи видел.  :O Во как! Это серьезное достижение, есть чему завидовать!  :cool:
Хоть это и не совсем этично, вынужден сознаться, чтобы немного осадить твой пыл ИМХОбесия. Я сам спортсмен, даже медальки есть. В рыболовном спорте с 2005, а в хоккее с 1978. Имел грех в детстве быть капитаном команды. У тебя во рту еще соска, а у меня на шее уже золотая медаль городского чемпионата. Представляешь? Мало того, я еще и "Нацiональний суддя зi спорту", один из немногих кто это звание не по разнарядке получил. Почетный член ФРСХО и ее добровольно несостоявшийся президент. Настаивали сильно, еле "отбился". Потому как невозможно одновременно быть хорошим главным конструктором и заместителем директора на работе, судьей и еще и президентом в федерации. Как ты правильно где то написал, а рыбу то когда ловить? И именно подобные тебе, отбивают желание тянуть эту лямку. А реальных гомнотерок мне и без тебя хватает, ЧУ по поплавку на носу. А часть народа в регистрации, не в составе ФРСУ. И там на кону не твое ИМХО, а к примеру корочки мастера спорта. Я на тебя и так много времени потратил, будешь должен.  :D

P.S. я очень надеюсь, что полностью осветил два вопроса: что же возможно потерять в переднефрикционной катушке и невозможно в заднефрикционной, хоть убейся. И почему я снимаю шпули с катушек при хранении и транспортировке. Больше никаких моих комментариев в этой теме НЕ будет. Тебе himik, от души советую спокойно перечитать тему и подумать как со стороны выглядят твои глупые вопросы ни о чем. Густо увешанные смайликами. Ты в них над собой смеешься. Не осознавая этого. Не позорьтесь на людях. А теперь, с вашего высочайшего соизволения, я  :x

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