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The Asian Kharkova - 2012

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Team "Nord" Dnipropetrovsk in full composition.
1. Oliynyk Oleg (to)
2. Ivan Turkenych Wladyslaw



Can be in lichke participate?



I congratulate winners, prizewinners and all participants this interesting things tournament’s. Like would see photo-coverage process and results! The that Dnepropetrovtsy rose to the doubly pleased.



Lay out Protocols pzhl.



Keeperfly wrote:

Vylozhite Protocols pzhl.

With morning lie on site convener, the reference in The State Of The World.



oleole wrote:

the reference in The State Of The World.

On anyone case I shall remind:

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Thank you huge organizers, and also all participants. Artemivka another times has proven its super sporting dimension :cool:. And to there not talked supporters karpfishinga, but like precisely such fishing and this fishing Commission itself. Even times all thank you :flag:.



And can be increasingly ??? posting Protocols on this Forum?
Did to watch results, need necessarily be registered on perevody Forum?



As only saw, that contest will undergo on Artemovke, then not doubted that'm going to go, so as very many of flattering things heard about this a reservoir, but himself there never a tall tale.
In Friday play around has shown, that fish many-a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, selyava (I such a size not saw in life), perch. Very often ceasing despaired the entire in spit and glue, but leschi peck refused.
Saturday, the first tour. Pull sector V12, right Oliynyk Oleg in sector-13 shots.
In zone, as its called Oliynyk-zone death, such monsters as Ivan Taranov (footballer), Fight, dual seems, Oliynyk. Ah, nothing, will more interesting compete.
Prikormka Silver Fisch mix, super champion (a dace) from vde. Fish is beginning to getting caught with fourth trough, but fulfillment not exasperated. Remont, trigger, bait and fish went. Entered good pace of, plotvichka their size of aren. Then and out the window podleschik about 400 grams. See, that Oliynyk Crosses on my distance and gradually to postpone I have fish. Means his fodder more on psyche fish. Ah nothing, boom learn.
The second tour. Right Fight Oleg. Ah, think, was lucky so fortunate. In the first Oliynyk, in the second Fight. One thing aren, that can be what any take a peek and take itself on article.
Start, fish has become not immediately, yes and then as the right to. The a series of vlet, then failure. Accounted for to change hooks, toying with the bait.
Understood only one thing-zhopochasy, learn and still times learn and in one day coaching received body of water not'll understand.

Thank you organizers for warm welcome and gostpriimstvo (Sergei-Are you a pilot, you good fellows), Ruslan for delicious dinners, participants for create an honest fight. And Artemovskaya, the dam-this something. Very want there still.
Until rapid meetings



benderr wrote:

A can be increasingly ??? posting Protocols on this Forum?

Naraykina ask, he copies picked up.





Dnepropetrovtsy good fellows :flag: I congratulate guys with a worthy address, so keep :jumping:



This was another interesting event in sporting event feeder. Contest very appealed. Interesting,’re thoughtful the majority fishing after which even something owe. I congratulate Olega and aleek with replete with distinguished prizes! Good fellows! :cool: Also, I congratulate Olega Mironova from Novocherkasska with personal bronzed! Oleg eiaee on own prikormku "Evgenii Mironov" and policies--and worthy place on pedestal. :cool: Thanks all, who participated and organized this tournament. Increasingly was remarkable! In next year necessarily'll drive over even.
P. S. Incidentally, prikormka "Evgenii Mironov" left very derive the first impression. She radically different from domestic mixtures and very reminds imported prikormki. Hope, in any time soon manages its test on ordinary church.



Photo can be download here






Very glad for outcome running mate, Edika Molodtsova. Another failure contest and again in prizes - 2’s a command and 5 th in lichke and this without coaching received. As the saying goes, prowess not propyosh. , my friend, so keep!

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From faces Federation fishing sport independent area and from themselves personally, want thank for participation in Cup Kharkova, athletes from home town of Dnipropetrovsk, of Donetsk, Summ, Kharkova, Kursk catastrophe and Novocherkasska (Rostov region)
Huge thank you judges, for perfectly conducted tournament.
A special lasting gratitude, like would express contributors this tournament’s.
Company "flagship of the"
Network stores companies PROFISH
Network stores companies "Tornado"
Music of Morgan FishPropulsion Kharkiv
Music "Fishing some tackle. Have Kesa "Propulsion Kharkiv
Company Evgenii MironovRussia

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Resolve thank To anyone participants, organizers of and sponsors Cup Kharkova! Very appealed contest, brilliant the atmosphere, hospitality and organization at the highest level and deserving role model! Thank you :cool:






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