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I am learning.

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Romeo wrote:

Nu here is you me're judging for trolls. And me he likes and I from him get ad-. So why I should not receive ad- from moreover that I like?

:cool: in principle is logical! But increasingly should be in measure (even your "promiscuity", we here saw (read the) as in some cases you allowed itself simply send rights. And if would this was simply dembil the was would clearer, but for "Romeo", even as for Ox th the funer-the kind, with my view this busts!



Фидерер 71 wrote:

in some cases you allowed itself simply send rights.

Behind this should ban, so that all on chesnaku. :dontknow:

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Romeo wrote:

I would mention any country by - feerichnaya stupidity

And I would mention any country by, that deliberate had forced carp puffed, man, messianic figure who sees his first time and believing this material "the most guaranteeing", is, unjustified! But with your human, izyasnyayuschegosya on kherovom "khidzhi", can argue only "Horatio", ah or on a pinch, the moderator!

p.s. Virtually produbliroval Boeva, in its justification can state that not saw his office before, than wrote the answer, and sobstv. Respond, not seeing all posts, EU "first"!

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Romeo wrote:

And created I hoped that for post with "losharami" ah at least 20 cons gonna get. Not hesitate to if made. I have those plyusikofff many. Not afford it

I on such things rarely'm-you know-day that we you well regarded as human, posting airy construction of in process or discussion, not confuse "sinful with righteous"!



Romeo wrote:

Ta okay. Video in studio where he on feeder but

The tagline here

Фидерер 71 wrote:




Romeo wrote:

You can inquire how many pile of carp you rounded up on feeder? And no weight they were in average? Ah to understand competence councils

I sho, too costly To that you me on you o.o. :D on konstruktivu answer-a bit, the most big was on 3 or 3.5kg, on expense competence not make any attempts, himself forum this sobstv. In my opinion! On rates time so and not appeared and I virtually sold off the the entire "karpovyy arsenal", there is even both: Boyle and other likvidy from um - Trophy, and not only, if like it or'll send you gratuitously, in gratitude to her for your positive traits and in proof, that we (each in itself) not against you-and only politically on fact "supplies"! In those times, when former, have read ton the big info and seen the ton material, but on today’s day – my fsyo this chissa feeder more examine alternative treatments for river! Ceasing with that of the until 3-'s kg to max and like the bait, instructed to to experiments with follicle River Kymi, but with nozzles, maximally ordinary and available (he struck so :D) -napr. Bread, combo with one or five components of!

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Continuation of reports will? ;)



Pity, if not will continuation of, me they very appealed



Dobryi day. Long not has been stymied on forum, especially in "its" branch, camping on K. Was tone is engaged in a. On water has visited China's enough regularly, fish lovilas different, but nothing particularly interesting things not was, all as have all - sudaki on spinning, white and a redhead - on feeder.

In Sadecki Saturday out proposal participate in the on Anabelle Lake now. Mikhaylina, in the composition of the team "-house. " Like would say couple of words.

On the lake until competition has visited China's twice. The first time winter, in thaw - been caught trout, char and nekrupnuyu pikes. With fiderami were in Thursday, and need to say this was worst my fishing in season. One poklevka on two for approach day, represent? Made a mistake with choice sector, closer to levees people polavlivali (mainly on your fishing bobber, on red worm and Louis Bonduelle-Dalle). The only are a sight for - just for practice in explosion threat Boylov cobra, helping friends - karpyatniku. The very exciting attractive opportunity, I’d say I you, but to fideru relations not has.

After training fiasco to go harvest was this isn't cool, but bid was lodged, and rollback was have nowhere.
Program was chosen the next.

By the rules permitted to use four some tackle (team - 2 rights). One will impose on such not far from Bank, if there is some terrain, then on it, if there is no - just pick one at random. On it fishing in pace, changing purposefulness, Kirchners aromas, work with the dipami and etc. Two some tackle - without launch zakorma, with nechastymi (15-20 minutes, in the real life - until 40 recover the) perezabrosami on ruslovoy the sidelines and in a ditch. On one rod - Boyle, with not a minor, on the second with start 4 kukuruziny, further - will in sight.
The fourth feeder - on circumstances.

With President - Favoritovskiy Syntec Picker "40" and two "60", + predseriynik class Volkswagen Jetta TDI.

On the stern was many discussions, slightly whether not until swearing or they recover the, but in end stalled on next.
Point under round 6 distance - Sensas 3,000 Specimen Sweet Corn. Himself until yesterday these feeds not catching, but have an over-familiar in Internet no clothing left his buy in several times more often, than all the rest expensive feed combined. Plus - his very strongly ever ever compiled praised Fadzeeu, and even banishing blatant advertising - confidence in base was. In as a major component of - Louis Bonduelle-Dalle Lagidnyy, and couple of handfuls of 2-'s mm. And one - 4 mm focuses instead pelletsa. Producer call it is difficult - the one who kept throwing from package "for remnants of", there and StarBeyts was, and Marukyu, and Hungarians, and Carpio - just on slightly-slightly. Feed on with start-up made a sauce a bit - on train, we on one thing prikormochnoe blot threw (another words there is no) 6 kg sypukhi (inexpensive) + iaiieieoaee, and us this not helped absolutely. So now decided not bling, and fish not overfeed, and went along one package feed (1 kg).

Separately - zameshayu slightly more kilograms (there is half of package, in package 2.5 kg) Starbeytsovskogo Method Miksa SK-30, with good portion pelletsa and of ground Boylov (different, but predominantly "meat." Producers - different, on that eye will fall). This a mixture of planned not often "shooting these" ruslovuyu a ditch in our sector. In end this played disgusting role, but about this below.

Under flety -zameshayu six cannot digest, grams on 200 everyone. Ranging from Sensas Method Fishmeal, ending special pelletsom from Carpio and "everyone" dollar, in production. On the results of - hard say, that has worked better, but fish aromas clearly were in tails we lose, and fruits - "cigarette."

Draw proceeded in two reception. Initially. Read draw with number, under which regulation pull Number sector, and only then - Number sector. The first draw was pulling out previous, and dragged her up 20 Number. Just it was asserted 20 teams, and in end we were removed while victims were simply remaining that Andy took part.

Sector 8, like is considered good.
Until decomposed, yet, until zameshalis - with start-up shot, and have us still even not on all reel the fishing line is it's. In short paranoid.
The first poklevka - on near feeder, through 5 minutes after start. And here same social, squarely on feed blind. Through 10 minutes enleve first-born child, 730 grams, after - 2 the vanishing before podsakom. Previous believes, that I have too small hooks, I believe, that too large, in short nerves on strained, of the right'm knitting dog leashes but also.
Have running mate, meanwhile steam locomotive on dalnyake, and social on half of vyvazhivaniya. I finally'm hook, enleve to a range of 4 tail, of them one - Crucian under kilushnyy, the rest substantially smaller caliber karpiki. Here another steam locomotive have Telichko, carp, 1.8 as then showed weighing up the. Through forty minutes - another, on 3.4. My the second feeder moves away to his two, on dalnyak, the first continues to stand on "blind."
Came judges, who fish, interim weight 8,350 like + the first fish 730 (its who before). Say - until we clearly are.

Borisovich, asking authorization judges, leaves sector, and here I have are biting THAT. Absolutely uncontrollably steam locomotive pulls out her t 1metrov 15 fishing line of yours, then I his all-???'m stopping, 'm pump, and this man collects neighboring cordage. Judges offer aid, I refuse (mindful pro ban on aid from outside) - in end meters away in fifteen from vymostki - social. Sting hook - otognuto resurfaced under 90 degrees, Boyle - as after the arenas.

Fishing still couple of tuzikov. Until the end of tournament’s - 15 minutes. Are starting not cater to collect pasochki, bowls wash. I have remains almost neizraskhodovannyy mix SK-30 with pelletsom, I talking ab balls, and densely punch the entire fodder on direction. Still we're kidders, that part of balls is borne under impose competitors with opposite Bank.
Here comes is a master, and happily claims, nourished German, decided on hour prolong contest, because as many "zeros." Are you kidding me, give two, us still hour harvest, and I competitors fish'm feeding. And through 10 minutes, guys with opposite vymostki podsekayut fish, and long-long its vyvazhivayut. In sector have them heap (I counted least three figures) people with podsakami, that as would, too, not quite by the rules. And in 16 :1 5 (contest must were all end...... in 16 :0 0 fish they are falling rapidly in podsak. Catfish. 12,5.

Comes is a master, says, that catfish goes in laps.. Channel not goes, and the usual goes. On a reasoned question, nourished German, and what then we on both: Boyle fishing, and not on frogs, or perlovitsu agrees, says, that walk away with Sheat in a separate nomination.
Mood of course not in arc, but continue harvest. For the latest hour dolavlivaem order 5 kg, to what already not vzveshenoe in sadke sits. Shot, reckoning. Fees, coffee. Immediately make deals, that in case embody in prizes - all except medals don`t worry the neighbor's team, "Fishkaryam", two parnishkam years 12. Guys not are gone from zero, but worked to the last minutes, both: Boyle, pelletsy, reasoning about strength rapid clutch over a classic beytranerom - in short "delivered" as a))

Awarding. 11 teams with "barankami."

Third place - about 4 kg. Have us 15.
Cause sage and repeatedly furry monks with catfish cakes are, nourished German, the second place, camping on K. Contest karpovye. Guys are beginning to dissent, nourished German, in rules said only pro channel Sheat, and sorevy have us without instructions fish. Crowd, mutters their supports. Thermal.

In short, us or she receives medals for the second place, children receive prizes, team TurboBoyz - the first.

Text or
Already in machine on medals have read "Competitions on it comes to shagging carp." Here is so here is. And small spoon not sow, and a residue remained. Swings with making the changes in the process of the game - for this are. So and until "Kozyrnoy Montana" plodding can be. And polovili is identically, and body of water an interesting.

To Stimul-Cash for many letters))

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Iay back. Organization at the highest level :confused:



Рыбалкко wrote:

Iay back. Organization at the highest level

Now. Maybe, you will come chief idiolukh stingy "arrangements" and will provide together give excuses why on object of, that neither got Jack. Yeah, no one's been poking and all passed precisely so, as and envisage. And the author the report gave talk. Importantly, that there is internal a sense of from well undertaking.



Carlos wrote:

chief idiolukh stingy "arrangements"

Under such Conferencier no one not wiII flow :crazyfun:



An organizer opposed tenants dam. As for first times - all passed normally (I for example on their first on their own organized for competitions, spinningovykh, the results believed 2, 5 hours, am confident mistakes will contained by in further.



All the more, that the whose name of you, Vitalya, not call now was on Cup Friendship in Belarus ;)

And sheets / materials author read always with enormous interest. And here, and on other resources. Even those materials, in which at all nothing not understand. This I pro spinning and all, that with him stems. Ah and partly pro winter fishing trip. Keeps managing pequeno diablo interestingly and without pritornoy sweets set sabzh :cool:



duffy333 wrote:

Meanwhile more, that the whose name of you, Vitalya, not call now was on Cup Friendship in Belarus

For himself the Asian in this terms I as times administered - Pugachu he more to slap ;)



If would still year ago I heard a, that in mid-November I will harvest not pike with white fish, and sit with fiderom, and tormented, by tethering okochenevshimi fingers hook 18-moreover numbers to put a leash on a from fishing line of yours 0,097 - I would honestly not understood, whom such can come in head.

Today, not far from of Kyiv.

Place it - invariably much more heaviest, than necessary. Like test ekstrakhevik on subject use with invariably more lungs,, than for him been paved, kormushkami. 360, nominally - until 180, that it comes little no one not it looked. Was with themselves and Picker, and Lite, but even not handling of a.
Coil - under become queen of, pyatitysyachnik with beytranerom.
Thread - Sunline Super PE 0.8. Task - test on uzhivaemost with a?eiooi hard and powerful stick.
Trough - wire cages, place industrialized fishing - without publications brovok.
Povodkovaya the fishing line is - Sunline Super AUY 2, diameter of 0,097mm. Optimally - 60 centimeters + reduce leverage paternostera.
Hooks - different.
The bait - night crawlers, the worm, the boot. All from Golden imaginations, good quality, although nasadochnyy - scrawnier than I pictured, albeit very resilient, mobile. - and without dead men. Ah and Portia worms - a small. But bait’partner - spinningist, and I not know, suddenly he gender helpings took?

Tooling - Pater Noster (disambiguation).

On arrival - made a sauce fodder, prescription podsmotrennomu have duffy333, but without preliminary training, and subject. On 2-'s mm. Cite've trawled through a major faction (twice), like to moisturize, he continued, gave to stand up, douvlazhnil.

Through a sieve contributed land (not far nakopannuyu directly sieve))), in fledged roughly-third from sypukhi, vymeshal, and still times U.S. through 2 mm. Separately has broken soil coarse very, which domeshival in separate capacity directly in fodder, or inscription Tyres. Moreover sometimes in composition congestion sometimes Red the worm, "razmnozhennyy" with the help spetsovykh shears (a hell of a tool, I those impressed)))

Began harvest on the sidelines, 54 turnover. There received immediately two obedaniya a butterworm. Then come guys from as the flagship of (unfortunately not know names / ieeia, am asking forgive), snimavshie something nearby. Couple of minutes talked, and still gender hours - without poklevok.

Decided to more difference between test round 6 distance, "prodzhigoval" found blot rakushnyaka, zamarkerilsya on experience the edge of (was a good their shopping on the opposite Bank) 27 gather steam;. The depth of about 3-'s meters, cell 40 grams (less not allowed pull thread, blew the).

On third zabrose - a dace. Then - couple bass, Blicca bjoerkna.

That interestingly, adding to motylyu Pinku (not it is important no color of) or a small cube worm - get energization perch).

So same energization any fish brings increase number of very and are with feeds, clearly better, than "congestion."

Experiment with a net feeds, and two kicking ass with a stocking brings surprise an effect - on the table becomes one of these in. Allow kormukhu a butterworm - instantaneously suited a gaggle of prep school perch or white and a boilermaker as pulled. Couple of kormukh clean sypukhi - and on the hook a tearful a nuisance))

Nibble almost stalled on jolt, fellas, but intensified on recession - ???? mostly belle.

In general - 2-2.5 kg fish with 8 until 15 been seized. Eiaee without charge, all immediately after the search for topilos.

All liked, only 2000 there like hell, despite mnogoopytnost in selection wardrobes.’m getting old, that whether?

Still, from objectionable. Found, that one side MAPovskoy povodochnitsy simply incredibly shrink. Schіlini in seal, fiksiruyuschem leashes are -, measuring with a match. Aw, that's sad.



And I the thought you already long forelku doing just pushing your) Probably accurately you're getting old)



Today, for feature of cities.
Not pass out free samples with the most morning.
The first on the door frame - I not took (forgot) photo camera. Ludicrous, but I was first time with 2011) have water without cameras, and the first with the thought was to return, despite the, that detected this was already on place fishing.

The second, much more furious - in your bag with fidernym old piece of junk, not’fidergam (more precisely his surrogate from shtekernoy rubber. Far he could detsya - mind not'll do my. And fishing the planned on 0.37 dog leashes but also.

The third on the door frame - it turned out that I have with a 4 species filament 0.37-0,097, with and very not cheap, and there is no nor one in range 0,097-0,185. In mid-fishing I found under feature an inner lining jackets) bobinku spinningovoy flyuorokarbona 0,128, and this modicum a bit skrasilo.

The fourth, simply sickening, this can dig flagship a dace. Yes, I read, that have him that the not so with the scent of of anise, and assertions experts, that for couple of hours smells wears off. Stable impression that someone near "took", and smells nowhere not just... go away for two days)

On a fishing trip.

Initially shoe-in on repeatedly melkavshuyu in reports distance 70 meters, but best was biting, on 40-45.

Ceasing 0,128 was forced to retire lost povodkam smaller diameters.
Leashes are same more subtle have a shitty in having rush into - 2 times on poklevke, 2 times - on first metres vyvazhivaniya.
Fish - a dace, Blicca bjoerkna (in including couple of highly pleasant), podleschiki. The most the most - on photo, podsaka 60 see Under evening (with 15 to 17 :0 0) - nibble densely strengthened, but then had to leave.

The bait - night crawlers, the best ceasing - 60 see

That interestingly - better was biting, on enough melkovodnom run-through,. 70 grams + severe fodder crashed to bottom on expense "4."
To Stimul-Cash for photo, with pipes ((

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In China not was able not fall into’fishing Music.
In a whole bednenko, focussed purely all on an (kherabunu).

Cannot digest very many, motley price range, from 2 ?(5 UAH), until indefinitely. Roughly 50 on 50 - prikormka and dry dough.

Many supplements and dry aromy.

Some pellets, not leverage to let the line out - termousadka is so apparently driving.

Heap drachey all stripes. Resolved, getting dry-humped mostly on Sea in otves, but and tolstolobom not shrug at.

Ah, and in the end. Hooks Riobi. Now I saw all.



Ілько wrote:

Nu, and in the end. Hooks Riobi

Me it looked or they indeed on 10 UAH?

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Ілько wrote:

Nu, and in the end. Hooks Riobi. Now I saw all.

:crazyfun: :cool:



Bykaraxa wrote:

“I don’t it looked or they indeed on 10 UAH?

Edited Bykaraxa (Today 00 :09: 59)

Yes, on moment of filming (three weeks ago) - roughly so.



Opened season. Chilly, and that doesn't sound good. More watched as a new fodder themselves is leading under different things watering,\ intensity kneading, but a bit and polovil. The average the size of the - on photo. That characteristically - catching not there, where all))

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Traveled to leave new tip here, watch recent samples new cannot digest, yes and at all samples heap, need to left holding. Moreover - managers long were asked show, that such Feder, and with than his eat.


Boats heap, water motorcycles gatsayut. Helicopters fly. People gloom. Fish are biting, implementation chain of command. Fodder from poymann
Oops fish even 4000m2 as well as flowing. In short, Spring came.

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Today interest sake of catching on two stick. One - with-contaminated, a powerful crocheted 8 numbers and red by a worm riding "into a bow." No in, are working on covered - all as have serious caramel and. The second -klassicheski: Pace of, fodder, cell, 0.1-0.11, night crawlers, white, and red, on February and sandwiches.

The first a dace was captured with first zabrosa "harsh" snastyu, grams 300. Was not even without photo sessions ('s a little too dark was, 5 :5 0). She same has become the only fish tank caught without prikormki.

"Move" lasted hours and a half. The second phase "course" - began, when we have become pack our things. 7 hours between "moves")) ever responds either micro podleschik (about 75-80 units, stopped considered after 50), either nano a dace (6 units), which ruthlessly topilis immediately after the search for, bypassing the sadochnuyu stage. The rest fish was drowned after photo sessions.

From interesting things - tested two new feed, more accurately one monokorm clear target napravlenosti, and one mixture of from two more universal cannot digest. The entire a dace took the bait electorally on one fodder, podleschikam was don't care that Frozen Cocktails. That characteristically - unlike of last fishing - virtually 100% implementation poklevok.


On week d all glad to see in an exhibition, on booth Ibisa - present fodder, show the couple of new fishing gear, perhaps - some that still. Visit))

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Good catch for this time! Wanted to enter the exhibition so and not managed. Station all bought for as industrialized fishing on 2015 for winter. Now remained wait good weather and in "attack."



Ілько wrote:

At week d all glad to see in an exhibition, on booth Ibisa - present fodder, show the couple of new fishing gear, perhaps - some that still. Visit))

Photo feed can be in studio :flag:



мах777 wrote:

photo feed can be in studio

Max fodder there is in city of, I his already saw and smelled them :D, the price truth a little too big for, as for product, which only goes on market.



Guys - all questions about stern - in profile the Frost, if not hampers!



Сегодня на славной речке было тепло, и малолюдно. Под вечер даже вылетели комары, и принялись безжалостно кусаться - в МАРТЕ! Утки летают, кулики, в том числе и краснокнижные. Лепота.

Немногочисленные (для этого участка и времени года) рыболовы заставляют берега баррикадами прутов, но помогает это далеко не всем.

Я сегодня ловить много не планировал - в одной предсерийной прикормки Brain уже пол года не могу решить проблему  синдрома "сложных ассорти" с помощью "народных составляющих", и сегодня в очередной раз тренировался в замесах и ингредиентах, но удалось совместить приятное с полезным.

Первая поклевка, у напарника случилась аж в 10:30, при том что забросились в 7 с копейками.  А в 11:00 я с третьей попытки подобрал поводок и наживку... Что характерно:
-Очень сильная струя. На косе тянет 120, по руслу - регулярно волочит 150, причем спецовую, деснянскую..
-Длина поводка очень критична. на короткие поводки клева можно было и не увидеть.

-На клев влияет даже цвет "пены". В первые с такой избирательностью сталкиваюсь.
- На расстоянии в 5 метров  между прутами, и одинаковой дистанции, на одинаковую наживку на одинаковых поводках - клюет разная рыба. У меня плотва:чехонь 10: к 3, у товарища - четко наоборот.

- Кидать надо далеко.

-Рыба идет стайками, а не стеной. Иногда четко заметно, как начинаются поклевки снизу-вверх по берегу, на определенных участках.

-Проблема катышков обрела вектор вероятного решения. Решение проще, чем может показаться, но требует  концепции, доработки и осмысления.


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