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Onboard data recorder for the car (Reports)

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He same mutating algorithmic security code. "Two days on Dnieper River."



Денис Лизунов wrote:

I so understood, that eiaee on-start? If yes, then why in the composition of the simultaneously and donnaya and river?

For brovkoy the easy for ~ 1-turret until / sec. On this place the first time, was not for wheel me [takeout. Comrades from Sevastopol - aoaee on obum not knowing where will place - on konke or largely line with. Many things in another machine not put. Long thought what muster kit prikormki (on all cases) and alighted on this. Bought these only 6 kg + excess fare "betain" 250 grams. The entire prikormka has dispersed as heated pies on. Incidentally thanks to heavy (viscous) prikormke type "river and donnaya" managed a bit want to manage fervor krasnoperki nastroivshis on an. Fish-sicles getting in the way which packed camping on K. Build small in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo (more plotvinoy under it comes to shagging krasnoperki (small fry why the not was at all. Heavy getting in the way with "Crucian" in the second day (karasevyy day). Under such conditions (the easy for) sought to to do prikormku nedouvlazhnennoy.



Simply it so sfotkano, that I thought - this one composition was ;)



An need to was drag out until of crackling his broken bones irreparable. Until 35.5 see To with "guarantee of"! :D Joke, of course! :) Skyfall kind! :)



Place: Beskhoznoe Lake near sela tank

Goal: Karp with the far-distance there is on 2 fidera with karpovoy River Kymi, on a near Picker with metodnoy the feeding trough.

Some tackle:
Shimano Speedmaster ax Hevy 13 "
Shimano super ultegra medium 12"

Mr. Picker Shimano nexave cx 2.7
The coil Flagman inspirier 3,000, raskosami 0.2
Flet Carp Zoom 20gramm
Ceasing 5sm

Fodder CC Krazy Halibut, Pellet Powder
The bait for fletki - foams., pro dalnyak not write - poklevok not was

The distance ~ 15 meters
The entire Crucian launched on will ~ 3 pounds., a carp not well cared for by.

Now can be borrow pop corn Cat and usazhivatsya on more convenient with InternetCELL for viewing video. Than I and shall engage - winter :crazyfun:.

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Created a TlTAN
Arrived on throughout Southern a dam for committing rites Amateur fishing.
Zakormilsya with the help khorvatki fidernym pounder, will make a corn, a mixture of pellettsev and Boylov + sypukha "donnaya" from fishdrim 500m 70-80 the-. Overall weight feed ~ 7 kg

Eiaee on 2 fidernykh rods up on karpovoy metodikoyu (species under + semaphore), later from boredom razvenrul still and Picker but for good reason! Distance there is not those. Fish was feeding on only on dalenem Bank (70-100m) and from just proposed chose only pellets. Used kekhnokarpovskiy flet full of paste CC Krazy Halibut, Pellet Powder. On hair pellets from carp zoom Fire Shot Hook Baits Halibut Pellet pre-drilled 12mm and from above one or 2 kuk (of the air maize (honey. Many run Lies combination of and even moreover, "this the snowman" what the time holds ceasing in a buoyant position and after as gets drunk enough, water falls on fletku in position standing still "Cook to top).", One kuk not in able prepodnyat the pourer on entire length defence wakes up aggressivity but the snowman do is worth on bottom and in case long expectations poklevki, when kuk dissolve length hair tickles more efektivnaya than in case with two. Very important and positive osobennosyu is that tooling with so "temporary pop up act" virtually not way, successfully applied in services type "helicopter" - zaputyvaniy zero and the presentation of the on level not irrespective the from range missiles zabrosa and forces\ direction wind. After each caught fish on point would depart package pva with shmavouries.
Klevali karpiki from 300 grams until 1,200. Nezachetnykh I have was 6-8 units. Procedure vypuskaniya first three recorded on video and then became decisional laziness sack one thing and the same - feared rocket launcher their dashcam: Diving. Even 300t gramovye karpiki pleased paravozili and honoured resisted under vyvazhivanii and kilogramovye delivered mass of affirmative sensations. Solid fish - 5 Karpov with common weight 5 pounds.
Here is already the second time on this a reservoir. Became to notice strange a near certainty - not irrespective the from type trawling and depth (though she there almost everywhere 4metra) zakarmlivat need one seat and harvest need on 10-20 meters further. Fish many but a fractious and on standard as for a carp the bait "maize" not are biting. Very likes khalibut and feed need very well otherwise basis that is is happening have had one. Vosnovnom carp there gets caught on breast is with foam on the hook.



Ticking fishing. Flet. Lake. Without launch zakorma.

A separate thank you Yurifor aid in post. Processing.



Share my experince 4 days in Sudak celebrates second anniversary of wedding, of course same like on fishing :blush:
First day took to beach with fiderom on preponderance. In transported aside from him, display earthmoving chUrVakoff.
On Sea standstill, crystal clean water, have the most Bank] swims increase but a huge mullet. Bodacious! Here is she, soon will begin! The first my naval fishing. In anticipation to big kefaleY super-gathered tackle, and escaped snasit: Diving. Grapes however nice, yes under Novosvetskoe.
At the second ano poklevka!
ChyoYta? Angelin Magdalena"Guban" greenfinch, Rulena.
Release says, I you uno balshoy sykret I’d say, only you not abyzhayso! You can take it their the bottlestick and # Blow for nereisom - will the entire mullet your. Had let, sit and think. Gdezh his take the.
Day chatted. Two chatted. Learned! That in the local no clothing left on market purpose bring each. Case still in no clothing left "fisherman" and "fishing" but deficit tsukostrashShnyy! Not rule in turn in 6 morning, on opening the in 8 already can and not will remain nothing. Sells in scraps on 50 units for 35 Grzywna (. But on Sea already storm, kind of cloudy water.
In short Atas. Tomorrow last chance!
6 morning, I have an outlet. 15 th in waiting lists. To eight morning ??? me was lucky! Drawing his once a series or to the beach. Ah and of course same in this morning on every the pier already who the was just headed to in anticipation the mullet. Silence. Waves of on 50% less and can already be stand on the pier. People getting a tan, has been basking! Water ~ 12-15 degrees. Say mullet "cultural has become!" Are biting only after of Kazakhstan morning ah so to on a lock the with village encompasses traditional taverns. Zhdems. From boredom just kind of threw bombardu, donku. Quietly as in a tank. Has replaced tackle on kefalevuyu:
Cargo 56 grams. The main raskosami 0.22. Dog leashes but also from flyurokarbona 0.16-10 and 20 centimeters + 2 mullet (fish) hook.
Feder Shimano Super Ultegra match feeder medium 12 "Katushka Cormoran Sinus Br 6PI 5 + 1 bb 4,000
Cordage zabrasyvalis for horizon but then, decided to improve your tackle slightly closer. Just tugged up your on 2 Dam, pause 1 minute S.T.R.I.K.E. team and the first mini-kefalka already on Bank
A kiss and opusk plunged into to asked "mother again." Efforts customised! Rights was Magdalena, Mullet came and of solidity on pauses! Of course not each time but that tactic was in Ama.
And it is time! Have come mothers! And began to Tear my cordage. Had forced has been conducted not by issuing feeder out of the hands. A major mullet under poklevke easily ripped it comes his with pier: Diving, so that here yawn, are you cannot be! Tactile oschuscheniya- thank you health that heart of couldn)
I in delighted from these nautical fighters! Character this fish seriously "sobering" lampooned ad- in blood and forces to reconsider their views on fishing trip in a whole. The hugely a strong fish! Under vyvazhivanii fish makes "candles" and in drawn rises so, that on its assertiveness by a will give handicap any espanderu. The hugely the Beautiful and quite mysterious in their preferences and although. Fish-sicles in marine fishing this the last deal - fish constantly gipsy and stop its on feed blind simply not realistically!. Feder for such fishing suited ah simply remarkable! With sand fiderom can be with easily oblovit local of experienced fishermen only representatives moreover that they getting caught the tough, heavy the rods are type cyprinids kept. Karpovik not intended for industrialized fishing with hands and keep his hours 4 health need not some. Very far cousin fidernogo rods up - Surf. Have him so same as and have fidera poklevki tracked with on the tip rods up but this the log still the.
In way-- oblovil neighbors with-sum game 2-14 plus 1 not toin my favor. Nibble was with 10 morning and until lunch. Further sit not was sense, peck refused. Catch can thankful in primarily udilischu as and the that skhodov not was. It with fantastic speed otrabatyvalo all tugging and To strike back fish. Of course, raskosami abetted. Was would the cord in role the main - think were it comes precipices the leash 0.16. On Sea under it comes to shagging major fish the cord - surplus in my opinion.
Indeed bad luck!? Or "Rulena" is so apparently driving to decide you. Am confident, ETTA marine fishing trip not I shall forget never.
Ah and "on a snack" shifting sketch



Fiestvod wrote:

10 however nice, yes under Novosvetskoe.

On backdrop of wine harvesting, fishing pole as if winter on predator. :D



Commercial little pond with melkokarpom. With not zateylivymi rules - give 15 Grzywna (. For every kg fish that like it or take From with a.
Date 2.11.13

Some tackle:
2 pinion rods up (write immediately - they were are useless!)
Light shimano spidmaster 3.35, the coil kormoran 4,000, cord poverpro 0.12mm
There's gravy 42 grams, ceasing 40 centimeters f0.12 on former see fidergame (bisernaya rubber codec in two), trigger 16 th Number.
Form of and the size of the hook -

1 kg FD Crucian, 1 kg FD carp, 300 grams prikormochnogo pelletsa 4.5mm (4 season) Carpio, 200 grams of ground in grinds prepared over the Boylov (plum\ ultraspetsii\ is a mulberry) from camping on M. Trophy + 50 grams prikormochnogo very (living) and 20 grams moldy worm (Fifty Fifty (film) living-Dead).

The bait: Night crawlers nasadochnyy (favorite! Else was quiet), maize, the worm, maggot.
The distance ~ 35 meters.

Tactic: In vsyazi with those that the water very the Cold (12-13 degrees) and fish nurtures loosely (this was obviously in the number of fishermen on pond (nor single)) carp we should drink a need not big the table to create which I and applied relatively many "sypuchki" for attract and slightly slightly crumbs s palette, pellets with motylem and nobody for retaining. Main task was stimulating appetite in than and helped kroshenye both: Boyle with minimal bones of fat and with granular aromas of with taste spices. Under this very it is important not you overfeed otherwise nibble can get away on there is no.
So, with start 5 feeders, 10 perezabrosov through every 10 minutes, 5 perezabrosov through every 15 minutes, 5 through 20 minutes. This tactic allowed relatively quickly cover with zakormochnyy the table and under this to control approach fish.
Through 2 hours fish gathered on point and nibble has stabilized. Poklevki followed through every 5-10 minutes after zabrosa with in-betweens in 3-6 fish\ pause. For themselves understood these "pause" as "glut the table" for obedneniya which sought to perezabrasyvat crime as with Alpo not previously than through 25-30 minutes. To such a leader had events I not was ready, in arsenal not was feeders smaller volume of and not was supplements in the form of undercoat to go lean mixture of.
Were fishing where the with 10 morning and until the early Sixth. In catch was many small beer which here same rupnica. Overall catch not weighed their but sometime that just was been seized not less 6 fringes kg. The part that took away home pulled under 2 kg, among which there is quite small karpiki which were strongly traumatized under extracting hook - zaglot until stomach.

Conclusions: Fishing in commercially a reservoir (with presence of seed fish) pleasant, and unambiguously useful those that can be craft a and explicit tactics for konkternogo dam, time year and on specific fish. On from this "base" can be go off of here. Such approach to any the pond with any fish tank but proactively having changed a details. Needs acquire kormushkami minimum volume of and soil with minimum calorie beverage for fishing on Cold water. In an attempt to exclude zaglatyvanie hook fish tank applied increase size hook and ukorachival ceasing but this sharply vyklyuchalo nibble. Use fidergama in services combined with puffed in role the main glee times count as the need in applying! Confident registering the poklevok and under this nor single the vanishing! Such a tooling a bit way but over these still need tinker. Yes, of course on Cold water fish not so actively bucks but increasingly same I was very amused to give usevidence fish which was the very en route for tear it back skin cheeks:

On the first minute in kadrі "Bay of Karkinit the Gulf" and forth himself little pond and yet another, Autumn triviality)


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Created Titan 10.11.2013.

Need say that the main goal trip was bychek\ Perccottus glenii and on this zakorm under a carp was minimal on so much, that even to describe there is no sense.
Bychek enjoyed on this kind tectonics, and there heap zatsepov means and donka must be surRovoy in direct sense words. For knitting circle Donkey were used cheap large hooks ~ # 3-4 for previously released on gas for moreover to razgibalis under a deep, zatsepe. Donka vyazalas from tolstennoy filament from oldest reserves sign for in garage "klinskaya 0.5mm)" the bait served made of earth the worm, but this only until first downed) A forth catching on weave a goby. With a young bull was all normally bought these do if not on falling, then in during 5-former minutes expectations so accurately. The average weight which was 80 grams, but met individual and on 150 grams.
In this time carp us fully ignored and semaphore not serving nor single signal about available fish on point.
In 100 meters from us neighbor dragged Karpov with enviable periodicity. Bychkovuyu marriage healthy have tipped curiosity and we went "meets." He proved sportsenom which on eyes public catching and has manufactured the entire perelov. These gestures attracted attention safeguard which after saw politely asked all show their our marketing. Italian culture on closer with this man he told about some specificity of eyes athlete. Proposed to move on his place and announced his ulovistymi boylami. Respekt thus people which value body of water and his dwellers, retain ethnic norms and pripodnosyat a good example of other! If he will read this message - want express gratitude to her for company, taken the treat and positive communication.
, going- away present forya in the form of Boylov worked through 40 minutes and has brought carp on 720 grams + another but quite scale size. Have running mate, was 3 very are decent poklevki one of which slightly not, you pulled in water species-under with all udilischami, the reason was in beytranere which the whether not worked, then whether simply not was included. All not realized. Judging by around the to blame hooks.
Setting has filled and without moreover different mood about a fishing trip new sense and hopes, but in this place basis that is a goby simply not looked like possible, tough fish hooking emptied us all was loading up povygibal hooks in needle and ultimately we poobryvali all Donkey. Desires knitting new quite not controversial of - was real chance finally the for a holiday, brew kofeyu, enjoying quiet on the evening and fiery decline of the.

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Simple Conqueror on exploration. Feed the fish fiscal a mixture of yes drinks coffee on nature :hobo:.
I'm gonna drop for archive :hobo::

P. S. Coffee ??? was boiled :flag:



prime wrote:

Hello. That now on perimeter?

Dobryi evening. I not in rate.’fishing season still not set up. As the quite not until fishing :dontknow:
The last time when I there was - legal as proseivali water from and until.



Карась давай до свидания!
Эта рыбалка была чистым экспериментом, поставленных задач было 2!:
1. проверить хваленые крючки guru qm1 №10 с применением волосяной оснастки с квикстопом Drennan  желтого цвета и подрезанным по длине для максимальной маскировки на фоне наживки.
2. отсечь карася мощной кукурузной аромой и тем самым привлечь как можно больше карпа.
Температура воды: 8 градусов!
Глубина\дистанция: 1 метр\15 метров
Цель: карп
Наживка: кукуруза
Снасть: Удилище shimano speedmaster ax 3.3 метра с тестом 70 грамм. катушка флагман инспириер 3500. Леска Флагман Формакс карп-фидер 0.22 или даже 0.25 уже и не помню.
Оснастка: Скользящий монтаж. Флетка Carp-Zoom 30 грамм. Поводок длинной ровно 5 см из обычной лески толщиной 0.16мм, крючек guru qm1 №10 с кембриком Gardner 2мм удерживающим волос из лески 7мм.

Прикормка (состав): раскрошил с помощью круши 10 бойлов "кукуруза", 10-"Ультра специи" от т.м. Трофей. Высыпал эту крошку в не большую коробочку и к ней добавил 200-250 грамм прикормки "Грос карп с бетаином" от ФД и 100 грамм пеллетса 4.5мм "4 сезона" от Карпио.
Отдельно налил в банку ~230 мл воды и ~70 мл аромы "кукуруза" от ФД замешал это дело. Залил смесью коробку с подготовленной прикормкой, перемешал и закрыл плотно крышкой - оставил настаиваться и впитываться на сутки.
Подготовка прикормки : На следующий день, перед выездом пробил всю полученную прикормку через сито Флагман 4мм. Получилось отделить ароматизированный пеллетс от прикормки и по сути дела я получил 2 разных наполнителя для флетки одного аромата.
1. мелкофркционная пушистая .
2. разбухший, готовый для лепки в флетку пелетс с мелкими крошками от прикормки.

Зачем 2 вида наполнителя?: Предполагалось что с начала буду использовать наполнитель из мелкой фракции для создания мощного пищевого сигнала и быстрого сбора карпа на точке а позже, когда карп соберется на точке и для его удержания планировалось использовать в качестве наполнителя флетки именно пелетс как крупной фракции.
Рыбалка: Итак, приехав с работы бегом начал просеивать через сито прикормку замоченную с вечера. Водоем бесхозный, видовой состав которого  карп-карась в пропорции 40-к к одному (карасевое эльдорадо).
По рыбалке было так, приехали а там народу полно. Все любимые места заняты. Пришлось сесть на абсолютно новом участке. температура воздуха +8 и ветер 6-8 м.с. в лицо. Волна высотой 15-20 сантиметров .Солнце в глаза. С одной стороны хорошо что так сел - карп там где волна ударяет о берег!. Отметил для себя 2 точки ловли. Первым делом сделал ставку на точку лова у среза камыша на отмели   там плескалась рыба но по сидев минут 50 понял что ловить там не чего. Начал искать место на более большой глубине - около метра на едва заметном свале. Там дно имело чуть более плотный ил.

Заброс - 30 минут ожидания и ооОООО удилище в дугу! я аж воскликнул от удивления     вааай какая долгожданная и в некоторой степени неожиданная поклевка т.к. я не надеялся что на такой большой крючек и с 1-й кукурузинкой но на волосе КЛЮНЕТ. Как же приятно тянуть этих буйных малышей   . Как жаль что на улице такая не комфортная температура и пронизывающий ветер. Общего времени на рыбалку было совсем не много....
Карпики стали на стол и клевали с уверенной периодичностью в среднем по 4 шт. в час. Столь быстрый старт и сбор на точке конкретного вида рыбы не ожидал, очень удивлен. Смеркается, сопли рекой  - пора дамой.
Вывод: Впечатления от погоды - *?:%;№. Впечатления от рыбалки - потрясно! моя теория на счет прикормки сработала идеально! ни единого карася - только карп. Впечатления от крючка , поводка ,оснастки, снасти в целом - экстаз! если клюнуло то все! карп будет наш. Ни единого схода!. Нужно обязательно брать на вооружение эти крючки для ловли с флеткой    С этих пор это мои любимые крючки для метода по мелкокарпу + очень порадовала прикормка и этот ЗОЛОТОЙ рецепт. Расход корма за 3 часа менее чем 150 грамм. Остатки прикормки привез домой и заморозил. - судя по всему этих остатков хватит еще на 4 таких же рыбалки  :crazyfun:

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Fiestvod wrote:

these remnants of ????? still on 4 such same fishing

Ah so that? For travels more not was or outcome not such? Very interestingly.



margulis wrote:

Nu so that? For travels more not was or outcome not such? Very interestingly.

Was still 3 at different reservoirs. Outcome predictable and a believer about carp we should drink a. Now I in Sudak on the mullet but its there is no). Mayovka in the midst of a



Fiestvod wrote:

It still 3 at different reservoirs. Outcome predictable and a believer about carp we should drink a.

So where busy briefing? Skloubeni-sec. :flag:



As knitting voosyanuyu snap from fishing line of yours??
First one takes loop for hair, then trigger knitting?



margulis wrote:

So where busy briefing? Skloubeni-sec.

On photo 17 fringes gallon fidernoe build. Fish on level 12 liters. Eiaee on 2 fidera on one a hook on every. The first with metodnoy River Kymi and the second on classics of - there's gravy and trigger on 30 centimeters tight leash. Fish-sicles the entire flagship "Feder star anise", "Sea Bass oil-cake", "Lake." So same It was your dangerous driving spray from Carp Zoom "corndude's" (Sweet Corn). Hooks used Preston PR478 # 10, the fashion qm1 # 10 (bezborodki) but need krupneee! Rules

shameta wrote:

How knitting voosyanuyu snap from fishing line of yours??
First one takes loop for hair, then trigger knitting?

Is true. With starters noose with kvikstopom and then knot "bezuzlovoy" karpovyy the standard



Fiestvodsuch Lake and beskhoznoe?



margulis wrote:

Fiestvod such Lake and beskhoznoe?

Javadxan) it seems you the first photo missed



Fiestvod wrote:

Javadxan) it seems you the first photo missed

:D Zabalamutil you me their T.P.S. reports.



The first video in which in principle has combined sports feeder with not sports catching on our - Crimean donku but with the help karpovogo equipment.
Fishing in such a regime a hell of a labor. 3 stick this too.
Why this all!? - for diversity. Tested theory on practice which in principle very is simple. "Lifting of" is "have the brink the table nakryvaemogo as the feeding trough. On fact ‘ that have the brink the table not some’an and carp.
Fish-sicles was used the entire from camping on M. The flagship of the. Namely 1. Sea Bass oil-cake, 1 station wagon (winter of), 1. Lake.
The bait the worm, maize.
Warning question about origins karpovikov - Korum 12 "3 a1,600. Problem-wa Uruguay.



Came in Visitors father-in-law with mainland. Fisherman still the. Time little - only 6 hours, taken out so say Gone Fishin '(on simple.
Himself not eiaee.

The first in life fishing in Russia very liked.
P. S. Video edited that myself dark at night on hastily formulated camping on CHAMPION Am asking forgiveness for typing errors in Segodnya newspaper reports. Recast there is no desires.

That I want say - I have shock. How many on this pond eiaee on feeder, but simple donka without prikormki oblavlivaet by the quality of fish very significantly :canthearyou:. On feeder fish many but very petty.



Today on the evening catching electric storm. Conveniently! Impose recognized with balcony :idea: the distance kilometers with 60.
Cordage: Nikon D3000 and manual eponymous lens 50mm with svetochuvstvitelnostyu 1.8
Catch on photo :love:
In prilove 3 Tennessee Less better but not less or:

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Work! :cool:



Fiestvod wrote:

catch of the on photo

Class! :cool:





So perishing spectacularly numerous--there, when the net on-coast home Crimea teeming, us, with then still my a very appealed these seats. Decided plan in this glorious, and good and simpler city of Sudak!. With those, not longstanding since took for tradition every year celebrate anniversary of in city of, which on always've forged our hearts. City, remembering about which immediately one starts feel a fresh, net marine air without exhaust automasinas, easiest ribbon Novosvetskogo of spumante yet, numbers Valley and flavor juniper. Here always easily, governing and light. Bloat charge of energy which warms soul and calling to visit his again.
On the morning in day of origin Kaptol with balcony, immediately became understandable! Day NOT SIMPLE!! Dawn the knows!
Us was greeted our good familiar, which have Limnological each time. , the weather has, simply the. Keep in issue us no one was able, barely after finishing tea they moved to the beach, going down on str. Lenin yes through mozhzhevelnikovuyu grove necessarily zaskochiv in Music sparkling wines. Stop sign! About than this I. No advertising! No love story! This already goes beyond Forum.

About beauty crew seats and marine a fishing trip will talk.
Day the first. Relax!
Naturally in such celebration was simply not until fishing. But and without La indispensable not perhaps. Teetered wondrous, the weather has,!
Water 19 on tselsiyu. Air perhaps under 27. Wind zero. People getting a tan, has been basking! And this increasingly 11 October!.
I not was able observe this all long so, In sweater!
And of course same dived.
And not one times.
And meanwhile people is fishing and rarely but aren upswings imaginations out of its deep marine.
Day Kolkevich imperceptibly.

Day the second. Gone Fishin '(as on celebration!
Once a this day call cannot be, however as and the rest days but, to combine useful with pleasant What you!. In dedicated blast auto when (notaccidentally) fidernoe place it Shimano super ultegra 12 "90., Katushka and slightly slightly snap. Zaskochiv on market for sweet yes perfumed by
And on path on promenade, until espoused stunted have, Holland orchestra urban homes culture
I proshmygnul in’fishing Music for the bait (nereis) were a couple Bombarde (Siege Weapon) and hooks.
This photo did already homes so that not it is difficult will be guessing where what hooks were in Ama have fish judging by little in box since. Bombarda yet weight 25 grams (white), Bombarda tonuschaya weight 35 grams (transparent).
On Bank, in side mountains "Alchak when" already were the fishermen
Me same was not until free! Ah raze not before them. I the entire in the attention, take up knitting snap for me still not quite known tackle for industrialized fishing on bombardu "sbirulino" in anticipation to sensations and struggle
Of course, same I have as and ????? the fishing trainer worked a small tipping - podglyanul rigging that use neighbors, brought together tackle so same: I have on center of the spool the main raskosami 0.18mm Tughlon net Heavy great- forth yet Bombarda 25 grams on type inlayn, vertlyug and to him method noose in loop attached ceasing-2 Dam. To let the line out for defence wakes up aggressivity applied 0.096mm, simple and cheap trigger Winner. On the early all my zabrosy were useless waste of time but invoking neighborhood technique namely - meeedlennaya Spezialwerkzeug gebunden with the help coils (2-3 turnover of various) and stop on 1-2 of seconds.
Fish UEFA were complimentary on my pains and having felt a powerful and a sharp blow to a hook where the there in thicker water, saw in reaffirming leap from water. Put not greater but very a strong and more mullet (chulara)
Then still and still. This fish klevala literally in front page murmur camping on E. In 1-7 metres from Bank!
Ah very vertkaya fish. Its simply so hands not take - curves as espander and speak's very good for back flipper....... Like photograph fish clean without contained sand but in hands its can be normally take only after as she will fall on sand).
Caught on this place 4 kefalki for 4 hours. For me as for the beginner in marine a fishing trip, yes and full Nuba Mountains in it catching on sbirulino this real success!, received mass of pleasure and Sea personally. Wanted change place camping on K. Rose quite a strong trolley onto a side breeze and bombardu kept turning on neighbor right. To fish became not comfortable experience. Are gone power--a period the wind, to although mountains "Alchak when"
Mountain well is harboring from wind, here is already not sin and here try that the to capture, thought I to yell irrationally for tackle changing sand under with their feet on rocky Bank.
Fishing in this place proved not promising and until espoused was walking up on mountain to photograph kind of with it I caught the first time in life garoupa! I was in nationalist rhetoric of shock, such a transparent water, I saw as he emerged from nowhere and was chased by NYPD for crocheted, here same grabbed his and hit with chic kulbitom over water. Very the Beautiful fish! This rival proved even more vertkim and strong than mullet. Rapid as zipper, slippery as the snake. His so same was very difficult take in hands yes and frankly Protestantism - you saw what have his zubatyy and a long beaks. By taking over this fish in hands she revolves as Kiev and charming around its axis as the snake! Shopping, Shock, Sounds great here is the that enjoy first time thanks to this a beast than a. Drooling from moreover on how many she is beautiful! The clean silver with its back deep green CFA. Machine for of extermination gerbil! Naval pike!.
Having arrived in Number I was on so much awash trumps emotion that even forgot photograph fish! Already late on the evening I mentioned about this nedochete. And had problems!. Decided ambush tomorrow their - bear for Sarganom! (Between affair).

Day the third. Bear for Sarganom!
Yes, of course) a garpike Sarganom and planned previously excursus no one not revisit it! On plan was 1.5 ticking short on boat with with dropping Naval Base at "gravel." For moreover to not miss its, we immediately decided to fish closer to moorage. He is in right-wing side the beach - closer to Genoa fortress.
People on Bank for this time year simply Atas!, especially fishermen. On promising places such as pier (Boone's) seats there is no - ah very closely. With starters I on il s'entrainait with Bank but on a near distance there is nothing not was biting,, reversed the floating bombardu on help arrest his sinking weight 35 grams. This gave opportunity continue to cast until further. Impose such bombardoy made their on 121 turnover 3,000 th coils! Coil for turnover winds a 0.66 flushed filament that would still (121kh0.66 =) 79 metram! When, for examples yet flew maximum on 50 meters. Caught 3 kefalki and one big guy, big Zelenushku. Then fish has diverged from Bank, people with pier began on the sly heading “Our Advertisers, appeared place and for me) all the more goal the today’s days was precisely a garpike and not mullet and perishing those more not greenfinch although even greenfinch deserves separate, full-fledged articles!.
With pier managed to capture 1 garoupa and "time ‘ with" has announced landing on its. This not big sarganchik already fell in lens. Ur!
Of course, photo with make the swim can be was would and miss but I so not can! Modicum a couple but'll text - there very talk! + kind of with sea on path haul as same without him.

On return, on La us met red with a nice voice! Had to to share with him fish tank by giving 2 kefalki

And that? Yes-yes, himself god had instructions Stamping on beach and catch up with skormlennyy zoo catch) and I continued its this mission but already with Bank. Caught still 2 garoupa!

+ another but quite a small - way from on will

760.46 over this day be fished out
For deducting the 2 kefalin which already are swimming have a ginger in his stomach, 1 scale nosatogo in Sea. And of course same heap quite petty lotta green.

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9 th November passed Crimean contest on it comes to shagging garoupa. Place - Cape Arkona Tarhankut. Small Atlesh have chalice love. (There where starred the film "Pirates of twentieth century") I policies--and 3’s place obtaining as a prize’fishing the cord YGK X-Tegus 14lb 0.08mm.

With competition has remained the bait "nereis" and been decided was necessarily to return in that place on closest weekends for moreover to for a holiday, on to fish with new puffed yes on breathe Laurent, maritime air.

So and ‘. Were yesterday have chalice love 15 November. , the weather has, tin - impulses wind with legs sbivayuschie even Waterland (film), Wind with backs but even raises spring Bank particularly not rescued., temperatures air + 6 S.
Until lunch nor single poklevki, waves of. With lunch wind on t calmed yet, piped down. Sea and proklyunul a garpike and what the unknown for me fish. A garpike have bought these fillet no than nereis. In catch ????? on 2 garoupa + 3 betray him).
Cordage: Fidernoe udilishche Shimano super ultegra 12 "until 90. The coil Cormoran Sinus Br 6Pi 4,000. The cord YGK X-Tegus 14lb 0.08mm. Ceasing MILO Krepton M-Tech Hooklenght (0.096 mm )-2 Dam. Trigger Leader AKITAKITSUNE # 6 blue. Bombarda 15 grams yet\ loosely tonuschaya. The entire fish captured on loosely help arrest his sinking.
Very poraduvav the cord - knockout with 15 fringes one 420 grams bombardoy on the wind ~ until 100 meters in easiest! Nor single of beard. Soft, not buzzes in rings and is famously lie down on shpule.
Pleasant viewing :flag:

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