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Fidery Daiwa. A series of Connoisseur.

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Daiwa Connoisseur CNGF12Q-AU
Until this.



Seryoga, you Bucko :D Nu here is how can be putting only photo rods up Dayvovskoy series of about which virtually no the big info in 120 there is no? And after all this series of on ranzhiru slightly below Airiti and Tornamenta, and in the number of perhaps the most large. Tell me about it!



duffy333 wrote:

Seryoga, you Bucko :D Tell me! :cool:

Daiwa Connoisseur CNGF12Q-AU
y. Length:3.60m
Transport length:1,58m
Test:A psychic
! Steady:not has understood, on potryakh works parts of rods up
gap adjustment letterhead:carbon fibre, matt, polished, of Gray color of, without varnish
Tol. Blanca:15mm
Number of sections:dvukhchastnik + done
gap adjustment pens:cork (itself here) + neoprene. (The lower part of pens ~ 10cm)
recover. Of various:60cm
other rings:8 units Fuji SIC on really form without Accounting done,
3 two lapovye,
5sht one thing lapovye
Diametr1go-ring 11mm,
Historical region from letterhead until center rings sost.2sm, in the distance from katushkoderzhatelya-62sm
the recommended the main:2lb-6lb
done:in goes 3 Tennessee 1oz, 1,5oz, Fresh glass
Diameter vershinok:3,5mm (Tornament, Airiti)
Complectaion:fabric cover, udilishche, transparent plastic tube.
Price category:ultimate. Recommended producer retail the price in of England RRP & # 163 ;2 99.00. (Have Tim 250ft)
Recommended producer retailer the price in of England on done RRP & # 163 ;9 .99
your entry opinion:place it will their homes on rags, slowly current reservoirs. Awaits dam.

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I on Music Got 2 model - Connoisseur Medium Quiver (CNGF12Q-AU) and Connoisseur Power Quiver (CNGF12PQ-AU). Very ambiguous with President. I even not know with whatever udilischami their can be compare :)! Steady middle, on potryakh lightly, than have Tournament Airiti and Tournament pro. The good Hhardware. On days want swim these tip here. Update my.

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Тоха wrote:

Connoisseur Power Quiver (CNGF12PQ-AU)

Toch, Power Quiver with such same rings as and Medium Quiver



Тоха wrote:

I on Music Got

Seryoga, here is who Bucko :D



... fetishists :canthearyou: “I don’t here is umbrella would prestonovskiy nasadochnyy had brought who, flagship double-crossed, toch double-crossed. Konose women were, and most necessary there is no :blush:



Тоха wrote:

I on Music Got 2 model

D.S.I wrote:

Seryoga, here is who Bucko

Wait for in Visitors, toch, I already for weekend a bit risk it :hobo:



D.S.I wrote:

toch, Power Quiver with such same rings as and Medium Quiver

Yes, these rods up very similar. And the positioning rings similar. Have Power Quiver a bit thicker the walls letterhead, this fishing pole slightly-slightly stronger. On potryakh its maximum test roughly 80 + fodder. Very want swim they. As only will emerge free time pick up volumes K these rods up on fishing.



Looks directly I’d say bednovato. For such a price tag could would design more interesting devise.



Zoltan wrote:

It looks squarely I’d say bednovato. For such a price tag could would design more interesting devise.

The Company is Mohammed Mandi insert :crazyfun:

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Watched 12-futoviki series of Connoisseur, namely: Medium Quiver (, let. CNGF12Q-AU, on raskosami 2-6lbs) and Power Quiver (, let. CNGF12PQ-AU, on raskosami 2-8lbs). The first perishing very soft in the upper half of letterhead - purely for stagnant water udilishche. The second more interesting - faster, sobrannee and stronger. Such and on average during should explicit is famously. Yes and the accuracy of and expanding zabrosu must be better idea, than have his "brother."
On both the coil 4,000 on dura-Ace becomes well.
If tickles have their on fishing on these weekends, then update my much detail.



D.S.I wrote:

Daiwa Connoisseur

Am gold this are gadgets CNGF1213Q-AU, an excellent average promise build, in sight unambiguously English spirit rods up, under good overstretched works the entire the form, think in any time soon their will buy make more active, team Dayva emphasize it has put many efforts creating a enormous choice this series of, in of England this series of enters in top three - ‘ B- on the most warranty for each watch palkam.
Connoisseur in the diversion = be backtracking this way.



Guys, so no one and not potestil Connoisseur?



All Hi. Await the from Tim Konose 10 / 11 FT. Can there is owners this caused to, could you tell me test this rods up and couple of lines for at all about queen of. Thank you!



Dobryi day.
Could you tell me, received already 10 / 11 ft?
If yes, then tell as the impression, as on zabrose, what comfortable weight for rods up?
And interested as will she work with karpyatami until 3 kg.
For previously thank you!



Hello. Yes, I received from Tim's place it. Simply now this my favorite. Comfortable weight on zabrosu 30 grams there's gravy Preston big, roughly 55-60 grams common weight! On zabrosu. Very comfortable work until 40 meters. Karp's not eiaee, but am confident, that tuzimatov will shock on times. Very recommend! :cool: :cool: :cool:



Thank you large. Await the revenues to will ensure continued this rods up.


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