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Had forced fiderom in Mykolayiv (in drying cities)

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Day are a good! :flag: Do I need aid!

Such deal, this week d the first time on Affairs in Mykolayiv and a whole Saturday (15.09.2012) freed. Emerged idea spend some time fishing, and so as never in this city of not was, then respectively nothing not know. Appeared heap issues. So that if not pity, share of them on this issue. To live d in the center of the, write their shopping a corner streets Spaskoy and where (red point on a map). Map is a. fishing trip Perhaps d go on foot or on public vehicles.

My arsenal:
Feder - BistMaster up mult (the old) 3.6-4.20 khevik
Coil - Tekhnium 4,000 (raskosami and the cord)

And now questions: :canthearyou:
1. Where in the center of the there is Music, to buy moldy worm and worm (prikormka there is)?
2. Far go harvest (South Bug or Inhul) and on what fish count (if you can, then tick on a map)?
3. Trough there is in assortment from 35gr. Until 100gr., what need to take with a?

Perhaps all :blush:

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Day are a good,
7.10 on questions:
1. Lest far not walk moldy worm can be to purchase in no clothing left on street corner Pushkinska Street and sees (blue placemark). The most next of point. The worm usually being on market. In is place, where I you to advise you to harvest, I his entered in foliage between trees. Or the most simple option-remont, is thin fish have grandfathers-fishermen on worms (goes on cheers).

2. To capture can be dace, an. Ah and where already without ukleyki and a goby. Harvest propose a in district ingulskogo bridge (yellows the switch). First place marked by on Sedan photos red line. The second from Left from bridge (fisherman in red range). There on Bank bushy shrub and small trees and among them there is gathering spaces that offer universal. That place more interesting to do there more often are biting sea Bass.

3. Weight trough depends on tide. If go back 40,50,60 gr not won.
Now in short. Prikormku dusty surrounding to do not sovetuyu- not otobetes from ukleyki.
The distance fishing 20-25 meters. Well works sandwich maggot + worm.
Here is, perhaps, and all. NKhNCh.

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Large thank you, Sidoroff, for such a broad the answer, very pleased that so quickly stalwart!

Still times thank you. :cool:



Yes, still forgot ask. As I understand, this lipnі Quay or there can be care a stake?



Quay a finely sidewalk tiles, loath stake care a can be not everywhere.


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