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Sunday spent under the slogan bream, fishing trip planned long and finally the this day, on a body of water arrived to 11-00, on world nibble of bream activates after lunch! Not cater made a sauce pack FD bream, FD bream with betainom, FD donnaya and for of the blackout added FD SportBlek, so same added FD Aroma +, FD Konoplya plus molasses, FD Brasem and Cinnamon, living components decided to promoted in the process affairs.
Until prikormka proceeded primary humidification Fr workplace, until like to moisturize prikormku, and forward!
Zakormil point on 13 metres, the depth of 3.5-old After hours industrialized fishing in my catch with dozen bulls and Okounkov, been decided to move on more far point I take another stick pick a point fishing "23m, zakarmlivayu and here is he the first podleschik, and'm on the sly but confidently to carry podleschikov, with hope to capture bream!! And here is closer to six not poklevka and on other end my cordage a good rival, without ultimate of seconds struggle and here is he is shown from water e?anaaao, jump popuskayu Friction clutch, I allow take I. Social, it's a shame, deplorably, ah okay. Purge the wicked from ceasing from slime (gender defence wakes up aggressivity was in it), sticking my boner in oparika and very, 'm the one lining kormukhu, impose and minutes expectations, poklevka, leapfrog and again struggle fish immediately same is beginning to actively resist after sweep (martial arts) (and in head comes, the next poklevku I will wait time, man) on this time with friktsionom not messing with anything, robots pounder lack to shock tugging fish, and here is e?anaaao bream I have in catch-up. Another impose and as I presupposed poklevki there is no, and here yet another poklevka, leapfrog, but that the strange on how late,, I take it out his rival from water and I OBOLDEL such ershey I not saw!
'm throwing up bricks here tackle with hope to capture another bream, and to my happiness I his ??? enleve!
A small photosession and it is time home!
Errori for the quality of pictures, did on phone!

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Serik wrote:

Don’t cater made a sauce kidney

:crazyfun: :tomato:

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You know what have us leschi bloodthirsty :D



Here is decided to draft report about trip for plotvoy. Itself the trip was 2 weeks ago, but from-for not availability of pictures decided to, with report a bit wait :writing:
Утро было прохладное, ну и не совсем удачное, по скольку заблудились катаясь по грунтовым дорогам :crazyfun: Решили куда до едем там и станем (водоем очень большой), приехав к какому то заливу, выгрузились и я погнал искать более менее нормальное место, залив под эти критерии не подходил ни как, маленькая глубина и отсутствие какой либо растительности!Взяв удилище с грузиком погнал вдоль берега искать что то!Как оказалось это было довольно проблематично, по скольку вода упала на метра 3 и глина вперемешку с камушками засасывала по колена!!И тут наконец таки я нашел более менее нормальный берег, но что еще было более радостно что на дистанции порядка 34-37 метров была бровка в виде трех ступенек вся покрытая растительностью, да и глубина радовала более пяти метров!Перетаскиваю свою снарягу, замешиваюсь, собираю в кучу всю снарягу, и начинаю ловить!
Not many about prikormke!
1pachka FD a dace.
1 kg badyagi remaining after this comp.
Not many pomegranate.
Night crawlers (probkoval)
Dye my this all in black color.
Prikormku initially decided to do of inertial, ever come up% 10 (chaff peanuts and chack).
Harvest decided to for Dam three from the first stage style of, on world vegetation which grew on this the sidelines incapsulate almost to the very top, and need was have time raise fish on upper tier.
Начав ловлю, ловлю пару окунцов и получасовая тишина, решаю немного сбавить темп и как оказалось не зря, плотва клюет со дна где то через минуты две, и тут появляется проблема, рыба через раз умудряется залетать в водоросли которые растут метра за три правее от места лова, потом начинается, сильный ветер из-за которого береговая растительность наплывает на мой шнур, лишая меня каких либо шансов увидеть поклевку!Но я потихоньку, продолжаю ловить!Погода конечно радует(если не брать во внимание ветер)все вокруг желтое потихоньку листва падает с деревьев укрывая землю желтым ковром. And ironically was watch, as crowds spinongistov inconclusively oblavlivayut predbrezhnuyu vegetation, in which after their departure pike unambiguously for twofers, Dick and Harry seems-fish mouth. And I meanwhile polavlivayu plotvitsu. Understand that fish are biting with trawling solve the put more a short ceasing (instead meter sprint give 50 centimeters), poklevki were, but the size of the fish has changed in worst side, but includes fish not moves away in grass! And as on evil I have person's shooting at the latter kormukha (and the rest lie homes in warm :crazyfun:)! But the result I exasperated, more three tens of chopped small fry, that immediately sent home, and dozen cuddly plotvits, which left for photo sessions!

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Yesterday, By illegally for plotvoy! Planned for a spin a new prikormku from FD a dace "winter", itself prikormka scale grinding, pari passu clause almost the entire chack, smells compared with conventional plotvoy on weaker and added betain!
Will walk thru to zamesu, US 2 packs FD a dace "winter", added pomegranate, not many molasses and paint over this all in black color! Lies the dark, chopped factional prikormka, with not strongly-cut the scent of, works not big the ball: Diving, and saw the next, crops up only chaff with peanuts (5-10%) and single grain sesame, over ball not large dark cloud, in fact a passive prikormka (that that I wanted to!
По поводу места лова, облазив вдоль берега не нашел за что зацепится(к сожалению), решил найти место с максимальной глубиной, и нашел, глубина примерно 7-8 метров!От берега 24-27 метров(с головы вылетело точное кол-во оборотов), с о старту бросая три кормухи с пробкой из мотыля(как оказалось это была самая главная ошибка) и цепляю поводок, и в бой, вытаскиваю трех солнечных окуней, их поклевок почти не видно, в основном было так легкое подергивание и тишина выматываешь снасть он сидит!И тут решаю перезабросить и понимаю что там сидит рыба и приятного размера, но к сожалению сход, решаю укоротить поводок с метра на 70 см!Заброс несколько секунд после падения кормушки и мощная протяжка сбила меня с толку, подсекаю, но с опозданием и само собой пролет, и опять окуньки, играю с насадкой, мотыль-пинка, пинка-опарик, опарик-пинка, также с количеством этих чудо наживок, в итоге прихожу к второй мощной протяжке, подсечки и вот у меня в руках цель поездки.

Frankly I not expected such poklevok, thought're mild enough poklevki, but nor as not such towing system!

Оказалось плотва реагирует только на три опарика, и ни какие другие вариации наживок ее не интересуют, спреи так же были в пролете!Забрасываю прикормку с пробкованым мотылем, и беру еще четыре плотвицы, а потом как отрезало, играю с длиной поводка, наживкой , но без успешно!Так и пролетели 5 часов отведенных на рыбалку, пора домой!Результат полтора десятка окуня, и пять плотвиц, результат не совсем хороший, но главное что я понял свою ошибку!А ошибка заключалась в том что я пробковал мотыля, и рыба быстро насытилась, если бы я мотыля смешал с прикормкой то скорее всего был бы другой результат, но ничего для конца ноября не так уж и плохо, тем более водоемы пока открыты и можно ловить, что я и собираюсь делать!

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Brilliant Sergei, you is young and have you increasingly is obtained well, so keep!



Oliynyk designer Valentin
Thank you try to put!



Found, have themselves! Are the middle October, leschik exactly 1 kg, ceasing 0,08 without rubber! Truth after this immediately same put!

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And place familiar. Here is so would and on the next year there spend some time fishing.



Weekend over on cheers!
In Saturday we are going with partner on contest organized club of RK "Rybolov LAND." Contest pass in regime tandem feeder + poplavochnik. About five morning on a reservoir, has spread were a couple words with partner, the beginning of drawing full extension of my lift the first sector (not poorly)! Have property listing things and are starting training!
'm interrupting 2 species prikormki, the first kind of for karpika (his there abound), but on experience know that if wait only his can be overshoot (was experience).
In general himself composition!
1 cover slips FD Karp mix.
0.5 packs FD Gross carp.
0.5 packs FD donnaya.
Pumping this all deal FD DM Med
Leave maize.
The second composition do with calculation on karasika and melkosran (decided to already during industrialized fishing accurately podshlifovat under specific fish)
1 cover slips FD short.
1 cover slips FD small fry.
Leave very.
Training facilities on a reservoir not was on world he closed!
But would still managed to know that huge risks are inhabitants very well react to the worm!
On this was taken decision promoted large-if chopped worm! Investments the worm leave zaparennogo oparika and perebituyu krushey maize, vysypayu this all in a separate capacious and gradually wise on point industrialized fishing probkuya!
В семь часов старт отправляю десяток кормушек на дальнюю дистанцию и перехожу на ближнюю пару кормушек и начинаю ловить, точнее пытаться что-то поймать, но безрезультатно, напарник ловит несколько карасиков и начинает в бешеном темпе скирдовать мелкосрань которая не отходила дальше полуметра от камыша, под штекером у него глухо под матчем тоже, понимаю что на ближней дистанции мне делать нечего, ухожу на дальняк и тут моментально протяжка, немного борьбы и не большой карпик у меня в подсаке, но на этом они закончились, зато начали ловится не плохие окуньки не сильно часто, но ловятся! Watch for neighbors they smoke, discover that and in other sectors, too, not fountain. Solve the nothing not to change and on the sly harvest perch, but he a disease, too, got all fussy. In end flew by somewhere three hours I have dozen bass several karasikov and karpik, have running mate, a powerful “under shtekerom, several bass, karasiki and heap melkosrani in sadke! Neighbors take not large karpika, that forces a bit'll perk up (still couple of such karpikov and they us are catching up with)! For hour I take a nickel bass, very many idle poklevok and at all calm!
And here have running mate, poklevka on plug and began struggle, the entire rubber comes out, about ceasing 0.1 (that forces nervous), and fish so and climbs in cane, and its this slightly not managed, in general minutes five struggle and I I take a carp in podsak, a bit otdyshalis and again in battle, understand that already accurately the first, but like to this outcome was and without bonus, meanwhile until the end of competition remained forty minutes, terminally turn on BlizNak'm tempovat (to impose prikormki) and I take not large amurchika, still couple of not realizovanykh poklevok and reckoning!
On weighing we recent, it comes to us, know that the most big outcome not more 1.5 kg! Vzveshivaemsya on traditional transportation 4.680!
We the first, but me worries what would was outcome without bonus, who carp 3: 08 a.m.!
All is famously and without bonus we the first, thank running mate,, rightly move on awarding and home!
My the catch of the!

Previous Oliynyk designer Valentin and carp on 3 pounds.
Huge thank you like say to his partner, which not only an excellent poplavochnik and fiderist, but and a good man! Petrovic we still get into the war :crazyfun:

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In Sunday solve the to go swim small fry, perishing very I for it our fancy team!
In 16-00 come on body of water, there met couple of known, has spread were a couple words brought together equipment and in battle!
With prikormkoy particularly not I bred about 30 letters!
The that remained after competition.
+ FD a dace
Not many a butterworm.
Solve the harvest in a meter from the end of the water areas of vegetation, enleve without zakorma on first zabrose is mired a dace, and so throughout fishing, was several ?????? in Cleves, but I particularly not had to claw your way in end for three hours managed talk not many polotvy!



Not vrublyus- you have same its grains prikormka. Why Fishdrim beret?



Dimitri wrote:

Why Fishdrim beret?

Perhaps old reserves :dontknow:
And you Browning not yet ’?



Don’t vrublyus- you have same its grains prikormka. Why Fishdrim beret?

Me Fishdrim more likes!
In Donetsk after all, too, not all FD use!

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In Sunday managed to escape on fishing trip, chose very an interesting a body of water, rumored to in it there is and carp and a good bream, a dace and sea Bass, but now they biting only sea Bass! Ah that sea Bass so sea Bass, the remittances have planned on 3 hours night, in half second an alarm clock 2 a cup of lifetime of sound coffee and in path! For hour arrived finally in, a body of water met a complete note (I already and forgot that this such :crazyfun:) got it in some Gulf, under Bank heap grass, in move went Spit, has cleared began tied prikormku!
FD donnaya!
FD Karp mix!
Night crawlers
'm and men, bottom on 44 scandisk find any irregularities (any a strange brovka) ah think goes and such, wanted to harvest only on the point, but on anyone of fire have spread second stick and bailed on couple of kormukh with feeds on round 6 brovku 15 meters (as it turned out not for good reason), zakarmlivayu dalnyak, do the jimmying ceasing impose couple of minutes expectations poklevka, strike. There's gravy tsepanulas dead-bolted for something, jerking, walking around yes about, in short ARGUMENTY dragged Friction clutch, 15 meters shock-leader and and fishing line of yours so much same three! Ah yes okay, turn on round 6 point, fish there is no'm play with diameter of defence wakes up aggressivity, give 0.1, 70sm impose poklevka began vyvazhivat understood that on the hook sits karpik, a powerful a disease, not retained he is gone in grass and left me with a leash around without hook, give again 0.1 and more beaded attached, began harvest karasey. Between poklevkami'm knitting the shock of leader, 'm seek its point on dalnyake, and here I come in stupor, like would the tree the same the distance, and "style of" the there is no, ah think perhaps not so calculated, impose, perezabros and I find its but already on five meters closer still couple of times put out its and again zatsep, have been arguing that the do and is obtained I'm on the sly pull something very heaviest, but many I his not dragged again for something it's snagged on! Understand that this mesh the jilted marriages (beast their all words which there is no in dictionaries), in end again cut shock, 'm dropping the contestant point and with pig--this turn on round 6 point, harvest an!
But and here not all was smoothly, sea Bass ranging only on 0.1 ceasing, on bait either, no immediately well worked one white and one Red maggot, then this combination of has become awaken in skilled, and the beginning of enjoyed only on three-four white, if missed my poklevku the all its and not wait for, only perezabros, poklevki this at all separate theme the easy BPPV. Hasn't after him stick feed so here is if not managed reel in in primary stage this a twitch or the all perezabros! In end I have ended prikormka, ah think not the trouble the table laid, polovlyu with empty kormukhoy, not here the was, an as pulled blew away out there, I take have comrades with whom arrived package prikormki, prikormka base, its I used in the first time, open package, and made there a ghastly vonchak (some kislyatiny) ah think all ??? base producer hopes that this smells they can slaughter the scent of the main prikormki, aha get there I his even a butthole underbid not was able! Zameshalsya began to try to bring an, but not reinforced decided to on dzhigovat perch, and he ranging sho set a bad on every zabrose for gender hours gender engine bed harvested a sweet (me frightening to imagine that there spiningisty Poor Carrot would)!
Began on the sly flock, and to scroll entire situation in anybody, in end came to the that sea Bass ranging only then when showered crime as with feeds, on empty he not reacted! Made conclusion that sea Bass their some fodder tossing on greater distance, and him in fact nothing to acquire was Frozen Cocktails, and he there aieiaiue, (I already two years as catching am but nor never fish not was eating prikormku in sadke, and these Crucian carps lopali even 4000m2 as well as pripevali) and simply plainly, understanding that him here nothing to acquire there is just drift off with point further in search of feed! I with so still not rebuffed, frankly Krasya never believed sports fish tank (yes forgive the me karasyatniki :flag:), he or enjoyed or not and you that anywhere do he peck not will, under him never you pick some recipe prikormki, he can enjoyed on such on that on ideas fish at all should not peck!
In general despite still there go try new expertize!
And all their conclusions I made not only with his experience, but with me still three human was, have them such a same the situation, yes and neighbors prosidevshie four hours and prikormivshie were a couple zhmen perlovki caught units five karasey!
In general say that fish was unsteady I cannot, but and had been she themselves quite strange, in end remained many questions in any time soon'm going to go again there!

Ah and here is he my catch for 6 hours!

Kind of with my worker seats!

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Serik wrote:

15 meters the shock of leader

In my busts. :huh:

And at all, always interesting since such fishing, after which many questions. There is than brains take. :)



In my busts.

Skyfall ideas three length rods up, this almost 11 meters, ah, and I with endowments of made!

There are than brains take.

This is my espoused part of in a fishing trip :crazyfun:

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Serik wrote:

Skyfall ideas three length rods up, this almost 11 meters, ah, and I with endowments of made!

The key, navkolko I understood, not "three", and "two." And further as whom likes (need), from 3-5 gather steam; on shpule and until "with endowments of."

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Dimitri wrote:

Don’t vrublyus- you have same its grains prikormka. Why Fishdrim beret?

On such logic and Kherson the fishers must all harvest only on FD, and to example zaporozhskie the fishers only on Potpourri (music) :flag:



Fully agree!



D! Flushed! Third! The
I frankly with this not beat myself up, worse or better not will! Importantly to little not was. :dontknow:



In primarily want all congratulate with happy RYBAKA!
Now not greater otchetik on a fishing trip!
Decided to I to go for podleschikom, but in our edges his find difficult, but thank there is one body of water where his lack!
And again the problem, in this a body of water launched of a shitload of scale karpika and amurchika and they not give contemplated, of course dubinschiki from this without mind, but me "nakhiba such happiness need to"!
In general decided to try harvest podleschik zameshav FD bream, FD Feder, added a butterworm, pea plants, some dried bread and barley, poured this all aromoy FD Chocolate, and added molasses!
Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation), about ceasing 0,08 with fidergamom, hooks Ovner 14 numbers, Ekskalibur brazem 16 Number and Kolmik 18 numbers! Such subtler dog leashes but also with hooks pose, because know whims local fish!

Harvest began in 12-00 zakormil and haters karpik, Cupid, madhouse in general! A bit Stroke Direction with nozzles enleve followed a white bream!

Fish took on six oparyshey. 'm on the sly -Stop baiting a white bream, but karpiki not give contemplated. Later nibble CHATTERlNG STOPS, 'm try other nozzles, podlesch is beginning to enjoyed on a butterworm, in talismanic units five is beginning to embark on Cupid even: Let on falling, again play with the bait and so four hours!
, the weather has,, too, not aren, then rain the kind wind with waves!

In end three dozen podleschikov, and many karpika and amurchika!

Ah here is so and Kolkevich Day for fisherman!
Without zhalostno drowning entire fish and home, further celebrate :jumping:

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Seryoga, why alighted? Of food, interestingly!


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