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Already 2 th season'm colonizing enleve bream on Pechenigy fletami on pellets :glasses:
On smells that occur a total neponyatka :crazy: the pineapple jazz shoots out, then khalibut, then night crawlers.
Can there is from whom-thread expertize on this about? :flag: what both: Boyle from?
And that even can be use from changeable tips under it comes to shagging fletom?



Fisher- I would made so: Have you under through there is Music Valeriy Skorika ( Pool to him and buy it jars 5-6 different karpbollov. This such pop apchiki with topovymi aromas of leading firms in. And podsazhivay their to pelletsu. And smell like will nice, and the nozzle sitch will neutral buoyancy. On underground garage, think, not go wrong with pouty, if will you take pineapple, mulberry trees, pear-kislitsu, maize, monster-crab and bladvorm :-)

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Thank you, until Skorika me 2 minutes hour from work :rolleyes:
I so understand, speech about this :stupor:

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Fisher- almost. The reference is faring on vaftersy - they initially neutral buoyancy, so that if replanting fatty flights not the planned, then and they naught. I same had in mind carpballs, You their de something near, this as times clean pop bigger pushups, very floating and durable.



And not fears whether bream pop on the material? O.o. And not too the raised will the nozzle sitch from karpbola and pelletsa 6-8 mm for leschika until 1 kg? :dontknow: or cut in half type a snowman?

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Fisher- in harrowing fishing stories Kiev fishermen scare those, that the British with Germans gets caught and if not on net pop-up bra, then on mini-both: Boyle accurately :-) :-).
And pop-up bra, of course, better saw it in half :-)



In general, let us try :flag:
And if borrow 10 mm richvordovskie boyliki, on what aromas navigate on deciduous-– leschu? :confused:



Fisher- I have another Council, except as poshtudirovat angloforumy. Although me seems, that
Boyle from mastyrki :-) or beam oparyshey will aktualney for our rub :-)



The kind Nooooo, about foreign forums have to read futile :no: ryp utterly so, as and razbavlennost rypa water 8-) Here need opinion Slavs, expedited real experience industrialized fishing.
Here is I have, for example, best from prikormok works green VDE :dontknow: with Sonubeytsom I so and not befriended :tired: requires glue, and from toptalki poorly is separated



Carlos wrote:

Boyle from mastyrki :-) or beam oparyshey will aktualney for our rub :-)

But-but-but. I have pellets rachek and past year deadbeat anymore podleschikom complained whether well :mad:



Romeo wrote:

I have pellets rachek and past year deadbeat anymore podleschikom complained whether well

Wow you, and sho this for feel? :rolleyes:



Fisher wrote:

wow you, and sho this for feel?

Pellets Rak pylyaschiy from um - Trophy. :dontknow: truth body of water commercial - not river.

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Romeo wrote:

but-but-but. I have pellets rachek and past year deadbeat anymore podleschikom complained whether well

Romka, I on Rakitnom were podlescha and on pineapple with a banana, but this would still looks komedno :-) A systemically put this fish on such a the pourer not worked, this on purely leschevom a reservoir need to try.



Guy uses crime as instead fletki:

Romeo, other where should be pager! :canthearyou:

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ted wrote:

Romeo, other where should be pager!

I so not that. I sleep already and'll lay awake :crazyfun:



That I have, for example, best from prikormok works green VDE

- agree. I here already on one the Frost described recipe: Follicle installation of, hook 8 th, on hair maize Bondyuel and floating Enterprise A global economy with sweet aroma (scopex is so apparently driving, for example), on himself hook - together oparyshey.



If who the will determine go on a ride with both: Boyle or pellets on leschika the here is formuler:
300 her - I
300 this soy bean flour (polnozhirnaya)
300 traditional flour (150 petty, 150 a major)
100 raps and camping on P. Or a minor avian fodder. To be loosen mix just a little bit.
8-9 medium-size eggs

Most important, this aromatic component
Richworth - white 4.00pm book 20 ml
And plain Portia conventional cinnamon

Works always and everywhere, personally I have - so.
Has tried on various reservoirs and independently from time year outcome always was.
Maximum the size of the 10 mm.
But more often've been taking pellets. On 10 mm equating the vydavlivayu sausage 8 mm. Wear my wartime on hair through probably put on that rubber ring.

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Monster Crab wrote:

At 10 mm equating the vydavlivayu sausage 8 mm. Wear my wartime on hair through probably put on that rubber ring.

I.e. you his not's photographing anything? Even couple of issues.
Richworth - white 4.00pm book 20 50mls of - this this: … ds_Fishing
Plain Portia conventional koritsy- This is how many?



(Isaiah 11, clock, then in the freezer.
On exiled precisely the, that need.



And than paint in different color of? How many held until raskisaniya?

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To Stimul-Cash for something that introduced all misleading. This pellets and both: Boyle boiled. Stew 60 seok in boiling water and respectively not raskisayut. Can be and not boil, then their attractiveness become even higher. Simply instead eggs skatat on soles of or invertnom of mixed.
Okrashivayu ordinary thought to be food dye pack. Can be take advantage of dye pack for boylostroeniya, but because was opportunity, bought 3 kg paint on value of 1 newspaper karpovogo sulphate :canthearyou:





All bountiful time days!
Enleve fletom, quite long, but increasingly on sinking and neutral nozzles.
Goal carp - 2-3 + pounds., in prilove "piglets."

The crux of the issue: Who but on POP-UPS?

There is whether the twists and turns, nuances, ogruzka, high rise of, form of hook from, povodochnyy?

Share experience, photo.

All for previously thank you! :cool:



Personally me pop bigger pushups with fletami not strongly appealed :dontknow: When at case results with drown nozzles by the quality of fish were better. Can because that with pop m... loss sense "method" - the nozzle sitch with crocheted must lie on of the prikormki. And with pop m... hook hangs on the edge of "the principal it" :dontknow:
Povodochnyy better soft braided karpovyy, if with gunpoint "on of young pigs." Well pop bigger pushups worked, when on ceasing ogruzku from benign lead (putty) did - so can be achieve, that hook with right complement will hang directly over center fleta.
With-defence wakes up aggressivity need toying - all depends on with somehow upswings pop realization better will work. Sometimes putty need on appeared below hook, and sometimes and 5sm. But less 5sm I ceasing does not pose.
Moreover can be try and "classic" karpovye montages. Especially with new fletami from ESP.



And can be BB's cram down on hair, then hook will lie, and pop realization elevated, thanks is called KD-first shot, only hair is pressed in bezuzlovom node to tsevyu hook 2-3 lawyers of povodochnogo material, and remaining 4’s turnover povodochnogo on really Handguards, camping on E. Hair goes from Handguards between the second and the third lawyers of under knitting knot, hook forms kurv shank



On extreme a fishing trip, in beskleve, the use of pop on the material with fletom not brought results. Subsequent poklevki managed realize only nozzles the Neutral buoyancy. Anxious as with pop m..., so and with foam. :dontknow:



. And ceasing had to slightly udlenit, and only hair worked, Ruslan still forgot say, that worked correctly chosen point, my flet from his 1.5-cupola. Slightly more to the right stood so I have was third convocation. And have all rest coast.

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Yesterday nafigachil 20 kg line releasing, catching on flet with the floating pelletsom 6 mm. Reared the entire ceasing (7sm). Karp strongly got all fussy and not wanted to borrow nor pop- up, nor sinking nozzles. And here is to ling ourselves strongly liked. Truth had to dorabotkt metodnuyu mixture of similar cannabis and coconut particles.



Yes, such theme over the feeding trough not has passed a gift, cautious Ling forgot about everything on light of :cool: and that for pellets and no more taste?

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So. Decided to try you came to spread animal-care have one fletki from my arsenal.
Began with drier. Yes, hairdryer warms you up on so much, that sealed plastic saying become soft, BUT in the same time heated and production from tin, from-for this sealed plastic saying it flew off with stem bolts. Had to rivets pereklyopyvat. Tried, fletku put on wet material, but this not works.
The next step was soldering iron. He not'll make you soft sealed plastic saying, he his melts, but not so as need.
If with with a blowtorch. Not broke a, with open fire even not became try.
Here is only what I was able to achieve.