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6 April 2008. Ternovsky Canal. Contest "Springtime a dace 2008."

Temperatures water - 6 degrees, air + 10 + 12, wind winds against crosscurrents, it's cloudy.

On a lot me had a chance sector # 61. The beginning of competition a bit has been delayed, entry in raw caravan out sector I have occurred in somewhere 7-20, but then came judges, imposed dowels with a number attached and it turned out, that some sectors, in including and my, replaced and are next door. Suggested a're swinging its training packages in neighboring sector, now already its, and continue training.

During signal "start" I prisoedinyal ceasing. The first impose made in 8-15, blue print zakorm not did at all, promer trawling, too, some gnawed up have simply lacked time before start, and after start already was not before.

Width sector - 7.5 Dam. For Canal with uneven the passage had forced fiderom in such a sector already is problematic. 'd impose on during fiderom is done with large undermines downstream on under acute angle, somewhere 45, and the and 30 degrees along crosscurrents, but raze not under 90 degrees. Can be issue loop from filament / twist are spaced, but where guarantee of, that this loop not bugging its snastyu neighbor?

In a whole have, for different reasons, good extreme, and his I respect more all, when in critical situation in a short interval time need to find correct decision. Became be, the exit one - to do zabrosy directly before a the feeding trough, which on during provides small demolition of roughly to 5 - 8 meters - in the damage sensitivity cordage.

Buoyed by those, that with 8 until 10 hours for the slow, solve the swim on svale deal on Picker 2.7 Dam, 'm throwing up bricks here tackle with the feeding trough 25 grams on a fixed point about 20 meters, between Bank and farvaterom (there on bottom surfaced tentative irregularities) - poklevki are visible, but vershinku on 1 Anabelle Lake now from glass + as such 0.16 mm strongly shake their impulses Meza wind against tide. Unfortunately, Mr. Picker (Light kviver) was someone buys I quite recently and experience industrialized fishing him on done from graphite in windy weather still there is no.

Go on risk not like, so as in store there is still Heavy and Extra heave fidera. So in 9-30 turn on feeder Trabucco 3.6 Dam, 30 - 100 grams, vershinka on 2 Anabelle Lake now graphite, there's gravy 60 grams, and under reinforcing tide remont, its on 80 grams (a three-cornered).

Zabrosy do in one thing and the same place, on shpule - the rubber band, a locking the cord FireLine - 0.1 mm with shock - leader from twist are spaced FireLine - 0.25 mm. Tooling - expenses a pastry tube filled - protivozakruchivatel. Under one of excessively strong zabrosov the rubber band is tearing, and I under this one, that klipsa the - a whole. By the time already have filled hand and zabrosy became to do without porvavsheysya gum, on eye. Feder became a rigged, under need shift the place for splashdown trough from-for period of intensifying tide - did this easily: Far wanted to, there there's gravy and flew.

Poklevki are visible under 90% zabrosov, but most - idle sweep (martial arts). 'm to change length tug ropes, the size of the likely, bait - foam, maggot, night crawlers, Red the worm. Bait makayu in Water care solution a mixture types - BOMBIX "night crawlers" from Sensas and X - Factor "a dace" from Trabucco.

Finding out what's, that best - ceasing 0.1 mm distance of 50 centimeters + hook # 18 + night crawlers without foam plastic (???? night crawlers - nail the on hook with a stocking).

And went plotvichka + one gusterochka, all - a small size. One thing time pace of the search for reached 3 pieces for 10 minutes and here is then only I received the most satisfaction - finally reach a rigged process industrialized fishing in quite-??? thorny conditions.

Then became easier - when ten or, that made all possible and reached desired result, then remains come the and develop reached, eliminate implementation the pitfalls and mistakes.

Ultimately - 24 place from 50 - for first competition for me quite even well. My neighbors - nomination "One young" Romaniuk Yevgeny JECCK downstream - under with grassroots leadership even Chilea trainer policies--and 10 place and Makarenko Vasily conservatism 'higher downstream on (22 place),, too, miners.

Have them mostly - zabrosy on the river and further to opposite Bank. Perekhlest cordages was only one, and the the casual.

After finish'm a match to forensic tent. Directly contrary winner competition Badardinov Roman in his sector # 32t share its experience in as it catching. 'm a match, 'm listening. Full revelation for me was delivered on them leaves is noose from filament (for Mr. Picker here likely) a common-about 15 centimeters together with skrutkoy - corruption. I usually do a common length such snap some 40 see

Appealed remarks on, that should not treat as it catching as to improved it catching on stalku, that after zabrosa better not choose take line (let for jandam could ever get out loop, but there's gravy not will shift from seats fall of on bottom and point prikarmlivaniya will be much more 11W compact) and another.

Thank all participants, organizers of, judges and sponsors competition, in including and firms "Holsten Pils", "Maver", "Balzer", "Robinson", "Salmo", "FishDream", "Sport Fishing", "Rybolov - service" for friendly atmosphere associates, which has emerged from as on themselves for competitions, so and "until" and "after" them.

The official Protocol competition: … 1207495055

The official report competition: … post116836

Entrepreneurship on memory:

In conclusion several photo, made my a portable phone:

Here is he - dancing Champion with winning Articles firms "Holsten Pils" (beer)!

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