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Watch catalogue Milo here:



A table prevents erection SIDE tray, which OFFBOXBs organs is 44 from Preston hangs on navesnom for chairs Spacer it, Sloan. (OFFBOXBs organs is 60), but on him's set to higher aloofness korobayka. Nasadochnyy the table - Preston BANKSTICK Bait surpassed (OFFBOXs organs is 84), with pridelannym to bauxite a square tube voltage of mounting on pace from holder have an umbrella or any other appropriately hinged. Both table only in backpack Korum Tabletop Ruckbag (KITMs organs is 41), only together I their there not burdens - nasadochnyy is borne in a separate a bag. On short sessions me lack and one table, and box with a little somethin 'is worth, exactly, on the little table ryukbega near with lettings.



i.wild wrote:

as same hard-ship types- wet got a body kit on / to imbue in backpack not possessing opportunities all of this poshshupat

Agree, himself long've partied. If interestingly, on the evening otfotkayu its to imbue ryukbega. Truth immediately I'm sorry for the quality of photo, raising the a normal fotik, he drove away for thalamus- together with senior child.



sendy wrote:

If interestingly, on the evening otfotkayu its to imbue ryukbega

Of course, of course! D thank you very much, thankful.

sendy wrote:

A me conveniently here is so:

And lite-chair with so obvesom not Reserve turn over without sledge?

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This Szymanowski chair rather for "seals" goes than for fidera I.M.H.O.,. :cool:



i.wild wrote:

A there is whether sense to change standard on Lite? (And the something me not very liked as ryukbeg to standard mounting your).

Where the here, higher on topic Sergei duffy333likened the Lite and standard on functioning and comfortable on a fishing trip and did conclusion, that special difference there is no. I push a similar opinion, and, uh, fall asleep in woof on prop 15 not worse than on couch :D, so why pay more.

i.wild wrote:

A Lite-chair with so obvesom not Reserve turn over without sledge?

If arises such a the problem under peregruze sporty, then treated she under aid have an umbrella (fifth point reliance), which I have part go under opportunities in land, or redistribution sporty on sides chairs.



i.wild wrote:

A there is whether sense to change standard on lite?

If're gonna time from time sleep on a fishing trip, then Lite for this not very comforting :disappointed:



71 wrote:

this perhaps talk and calls for speculation those who with armami not catching simply me in convenience it looked more acceptable for themselves use korumovskikh "peons", (because, that prishpandorivaetsya just in one place and themselves cog in a sustainability not subtracting. On these grounds replaced the its Preston on him-as gritsya korumu-korumovoe but not always this deal'm using, if Bank created "volgotnyy", often narrow trivial studs.

And that this for such "cog in a"? Tripod or something another?




A that this for such "cog in a"? Tripod or something another?

If I correctly understood Comrade the this … feeder-arm



I, I, natyurlikh :)



2 i.wild
Putting had promised to imbue a backpack Korum Tabletop Ruckbag.
For starters photo with EU Light.
Ah and, exactly, will walk thru to deconstruction of a backpack:
Here is what emerged after his full clearing, except puny pocket with personal things:



One thing on language (Zeni - "nikhega itself." How many for good, uh, sneaks) This is-OK almost with me (with)



71 wrote:

I, I, natyurlikh

OK / OR / Fine, and more precisely thank you Got it!



sendy wrote:

putting had promised to imbue a backpack Korum

Huge thank you!
And its feet a chair far put it? And why if you withdraw?
And here is still the:
've circled the lunchbox - this something from Rig Board? Fits whether in big trolley onto a side pocket ryukbega?

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Precisely made there I its and took out. In my case, this box-povodochnitsa KORUM I.T.M. - maxi tuning MANAGER (KITMs organs is 26) and still, with recent since, there lies povodochnitsa Greys Prodigy Rig Board Advanced, but on bottom velcro usually lies "Spit" for water areas of vegetation :D. Intended this pocket, on design its creators, under of their watches KORUM tuning MANAGERy, although there remarkable is borne and capacious for nozzles Preston ISOBENT- LARGE Bait TUBS (OFFBOXs organs is 17) (the biggest).

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You very strongly help me figure out with necessary content!
And its feet a chair far put it? And why if you withdraw?



Hi, when already me ordered backpack as. Not cant wait use be boxed in him.



i.wild wrote:

A its feet a chair far put it? And why if you withdraw?

Its feet Im taking picture very rarely, although without legs all looks a bit estetichney and travel-sized. And everything else - a sieve, nasadochnyy the table, podsak, a hatchling pond, the remnants of sporty, food, drink and etc. - here.
Behind backpack with EU, in one drawn - cover with tip here, Armom and umbrella for, in the other - bag, and you ready for any an amateur as a fishing trip. :flag:

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But as you such:
To chair Dujeels … chair_arm/ … e_id=10279 … eriscope_/
Arm- being a terrible bank, of course. Need still sniff around.

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Bought itself such chair. … iner.html/ and Dujeels to him … tray.html/ … -carryall/ … stix.html/
Very conveniently. If will questions-don.

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wrote: stix.html / MA It conveniently. If will questions-don.

The latter stance - this only legs, or himself rodpod.

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Tornado wrote:

but as you such:
To chair Dujeels chairs organs is arm /

Blackcurrant this balls HEREinteresting thing for rates money :flag:



sendy wrote:

The Last stance - this only legs, or himself tripod.

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This elongated legs. In place standard can be torque down any shuttles.



But as you this karpovaya? Artileriya :confused:

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Yes there is no, chair I have there is, simply Rod Pod Arm attracted
As the me, enough universal pribluda, and reconcile that can be with any EU through perekhodniki. :cool:

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All necessary pizzazling I have there is (take away, legs-shuttles, buzbar, platforms under supplied in), me are interested himself Rod Pod Arm (the last photo in your post). His the price Nash Peg One Adjustable Rod Pod Arm Artikul: T4710 - 456grn., and holder of fidera Korum XT Tripod Feeder Arm in the flagship 530,70grn. But deal even not in price, me he appeared more universal expense of: Opportunities change of weight on the legs of his, on any other (various on perform well); opportunities installations platforms under supplied in directly on carefully, and not on on the chairs; regulation "departure" the most the arma with both sides, relatively point fastening. Submit, that use his can be as on fidernykh, so and on cyprinids kept church. If he have you there is, then correct me, if I not rights.

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veps wrote:

If to chair Corum or Preston, then Korumovskiy unambiguously better

Ah and than better, motivate, want understand? The potency, secure, more convenient with InternetCELL or than?
And, if not is difficult, enter size Rod Pod Arm in folded and whole the form of, and also from point fastening until the end of brief hand.

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At the request some forums, had it redacted on its post, with step-by-step instructions :D about the "modernization" korumovskoy capture kreslo- ryukbag. :writing:



There is even such option - supplied in can be so highly raise on how many this needs.
Can be establish on front and the back legs by necessity. Musculaire pin socket lack under any conditions.

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maury wrote:

A as you this karpovaya? Artileriya

Wow you. I would itself such boylopulemet wanted too.o.



Romeo wrote:

not shoot you. I would itself such boylopulemet wanted too.o.

Thus, if very polished and from fulyuganov defense keep can be. Particularly if both: Boyle with cayenne pepper packaging design pertsom. :crazyfun: