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Watch catalogue Milo here:



Here is correct a bit photo Il Mostro case with cover back on it from rain and with all mounted in your bag.



That for bag such a?



vladkir wrote:

that for bag such a?

And that for cover??



Sewing commissioned, the size of the bags 85sm's 65cm's 25sm, the price 160grn.

Cover already discussed. … 1497.l2649

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If law about protecting rights consumer works, then can be borrow.

Have my father already years 7 such chair (b`ogary on one factory make 100%. Until now nothing with him not happened. Father weighs a little bit of a that's a bit more me. All works as and under purchase. The frequency fishing trips - every weekend.

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In one first the form of such kind of.



Friends, advise chair please not expensive chair on which over time can be posibility to set got a body kit on, from sporty - -is planned table for boxes with nozzles, and capacious for prikormki 3-5 liter, ah can still that) The most the main the problem is, that I have until that there mashyny, so that on this moment doberayus on fishing mostly on marshrutkakh. Conditions fishing very different, from stoves under a big angle, until simple geometries sites. Was caring here is such here is options … ight-chair and … ggage-set, growth I have 190sm, chtom you can advise, in advance thankful.



I look on these Slope legs with by a terrible crash snaps and me profoundly sad becomes: '(
Roma, simply in version with EU and flip for karpovoy fishing save not worth, in my opinion. No one says, that need borrow something topovoe. But and such sense there is no - would still through while, regulation borrow something normal. Korumovskiy Standard will is optimal under your needs.



Romeo wrote:

I d borrow such.

And such a not took?
Until one season otsluzhilo, reproaches there is no.

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Today time come chair Preston, not me, friends. The same Corum de luxury, only in short sellae, but softly seat, ah its feet let. Different, site chair, but not the me, let us seek :D
Judging by thickness bleeps 50mm bid on comfort. Chair forelock, too, 50mm, I have for year prevratiloss in 20mm :D Interesting how many Preston serve for. For engineering chairs Ithe most tight foam rubber, precisely tabourets, for 1000kh2000mm has paid 35 has, the price a major wholesale. Judging by price on Reve, there can stand foam rubber with high near, but Preston hardly. Time will tell.

Question: A new deluxe who the groped, has? Compare with Preston the thickness bleeps.



Ooi that will tell about Lujza got. , too, byudzhetniy option! … l?Itemid=0



duffy333 wrote:

I'm on these Slope legs with by a terrible crash

And than you such its feet not like? (And anticipating your the answer) A you flitting around koruma on the entire four hand not confounds?
And still me for example, Heights Standarta (40sm) lacks, and Romeo ??? ?? ? ? what Uncle Tap-Dance, its knees will be higher ear.
The first and the second photo Romeo, two different chairs. On first photo clamps - agree, not the best solution, and at the second - contrary reliable and cushy clamps.



Chairs is wobbling any, if their the rocking. I so understand this feeder-the arma concerns in primarily? So have Corum in normal set goes tripod that is why. And the that we on chair feeder-is up're going to hang this personally our a fad.
Individual mentioning deserves "convenience" dunk the same table on chairs with the images. But so as speech about it catching carp, then this not critical way.
Corum can be put on any the surface. Normally put. Heights employer-provided pin socket for karpovoy fishing enough well. I Standard not for good reason mentioned - he has adjustment of the backs of, that fitting, when spring from like it or.
These chairs even questioning alongside Korumom not want so as have them "a single" frame - all mounting your to passenger seat of one. And have Corum in operative frame "double" - expense of additional of fixing elements frame under sidushkoy. Harsher only spatial for frame have chairs Rive.



Adjustment of the spinki- badly thing
Type "double frame" rigidity not adds.
Ah and, too,, none of these chairs I would not took, cheap rybka- it's a shitty-yushka.
But I'm voting for karpovoe :flag:



Bountiful wellI! Komradi, pridivivsya after, that he was, tskavit your aoiea:

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podol98 wrote:

tskavit your aoiea:

Chair a dentist. :D



BAMBUR wrote:

, the chair a dentist. :D

Well, that not gynecologist :crazyfun:



podol98 wrote:

outskirts wellI! Komradi, pridivivsya after, that he was, tskavit your aoiea:

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If dismiss bezpoleznyy the table, got a body kit on and railing, then for first chairs goes. But land must be without uglona!



BAMBUR wrote:

, the chair a dentist.

:D, Danke, porzhav.

Match- Thank you for vdpovd, mene ua practicality nzhok nastorozhu - myakiy can dig (psok), perekosi there.

Yak for ia??iai throne, oia ? zupinyus on the ? aio ? ui perevreno:



To not was distortions on sand under legs will have either stones, either chessboard adding. Good this for good on Bank lack.




To engineering chairs Ithe most tight foam rubber, precisely tabourets,

Need parolon with adding latex, and than higher% content latex-those longer will persist obyomnost furniture. Ah or what either. As example-automobile Keyless.



Pokovyryal staff and decided to buy couple of devices to karpovomu chair with goal tuning his for as industrialized fishing. As the vyrisovalas ideyuya uh, strap on got a body kit on from MIDDY. Stand under supplied in and table for scraps - ah there box with the bait, couple of kormukh, and etc., to not in them there button on earth. But recently was in construction a supermarket cashier on work and on the process brought together a small kit from such balls: Yoke on pipe 20-25 mm with privarennoy it by the nut on 8, a szpinka'm looking for the M8 a long 50 centimeters, gofir. Pipe available. 16 mm, shrink pipe 18 mm.
Today a bit pokolkhozil - of a line is that a szpinka, otpilyal surplus, wore termousadku, it all warmed up for.
The end result
Functionality will check on water, consider. The price issue - UAH 25.
A table perhaps kolkhozit not d, there is no enthusiasm. Although under desire can be muster in furniture branch Epitsentra. In an exhibition ca something can find the money. Not can find the money, enten Korum buy



Alex74, it is time charge everyone royalties idea! :flag: 28grn, 20 minutes, and is prepared!



Could you tell me, who knows, need a leg telescopic dozen - 25mm. Something low-cost and quality :flag:



Such a question real quick:?:
Choice pedany that better for chairs on method fastening to front yet
-mark and producer not regard so as himself decided to with kolkhozit



Better the first option. Such option have Prestonovskogo chairs. This pedanu can be not sack with chairs under transport - enough only were its feet to lift.
The second option will have on any with chairs sack judging by krepezhu. Ah and legs, with pedany, too,. But such option do easier, in my opinion.



It is time open a new subject on Forum: "Molitvakh himself!", where every will show and share Council, who and as was able do the same got a body kit on or still that necessary! :jumping:



So there is such a theme on Forum: Make Sam



All Hi)) Say, is than Corum standard 2013 model, different from previous? Am puzzled-buying)



And you that, so wanted standard old-style. :dontknow:
Old chair:

New: boonce- talk carried out upholstery; lambs are slightly other; in the rest of the, think, such same quality and convenient chair.
Am confident - worse not became! If planned old, then new - unambiguously borrow!

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