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Tandem FishDream 2013

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My greetings victors :flag: so keep! Thank you organizers, judges and all participants this comp, a separate thank you vizniy Trade tent on them all kept!



Was very with steeply! Thank you, Alexander Anatolyevich!



Dnepropetrovtsam VIVAT! :jumping: :cool:



Bondar and Zayko (fungi energy-) home have reached without rural.
All huge THANK YOU!
All uchasnikov and prizewinners with victory.
Let us wait new meetings.
Squeeze on photo :cool: Album will even will be laden with.



Thank you companies "Fish Dream have", organizers competition, judges, all participants for another "celebration souls." Meeting with old and familiarity with new friends and close in spirit people always cost of expensive, and if this on a reservoir, yes under cold glass beer (thank you vizniy room) - this same sense life! Not have all all broke a, yes this and not importantly. Importantly - celebration By! And still I fiderom learned "mikrodzhigovat", if now, say, Harry Loomis'll learn how "fiderit", write book about universal approach choice and tackle shop in terms conservation family budget. :crazyfun:



Here is and licked by the end of perhaps one of the most expected and the most visited globally televised tournaments in year. Honestly say this the second comprehensive Expocentre sensationally our team in such for competitions. After bears Fider Open in anybody blew right idea about trip on Fish Dream. On the, be overthrown easily all for and against been decided-we are going. We leave in Thursday day, to in Friday signing work out and contact take a closer with water body are about which we utterly not had views. Toured at night, decomposed, yet, on 50 and sleep. Morning showed, that we are in zone C, lest far not to go decide what's to train here. Still homes decided harvest feeds firms browning. Might inhibit Black Magic, Canal and Etang + syrup Sensas Gardons and browning XTC s (karamel). Sit down in Since-3 and we're checking bottom, I remain on transition silt in property hold a shell up with pebbles, partner on 10 meters away further on though. Partner makes 10 feeders without the animal on dalnyak, I immediately same'm to lend Pinku and very on point. After the third trough enleve perch, then still and still. Perch is famously became on point poklevki follow one for the other. And here have running mate, the mad poklevka bank-bang and karasik grams on 400 in podsake. Mood our is improving. In head began to decide thought, that on stone an there is no, and accusations he in ilu. Until we thought over this idea still one poklevka and still one such same Crucian. Ugh .-picture has become began to dawm. Sadkami on train, not enjoyed but catch was better than have neighbors and this us undoubtedly pleased its. Likeness ago things still on 50 and sleep. Morning draw from software 50 aching head and throws in heat, but on aid comes Expocentre cafes with cold pivasom adjusted the health and here is I again in authoritarianism. Draw-partner pulling Since-1. Naturally we are extremely happy for two reasons, the first-that not need to far bear things, the second-well otlovilis in with-3. In the composition of the feed nothing not global as and in tactics. I remain on clam shell partner but on dalnyake where though, I with of AIC he without. Start, mood short-range battlefield, want fall into middle range thanks. On 10 feeders: Diving I with zhivotinoy previous without. On 5-oops minute on and the first Crucian with dalnyaka in sadke. Ur theme works. But not works I have clam shell, I see Indistinct crap and suck dick on full. Meanwhile have running mate, a good social on point. Individual'm leaving on three Dam closer than he again same, I allow in fodder have fucked the horse beforehand, to not expense karasyu a road to a hook neighbor. Here is and me began poklevki, became getting caught okushok, so same did get in trouble two karasika. Mood different so as neighbors below not gets caught at all. Reckoning showed 4200 with wheelbarrows, and this 3 outcome in zone after spectators and shimanovtsev and the fourth in general Monster, that us highly and highly and pleased its. Raised some tackle and went rejoice at to spreadsheet and to drink cold me my beer which popped as never. Look on composition golden zone, he was formidable, there are trapped so say not recent team fidernogo sport Ukraine but we, too, are prepared give battle so as a in Since two days and quite successfully. Separately want say about host-with such born with in during I never rebuffed and nibble fish was directly dependent on this the most tide. Ah yes okay. Draw, marks us a lovely extreme sector under number 21, that not can not inspiring and in 20 dura-Ace-2, that not can not upset. Again same decide what's not to change tactics and composition feed. Start flew of trough, all on scenario, such enough in good pace. Virtually immediately enleve perch, but Shimanovtsy rounded up already two, have running mate, quiet. Then comes failure in Cleves but only not have dura-Ace-2, we held very they gets caught (Wu us not works nor dalnyak nor the average the distance, sentiments falls-shimanovtsy continue to harvest in really good pace. Already otchaivshis have running mate, karasevaya poklevka on point and social, IMoje minus morality. Aren that emerged sea Bass but not aren his implementation. Through several minutes again poklevka, again Crucian. Near Bank he way for my tackle and moves away back to its bratushkam. Want cry, and Shimanovtsy gets caught. Morality below zero especially when guys from 19 or 18 sector raised bream. Short-range battlefield mood Harvey Lissel. In cowards. Reckoning, weighing up the and just 1,000 grams with start, remains a residue about lost common goldfish and full failure. Ah that OK not were fortunate in this time lucky in the other. In 2-oops times see as gets caught Shimanovtsy, guys created good fellows. A worthy victory, a pity failed to draft you decent struggle. Ur victors, thank you organizers, hope in next year so same shall visit (attend) this venue if it not will undergo somewhere in Lviv. Until meeting on for competitions with respect Sebel TEAM (sebel oei) Propulsion Lugansk)

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And where Protocols, photo fish and weighing up the strikes in there?



1st day:

2nd day:

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Very a big difference in ulovakh within one zone, so neravnoznachnye sector or all same "curvature hands"?



El Amigo wrote:

MA It a big difference in ulovakh within one zone, so neravnoznachnye sector or all same "curvature hands"?

This depends whom ask about, prizewinners or neprizerov.








This is depends whom ask about, prizewinners or neprizerov.

This question without claims, simply'm figures and not quite understand. Many team kaGbe not "yesterdays" in sports and results on 100-200 grams. Here is.



The second day not is a.
And photo with fish klassye.
Common or Bronze Bream fatty.


And bychyok what zachetnyy.
And Crucian lovilsya also we not poorly



Pleased was to meet with old friends in living, not inand Internet regimes. Glad new suits.
Huge thank you Aleksander President Onyushkinu for such tournament (this on protocol). And, without protocols. Alexander, sing praises time there is no, set to prepare to the next, Tenth the tournament.
Thank you organizers, judges, all participants. Thank you channel, which provided opportunity get the brain and shut down all questions, which I have were until competition.

My greetings victors and prizeram competition. Zayko in next time helmet can not help. Hymalayan you immediately not take any chances and on a tank make your dreams come true. :)
Until meeting on reservoirs.

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El Amigo wrote:

This is question without claims, simply'm figures and not quite understand. Many team kaGbe not "yesterdays" in sports and results on 100-200 grams. Here is.

Purely sports a body of water. Body of water with an. Razduplivshie his, in prizes. As figure, that he percent on 90-95% is on the, says and the, that yesterdays magic sector today situation not gave, and on "dead" sectors vyigryvalis medals. Closing, who understood the and catching.



Large all thank you for such Rifat!
Low tints of companies Fish-Dream. On the and organizers!!
Yes, water still the kind. Indeed had to head even break a, with directly in round, "host billets" not worked introduced.



Dimitri wrote:

A that. Shimano prizes what the been an embarrassing problem for from themselves? Cho the not saw in that

ted wrote:

This is that, winning the Shimano?

There is no, this the Asian "FishDream 2013", here is the right the general photo :)



On these contest intended advance. Intended morally. Us lovers of such make-out marathon seems interested in been. Interestingly test their forces, to communicate with guru fishing sport, very was interestingly as follow up Kakhovsky (disambiguation) Canal, what surprises that will?! And as it turned out, surprises was not some.
About the entire on order. Had gone in Friday a day to, with behind the, different negative moods, periodically ringing with Andrey Ayvazovym,
- That means listen to boys. Forget about the entire, that was week ago. Perch, perch and even times perch)
- Yes? Ah means let us harvest perch .
Confidence was adding the fact, that hillsides aaneaou familiar, perch there enjoyed do. Smoothly was on paper, yes forgotten pro ravines of.
Toured, had registered had, have become brad (break) camp. Flashed familiar faces, here is Alexei TIGMA past, here is with Vitaly VETAL help in the real life, and here is and past the most Oleg's Boeva driven.
Yes perishing. Tomorrow it will be interesting. Soul roared in battle.
Having communicated with boys for a glass of cold beer, traveled tied prikormku.

This was in my obligations towards. Partner my, Yuri Vasilyevich said that I aaneaou captain, because get experience, and means and maps in hands. Expertize with previous fishing trips decided and here to apply. Restricting two twin the composition.
Morning. Zherebyovka. Get stuck in zone A, sector 11.

Weather a golden, mood such same, a small jitters. And ye same, in fact the first contest. Interestingly are OK.
Prepared. Skloubeni team three green whistle.
Start. And here is beginning to's going on * * something utterly impenetrable.
The first impose and on. I take spare place it. Impose and again on. That for .?
Perevyazyvayus and'm feed found point. Neighbors gets caught right and from Left gets caught perch. Have us until zero. Time even there is and we know, that fish there is, know what and we its a.
Another impose and vershinka my Mavera told me Hi. Yes that same such?
- Ljoska. That with you?
- Yes get his knows. Jitters derp. Need as something draw comfort from
Neighbors continue to harvest perch. And we struggle with themselves. In end, on expiration five hours have us even 4000m2 as well as two perch weight in crazy 110 gr. In supplements to this broken vershinka, otstrelyannykh zhmenya trough... Little the running mate, in Canal, had to with the help handles podsacheka his made there with booking (Big Fish), fact vytrepannye nerves and misunderstanding housekeeper.
Piz. Inlets said father and children phytosterols ignore!
As something gathered and as something arrived finally in before his camps. Before eyes a. The shame . There is no, a disgrace. The worst outcome on all zones.
'm calling Ayvazovu,
- Andryukha. Let-a marker, I on shirts name cities zarisuyu . And even, no one not talk less in city of, that we the fishers and traveled on contest! Ashamed!
They moved to a UK tent for until burn themselves out like cold beer, lest as something actually perceived by voters. Talked with boys, had a good laugh, a bit quiet him down a little nerves. Went to dinner with neighbors, Vasilyevich went to sleep, and I remained ended up alone with packages prikormki. That same to do? Neighbors, guys from Luhansk have advised darken prikormku and provide the us paint. Huge them thank you.
'm cleaning up on figs from feed peas and spelt be scattered, remont, iai?i receipt of many and aromatiku. Decided to go wa Bank. 'm kneading it two utterly different the composition. Or pan-or gone missing.
Nerves a bit have calmed down.
Bronze zone? And that you wanted to expensive? She, too, bonus and level of rivals allows hope on fortune.
Sanya Zolotukhin (template: User ru) said that we can act successfully in bombs, and Andrei Ayvazov his supported. Although on the results of first day in this comeback with hard, Id say more, at all not comeback. Want say them thank you, senior the comrades who, supported us after first flawed days how could.
The second day. On means of a draw went to one, in end A2. Hmm . Well.
Today increasingly is faring well. Otstrelov there is no, but razmazyvayu point, and simply not always can continue to cast until on zaklipsovannuyu expanding. Stronger burden udilishche and about miracle, there's gravy departures dalechenko, there far need. Like increasingly is obtained, except one, fish there is no. Have neighbors, too, not the best drawer, on several perch there is no, our same a hatchling pond dry.
Through several sectors valet parking a white bream. NIE brings information, enlightened fodder, on the hook sandwich, the distance almost our.
Partner continues to toting his point, I same ryskayu on distance, have been arguing find fish. Variations with the bait nothing not give.
- Ljoska. I have record, seven hours without poklyovki.
- Ta yes, aviator shades with typified the roar fly .
And here, should confident poklyovka. Angry in podsak an. Fuuuuukhkhkhkh three perch have neighbors'd.
Through five minutes should another poklevka, in fact first time without fail and in a hatchling pond is sent Crucian grams on 700.
Both took on sandwich, the worm with red pinkoy, without what explore additional aromatiki. To word say, how many we times here been caught, sandwich was in Ama.
Minutes through ten again poklyovka with the same point and again previous's parking an.
'm reminded words from books Lee kkoki, If there is the last place, then his someone should borrow . But not you dare this to do two times consecutive!
In this time, the last place let zamyot someone the other.
We certainly not let us recent. Another sea Bass. Have neighbors silence. Crucian confidently is worth on point. Poklyovki follow in with periodicity 5-7 minutes, seek keep this pace of.
Another Crucian and again first time without fail. Understand that need move on fodder running mate,, but get poklyovku Mimmo.
Vasilyevich continues to harvest. Poklyovka and his bistmaster droop in arc,
- Ox yobt .
- Watch yourself, big Vasilyevich Let go of fritskion
Not typically recognized . Social khrenegoznaetchego.
That there was until now remains puzzle.
- Lesha, such a sense of, that I s goalkeeper touched the sub. Two purely lunatic breakout and increasingly.
- Uvy. Friction clutch just redid here is and social. Driven and forgotten . Time little.
'm switching in fodder running mate, and remont, crime as with nets on the glass.
Through five minutes get poklyovku and'm starting it up an. Arvut (Mutual Guarantee) all known and unfamiliar gods give us chance.
They us heard.
Reckoning. In catch Crucian, dilute two by small golavlyami and two the bulls.
Weighing up the.

We second. Football championship first community order 400 grams. The monster which we just finished for hour until the end of round, has sailed together with our the first place in zone. Yes and if would I siding with before on fodder running mate,, the outcome was would other. Congratulations to each other, themselves not believing that happened.
Come neighbors with question, on that we a?!
- Fish Dream. On the feeder plus Crucian in proportion 2 :1, on the hook sandwich.
Then already learned with words judges, that have us the most big catch from teams this is not the area. So it or not, not know.
Accept greetings from known guys. With hard believing in happening, get prizes, it is risen on the pedestal, photographs are taken and dodamies home.

Even times huge thank you all. And for us lesson. Learn, learn and even times learn!

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'Aviator shades' good fellows genuinely glad for you :flag:



kaLLlmarik wrote:

'aviator shades' good fellows genuinely glad for you

Thank you Deng!) In this success there is and your with from Max share. Without your councils not known that was would!)



So much photographers, a popular and so little pictures. People give pictures and? :flag:



First time for many years, not was "creative inspiration" for photo ops. So, that waiting for photo from "pros."
Of my only couple:



kaLLlmarik wrote:

as long as it takes photographers, a popular and so little pictures. People give pictures of and?

Denis. I on the evening'll text a bit pictures, but as it turned out, that have of our photographer both hands the left.

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Yes. Tournament have very interesting and in, too, time complex. Hillsides cool and announced a promising reform agenda for competition. Canal on train, and in first day poraduvav a good a fat suit meets Undercover, and in the second simply court the brain. We were confident, that increasingly understood, but, as it turned out, we nor fig not understood. Frame a detailed report write a bit later.
Thank you Alex (Fduch) for another a lovely tandem! This the only tournament, which collects such number of fidermenov! :cool:
Thank you Alex (template: User ru), and also judges for good organization and refereeing! :flag:
Thank you all participants for good atmosphere and honest fight. :flag:
Thank you companies Fishdrim and contributors competition for excellent prizes! :flag:

P. S. Separate "lasting gratitude" the, who swiped our 2 cases of prikormki FD, until we photographed. :mad:



Boev wrote:

P. S. Separate "lasting gratitude" the, who swiped our 2 mailbox prikormki FD, until we photographed.

Ooh. On such a, towards event theft. This what a rotten gutter nature need to have :mad:!

Or there "local" sui in neighborhood?

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Oleg, specifically for you: An exclusive very ambitious rider, only in one copy.



El Amigo wrote:

Illy there "local" sui in neighborhood?

Poorly illustrate "local" eople fleeing on road with two boxes.



Boev wrote:

P. S. Separate "lasting gratitude" the, who swiped our 2 mailbox prikormki FD, until we photographed. :mad:

"In big family most know Scrap not click the " :dontknow: and the envious Qur. Their mother.


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