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- Dear, you after all and carried one is, that me you himself God sent.
- Yes costly, here is only not understand for what sins …
Phrase girls, which just tucked the entire car service:
- I when I allow in strong loin, I have not is ablaze springs.
Engender phrase priemschika, from which all got kiIled on place:
- I see, I see, and with machine the that?
Rebuilt this thing family the first-aid kit. Judging by it, have us 2 goal in life - draw comfort from and not shit yourself.
- A now a mortal Number – I put it right's / the in fall a crocodile!
Is coming to to the crocodile and says:
- Grisha open fall!
Grisha not moves with seats. What:
- Grisha open fall!
Have a crocodile zero of emotions. What with its feet basketballs with him on eb @ lniku, fall is a, what puts an dick in fall. All in Oh / most know What eliminates the authentication a gonad, cleverly fastened and says:
- Grisha please close any fall!
Grisha not reacts. What with its feet basketballs with him on eb @ lniku, fall is closed, what asks have the room:
- Who can repeat a mortal Number??
With first series of woman:
- I can, only on eb @ lniku not the cutscene.
And several of lively the images:

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On lecture on linear his nightly. Was the teacher that something writes on board. On of last Parthe students play in maps. One of them something not so covered and the second on entire audience:
- You that, quite Oh • ate?!
Was the teacher that:
- Quietly! Now all will explain.

Sporyat two gryzina, whose grandfather was higher:
- My grandfather was this vycokim, well as's this one here it's derevo.
- A, you see, my grandfather was this vycokim, well as is right back she the right worse!
- My grandfather was this vycokim, what doctaval up to stars!
- A stars were kryglymi?
- Kryglymi.
- warm?
- yes.
- Then it's were bollocks for my grandfather,.

Came Vovochkina programmer to him home to talk to the with parents and, means, complains his father:
- your son in response to remark in his worded responded, that third @ khnet me.
- Now I with him different motives, - replies father, is coming to window and shouts in yard:
- Vovka, you with teacher I had using?
- Nu using.
- Proceedings of the @ khnut promised?
- Nu was deal.
- A no you then on the street sitting, Walk home - she already came!

Somehow would smart and resourceful not was man, monster in toilet, all
Would still, if him suddenly turn light, nothing smarter than
"You see." You from him not hear. Sorely tested!

Match, commentator:
- Danger moment, an attacker goes one on one with goalkeeper! Blow!
Blow!! Still blow! Yes-and. Such the mother of all beatdowns goalkeeper not routinely received already long.



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Jean Renault against "G-change" :D



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The quads are. :D

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Romeo so same will awaken 100% :D



+ 4O, child "just wobbles nepodetstski" :crazyfun:
Perhaps something there is all ??? in this melodies, if under it even such small children Varnashrama and are beginning "fulfill--even" :D

And for sustain themes:
Until what Fund progress! Was nice on a highway, slightly-slightly dozed off - immediately times you, pillow.

Plane failed catastrophe and fell on a desert island. The only remaining in survivors sat under palm-tree, gnawing on bone, when his saw rescuers, the cured in horror before him and pile human broken bones for his its back.
- I understand, you me as gifts for what I made. But should I was to fight for his life! I need was survive one on a desert the island.
Commander solving:
- I, of course, understand, sake of life man capable on increasingly o.o.. But, come s mother, plane same fell yesterday on the evening :mad:!

- Entrust me, please, ??? ?? ? ? the contestant red cuddly toy the ass.
- dear, this not ass, and heart of o.o..
- independence, I 20 years a cardio-thoracic surgeon’ve worked. Give me ??? ?? ? ? the contestant red cuddly toy the ass :angry:!

Wife - husband:
- I Roman Tyrtov.
- Have a drink poisons, Synthet.
- ???!!!
- or did, nice, misspoke 8-)! Have a drink the herbs of Saint Roch African herbs :flirt:!

Exam in Physics. Professor with bodunischa decided to cutting an all students. Goes the first student, professor his asks:
- That you Tatranska in bus ride, you feel hot, that you infer?
- Yeah, I'll open window.
- If. And now proschitayte changes in Aerodynamics bus, caused by the inauguration windows.
- Uh.
- Go, two.
Thus same way is billowing still several students. Goes student of.
- Girl with, imagine, here is Tatranska you in bus ride, you feel hot, that you infer?
- I? Ah perhaps sweater off'll take off.
- No, you not understood, you very feel hot.
- Nu, then still and a blouse'll take off 8-).
- Nu, there is no, horribly feel hot :mad:!
- Nu, skirt'll take off :flirt:.
- o.O ?????
- Yes let me modicum the entire team bus you% Bet, but window leaf I not open :angry:!

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However Spring close.



Reaction is coming to grandmother and says:
- woman, us in school instruct to speak only truth, here is I and decided to you to confess. In the past year I you bank jams, and to you not have observed I in it shat.
Grandfather sharply jumps up in with a chair your bubka gives on anybody and designed:
- I same you spoke that closet, and you zasakharilos, zasakharilos.

Marja Ivanovna:
- Children, Organizing Committee announced proposal with of words ", as I,
Exactly, and expected.. " Ah go, vecherinok!
- the Pope went in travellers, and that I brought me gift, as I, exactly, and
- Well done! Now you, Petr.
- the evening of I favour place in pond, but on morning Hi. Did you there whole build
Fish, as I, exactly, and expected.
- Yes! Ah go, reaction.
- Katka Puzyryova from parallel class is famously makes flushed @ @ economy will.
- Won-from class, and without parents not Come are always!
- How I, exactly, and expected.

Teacher conducts in the second classroom experience with electricity. Mounts any scheme on the table. With the back to South voice:
- A not ebnet?
- Yes like it comes should not. Who said!

Two student with military their policy decided to snark-- prapora:
- Comrade Warrant Officer, and that harder: Kilos cotton wool or kilos iron?
- Kiglogramm iron!
- A here is and wrong, equally!
- A I here is now. Maybe, you dam you on anybody first a kilogram of cotton wool, and then a kilogram of iron, and there consider!

Teacher writes on board color in crayon. Voice from class:
- marina on not in sight!
- Let it stick switch)

Cocktail "grim sleeper asshole": 50 grams sleeping pills + 50 grams laxative.



In subject Ukraїnskikh roads! :mad:



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

In subject Ukraїnskikh roads!

Yesterday with buildings until of Kyiv 7 hours drove, Cherkassy, region At all is full OK • pa.



Pridarila spouse in honor holiday! :crazy:



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

Pridarila spouse in honor holiday!

So sho Dima now on fishing Chuckles Scatter? :crazyfun:



maury wrote:

Romeo so same will awaken 100%





From of e in one chat:
Ni-tek:going to maybe make up proposals from words, the first both the which is "?." Urgently need to, the sister homework such a that 8-).
Kvak:fur coat, a cap and a scarf noisy Rustling.
selections-on:Drapes shake a leg, schoolchildren try to score junk.
selections-on:sign the Scots, shokirovannye intense whores. Scrubbers try to score junk syringes full in a shack.
volh87:naughty bit of a schoolgirl-brown hair shestiklasssnitsa’ve stitched shorts shirokozadomu shestidesyatiletnemu chauffeur to-the schizophrenic. Minx step for step axis blackmailed chauffeur shashlyk, chocolate, champagne. A driver provided has thrown a a mop, a schoolgirl sharakhnulas. "Shvoloch, I'm getting married shibil her fur coats!" - was making a noise of blackmailer. A driver provided been a jerk schoolgirl, shyryal a spanner, a syringe, coin couple's Godparents. By a sixth grader shuganulas, all shampoo hair. "Derogatory, chimpanzees, chinchilla!" - sizzled a driver provided. "Sham shakoy!" - shepelyavila shokirovannaya a schoolgirl.
JeloMe:o.o. That had! Masterpiece! :cool:
Ni-tek:o.o. o.o. o.o. idiots :mad:! Cestrenka in the second classroom learns :canthearyou:.



Military! :cool:



Remarkable :cool:



Romeo wrote:

So sho Dima now on fishing Chuckles Scatter?

Javadxan! :D



DIMASIKKr77 wrote:

In subject Ukraїnskikh roads!






Karpun! :crazyfun:







All the girls so similarly harsh,
How similarly harsh chelyabinskie men.
The last video - a.
In continuing Chancellery

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I notary translation in band and you the same wish))

Something me not pitnu. :D

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