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Vadkh wrote:

splinters in prichinnom place, worse atomic war.

At all the prichinnye seats ahead! Although whom as. :D Without scores.



13 wrote:

Generally the prichinnye seats ahead! Although whom as. :D Without scores.

Not know, that you had in mind, :question: I had here is this.

Prost. Sex organs. A different, as a blackamoor., blackened performed the body, and only the fringe hang out rags about Kyiv and seats (A. Serafimovich. Iron the flow of). Romich methodically pins Grunts and giggled, hiding hand his mouth: Wu his, errori, khvorost with prichinnym place the coffeehouse,, from blithe life i.e., khvorost something (mainstream Bragul. A new day).



Correspondence with master retailer

A respected Mr. Lapidus!

Visiting your Music "delicatessen (film)" three days ago, in Tuesday 7 th number of, I have emerged appetite relatively herrings part of the Danube of fresh salting, about what I told an eager seller sung be taking a me two small selyodochki value of 4 dollar 80 cents for pound, with asked be taking a from kegs, not of those, that rolled on their counter.

Seller same Sakhalin, making kind of, that he DEAF, had his ears slapped back me two selyodochki, but, ??? yes, of those, that rolled on their counter, declaring under this: - 3 dollar 28 cents.

I politely pointed out an eager seller sung, that he not rights and that me like would have two selyodochki from kegs, on that seller Sakhalin sent me to edryonoy mothers, without visible on the reason.

Because my health was profoundly undermined on construction White Sea - Baltic Canal, and currently I - retired entitled Senior Citizen, then I have not was no forces to confront an eager seller sung, which, as you know, well, as squatch, so I took governments cited two selyodochki, hereunder by paying 4 dollar fudstempami and obtaining 72 cent ceding the.

In the same the most day, in Tuesday 7 th number of, me promised go after bears a work my s son Grisha, and I had intention cook potatoes, which I took on the eve in the produce no clothing left, to there is its together with selyodochkoy and born Grisha, and also drinks Smirnovskoy vodka, remaining I have in refrigerator after grab holiday Purim.

However, decided home and deploying purchase, me had to strongly disappointed, so as two selyodochki were so similar on Danubian, as Pope on artist, Lemeshev, and from them EU a tough specific spirit, what the case in places public possession - you know, about fix I say.

In a result strong shock and depicted a shocks, caused by guise of two purchased selyodochek, I - Collapsed on bed, where blood already three days, and not mean opportunities personally go to you in Music "delicatessen (film)", to, I mean, toss these selyodochki an eager seller sung in face, so sending their you breakup enter and demand offset all my spending, namely: 3 dollar 28 cents for two selyodochki, 1 the dollar 17 cents for riding a package and 5 cents for round numeracy for nerve shock, 760.46 on totaling 4 dollar 50 cents.

With genuine respect - Mikhail Ahronovich Kopshteyn

Expensive Mikhail Ahronovich!

Reading your disturbing about letter, my heart of truly blood, and remaining hair on anybody have become raise, because this same need to develop so much brinkmanship is, to to offend workers private trade, namely - of our an esteemed seller of 31 Izrailevicha, which you scornfully call it entrance.

I personally asked 31 Izrailevicha: - Sakhalin, here is from the meter, that happened, and Vadim Israelich is not has found other words, as again send you, but already not to edryonoy mothers, and in another place.

Personally I believe, that you could well to remain in the country, where is built you White Sea-Baltic Canal, and not confuse head people, because, that my Music "delicatessen (film)" sells products only the first freshness, and for those five years, that there is Music, nor one buyer noteven to complain on our different care and high-quality goods. And the quality of, expensive Mikhail Ahronovich, says the very for himself.

When I has unfolded sent you on mails two selyodochki, then found, that they - well Danubian, although from them already EU some a little of an odor, that naturally, so as with time their sales passed 12 days.

Should you state that curied herring Danube has gentle taste of, very kaloriyna and pitatelna, especially for people, suffering diabetes or severe, and vylavlivaetsya daily our zagotovitelem Itsikom Khrapovitsky from Lake Michigan, after what here same gets delivered in Music on helicopter in live able. Here, in no clothing left, curied herring Danube usyplyaetsya strikes on anybody, is loaded in kegs and being bandied about as on zasol our worker, candidate chemical Sciences Mr Orenshteynu, which served before on in Sumy chemical combine boss sulphuric acid and superfosfata, then-there is has an appropriate ekspiriens, and we him entrust, so as he salts for us even the pickles famous presents, such as cabbage kvashenuyu a CB, watermelons sour, and also because the Osetrovuyu, as black, so and red.

Judging by from such a technological process, no spending I you to repay their am not expected. Bought you two selyodochki you team provides our courier Marik, and you can slowly and these selyodochki in one seat itself or your brother-in-law Grishe.

With respect - Benzion Lapidus.

A respected Mr. Lapidus!

Sorry, that write pencil, camping on K. Ended the inks in pen, given me on the occasion my 70 celebrations.

Should express you its deep resentment over misuse behavior your courier Marika. Upon the aforementioned Marik misused the door my apartment, until I was in toilet, deserted on gender package with two selyodochkami, which you mistakenly call it Empire at, and launched his rocket anyway two harrowing shot being fired from large pistol, after what is indecent'd swore and resigned.

In a result his visits, I mean nothing not vospolnimyy the damage, namely:

1. Rotten's shot up back there my the only, but well even decent grey ratinovoe overcoat (50 th the size of the, 2 th growth), which I'm gettin 'under already 14 years and which your courier Marik adopted for me. Make a white such overcoat will dollars 400, not less.

2. Broken the glass with my teeth, damaged both claws, as upper, so and the lower. For these claws Dr. Makogon took two years ago 637 dollars, now, Perhaps, would step in already 736 dollars.

3. Bullets courier Marika punched a hole in Wall and sit in based plastering mortars. Now to do renovating apartment on my head. Familiar writer Bryskin, which to the same even and field, says, that renovating will in 550 dollars with my input and his nutrition 3 times in day, not believing lunch.

4. Package with two selyodochkami fully ruptured and was dangling out, in a result what suffered karpet on gender. Shoe karpeta - I chatted - will cost 14dollarov 99 cents.

5. From strong concussion fell with Wall and crashed portrait Marshal F.I. Tolbukhin work captain Yankelevich, presented by E.Honeker me author during Mr.Stati on Battle-Kursk an arc. Prices this portrait there is no, but 44 dollar will enough.

Mr. Lapidus, this Number with by courier Marikom you in no way case not will have hosted. Note, that I worked legal adviser in based Trust Ukrkozhgalantereya and know all what and outs.

Your two selyodochki Medjlis refer back and am asking offset me the entire damage on amount:
3 dollar 28 cents, for two selyodochki;
1 the dollar 17 cents for first riding a package;
1 the dollar 17 cents for second riding a package;
Just postal spending: 2 dollar 34 cent;
400 dollars for overcoat grey ratinovoe;
736 dollars for claws broken;
550 dollars for renovating apartment forces writer Bryskina;
14 dollars 99 cents for purge karpeta;
44 dollar for categorized Marshal F.I. Tolbukhin;
39 cents for round numeracy for anxiety.

760.46, on totaling: 1751 the dollar without ceding the.

I allow you two days on speculation.

With genuine respect - Mikhail Ahronovich Kopshteyn

Expensive Mikhail Ahronovich!

Why you not died during Mr.Stati on Battle-Kursk an arc together with captain nkelevichem and Marshall Tolbukhinym? Why your her teeth not sit in based plastering mortars or not lie on karpete, covered gray ratinovym overcoat 14 years? If you even times will you send whatever you me back two Danubian selyodochki, I not know, that I with you will make.

In the last time wise to you our working Marika and Garik has with two selyodochkami. About offset spending not can be and speech, because the quality of says the very for himself.

With respect - Benzion Lapidus

A respected Mr. Lapidus!

Conflagration, sophisticated your delivery charges Marikom and Garikom yesterday at night, when I was in toilet, destroyed so much assets, that I need two days, to calculate preventative you the damage. To large happiness, two selyodochki, which you doggedly continued to call Empire at, although they so similar on Danubian, as Orthodox pop on wife to the ground, these two selyodochki from fire not have suffered, so wise their to you together with my born Grisha, which deadlocked to you after bears a work.

Genuinely your - Mikhail Kopshteyn.

Expensive Mr. Kopshteyn!

As you already, obviously, heard, tragic case torn from our trade ranks a glorious businessman and human Benzion action Lapidus' mess, which lies in Jewish hospital of the Ukrainian with diagnosis "very a strong a concussion brain." I as a new a storeowner "delicatessen (film)" personally has understood in history with two selyodochkami, in a result what bring you their deep apology for anxiety. All imposed on you spending I personally've, uh, reimbursed a cash to your brother-in-law whatever Moiseevichu, and you in a badge of our of acknowledgement and love bring the Pandora of fresh marmalade "Lemonaires sale time", only that received us from of the Federal Republic of Germany, and also four real Danube selyodochki of fresh salting, eat up on health.

Wish you pleasant appetite.



virgins ask.:rofl:

1. I have was the first time, where the a month ago. I not seen, was whether he in a condom but isn't. Perhaps, he finished.
(Yes there is no of course, as you could such think?)

2. Me guy I fucked 'em fingers and I have went blood very strongly! Curious to very! Could you tell me, he deprived me or not?
(Yes there is no, not worry, simply have him from casting blood)

3. With two prezikami iiaeia. And someone has tried?
(And why if and one protects is famously?)

4. When emerges devstv. Plevo? Until sex or after?
(Of course same after, and you as been mulling?

5. Normally, when a boy with devo4koy kissing ah gender hours, 1 hour without hiatus?
(Ah reality not frightening. Here is if two days.

6. But as understand, that I licked, when I'm just masturbating?
(Have you not tickles on reason absence of brain, nerve ones go have nowhere)

7. When on body passes pleasant jitters and muscle are beginning contract - this orgasm?
(There is no voiceless, this all)

8. I today has put on the shorts and shaved my its feet, so grandmother about this learned and told mother!! My God. She such a hysterics rolled her - yes as you dare?? You only 15 years, and you already shave your?
(Finish their, tell that even and pestu shaved my!)

9. Podskajite what a member of have guy 14-15 years?
('s actually 34.2 centimeter in position on 5: 30, happily?)

10. Very want be excluded virginity. I only a few days in Moscow and not know, as to do: Can better first themselves finger at, and then already money borrow? Mother and grandmother, too, so did. Only without ha-ha.
(Your mother and grandmother taking money for ejection virginity, i.e. whoresmanship you have Family?)

11. I here in for several days analyzed masturbating, I clit using there some, that-roughly 8-10 centimeters and diameter of 2.5-3 centimeters, ah one times even slightly-slightly painful for was.
(Wow, as interestingly, and some that this that?)

12. How many these fucking testes retain its fuckin 'vital activity??
(Until not will die Perhaps)

13. If swive in a bath, for example, there is risk get pregnant from water with spermikami?
(Of course, they after all directly to you will swim!)

14. As better imitating orgasm?
(Umeyuchi apparently)

15. People, and have someone was sex with partner have which any external trauma? For example, hand-leg is broken?
(I think under conductorship not until a shagging)

16. If singled out oral sex, as a their, after him you also we still devstvinetsey reckoned to be?
(Formally there is no, physically yes)

17. I listened that if many times have sex with different young people without condom in one and the same day, then the likelihood become pregnant is zero.
(Of course same you rights Nouchka, all of this long know)

18. Fucks as goddess. As this? Me not understand. I have still not was Perhaps girls goddess. (This girl wrote)
(Madam, cease envying, increasingly you understood)

19. In what age have girls gets loose thumping?
(As only emerges so and starts, laws gravity no one not revisit it)

20. I NOT want, to my first malcheg knew, that I still defachka and therefore I itself themselves deprived virginity, clit using there victory ,-what diameter of 3.5 centimeters, not was - no one pain and blood, me ev-ev liked.
(Brilliant, smart girl)

21. As your masturbate people?
(Every jerked off with as wants popular folklore)

22. During mergers our organs with guy I try expect to his for coca. Modicum and not, I take it out, this poorly?
(For that pardon? Abouts organs is about)

23. It turns out, that in during years after losses virginity can be zanimatsa sex not using protection and NOT you get knocked up that I touch their hearts!
(Of course! And you been mulling, zalety this at all myth coined to all intimidate!)

24. I have monthly must were begin 5 June. But not began))
(You Perhaps had enough of hearing previous girl, ah well, I congratulate!)

25. I the Virgin and as the simply sake of interest tried to going finger at their in its became large hole, and I have there even should sit not enters. But as then there male a member of kirsch, when imbabers sex engage??
(And you madam, pardon, slammed my in the ass porotsa think?)

26. And tell I here seen pictures of the so they there can and fist and its feet where the others slowly and!! As reality so?
(Under aid sledgehammers and whose the mother)

27. That day I was a bit drunk, we with guy have walked on the district, and then went in porch and there, in the entrance 16 fringes etazhki, on closed ladder he sneak up on me. Put cancer and sneak up on me. Is identically truth?
(This is fucking ridiculous! I schasliv for you!)

28. Can be considered hJob for treason??
(If with the vacuum cleaner the yes)

29. As YOU are among By to the best, WHEN MUMBAI leave kind of hickeys ON ShEE? Me think, THAT THAT proves LOVE And these
(Without comments)

30. In like roughly need take sex??
(Take? Ah hot until Daily pay)

31. Respiration men not enjoy one of those deodorants and other lawyers means, to not to stink?
(The guy should be's moody, hairy "and vonyuch, Geu )

32. Oral loins - reality painful for in the first time??

33. As to do Blow job, To neporanit Portnera?
(Her teeth prowess and not gonna hurt)

34. Say, that and guys in 1 times, too, case painful for or unpleasantly
(And on the fence " " written)

35. From whom't live in the was such that during sex drove pace?
(The first is a clever question. Yes,: Let)

36. Bears whether any harm young girl - when she makes fellow oral?
(Of course! Table karma and is closed-eighth chakras!)

37. And if girl got knocked up, its should feel nauseous and three recognized on next day?
(To drink less need to, and feel nauseous not will)

38. Josip Skoko condoms in big box since?

39. I the Virgin. Very want this correct
(Go fix your, authorize)

40. Bears whether any young girl harm, if guy cums it in his mouth??
(Of course! This after all excess calories!)

41. And this, truth, that with sex from their have guy a member of will in blood??
(There is no son, this fiction))

42. When my guy starts me have I have blood as will flow? As only he a member of, uh, stuck his or as only vsunet?
(As only is going to think )

43. Me 14 and I have nor never not was sex. But shopping as kho4etsya. I decided try masturbate. I decided start with pens. But quite not. Stabs. Tried her hand banana - but he too cold (have the bananas in refrigerator) still can the plaque brushing. But as gives all not the. Generally help pliz!
(The plaque toothbrush again this 5! Together the plaque stumbling delete, you after all called lower gilgakameka?)

44. The first sex I have was in 11 years. But second so and not is happening

45. Me my girl offers to address sex in 14 years! Says let-to suck his cock let-to suck his cock and I until not'm milking and today she said on the morning if not are you gonna do with me sex today the I you I will! So that me to do?
(Pro you, this wrote)

46. From for what depends the size of the clitoris?
(From foreign policy environment)

47. When guys climb hands to girls in pussy) zna4it whether this 4to he its kho4et
(There is no of course, he simply studies or have him Ew fan such, all there to climb things)

48. After sex with new man I all timem.
(I.e. you phone KVD give?

49. I leshilas virginity as much as two times! Ah one of them enough it's unimaginative. And the second time he diary me in his behind. And I have there snapped in my ass - first was painful for then went blood. Me girlfriends said that there, too, there is for which is tearing under birth.
(Bravo! Your girlfriends were born through the ass!)

50. Me 16 years and I vabsche and it I do not about sex. That such great blowjob or as his? That means finished?
(I, too, not know, in the USSR sex there is no)

51. I still the Virgin. I have no guy. Because I not Angelin. I, too, want on this new year be excluded virginity. But encounter I his one. I been mulling itself themselves strip cucumber or a banana, but live very fear pain. And very fear that I have not ????? resolve slowly and his there. So had, that I pick up volumes K bottle of spumante yet and'm gonna shove in marazilku. Then when freezes over'll climb up with it in bath. 'll take off foot-dragging and'll put a team to tselke. A bottle of will warm by and shoot, will it. Make that I'll lose my virginity quickly.
(And then are a good as during doctor naplyuya on layman ethic will long-long laughing at nothing)

52. And truth, that if not leshitsya virginity until 18 years, then vagina zarostyot?
(Of course, and even mold if)

53. And from a blow job can be the worm?

54. And CRT sweeping declaration virgins? "
(Those Wu KOTORYKh Hey, a squirrel In ass ZhIVYoT) :rofl:



Give me a smile!





Dima. I you this were :mad: :crazyfun:

I you in next time on strange a reservoir "'ll drive" specifically colouring track :crazyfun:

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Romeo wrote:

on strange a reservoir "'ll drive" specifically colouring track






Class :cool: Supreme there in the stratosphere of trolling :crazyfun:





Boev wrote:

virgins ask

:crazyfun: :crazyfun: :crazyfun:





A good accessible for pedestrians :crazyfun:



Not know. Can in subject buy-will Sell :rolleyes:



the favored German





The guy is waking up on the morning with large don't know why, sees: On breast have him sits badger.
- You who?
- Badger.
- A what you here one takes?
- Yes on you, winos, for "belochka's" already lacks!



with! My husband me offended I food to year!
No pretty daughter! Evil should be addressed by a determination! I food to you!













In entire outperformed in sight. Comfortable frame!

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The Beautiful SMlLE MEAN.