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Notes on the process:






Elected :D:

- Lieutenant, this truth, that you propagandiruete love threesome?
- Uvy, Mademoiselle: As their loan # imagined here such prices wring their, that me one unaffordable.

One Hey, a squirrel mistakenly zasushila on winter not those mushrooms, and entire winter was stealing have touristss Bob Little Italy.

Phone call in "a special" the countess:
- good night, tell, girls can be order?
- Yes, of course, so much something in hour.
- In bath you give me a lift?
- Yes, of course, through half an hour will.
- statement, and boys there is?
- Yes, you active or passive interested?
- Yes in general something would still, here is we in steam bath poparimsya, a beer, eh's a have a drink, potr%% aemsya, need to would for logical complete the somehow any PI% orasam snout fill.

The guy on the evening after work opens buffet and reaches bottle Glenlivet.
- If you want a drink modicum spot made up spirits - sex today not will!
Husband drive for the table in pose of thinker. Wife:
- Oh than wondered?!
- I think, that better - 12-year-old didn, or 50-year-old to%%% and.

- A here is my wife perfectly preparing, and head she has never aching, and football she with me likes look, and Gone Fishin '(...
- Wu you, have PI% arasov, all not as have people...

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Pro didn - :cool:



Have got married a bunny and Hey, a squirrel. Lived long and schaslivo. But not was have them children. Went they to wise the owl.
- Owl, tell why we have no children? This because we a bunny and Hey, a squirrel?
- No, because you a boy and a boy.

Husband says wife.
- So money there is no. We live near road on Bukovel, tourists many, tomorrow're going on lane. Great blowjob 50 UAH, get laid 100. I for safety net d not far in Oximetholone pills.
Went. ! Machine. Wife panel called price. Oh, man says.
- Wu me only 70 UAH, but want to fuck.
- Wait wait wait wait wait I now.
Came running to husband. Such affairs, gives only 70.
- You that, there is no, the first C and immediately discount, not on a fart.
Wife returned, says there is no, only great blowjob.
- Nu okay, great blowjob so great blowjob.
Absolves trousers, and there until its knees. Wife saw and says
- Wait wait wait wait wait still a minute, I now.
Has resorted again to husband.
- Listen, hot 30 UAH, I then'll trade you everything.

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1943 year. Guerrillas in village killed a German,. Germans were rounded up...... entire village, senior says.
- If not tell who stems with guerrillas rastrelyaem every second Outlook.
All silent. German waited then says.
- Now women will be strapped eyes. Men get humiliated here trousers. If woman on are learns where its husband, then his not'll shoot. If not learns, then his'll shoot.
Unique gold women eyes, men built in line. The first went.
- This not my, this not my, here is my.
German asks have military policeman.
- Her husband?
- Yes, its.
Went the second, the third, tenth, all learn husbands. German not believes, not can be. Himself become in build, absolves trousers. Goes yet another woman.
- This is not my, this not my, this Kum Ivan, this neighbor the Peter, this to be fixed up Mikhaylo.
Has drawn to ministry.
- What not gather additionally in any way, who this? Um? There is no, this at all not from our villages.

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Honey, yes you dribble! Come crawling in 4 morning getting trollied gremish cooking utensils budish me , right, I'll)



Yuri wrote:

Honey, yes you dribble! Come crawling in 4 morning getting trollied gremish cooking utensils budish me , right, I'll)

I heard this joke nicely with precision contrary and me seems he more circuits:
Cute, yes you the fuck you talking to! Came crawling in 4 morning Bukhoy gremish cooking utensils budish me , right, I'll!

Yura what a feminist you our mannish joke nicely told. :crazyfun:

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Javadxan! Fiderist. :D





And then:

:D :D :D

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Lived in the forest a mouse. First their was very many, but their have become all there is, and with each day, mice became increasingly less. Gathered a mouse on advice, aaneaou need to are-OK sho the to do?! Thought, thought and nor at not have come up with. And here them someone said, that on big miss glade, is worth enormous oak, on which lives AWN2 / workspace6 wise eagle owl, which and will solve their problem. A mouse were delighted and began to bolt the entire their the herd on greater a glade. Fled week and finally made it down. Have become they to invite to take moving,
- Friend Owl, eagle owl . Fiiiiliiiiin
- What you need to a mouse?
- Friend Owl, us all eat, with each day, us becomes less, soon at all'll disappear . , give me an advice, that us to do?
- Nu your problem easily reshaema . Become yozhikami and you no one can eat, because urchins are capable they OK flower!
A mouse were delighted, and with joyful mouse the room screaming have rushed off back.
- Urrrraaaaaa We guided yozhikami and us already nobody can wary of offending. Urrraaaa Slava a wise Owl . Yeees .
And here one mouse, iaaoou the most smart screamed, with horror,
- was. But as same we will yozhikami?
Increasingly the bat tribe has stalled in tragic! Indeed AS?
And a mouse again began to bolt to a wise Owl.
- Friend Owl, eagle owl FIIIILIIIN!
- the muted mice, that you have again happened?
- Friend Owl . But as same we will a hedgehog!
- the muted mice Dont cut a me head any sign by . I strategy am!





Lived-was in the forest Hare. And here cheap bastard wolf, to fuck this hare with morning until the evening! And there is no save from this of Gray letch. The rabbit such a sweet life got and followed he to complain masterpiece animals.
- Lev, you same tsar animals, you should us to protect. Molitvakh that any, and the wolf me already took out until heartburn! Move step quietly not gives. Fucks with morning until the evening!
- oh-so-. And had problems! Trigger me wolf!
Came running wolf. Lev nasupiv eyebrows turned exhorts the wolf,
- What OK you one takes, I am a depraved your downer, Ezra?
- Lev, ah don. I alone, not is married, and blood in what so and been bustling . Need same as something we relax?!
- Should, no one not dispute, but you other on poor hare, he hoisted grapple the harness off . Means so wolfy to me, authorize you to fuck hare and further, but not more often than one times in day. And only try disobey. And you Hare, go start a itself notebook and mark and note in offense days, to I in any day could test, as wolf serves my ordered! Understandable MUMBAI?
Hare and wolf nodded.
Passed gender hours, wolf here as here,
- can rightly be regarded as, let prefers!
-Yup lion, said .
- A this for todays day!
- Nu okay .
Through gender hours, wolf again caught hare,
- GROUP prefers!
- A here is betraying me you, lion said, that only one times in day, I already and in chart there noted.
- A . And . And this will be for tomorrows day! Could you mark it then in chart there!
- Nu okay!
Through hour Hare to take the brunt for poslezavtrashniy day, and even through hour, for posleposlezavtrashniy and so on .
Past month. Faced lion hare,
- Greetings diagonal position! Ah, as affairs?
- Yes as you say Lyov How been fucked, so and fucking, only of writing about because!



Pyatnitso however.

When on refuelling dagestantsev asked insert a pistol in up.
Bride quickly ended

Chukcha writes from Turkmenistan:
- The Snow here Royal, hotheaded, and deer just spit things!

Sits narc, are you on a graveyard of and on the door frame smokes. Here to him suited
- Man, let-be derailed.
The him quietly gives, and dead after of moves away.
Sits dead and thinks, why the guy not scared.
Tore off itself hand and pace. Again suited.
- Man, let-be derailed.
- At.
Dead again moves away and thinks why the guy not scared?
Tore off itself refrigerate pace and now broken itself open. Again
Is coming to narku.
- Man, let-be derailed.
- Dontsss, I look, you harmful.

, the evaluator on came market:
You have documents on this fish?
- A sho you need to? Evidence of about death?

Group tourists in taiga has lost 15 liters industrial alcohol. Two weeks people had to exist on food and water.

- A who you on the signpost zodiac?
- Nu, I have complex character. I poorly get along with humans. Are often powerful upswings as sentiments
- Gnida, that whether

Visit to urologist.
Doctor: - "Ka-but to and pay to-Hanseatica rest of the Mrs.-OK and-zha- cyclo-it comes-it comes-policies?"
Patient: - "Dr. I so impedes my stream as you say!"

She: - When regulation in Holiday, with you breakfast and support in!
He: - A with you great blowjob each!
She: - Feeling it comes%%% are, this and will my breakfast

're a Tuareg heals a a camel. Have moreover dashed its knees, muzzle the entire in the abrasions, hump is not mapped.
The other is much have him asks: Listen, that happened with with your camel for me?
- Yes here is, wife learns to drive.

Husband: - Nu, that you doctor said?
Wife: Nothing good, I have inadequacy.
Husband: - Cardiac Life Support, that whether?
Wife: - Yes there is no, sexual. Seksonedostatiya on scientific.
Husband: Doctor treatment prescribed?
Wife: Prescribed and said, that seriously me will address.



Of course, laughable - the best the medicine, but only not under ponose.

This perhaps only in our country language; can be not only offend, but and laud.

If luck turned to you striker, not be upset. Kick its! She necessarily will turn around, to watch, who this made!

Here is and holidays the end of the! Who not drank himself to death brilliant!



On question, why he not accepts participation in Cry in the Supreme the Rada, Vitaly Klitschko responded: Free? Yes you ohreneli? For one battle, I usually get 10 million dollars. In average combat, I'm currently applying 100 strikes. So that every my blow is worth 100 thousands of dollars! And who me their will pay?
Ukrainian voters thought and have become to collect money.



Meet two Comrade after few years:
- Hi. - Hi! As affairs? I heard you married?
- Yeah
-naverno wife-Angelin? For you once gender Institute begalo.
- Yeah, no., dogface.
- Well, perhaps, from a rich family? You OK majeur circumstances was.
- Yeah there is no. Very poor.
- So why on such married? Love?
- Yeah there is no. You don. When she churchgoers in toilet. It vooooot such the worm! But you not fisherman (will clap on shoulders), you this not'll understand!





Slightly not peed in my pants. :D

Several times. :rofl:



Aaaea goes in team bus and drive contrary grandfather with her hind its feet.
- the grave please close any.
- What - dead is on the move?! :D





SpalilsO! :crazyfun:



Yesterday was on concert Elena Vorobyey. 2 hours roarin 'as podorvanyy. Not expected that will so fun. Here is Number from which in a residue had a chance. Simply oxygen overlapped from laughter. "In living" realistically still funnier than :crazyfun:



Romeo wrote:

2 hours roarin 'as podorvanyy.

Roma, like soon Petrosyan Comes. You descend. Should please :rofl:



Petrosyan never liked. A limited Clown :D





And why highly-creative design in the Frost dubbed?
Can line others. There is no? Not watched.
And pieces such himself collect. So and be'm gonna expose here couple of Kitchen gadgets