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Urine kitten!








Three hours night. Guy istoshno shouts in the yard iiiaiyoaaeee:
- Liusya, Liusya! I love you, Liusya!
In House the revival, people is waking up.
Guy, voodushevlyonnyy reaction tenants, for its:
- Liusya, Liusya, espoused my! Liusya-I-I-I.
In the answer receive a crude male voice with third building:
- Busy with she!
Guy, in resentful:
- The?
The guy:
- E ut its now!

A man never in life should not to complain on two things:
On wife and on machine. When he devolved!

- Hands women must quake from gifts, its feet from sex, and heart of from love!
- A you, espoused, from resonance not warrior will tear apart?

- you heard, from by Rabinovich ran away wife?!
- And as he?
- Nu now he more or less calmed down, and initially was simply outside themselves from joy.

Is waking up Maiden after New Deal year, and to reported to Father Claus:
- Hey, grandfather, after yesterday's nothing not remember.
- Nu when to to the kids, too on the Christmas tree came, you already was pyanaya, then still couple of sverdluvalnikh namakhnula, and starters strip dance.
- I something and think, made I have complete cowards of chocolates. :cool:

- A I yesterday wife on "Othello" drove!
- When allow! Cultural program?
- No, for prevention.

- Mischka, you ???!!
- point, I same already celebrated!
(Enthusiastic) - Nu, celebrated - nice! And now still and reduced to!!

- "Daughter, when I told you come home as she, I had in mind in
24: 00, not in one shoe and without dresses!..

- dear - this mystery!
- Javadxan, especially from husband.

Utterly it is unclear, why peasant women like cats. Cats beings independent, they not so, not go, when their name is, like a particular at night, then come, to be nakormlennymi and oblaskannymi. Then they want, to their have left in alone, to sleep.
In other words: In cats women why something like the, that hate in men.

Your wife hot in it?
-, it's half-. About sex is weak, but timber about% Ueno!

The guy in a supermarket buys pack meat dumplings and bottle vodka.
The teller: - you perhaps bombiloy worked at determined whether?
The guy takes offense: - What, bought bottle and immediately --bombed?
- Yes there is no, not so. Simply you so professionally its carriage entire turn had toured.

- Dear! Here loop dog poop, step around on.
- Nu here is still. To mother-same rightly move, the new tricycles coverage look.

- Shoma, I want sex! Ah very want! On two hours, not less! Here is you can two hours?
- Nu, of course, I can!
- A can be ask you an indiscreet question? You during sex You?
- Yes, Liusya, from horror.
- Why?
- Because I already increasingly, and before the end of sex even and a half hours.

- Liusya, you that - drunk?
- Dont-but, I sober!
- exe! Then get up, get up with mat and caoiae home!

Putin on meeting with Depardieu:
- Gerard, you only in church not, dance. Dance! Increasingly else have us can be.

Sits girl in sandpit here and cries. Suited a man:
- You such a much and're crying!
- Uncle, Walk on's the!
- You such a a small and lashing!
- Uncle, you's the'll understand: The I big, the I a small.

South night, cleanest guesthouse. He and IT absorbed.
- Semyon Ivanovich, and that you all time now, don't speak? Heard a would anything, have spoken about variability, about stars.
- Yes I, the Mary Ivanna, such shy. You it comes me gave, yes I it comes and went already.



Near prostitutes does freeze jeep, falls window and whose the voice asking for: "That you can for a hundred bucks?", pleads for mercy: "Absolutely all." "Then sit down, can you help concrete high the foundation."

- Hey, a lox! Let-to smoke! - granny in general something phrase in darkness always sounds ominously.
- Neta quit smoking. In stocks can give. Like it or? - asked his assistant passer-by have arrow.
- Nu, why same here is so here is immediately resort to violence? - offended by actor in darkness. - Is you so primitive, that capable first year of the relative to basic word "a lox"?
- No, of course. Buck: You do to smoke. Smoking brings harm your health, became be, you crave yield itself harm. Cigarettes I have no, but, as a the sensitive man, I cannot remain indifferent your the request and propose a you beatings, as would invest an equivalent compensation harm, prinosimogo your health one smoked cigarette. :cool:

On examination executive ask question:
- call future time verb "love."
- Quit married.

Interestingly, why, when wife says: "That this for an impudent the big old hairy muzzle unraveled on my pillow?", husband and cat are raising heads simultaneously?

Five daughter girlfriends who came in the new pink women in child workers garden on question: "Who you his bought?" with pride answered NAREVELA!

One the guy in village is coming to Different and says:
- Listen, have you [wolf]: Pig, I have a piggy, let of young pigs dear!
- A as me to know when he wants??
- A you with morning leave in old and other, if have him tail crocheted, means, wants and vezi his me.
So and have made. On next day is a master My pig needs goes with morning in old, looks have My pig needs tail crocheted, he led motorcycle, kingship his in Factory No.9, donned helmet and go they of young pigs dear.
On next day the same history, on the next again, and so entire week.
The guy is content already electrify My pig needs and says wife:
- educating power;, other as there have My pig needs tail!!
Wife home runs and raised a says:
- I not know as have yours My pig needs tail, but he already in a hard hat, and in a Moses basket!

Go in bus ride Gone Fishin '(3 for fisherman. Grandson of, father and grandfather.
Goes girl, man, she in tights in bottom.
Grandson of: - That chick neato!
Father: - Everyone money from father on clothes, DOCG level, has pulled!
Grandfather: - Dammit! Podsak forgotten.

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Without comments.





For -1, I allow + 1, gave would more, but not as. :D



Walking guy with a.
- mud me home.
- Yes, let's go.
Suited to home she and says:
- I now suggested a'll go change and let's go further gulyat.
- Yes, costly, well.
Passes 5 minutes, goes from Owl girl, as and told, disguised as a man, and here with balcony father appeared, and shouts:
- Whatever, man dump out, and to flush who will :mad:!

Here is only not need to these racist jokes pro blacks,. They good people. I almost increasingly childhood grew among black guys! Until father their not sold.

School, lesson physics.
- So children, put ebonitovuyu wand in ebonitovyy the glass
- A not ebanyot?
- produced, not ebanyot windows, Hi, CRT THAT TOLD :mad:?

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Pro ebanet strongly :) + 1





Pyatnitso however, arbayten geshlyoss.



If droop thumping - this bullshit. And here is if droop bullshit - this already the real problem.

Has found characteristic: Husband with kindergarten: "Well sleeps, sleeping, walking." Passed 20 years. Nothing has changed.

Childhood ends then, when one is lulled, to desires Maldives not of the transit Ii?ic, and Maiden.

Letter that are recovered posed in psychological treatment - ``better out in the midst of ocean: "Am on a desert the island. Nor cars, nor stores, nor smog, nor noise. To you there all burst from envy! "

- the popes, I fear, that me no one not accorded married.
- Dont worry. Will you take have mothers brew, podsyplesh whom any and okhomutaesh.
- A she has there is such brew!?
- my favorite Golden Dream) be. How many on it not'm, the other reasons, why I on it married, not see.

If woman tries to preserve exercised until wedding - the it there are many chance preserve its until pensions.



Russia. Nineteenth age.
Train Moscow - St. Petersburg.
On the bottom dust in War sleeping general, on the second dust - pop, contrary -
Popadya with daughter.
On-thirds dust sleeping a batman. In the midst of night a batman jumps up in and turns
To General:
Mister general, resolve go to take a piss.
A batman moves away.
Pop jumps up in and no policeman since there are says:
Mister general, as can be? That he itself allows? Here is you, Fighting
General, blood for Russia spilled, the entire thumping medals razukrashena, and he
Under you to take a piss.! Here is I, saint father, bald spot outlooks, he made his,
Daily and night sins Your zamalivayu, and he under me - to take a piss.! Here is
Here Popadya, wife my, entire life me concerned, a for me
Married withdrew, daughter me has given birth to, and he under it to take a piss.! Here is daughter my
Town's, the damsel an innocent little, soul a vestal, and he under it
To take a piss.! As can be, as he ! Yes sort things out at you with him
On-military, Mr. general!
Goes a batman, and general him says:
Ah you, ?ily s mother, pizdoglazoe you mudoebische! I who what you want, dick
Selling or Fighting general, blood for Russia them has bled, the entire thumping medals
Raskhuyachena, and you under me to take a piss.! And this that what you want, kootch
Girth (on the sun glitters or bald's the right look saintly father of our, entire life in
Exercises, sins our the fucking us to, and you under him to take a piss.! And
This who what you want, voiceless trashy or wife saintly father of our,
A for him marrieds recent, daughter him narodivshaya, pussies neighbor not
Davavshaya, and you under it to take a piss.! And this who what you want, thicky thick
Town's or daughter saintly father of our, sin not-knowing, fuck in mouth not
Hold, and you under it to take a piss.! And ah-pay march on a third shelf and not
Piss until the most Petersburg!



Ohalnik. :crazyfun:



Wife preparing night) on breakfast.
Suddenly on cuisine comes galloping in husband:
- studied, - he says, - look out! Put it down more butter!
My God my! You you fry it up very many eggs immediately! Too very!
Turn it over their! Turn it over THEM to team on the phone right NOW! Need more butter! About my God my!
Where us take MORE butter? Now they get stuck!
Cautiously! Cautiously! I said - studied!
You NEVER me not you listen to when one takes night)! Never!
Turn it over their! Quickly!
Yes you that, a nutcase!
You quite are you, crazy! Nott forget to put salt on them!
You always forget your to put salt on them! Kicksledging SOL!
Kicksledging SOL! With-Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh-L!
Wife raised a looks at husband:
- Yes that with you today?! You thinking I not in able cooked basic night)?
Husband quietly explains:
- I wanted to show you, that I experiencing, when drive machine Since LIMITATIONS

Here is circuits joke nicely:
- She:
- And at all, guy its young girl must speak only: Love, buy and going to travel!
- Easy: Beer love, feeder buy, on fishing going to travel!

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I died from answer :crazyfun::



Tired fly fishermen after an sleep. Two even prepare cordage on next day. One of them was have a cold and sneezed.
The other was willing: "Whether well!"
The rest was on his feet and in one voice:
"Why us not need to remove?"

Sits the guy on a fishing trip. Lo and behold, and on River paper is sailing.
Fished out a he its - and this a lottery ticket. Went, cross-referenced Rubina, and he vyygryshnyy, yes on 100 million! Has resorted home to wife.
Only it rallied joy its putting, and she him:
-Go away you, not until you: Mother died.
The guy pro themselves: In, Hi,, as finished!

Son has a quarrel with parents:
- I dont ARGUMENTY constantly be with you, decide always on time. I want romantics, freedom, beer and classrooms girls! All I'm leaving! And not try me keep.
Headed to exits. Have doors his's gaining on father.
- the Pope, you that not heard? I same said, to you even not tried to me stopped!
- Wait minute, I with you.

And on today ?????. :D



shot. :tired:

Goes to the guy on desert on polling booth.
Camel grapple establish, and then quite alighted. The guy took his for the bridle and dragged.
Carring, carring - sees in desert vybudovani any. The guy licked and says builders - such a here is the problem - camel to go not wants.
Builder: - At platform.
The guy has marched a camel on platform. Builder took two brick and as will hit the a camel with two sides on
The balls. From a camel and footprint of existence of.
The guy: - A as same I his'll catch up with?
- At platform.



Criminal right on good for a laugh.
(Not my)

"Engulfed me in hands book Collected tasks on criminal rightly. The total part of under the editorship candidate legal Sciences, docents W. B. Borovikova. Seemed would, criminal right enough bolster the subject, but the study of this discipline with then an assistant professor Borovikovym turns into an exciting attractive opportunity. The author senselessly very living situation one okhuitelnee the other in huge quantities. Many history, albeit written dry legal language, summoned would envy oblenivshikhsya Hollywood the writers.

Let me give you here several tasks:

1. Rural Zenoviy Vitruk owing to the fall of the with VAT homes down head in 42 year went blind. Through seventeen years in its house however at night urge the in heavy extent intoxication 20 year-old had a foreign, which same Vitruk. Woman survived a strong shock, however, decided in themselves, caused by in intently, declared, that requests not attract had a foreign to criminal responsibility, so as from between to it returned vision check.

There is whether grounds for liberation had a foreign from criminal responsibility?

2. Bukhaev, Gulevoy and Podkoleznov, workers Office supply a plant, were directed in travellers in Propulsion Sochi. Began duties they decided to combine with active pleasure trips , vyrazivshimsya in visit to the restaurants, kebab and establishing contacts with women easy behavior. In a result have them quickly had run out of money, and not on that was buy ticket on opposite path. Then they decided to channel what either from wives Ministry with tweet, that it had suddenly died husband, and need money on interdict transport late. On a lot such a Ministry sent on name of wife Podkoleznogo. Soon derived money, which facilitated and on tickets, and on way around. On the morning, when already time come taxi, Bukhaev and Gulevoy discovered, that Podkoleznov is dead (death came in a result a heart attack). Bukhaev proposed Gulevomu take corpse Podkoleznogo in train, that and in substance cables the legend. Two were on head Podkoleznova hat, they did you pile up the his to taxi, explaining to the the driver, that their comrade blind in the cedars from drunk. Thus same by them managed penetrate with this is in trolley trains, where they triggered Podkoleznova on upper shelf.

In War drove also Subbotin, which friends explained, that comrade have drank too much. During haul trains Bukhaev and Gulevoy poured in moment 15 and reconcile, that they will say wife Podkoleznova. Until friends absent, corpse Podkoleznova suddenly of you down under impact vibration trains. Subbotin tried to lead in sense of the magnificence passenger, and when understood, that before him corpse, scared. Thinking, that his can accuse in the murder of, he pushed corpse Podkoleznova in open window War. When Bukhaev and Gulevoy have returned in War, and, not startled corpse Podkoleznova, was asked, where he, Subbotin responded: your previous went easy. Corpse Podkoleznova was found through two days after arriving Bukhaeva and Gulevogo in native city.

- are subject whether responsibility Bukhaev and Gulevoy? There is whether their guilt in death Podkoleznova?
- Entrust legal assessment of action M.Shevchenko. Excludes whether his misled in causes death Podkoleznova criminalize responsibility for what he's done them?

3. Motovilov and Sallogub decided to commit embezzlement goods from rural retailer, 7,000 alongside the Graveyard, for what have come up with the next plan. To them not US behaviour for Krokhalev, dezhurivshiy in this night, they want done his scare. Was known, that Krokhalev man a superstitious, believes in witchcraft, vampires, White and black magic. For implementation this ideas Motovilov procured fosforestsiruyuschuyu facial paint, covered himself with Hogan Ideology, I put on a white hoodie and began to paint from themselves specter. Krokhalev, look at this, scared and jumped in front of to flee occupies. Sallogub convoys other penetrated Israeli in Music with goal committing theft, Motovilov same remained about retailer, to behaviour for not are you trying to return.

Behaviour for Krokhalev in fear came running to lived nearby buddies Ogureevu and Kalitinu, razdelyavshim his views on't force. Oseniv themselves's sign of the cross, by adopting for courage on 200 g vodka, they at specter , painted him in the back a wooden his and buried on a graveyard of.

Only through a few days, when was detained Sallogub on suspicion in committing theft, it turned out, that happened with Motovilovym.

Give legal analysis this situation:
- There are whether guilt in committing any either crimes Polish in task faces?
- what are the form legal consequences has in this case misled Krokhaleva, Ogureeva and Kalitina?
- There are whether grounds for use of here UF. 37 CC (Neobkhodimaya defense)? "







About mentakh should walk in many.






Guidelines for it catching on feeder
1. Muzeum Wsi Slowinskiej Gone Fishin '(, not worth dig worms and those more, buy in no clothing left. Increasingly would still you their will forget homes. Much better then who will have plenty on Bank and poklyanchit bait have neighbors.
2. Having arrived on place, the first affair parosols prikormkoy - eat the all sandwiches and pies on, that took with a.
3. Do prikormu for fish stir in the bucket cool mixture of, scoop up water, add, carefully stir.
4. Catch should also let mobile from water, far he fell, when you we typed water. Remove with him accumulator and put increasingly on the sun shining dry.
5. Until prikormka it comes, equip place so, that it comes was maximally awkward. Check a tick racks for fidera, platform or chair, designate them for specific the net.
6. Zakormite the chosen point under aid only does.
7. Collect feeder, check a tick coil, make crime as.
8. Tear out crime as, prodente as such through rings and again make.
9. Fill the feeder prikormkoy.
10. Unhook the thing hook from performance.
11. Do impose, make sure, that until prikormlennogo seats you not dobrasyvaete.
12. Make crime as a lot heavier than me, do impose maximum forces.
13. Make a new crime as and call together for the fishing trainer on how Bank. Trolley up to the.
14. Recall, that forgotten spinning hook, make.
15. Unhook the thing hook from performance.
16. Do impose.
17. Remove snap with tree of.
18. Unhook the thing hook from performance.
19. Get off with boxes, by the for nozzles, on that you arrived.
20. Collect what is left.
21. Do impose.
22. Solve zakhlestnuvshuyusya for tulip pletyonku, make a new crime as, replace a malfunctioning vershinku.
23. Unhook the thing hook from performance.
24. Uvernites from best sailing characteristics with moreover Bank trough. Search its, she you even use to anyone.
25. Unhook the thing hook from performance.
26. Yes remove you the fuck these trousers!
27. Neatly extract the from its feet vpivshiysya hook, process wound by iodine.
28. Dress trousers.
29. Get off with fidera, on which you Admiral Mike Mullen, until dressed trousers.
30. Please waste entire prikormku and, pack up your things home. Here more to do nothing to acquire.
31. Return ago, to make sure, that clerics on season mobile phone do and-forgotten crossbars already there is no.
32. On road home figure out losses.
33. Search moreover, who advised you harvest on feeder, and are stuffed him snout.
34. Enter Smicor in Music and buy fish.



Moves away mother in Visitors:
- Children, Pope will come with fishing
Drunken, you his strip until
Belt and store carry-on sleep.
- Mom, and why until belt?
- Off snakes, he you gonna bite.
Through hour phone call.
- Well that children came Pope?
-Dad came, we his stripped
Fully and Jesus. ls sleep.
Mother (anxiously):
, as same snakes?
Children (proudly):
- Don't worry, mothers. The snake
Stifled, eggs trampled on,
Nest burned the!



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's approach on it catching on feeder

:rofl: 5 key! :cool: