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Kiev Feeder Cup-3 "Battle for RusanoFFka!"

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Post is an invitation to participation:

Goal meeting:

Raising level of excellence acting fishermen-athletes and fishermen-places. Propaganda healthy way of life and Environment. Popularize modern methods industrialized fishing and humane relations to residents water resources. Implementing in masses way industrialized fishing, caught - release.
Tournament is not profitable. All collected means cover spending on his organization and are distributed on appointment.

1. Place conducting:

Ukraine, Propulsion Kyiv, Ternovsky Canal.

2. The date of the recall:

6 April, 2013. (Reserve date - 20 April)

3. Holding tournaments perhaps under registration participants not less - 15 people.
Maximum number of - 52 rights.

4. Regulations tournaments:

6 :3 0 - 7 :1 5 - Registration participants, draw.
7 :1 5 - 9 :0 0 - Logon in sector, preparation.
9 :0 0 - start.
14 :3 0 - reckoning.
14 :3 0 - 15 :3 0 - weighing up the ands.
15 :3 0 - official part of.

5. Premiums participants:

Premium with stakeholder - 200 UAH.
Team maximum 3 rights. A participant, coaches, spare. Premium with a trainer and Makarov is - 100 UAH. With everyone.
A participant or team is considered a after amending registration payment.
In case absence of stakeholder premium not is returning.
For foreign paying on a house expense. Private Bank, # 55772-127146-30475, the size of the payment + 1%. Pay for notify in SMS have developed over on Number 097- 547-83-95.
Date the end of the registration - until 1 April 2013 inclusive.

6. Distribution of Fund:

1s place - not less 30% bonus Fund;
2s place - ~ 2 / 3 from sums for 1-\ u0027s place;
3s place - ~ 1 / 3 from sums for 1-\ u0027s place;
For winners and participants prizes from companies Lucky Fisher!
Of Morgan Fish equals the sum for 3s place.
10% - managerial spending.

7. Restrictions:

Restrictions there is no, except:

In water one tackle, one trigger, there's gravy maximally may legitimately be sold sizes, a hatchling pond not less 3 meters.
Definition of poklevki method kvivertip.

8. Torturer and chief judge tournaments - Sviridenko Alexey.

General-spender tournaments company Lucky Fisher!

Regulations is in stage amp; D and susceptible to change.

1. Bogdanovich Mikhail "Mikhail bgd" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
2. Chemeris Andrei "Chima" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
3. Gordienco Andrei "Gor" (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
4. Reznitsenko Sergei "Duffy333" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
5. Odynskiy Alexander "'s" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
6. Chertenkov Yevgeny "Abrikosovich" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
7. Sysak Alexey (will)
8. Belov Alexander "Lost" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
9. Mirek Senkiv "Mirek" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
10. Beryozovo Andrei "AndB" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
11. "While" Dmitri "town" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
12. Goddamn oinker Alexander "Alex" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
13. Popov Sergei "Zoom" (will) (Minister Donskoy)
14. Sovremennogo Anton "toch" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
15. Mokrush Andrei "kaa" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
16. Pidlubnyy Sergei "SORTIEs organs is template: S28" (will)
17. Korenyak Viktor "viktorkv" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
18. Omelyanchuk Sergei (will)
19. Larks' Dmitri "Gold" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
20. Cherkesenko Svyatoslav "Svyatoslav" (will)
21. Levintsa Jaroslaw "Sin-Tai" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
22. A ghastly Alexey (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
23. Rimarenko Sergei (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
24. Stag beetle Viktor (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
25. Kryachok Dmitri "dym" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
26. Ermolyuk Alexey "Bonus" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
27. Tsalkov Artem (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
28. Khaletskiy Andrei (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
29. Taptukhin Vyacheslav (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
30. Khortov Yuri (will) (Belarus, Mogilev)
32. Mikitenko Bogdan "bodyas organs is ber" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
33. Bit Vladimir (will) (Belarus, Mogilev)
34. Turik Boris "TUR" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
35. Garbuza Sergei "semen" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
36. Isko Vladimir "visko" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
37. A cool grand Igor (will) (Gomel, Belarus)
38. Piasecki Nikolai "Nycolas" (will)
39. Ishankulov Ruslan "Rusik" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
40. Guys sittin 'Eduard "edgik" (will) (Ukraine, Sumy)
41. Evening Alexey (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
42. Buglak Yevgeny "Taurus" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
43. Sivokon Alexander "SIVs" (will)
44. Poleshchuk Sergei (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
45. Father Igor "IgoreK" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
46. Kolonskiy Dmitri (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
47. Calmatui, Hincesti Vasily "VasVasich" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)

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Commendably! :cool:
Hope this not sector A1 - A4?



On 7,000 times today to Dima (Gold). Respekt and uvazhuha in such a weather even venture fiderit.

Here is that even thought, all we company internal site to fish from virtually one point, slightly above other bridge. Interestingly try other zone, those that below bridge.

Slightly it gets warm necessarily stuck there.

Last edited by AndB (Mar 16 2013 20:58:27)



Guys, will four poluzony. Two higher peshekhodki, two - below. Naturally need to train in each. :flag:
Upper zone (zone In), has its individual especially, fish there there is, she are biting and enjoyed. Personally I spent in it already two coaching, and always was with catch of the day tonight.




. Personally I spent in it already two coaching, and always was with catch of the day tonight.

Here is precisely Sasha, there getting caught well. Interestingly will work out in other poluzonakh.

And then we as the all make a mad dash virtually in two three sector and boast ad infinitum, that fish getting caught.

Last edited by AndB (Mar 16 2013 21:19:28)




This is not there de staircase: Diving these sector an hour?

Meters on 50 closer to the bridge



AndB wrote:

That precisely Sasha, there getting caught well.

Andrei, I spoke pro upper poluzonu. Higher scale,, the kind which closer to auto the bridge.
Below peshekhodki naturally also need study.

P / S Wu me friends go 30 March with another cities simply watch, that such fishing contest, and see that such feeder. :cool:




P / S Wu me friends go 30 March with another cities simply watch, that such fishing contest, and see that such feeder.

This super :cool:, the more in execution such pros as will to participate, see will many what interesting things.




Although. Can sharply move small fry shed so will bodacious everywhere!

Very hope those more in this year Canal surprisingly aren. Even in such early time enclosed many run a dace and podleschik, here is would even by the early competition karasik has awakened.



Guys, ca on a map a little bit of a risanete where and that goes) it would be helpful.) statement, there type pedestrian pathways goes along Bank? Can be whether on it touring on auto? I have in auto will perhaps three platforms as least and plus heap skarba, which need Mikoton on sectors. This realistically? There is no ban on the remittances on Bank? Can be whether then auto to leave behind sector?



As times on these weekends wanted to penetrate what any the other sector. But with such weather normally promeryatsya or pick a efforts to fish in another sector (play with a leash around, right complement, prikormkoy) malorealno. In my opinion can be done bad conclusions on fishing in is sector. Because decided to to sit down in more Rear place, which gives greater chance although would see poklevki fish. Not for good reason OK made it out in such a skies :D



Sin-Tai wrote:

Guys, ca on a map a little bit of a risanete where and that goes.

Yes this a footpath, machine can be BKV directly to sector, here is here a bit photo with grab host of Kyiv … stcount=46



AndB wrote:

here is here a bit photo with grab host of Kyiv

Thank you. Realistically useful pictures.



Red the switch - The folding for machines on prime coat. Hope, that his not "the elephants" quite all these a thaw and rains.
Yellows the switch - zone base coating (can dig - supes).
Green the switch - betonka.



AndB wrote:

machine can be BKV directly to sector

At all the cannot be - this peshekhodnya zone, but we and here we go into :). Local grandmothers repeatedly incited militia, accounted for clean up machine to the top. Importantly with the local population not debate and to speak politely, povorchat and calm down. Advice our guests. After as descend on machine to channel, on path Daugavpils real nice and slow, omitting pedestrians. Along Canal Levels many pensioners and young mothers with buggies.
Buoyed by case want turn to all some. Friends, 't deliver we a bit often break, let us respect pedestrians and not fly on betonke as on motorway. Unfortunately, some forget about this. In one word, let us behave civilized way.

Last edited by SEMEN (Mar 16 2013 23:33:25)



On the action:
- Equipment pack-up on-along Canal.
We go down to channel on building and's your toss- up.
And here we go into in zone on auto for unloading.
After unloading're dumping auto on Belovezhskaya along Canal.
After finish, award shows and bathing winner in host, - produce issue of procedure.



A huge merci. Realistically became clearer.



On the other side roads over zone In there is a small parkovochka, which always wastes. Dozen and a half machines there will become quietly.



Along roads machines leave unsafely, were cases larceny.



O.o. When such was?




After finish, award shows and bathing winner in host

Here is to that point will try have time. Propose a with bridge, I mean, toss, Western Europe will. Ah and d to root for Duffy - always liked, when splashes many))



Carlos wrote:

Nu and d to root for Duffy - always liked, when splashes many))

:crazyfun: estimated :cool:



Not, offers without bathing in host - not season know whether. And here is oblivanie champagne can be provide ;)



duffy333 wrote:

When such was?

Not on Rusanovke truth but on sees, on "Mezhdunarodke" have rosiyanina (, I can't recall accurately from whom) smashed glass and for leisure purse with money and all files. I think in 2007. Trolik can more specific address.



SEMEN wrote:

Generally the cannot be - this peshekhodnya zone, but we and here we go into.

In this terms of Sergei absolutely rights. Officially of course cannot be. But always has ever managed matched convenience athletes and comfort local inhabitants.
With other hand let us submit to official organizers. Their decision - law!



Sor, ui vtruchayus. For traditsyu "Zone A" - gauge train for techyu. Pograbuvannya machines on doroz oaae aoee on Domovy "Vesnnyany Pltts" ? won. Oaeiae vibivali sklo have kogos ? poplavochnikv on trenuvann.



I think part of machines participants, which subsuming in zone below peshekhodki, can be will neatly group the the bottom, on peschanoy parking, near studio documentary films. With the top of zones need kick out. There will resides show-conditioning, podium, the Judicial Review "corner" and camping on D. Plus to everything will work professional the artist from Ukraine. Lithuanians perhaps will visit with video cameras with emki report, and, themselves realize, very not like would expense "avtobazarom" species beautiful Rusanovskikh slopes and in a whole picture. Am asking seriously with understanding.





Today with by Alex King troshki I with with an axe and a pair of secateurs on zone higher bridge - already slightly "feels better" Bank looks. Hope, that in the next Saturday, 23 th March "we'll kill it" and else.



Two glamour set of Kormaki for industrialized fishing on duringfrom Vladimir pugacha participants for 4 and 5 place!



32 wrote:

artist'm an abstract expressionist! You may not on the forum went, here pro fishing trip on feeder.

May from whom the in running shoes, and I - instructor DiskAteka


GROUP we you without payment take! But if 2-'s carry 300 pounds of bream not'd catch it - 're giving in Bank "two counter-"?! As times consider, mouthpiece you "DiskAteka", or not.

I have all well) ample cushioned sun already has hired - vtsepyat)

ZooM wrote:

. Volodya! Burn!
Waiting for on Rusanovke, just an class! And the here quite people have grown indolent on their boxes Umstanden!
Wherever you are signed in TOP-10, I you personally over fidernoe place it

Thank you) I'll do my best be.


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