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Kiev Feeder Cup-3 "Battle for RusanoFFka!"

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Post is an invitation to participation:

Goal meeting:

Raising level of excellence acting fishermen-athletes and fishermen-places. Propaganda healthy way of life and Environment. Popularize modern methods industrialized fishing and humane relations to residents water resources. Implementing in masses way industrialized fishing, caught - release.
Tournament is not profitable. All collected means cover spending on his organization and are distributed on appointment.

1. Place conducting:

Ukraine, Propulsion Kyiv, Ternovsky Canal.

2. The date of the recall:

6 April, 2013. (Reserve date - 20 April)

3. Holding tournaments perhaps under registration participants not less - 15 people.
Maximum number of - 52 rights.

4. Regulations tournaments:

6 :3 0 - 7 :1 5 - Registration participants, draw.
7 :1 5 - 9 :0 0 - Logon in sector, preparation.
9 :0 0 - start.
14 :3 0 - reckoning.
14 :3 0 - 15 :3 0 - weighing up the ands.
15 :3 0 - official part of.

5. Premiums participants:

Premium with stakeholder - 200 UAH.
Team maximum 3 rights. A participant, coaches, spare. Premium with a trainer and Makarov is - 100 UAH. With everyone.
A participant or team is considered a after amending registration payment.
In case absence of stakeholder premium not is returning.
For foreign paying on a house expense. Private Bank, # 55772-127146-30475, the size of the payment + 1%. Pay for notify in SMS have developed over on Number 097- 547-83-95.
Date the end of the registration - until 1 April 2013 inclusive.

6. Distribution of Fund:

1s place - not less 30% bonus Fund;
2s place - ~ 2 / 3 from sums for 1-\ u0027s place;
3s place - ~ 1 / 3 from sums for 1-\ u0027s place;
For winners and participants prizes from companies Lucky Fisher!
Of Morgan Fish equals the sum for 3s place.
10% - managerial spending.

7. Restrictions:

Restrictions there is no, except:

In water one tackle, one trigger, there's gravy maximally may legitimately be sold sizes, a hatchling pond not less 3 meters.
Definition of poklevki method kvivertip.

8. Torturer and chief judge tournaments - Sviridenko Alexey.

General-spender tournaments company Lucky Fisher!

Regulations is in stage amp; D and susceptible to change.

1. Bogdanovich Mikhail "Mikhail bgd" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
2. Chemeris Andrei "Chima" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
3. Gordienco Andrei "Gor" (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
4. Reznitsenko Sergei "Duffy333" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
5. Odynskiy Alexander "'s" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
6. Chertenkov Yevgeny "Abrikosovich" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
7. Sysak Alexey (will)
8. Belov Alexander "Lost" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
9. Mirek Senkiv "Mirek" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
10. Beryozovo Andrei "AndB" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
11. "While" Dmitri "town" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
12. Goddamn oinker Alexander "Alex" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
13. Popov Sergei "Zoom" (will) (Minister Donskoy)
14. Sovremennogo Anton "toch" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
15. Mokrush Andrei "kaa" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
16. Pidlubnyy Sergei "SORTIEs organs is template: S28" (will)
17. Korenyak Viktor "viktorkv" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
18. Omelyanchuk Sergei (will)
19. Larks' Dmitri "Gold" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
20. Cherkesenko Svyatoslav "Svyatoslav" (will)
21. Levintsa Jaroslaw "Sin-Tai" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
22. A ghastly Alexey (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
23. Rimarenko Sergei (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
24. Stag beetle Viktor (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
25. Kryachok Dmitri "dym" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
26. Ermolyuk Alexey "Bonus" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
27. Tsalkov Artem (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
28. Khaletskiy Andrei (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
29. Taptukhin Vyacheslav (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
30. Khortov Yuri (will) (Belarus, Mogilev)
32. Mikitenko Bogdan "bodyas organs is ber" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
33. Bit Vladimir (will) (Belarus, Mogilev)
34. Turik Boris "TUR" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
35. Garbuza Sergei "semen" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
36. Isko Vladimir "visko" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
37. A cool grand Igor (will) (Gomel, Belarus)
38. Piasecki Nikolai "Nycolas" (will)
39. Ishankulov Ruslan "Rusik" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
40. Guys sittin 'Eduard "edgik" (will) (Ukraine, Sumy)
41. Evening Alexey (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
42. Buglak Yevgeny "Taurus" (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
43. Sivokon Alexander "SIVs" (will)
44. Poleshchuk Sergei (will) (Belarus, Gomel)
45. Father Igor "IgoreK" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)
46. Kolonskiy Dmitri (new Australian sponsor MacDev)
47. Calmatui, Hincesti Vasily "VasVasich" (will) (Moldova, Chisinau)

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Slightly :hobo:
Here is speculative piece about what is expected when he the entire will melt: … _kieva.htm
But this will be hope after 6 th number of

Last edited by duffy333 (Mar 29 2013 13:53:41)



duffy333 wrote:

that is expected when he the entire will melt

In short need borrow vydersy on any)
There are chance be cut off from big land)

Last edited by Sin-Tai (Mar 29 2013 14:12:46)



Sin-Tai wrote:

and snow began to melt?

Yes! :flag: It began! :cool:

Here is photo with Rusanovskogo Canal, made today, roughly in 11 hours on Kiev local time - part of coastal tectonics already fully's vacated. From ice:

Incidentally, the ice near Bank already forfeited its fabulous zheltiznu :D:



Talk! The hygienic! :D



For! Tomorrow check ;)



Realistically amused condition Canal. Fishing will Oh what complex. Can to ban use cannot digest? :)



Kievrybokhrana published order on spring-year old ban, which begins with 5 April. Seems interested point 3, which holds about full ban conducting competition. In the same time below is written about resolving harvest as small stuff, like locally so sports and on one your cast in drying cities. Collision however … 3-03-22-98



Kievrybookhrana published order on Kievan area, but without cities of Kyiv.
And in city of Kiev has its grains rybookhrannaya organization Glavrybvod - boonce!
Here is order Glavrybvoda about zimovalnykh Germans 2012 / 2013 in drying cities of Kyiv: Link- and now waiting for order Glavrybvoda about nerestovom ban in drying cities of Kyiv.

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, too, there has been raising cane today))

Here is kind of with scale,. As see all until sees covered in white and ice blasting.



duffy333 wrote:

Oh! Tomorrow check

On tomorrow like would again of CA warning and snow. 20s was would in the most times.

Last edited by SEMEN (Mar 29 2013 21:01:10)



SEMEN wrote:

At tomorrow like would again of CA warning and snow. 20s was would in the most times.

Edited semen (Today 19 :01: 10)

At all something on forecast (Gismeteo) tomorrow and poslezatra from + 4 until + 11 and rain ;). Snow would wash away as a nice little. And Kyiv together)

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Here is looked out in window on Canal, and there in failed go ice cap. The whether with Ges tossed down, then whether with desna's. But spectacle even the. So that're getting ready to truly Extreme "Battle usually blamed for RusanoFFka!"



Still not too late to backtrack. Guys consider why it you all need? And for prizes 6 will come, what good disappearing?



SEMEN wrote:

At tomorrow like would again of CA warning and snow. 20s was would in the most times.

Edited semen (Yesterday 19 :01: 10)

Yes, too tthe was 6e the number of - on the street again snowy in sadness :mad: And again on weekends, yes that for pzts?! :angry:



Svyatoslav wrote:

Yes, too tthe was 6e the number of - on the street again snowy in sadness

So Come are always 20 th!




So Come are always 20 th!

So like it or say now problems there is no with weather? :blush:



Svyatoslav wrote:

So like it or say now problems there is no with weather? :blush:

There is no. I specifically say - Come are always 20 th!



Today only 30), for week weather must in fundamentally switch rooms!



Were host at in 7 morning, a snowball goes, ldinki perspective of, thought harvest-nelovit? Decided slip away. Meza wind and Snow were scared :rain: But!! In general emotions positive) this the first illegally on water)



And Gismeteo not zdaetsya) - day promise ??? + 6 and rain.



Yes okay, Sixth, so Sixth :). Twentieth, think, will the same :D



SEMEN wrote:

Twentieth-, think, will the same :D

God with you o.o. Type, "here is such have us summer - cold, but molosnezhnoe"??



The beginning of office 12 themes: "Fishing notes Sergei Popova" can cause tears have current participants this tournaments.



ZooM wrote:

Kyiv met us few spring warmer, large number of charming, two young ladies.

This? Aaaaah: '(



Read read Your posts and sitting in Dnepropetrovsk felt themselves krymchaninom Grace (OFFSCREEN):. Can on time sorevov rename the assistant Samara in Rusanovku and we will conduct vizniy Kyiv feeder Cap have us?)

Text or. Seryoga (duffy333) it is time the... The spee to change on more northern :tomato:



Sasha. Am asking me purge from the list of participants. So as 6 April d only to return from destined. Will try modicum visit man. On 20 April I have also other plans. Shift dates tournaments contributes readjustments. A pity very wanted to participate. Hope this not the latest make-out marathon such a size.



El Amigo wrote:

usage. Seryoga (duffy333) it is time the... The spee to change on more northern

So this have him, middle of the July. :D



Disband the training process in the midst of a (today, noon, on Rusanovsky host):



Messrs., I'm sorry for offtop, but on third photo since the late-that for umbrella over?



Preston Flat home


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