Had gone on the evening. On arrival on place very upset number of people on a reservoir :( Figured we'd seek new place. In end decently pokolesiv found the that need to. Harvest began to in 8 the evening.

Hours in 9 the evening began actively borrow karpik and Crucian, and closer to midnight and podleschik large not gave relax. Natyagalis fish until not can. Karpik very's fast. Woh, dog leashes but also subtle, Friction clutch sang entire night. Are outfitted with already lots copies of. Generally the that need to! Fidernaya fish, fidernaya fishing :) Took off in 7 morning and go home. More harvest not was forces :)

Crucian and carp are outfitted with all larger. New place it turned out better idea previous. Thank you those who policies--and old :)

And here is and the entire catch. Scales, off the scale.. 20 kg fish.

Fish very's a frisky and under vyvazhivanii, particularly at night, shows that with it need to reckon :) Big time ceasing 0.14 not necessary pressure :(