So as have us in Donetsk, By, EO, on bobber as soon as, where our athletes not closed the and ranked 2 place, and there 4 days nutritious fish, decided to test - will be whether free fishing on next day. Together need to was test a new khlystik on feeder. Yes not here something was.

Toured in 5.00 on body of water (were the first), then people on the sly began flock (but all one thing people was not many, about 10 people. Played its role, that this was mortuary day).

Sat in sector Since - 2 the first two hours sought distance, on which was produced zakorm in this sector. A bit pomuchavshis and look at poklevku, recorded as such on shpule and went small poklevki. I have poklevyval middle size podleschik. Poklevki were delicate and not frequent. Hasn't've been busted a minor okunek. Have my neighbor on fishing, closer to 10 has drawn krasnoperka and not ready approach the podleschiku. Basis that is ended in a.m.. Most interesting, that krasnoperki almost all were puzatye (as kolobki) not know, then whether still not nerestilis (and this, caviar), then whether full belly prikormki.

Was forgetting many poklevok from-for otvlekaniya on bobbing for debris from pond (clerics after competition).

Outcome: 7 podleschikov.

Yes, not illustrate, as managed some show such results, so as after 10.00 fish almost quite unsupportable proklevyvatsya. Still times say - of his, fighters! And after all contest passed precisely in this time with 10.00 until 13.00, and catches were from mere 0.5 until 4.5 kg.