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Command contest on Severski Donce, fuck 14 - 15 June

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The general building:

Counting results 1 days:

'Arena smile Romeo after covetous results 1 days:

III place in personal Monster - page Vitaly:

II place in personal Monster - Saprykin, Roman:

I place in personal Monster - - Am I to stop Vladimir:

III place in command Monster - Sakhro Artem and Dementyev (Roman - "Kirienko a":

II place in command Monster - Fight Oleg and page Vitaly - "The Barracuda":

I place in command Monster - Saprykin, Roman and - Am I to stop Vladimir - "FishDream":

Nomination "The most a major fish" - Saprykin, Roman:

Regulator building:



All athletes was removed garbage in their sectors after competition, and together was pane has been removed territory camps. After themselves have left net Bank, that very aren :flag:

All are prepared rush in battle:

Chief judge - page Rostislav (very of well-spent contest :cool:):

Water procedures:

Lunch after first day:

And this an informal part of arrangements:

At night went rain and not gave night’s sleep. Early morning:

Housing office with solid ?? in anticipation decisions judges:



From I must add on itself as.

Toured in district 9.00 to Lugansku - respekt growth - accompaniment to point competition on the telephone and personal illegally for every stakeholder (not be roads) :cool:

In point competition immediately engaged stop erected tents and breakfast - day result a hot.

After drawing'm leaving in its sector G8 and on worker'm kneading it prikormku FishDream "bream + with betainom" + FishDream "bream Sport" + FishDream "Feder" + FishDream Stick Bakery station wagon. "

Until face prikormka collect Heavy feeder Mikado King of Magic until 120 grams (accumulated after consultation with forumchanami for competition on River and-zabrosa on 2008).

'm pushing this power bottom - virtually all finer, but jobs are outfitted with glade clams. After signal and consultations with partner (Artem) on the telephone zakarmlivayu place in 10 metres from Bank and point clams on distance meters 40 - 50 - crime as 60 grams after the fall of the on bottom and washer 'function bears 1 - 3 Dam.

Asymmetry, about ceasing 50 centimeters, hook # 16 and in battle, and in the answer silence. After third zabrosa - noose, not know why, plummeting has feed fish together with the feeding trough, 'm knitting Pater Noster (disambiguation) on document with a string + ceasing mere 0.5 Dam diameter of hadn mm, hook # 14, maggot and deal matter.

As said themselves judges "zone B - zone death" - but in dirt the face of not hit - 5 place in zone for first times normally.

The second day zone A, 4 sector, have Boeva Olega "The Barracuda" 5 sector - ah think of khan - fish not in sight (below fish takes).

'll release with zakorma a near point in 10 metres from Bank - 6 balls with hands size of with large orange and likely these bumping him down with bribery Olega - he slightly prikormiv direction is beginning to in full growth feed makes brovku.

Seeing such deal, solve the Heavy fiderom penetrate entire the river - 'm dropping crime as 50 grams virtually under the other Bank and in metres 15 - 20 from moreover Bank find a small brovku with shell, and after losses in one and same place 3 likely on zatsepe understand - about happiness - Twigson!

Oblivious on losses tug ropes, Beaux Arts in far point and provided, that closest rival on the far-point through 2 sector, full extension of my lift 22 tail - URA 3 in zone.

On the second day US with relics of last night's prikormki FishDream "Gross Karp with the peas and" + FishDream "bream Sport" + FishDream "station wagon" + FishDream Stick Bakery Corn. it gives you gas. "

Tooling Pater Noster (disambiguation), ceasing mere 0.5 Dam, but after several skhodov, solve the cut them up until adds 0.3 meters - implementation has increased on order. Hooks used email to the Owner # 14, under climate on # 12 even better became - in catch Blicca bjoerkna, a dace and krasnoperka, but most interesting - that under nedobrose until point on 10 meters ever responds only sebel, but his need be able harvest although would as Oleg - 67 units in 2 day.

And another - under using conventional moldy worm nibble middle, under using dyed - much better.



Good fellows, that not others lost their heads and have actively sought as fish around the sector, so and appropriate prikormku and snap! :flag:


You are here » All about it catching on a British donnuyu your cast » Sports arrangements » Command contest on Severski Donce, fuck 14 - 15 June