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foredoomed the Axe:

Pleased again you to see! :flag: We wish we would see your sheets, let and with temporary relevance! With return! :cool:




Mstislav thank you pleased, but how return not know. Sheets speak, even not know about than accountable, with fiderom traveling rarely and the in principle even a hatchling pond with a not I take, 'm enjoying process, exactly and from cordages those that were, left only four with President, so as sport there, although couple of fishing gear several later I'll pick some up and if not particularly far will be conducted commercial tournaments gonna do this hula thing, priorities have reversed somewhat.



the Axe

Then aggression to substantive discussion, give my experience. In short - this well, that here is so here is.



Dood wrote:

A have you there is Mojo WORKING?

Wladyslaw Ivanovich! Very interestingly. That means Vasha signature? How I know this the already historical. Simply you always around the deep sense, like would understand sense this signature!



Mojo WORKING - on slang bluesmen denoting magic talisman - a little sack with any sign magic threshold Perfect shit, which wear men an African-American (and not only) origin on hip. A touch sore to him should only is a master. Esencia schedule his magic threshold force a gypsy woman-soothsayers.

If this talisman in stage WORKING (in operative), neither one baba not would endure, and other affairs attitudes he picked up on cheers.

So this the marks by many’s legal executives with unchanged've been bragging. And gleefully - as same otherwise, after all I have all eloquently, because mean worker talisman.

In our perelozhenii proverbial Mojo WORKING certainly have the most privileged fideristy - he them provides stable and big catches.

Full name songs: "I got my mojo working" (there is options names with minor modifications,).

Who Needs interestingly, listen here: having received in banned name songs or although would words Mojo WORKING.

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Nikolaich wrote:

A fishing say a prayer, and all will. Well

Without God not until threshold!



Dood wrote:

Mojo WORKING - on slang bluesmen denoting magic talisman.

Thank you for enlightenment.



Nikolaich wrote:

Wu Dood’and a new signature dear comrades,, NOT THERE LET'S those suckers ON TEA!

And that, I like - all understandable and need not nothing mentor explain it!



Nikolaich. And you that without signature? All you select? :D

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Nikolaich wrote:

Wu Romeo signature: "Your freedom begins there, where ends freedom another person (posts)."

Can, tell me what you mean?

All crystal clear: Your freedom - this those 1.5 m3 space, which ranks yours own body. Freedom another person - this his 1.5 m3 (adjusted for and tackle shop, charge, caught fish and other things) :D



Nikolaich wrote:

… freedom begins there, where ends freedom another …


Nikolayevich. But as you my signature? :shine:

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Nikolaich wrote:

Wu Romeo signature: "Your freedom begins there, where ends freedom another person (posts)"

Can, tell me what you mean?

This motto one of units SS, drawn from books Hitler "My life." Very wiser adage, as and itself book (have read as something on leisure) :cool:

Immediately want say, that not need to me to blame in: Fascism, book indeed very smart, simply man its wrote in 30’s, and then have him simply has gone roof :dontknow:



The munchies! :canthearyou: :D



Алекс wrote:


Professorship this photo. It is unrealistic rewarding for. If this not a simulation of photo, then interestingly know that this and where. Although met tales of some similar, almost, places and indeed there is sea Bass!




.. The interestingly know that this and where.

Me, too, interestingly :D, I’d say accurately pressing have them there a serious :D

And here is employed: This you awaits in next year on for competitions :flirt:



Алекс wrote:


Poraduvav. Not, on contest not broadcast with such equipped! There need to a hatchling pond the right, chair, your cast not just hand that shit no producer to not laughed at that with Dick. There such not will hold its, I their not fear.

And here is on an amateur. :canthearyou: get off fucking sitting there, on classics of all one takes, and comes local grandfather and Takes a good fish.

In Sadecki Saturday such a picture.

Not report, but almost in subject. Called homies for 18 kilometers from cities. Toured, little pond 120 • 120 meters. Net squaring. Fishermen man 25. No one. From these local and already former sources ACP driven carps and Crucian carps in this puddle.

I have batter's box now, promer, zakorm 2 points, pace of 5-7 minutes for 5 hours Crucian carps in gender my their fingertips and small revised tips of his. Experiments prevents. Bait, leashes are and other our "classic."

Droog, on first zabrose on your cast on away without prikormki karpenok on mere 0.5 kg. The other droog through 3 hours from beziskhodnosti Crosses on stream, which became these a pond, throws under bushes and but grams on 400 karpika. The other for him there same Netimer - “. And all, no one at all.

Grandfather local sit until 11, ascents of resident business, came - sea Bass grams on 600. And all.

Aren, that on neighboring platnike with very crazy Points fish tank, too, was-deaf. Before these pressure on 6 units skakanulo. This me and reassures on proletu.

P.S. And the brook property fish on feeder harvest becomes. Wait for Voronezh feeder me :crazyfun: If God will give.

P.S.S. And that for the film with Funes?



Алекс wrote:

Prikolno! :cool:




A that for the film with Funes?

This the film in the Soviet Minibuses for Hire is called: "Not caught - not the thief." Genre - comedy.

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This he attracts, type are a good and a satisfied, and then as starts banit all consecutive. :O :rofl: :tomato:



In sight was gave battle! Soon will "Empire Fights Back"!



Nikolaich wrote:

Romeo, human the avatar put.

Quietly … this concealment … around alone dzhadai :confused:% -)



Nikolaich wrote:

I even not know who this such.

About he … this Humbugs (with) :crazyfun:



Japanese fidermen.



Not sleep on fishing 8-)



Алекс wrote:

Don’t sleep on a fishing trip.

I have such was, only not slept, and credit card :crazyfun:



Алекс wrote:

Don’t sleep on a fishing trip.

Tin full! :hobo: Don’t result my God! :tired:



Yesterday friends menya and Zoom polavlivali "guinea pigs" on one of lakes under Kyiv. In the process that they prikormochnoy a mixture from one from the so-called elite producers, in the composition of the a mixture was discovered. A tooth :O

Not know, this a tooth dogs, or, can, Boba Nada. But fact remains fact! :dontknow:

Until now, as Drie Stoepen, 'm laughing! :D

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VIVA wrote:

. In the composition of the a mixture was discovered. A tooth.

Ah's the water the already the Cold here is and used prikormku with grades of meat :crazyfun:



Romeo wrote:

Nu's the water the already the Cold here is and used prikormku with grades of meat …

About than you say. Have us on Forum in Luhansk now is discussed theme about using in as a prikormki. " Podpalennyy cow rіg. "On an. And you about such small beer. :crazyfun:

Perhaps the operator, to not slept at work, in her teeth gave before a decommissioned black site for mixing of.

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Can smell a tooth was Bob Nadda, pity threw away, and need was drilling tooth and on a neck in as a artifact mandating + 4 to weight spoils and + 5 to range missiles zabrosa :cool:

Yes incidentally, her teeth on Cold water clearly work, in a common complexity with ano days before midnight 14 fish, ah and and a half dozen juiciest, skovorodochnykh karasey (about 65 kg).

P.S. On ultimately Edika the most big for fishing trip carp 7.8 kg.

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