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Feder. As goes.

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Romeo wrote:

Repeatedly I bought these daughter on fidernye fishing, but truly s goalkeeper touched its only carp-feeder. As she me explained - ah not strongly the and inspires its had forced small fry, a white bream, and other petty fish. Nourished German, if and harvest, then harvest normal fish - ah that say, with this not argue with that. Himself such. After as I a few days ago quite successfully otlovilsya despite quite neprodolzhitelnuyu session, me hinted that it is time open season and other not less Gaming Authority rybolovam.

On joint the field in a while me accorded role assistant, i.e. in my competence impose (all-??? this not your fishing bobber and child hard cope with fiderom Heavy class on zabrosakh for fifty meters) and work with podsakom. Everything else makes daughter, ah there scores the feeder, podsekaet, struggles with fish tank, ah and rolls fish, too, itself. In general, all most interesting accrues she and although I virtually not am running in the process [kayf]from moreover that slowly and stably grows change nor with than not compare.

The first trophy this season.

On this a fishing trip decided indispensable without heavy launch feed and went along a kilogram of prikormki and small number of pelletsa from TM Trophy, grams 300 not more (toured more rest and breathe Laurent air). Used prikormku Sea Bass "Garlic." Tried harvest on both: Boyle and pellets, but quickly understood that until quite and have gone on its air dough CUKK Puffi "Garlic." As and on last my a fishing trip, fish, however, preferred to cling more small sites and adamantly refused peck on conceals.

Across semblance, sea Bass otnerestilsya and began actively eat.

On reason moreover that used in as a jamborees its air the dough on us in literally words "Pounced" sea Bass and although sea Bass was ah very route chart is being size he order of hearing my voice anyway, so as US harvest carp and amur. For six hours fishing managed to capture order three tens of these "galoots." In another times rule sea Bass - garlic froze solvency of.

Longest struggle and Regrettable trophy in an award.

In those moments, when Crucian on somehow reasons not Frenchman; but timid, impress the natives, us produce garment the good fish. Managed to capture four Karpov, one was in district two kilos, the rest in district 3.5 kg and one the biggest carp in district four kilos've upset child. Already under the most unless he exploited situation and sharply charge under line could be drawn, has marched to let the line out under timber off with it and razognul hook. But nothing - experience deal completely replaceable. So same was been seized two amur 2 and 2.5 kg weight, one of whom slightly not stolen child with mostka. And so same took the bait one tuna melt - the first in "career" daughter of. So as never until this it not family cats such a fish, she under Bank even asked, that this for "a freak" such don't bother me.

The first "a freak" in fishing "career."

In general, is famously conducted time. Well otlovilis. After past season and this fishing, does me, will have me in this season oftentimes the content with only work with podsakom. Slowly and stably grows previous for cyprinids kept sessions. And until that train bare feet because this on "cats."

Here is who chief on fishing.

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Roma without you was bored. With return!



Roma-can be in and objectively field tests CC Moore?



Юра СЕВЕР wrote:

Roma-can be in and objectively field tests CC Moore?

If this question me the ???? here I? I this few commodities not'm using and am not expected :dontknow:



Romeo wrote:

But but but :mad: I subject the read :D

Roma, I same with your words: -

the not tickles "the Beautiful" :dontknow:




Vadkh wrote:

Roma, I same with your words: -

One deal self-critique, and another matter guards :mad: :D

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Yes. Haven’t update I have not was so "mental" fishing. Initially leader was coming to go in Saturday with a-a sleepover open season karpovoy fishing, but from-for events in the region entire week me battered hazy doubts. To the same wife constantly nagnetala, type ah far you bears, to do you nothing to acquire, better reinsure and camping on P. In end not went. Entire Saturday walking on apartment, 've been in pain and watched on windows - weather was ah very healthful. I would said the real karpovaya weather with the right, in measure strong pulled and sun, yes and pressure a few days was stable. In general, under evening not weathered and himself itself said - food tomorrow Gone Fishin '(and point. Telephoned father, and it turned out, that he me leader was coming call with so same proposition.

Despite the, that common sense tell, that to go need to later before, when on a highway already will machines we on him safely "spat. -" and had gone in the early fifth, as usually. On a highway was, charitably, without people, indeed do machines at all not was. Have reached without rural - and on how thank you. It turned out that several bridges, which were on you accept a booked, so had to quite ??? far pull things until closest free "prospective" footbridge. Ah and okay, said we - importantly that have extricated themselves.

After competition in dedicated blast all was a several packs prikormki Kewl Philip of Cleves "Strawberry", that presented on a sample. Decided pitch this prikormku on with start-up zakorm, prisovokupiv a jar canned corn. On method used already proven "in battles" on this a reservoir prikormku Sea Bass "Garlic." Tried on method prikormki with strawberry and with plum aroma, but they nothing interesting things not have shown - apparently until still sooner feed fish everyone. " And here is decision try pellets combined with PVA was very timely. But and here from three options pelletsa, "corndude's", "Mulberry tree" and "Livers" from TM Trophy column best themselves showed option "Livers." Me minds concentrated by hazy doubts, that prikormka with strawberry aroma, an in as a launch zakorma was in subject.

Real a block of gold.

About changeable tips … as usually worked CUKK Puffi "Garlic." Several good fish was been seized on combination canned corn with nobody sdobrennuyu nasal spray "Garlic" from TM Trophy column, but on tuft oparyshey glass of these same nasal spray was caught the biggest amour. On this a fishing trip I decided to try in as a jamborees pellets Halibut + Krill from Carpio and not guesses wrong. On 8 mm pellets was been seized three carp in district 3-3.5 kg, but on 12 mm pellets was caught carp on 5 kg. Across semblance, water hot so, that fish starters interest "a fat" food.

Such beauties resisted quite not on-spring. Real fighters.

Until decomposed, yet, until been fed, began to harvest about six morning. With morning, until was quietly, ever responds mostly amour, and chemistry was palpable units 6-7 fat karasey. Across semblance, Amor-come provoking, so as almost all individual were in district three kilos. But was and surprise. On place it, an unused in more deep place, took the bait for decent amour weight slightly more seven kilos. Triviality, but pleased! As only rose wind, amur in direct sense words as pulled blew away out there. The frequency poklevok sharply declined, but intensified carp, with nepoganogo weight. Mostly come across individual weight 3-4 kg.

For this dam very Regrettable trophy.

So as the sun zharilo on-year old, and air's warmed up until + 35, managed to hold out for just until 12 days - became quite visibly. Yes and the bottle mineral water patterns of on two with such weather was clearly race. But Gone Fishin '(sin to complain. Managed to capture dozen fish less 1.5 kg - Crucian carps and several Karpov and amurov, dozen fish weight 2.5-4 kg and two good trophy, a carp on 5 kg and amur on 7 kg. The road home, too, cost without rural. Was received a good weapon vivacity, without which raze not indispensable in this a not a time!

Lover of "shrimps."

That curiously … on three Bridge (ship) in field semblance, as me it looked, not was been seized nor one fish. Perhaps, that fly fishermen used a mixture with fruktovimi smells, which this spring precisely on this a reservoir on somehow reasons fish stubbornly ignores. In the past year such preferences for fish tank not was been.



Roma wanted to would inquire, as be preparing maize for carp, and the 4-1-1 different?



Алекс мех wrote:

Roma wanted to would inquire, as be preparing maize for a carp, and the 4-1-1 different? … /2-1-0-130 … /2-1-0-131



In the latest month fishing acquired truly extreme character. In area go real fighting and the situation can swap has dramatically literally in for hours. In such conditions about distant trips had to forget, yes and pro daily allowance and more lasting session those more - karpovaya fishing has become "luxury." Number of increased the, far can be get without "rural" disastrously decreased. Each trip on fishing trip is accompanied by hype relatives, which, of course same, understand can be, but this, too, postpones negative imprint.

On past weekends from fishing had to to backtrack on reason moreover, that the war podstupila directly to city. There is no, of course, can be was to risk, but decided reinsure and not go. In these weekend already not was urine tolerate and, prompting a some is the calm in fighting, all-???'s rushed with father on body of water not far from cities. From-for curfew hours had gone very late as for year-old fishing. Have reached without rural, and this could not not inspiring. On a reservoir except us in for entire day was another two for fisherman and nor one companies vacationers seem, which usually simply occupy Bank this dam, so as he is in immediate neighborhood from cities. Although there are option, that people slooped weather, about which is worth to talk to the separately.

The most litsepriyatnyy landscape for the entire day. In else time weather were enmeshed.

Haven’t update I not worthy on such-scale weather "apocalypse." Still day ago teetered fever under Ukrainian, but precisely in that day, when we go on fishing trip temperatures air sharply "in" until twenty degrees. Was blown out by a strong, cold, at times on heavy wind, soprovozhdayuschiysya DISQUS. Turkic forward, I’d say, that this fishing has become truly extreme. For starters, literally in really the early fishing, when the wind removed my favourite-creator: Diving, and I tried to its to capture podsakom, teetering on the on the edge of footbridge, tinder wind gave me good "the boot", and I of you: Diving. Never with me such a not like this on a fishing trip. Well, that I, having looked forecast, put an documents in a plastic package. Describe words my sensations from two hour "drying" under-strongest cold pulled it is unrealistic, but this still was not the end of the my misfortune. As only I dried your things, began begun, and I got wet rotten the second time. Is obtained, that on this a fishing trip I adopted and bath and souls. Inexpressible sensations I you I’d say, given weather conditions!

And on this a fishing trip don't bother me "a freak" on 7.5 pounds.

That concerns the most fishing, it was in its own way interesting. All began with feed. So as I not was am confident, that'm going to go on fishing trip from-for military action I not became finished cereals, without which in this time year count on a good the catch of the not account for. So in Friday I began is chaotically seek, than would their replace. Opened refrigerator and me on eyes have fallen noodles "on-Beefaroni", which why something ignored my host. Not ah and that - me it looked, that fish not occupies will taste such a treats. In addition I have was bank prokisshey corn with last fishing and traditional gruel, which still a month ago no one not became there is, and she looks ridiculous lay in ice-tray. All of this "wealth" I added in prikormku Traper "Karp" Special. In end have, on my view, chic with start-up zakorm with meat the zest in the form of of fried time. On method was-tested on this a reservoir prikormka Sea Bass "Garlic." On nasadkam particularly not mudrstvovali and stalled on tested options, which worked with uneven success throughout fishing - CUKK Puffi "Garlic", tinned maize and pellets Halibut + Krill from Carpio. One thing udilishche was "unloaded" PVA with 4 mm pelletsom "corndude's" from TM Trophy column.

Amor-realistically exhilarating to active cool.

That concerns tactics, then here all was very interestingly. Across semblance, a strong wind packed them into fish on depth. Worked only sval with relative help with depth in two Dam on G hole. Nor on help, nor in the most the pit activity fish not occurred. ???? in really the early svala with depth order three meters, too, not was poklevok, and only on conceals 4-4.5 Dam have fed at fish, with different. As we understood, carp recently otnerestilsya, so on this fishing he was rare guest. Managed talk two treshek and one "a grubby guest" carry 300 pounds. And here is White Amur, across semblance, prompting a lack of competition with hand carp, densely became on "noodles" and independent frequent poklevkami. Yes and weight individuals in 2-4.5 kg, too, poraduvav - as not fact, but for as industrialized fishing trophies normal. That most interesting, like would weather was ah raze not comfortable for amur, and he ever responds very actively - paradox. All-??? noodles with flesh draka him to Italian tastes!

Illustrate, somehow getting will this "greaser" carp, when an.

Wrap this up, okay had to after lunch, so as when Seimyniskeliai begun, Pounced with dire force sea Bass and although individual were more than resistor, after active industrialized fishing amur had forced an not delivered no pleasure. We, of course, tried to cut off an right complement, but apparently after spawning of he was so aieiaiue, that ever responds absolutely on all, and the nozzle sitch not await the another fish. But we particularly not were upset, so as fishing Lies more than toward a. Even on modest calculates was been seized, at least, 50 kg fish, but likely more.

In general, Lies "healthful" and rezultativnaya fishing.

Home have reached without rural and on how thank you. Entire a path only and was talk about how, that when still tickles extricate Gone Fishin '(in this a not a time. Ah yes okay - life continues and whether that will!

Ah yes quite forgot. Was been seized two podkilushnykh leschika. This event suggested on thought that if will allow the situation need to motanutsya on night fishing trip on bream. :flag:

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And still. Very advise closely seriously to withdrawal with hook amurov. Like lies such the entire quietly and quietly. And suddenly as is beginning to have to jump. In end in this moment I taking it out hook and this "beam gold" packed them into his me even 4000m2 as well as until bones that even 4000m2 as well as should sit was numb on what-established. Apparently nerve of some grazed. Ah and it like should sit otduplilsya :) So that dangerous beasts these Amor-. But with other hand - debt payment credit is due. I his on hook caught and he me caught. We in per. Hope when an we still with him meet :)

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On search fish glee times might be certain-more than closely and men, bottom Marker. And izkhodya vystroivsheysya pictures of the in anybody about trawling build enleve fish and prikormochnuyu program.



And can posting photo their metodnykh osnastok?
And as you fermentiruesh maize.



shameta wrote:

And as you fermentiruesh maize.

Feel I, soon for a repeat of this issue Roma swears will start :D



shameta wrote:

And as you fermentiruesh maize.

As you already for. Whether :mad: :D Read it forum. All already on 20 times vykladyvalos.



Over the past two weeks managed to escape Gone Fishin '(three times, 7, 9 and 15 June. Choice increased the on ascriptive reasons disastrously contracted, so choose, far to go, long not had to. Both dam are in immediate neighborhood from cities on distance, not be kept 15 km. About a fishing trip 9 June particularly the out and tell nothing to acquire. On this a reservoir I not was exactly year, so go with father on him to to scour, that yes as. In the past year this body of water independent good catches, ever responds carp and White Amur, often very good size, personally me come across individual until 7 kg weight, and the main fish was in district 2-4 pounds. But in late past season until me came close rumors, that from-for incompetence safeguard dam or tired reluctance to control bounced back died body of water seriously "beat the crap out." Unfortunately fears confirmed. Despite our and measured prikormochnuyu program and various experiments in for entire day us managed get just four poklevki Karpov, weight which was in district two kilos.

Beauty indescribable.

Turkic forward, I’d say, that to make definitive conclusions on this the pond, father visited his another two times and on one fishing the result was virtually an analogous our, but on the other fishing he at all not well cared for by poklevki. As would there nor was, but now this body of water not has nothing in common with those water body are, which I knew on past year. Here is could lead greed fishermen and reluctance administration dam to control bounced back died. All of this more than notorious. Ah and in completing the about this fishing like would add. When I after lunch terminally might be certain, that active Ah, this is great carp us not wait I decided to recall "youth" and you on enleve tolstolobika. In for hours me managed seduce on poklevku three tolstolobikov, two in district two kilos and one under six kilos. On this fish we decided Miners this in all relations sorrowful fishing trip. In me still's a glimmer of hope, that three fishing not figure and a body of water not terminally "killed" - time will tell.

Workplace user.

Ah and now about good. 7 June have extricated themselves on the other body of water. Turkic forward, I’d say, that, across semblance, carp on the very moment still not "want to emulate, Neal" after spawning of, so the main fish tank was White Amur, with White Amur putevyy. Managed seduce order two dozen or "bronze" bunch of good-lookers weight in district 2.5-4 pounds. But two Karpov in district three kilos we all-??? saw on the fishing ah and with dozen fat karasey. ???? White Amur clearly favored "up squabbled." Reacted only on prikormku Sea Bass "Garlic", although we many what him offered, and in as a nozzles has worked its air dough CUKK Puffi "Garlic" and tinned maize, sdobrennaya nasal spray "Garlic" from um - Trophy. Ah and under the end of the fishing, looking on all of this, I decided to, that it is time try new pylyaschie both: Boyle "Garlic" from um - Trophy. And they prognozirovano brought two good amurov. So that, at least, on this a reservoir flavor garlic simply being invoked mad amurov. So as water already substantially hot, we copiously fed on will make a wheat, canned corn and pylyaschim 8 mm pelletsom "Mulberry tree" from um - Trophy.

Lover of "the garlic."

On this a fishing trip occurred case, which introduced me in stupor. Occurred confident poklevka. On haigus very a major fish smotala order thirty meters filament and then and hook # 6 simply in "nail." Never before I have on this a reservoir such a not like this. Model hook was tested years fishing trips on major fish. Now me minds concentrated by hazy doubts, then whether hook broken hard disk the apparently, then whether I leaked more than putevyy trophy. The trouble!

On fishing trip, which took place 15 June, I drove with thinking to capture precisely carp, so as White Amur, which very well lovilsya the entire May, order of hearing my voice anyway. For this reason I immediately same refused from all changeable tips except Boylov and nasadochnogo pelletsa. Father on "usual" baited in the its air dough and the canned kind maize, so prognozirovano him "just bothering" Amor-, Crucian carps and even a major a dace.

On this a fishing trip I made rate on two programs. One consisted of-tested on this a reservoir prikormki Sea Bass "Garlic" and 20 mm over the Boylov "Garlic" from um - Trophy. The second program was is based solely on products companies Marukyu. On method applied prikormochnuyu mixture of Marukyu EFG131 (to word nayco?ueo properties not quite enough for industrialized fishing on method), and in as a nozzles used two kinds of Boylov from this same producer Fruit Spice 14 mm and Krill Feast 14 mm. Interestingly, until this fishing two months I avail tried to to capture on these both: Boyle fish and precisely on this fishing these both: Boyle finally "'s burst, huh." On Krill Feast very that's good reacted White Amur in district two kilos, but on Fruit Spice lovilsya as carp, so and White Amur. So that my experiences, that four packs Boylov will lie dead burden, were ". Simply they not worked on Cold water. That interestingly, then whether from-for size, then whether from-for smell, pylyaschie both: Boyle "Garlic" from um - Trophy brought me the most large fish fishing. And imaginations were very nedurstvennye. Managed seduce several Karpov in district four kilos, several amurov in district 3.5 kg, the rest fish was in neighborhood of 2-3 pounds.

Said - done. Wanted to a carp - arrive at, sign here, please.

And on this a fishing trip with start-up zakorm izobiloval major faction, which consisted of will make a wheat, canned corn and pylyaschego 8 mm pelletsa "Livers" from um - Trophy. And this fishing not cost without kurezov. Two times "something" obryvalo me ceasing 15lb immediately on podsechke, with one times not weathered knot, and the second time ceasing "has burst" fall. I long thought, that same this such was, ah recognized This any. Telephoned familiar rybolovam. Given specificity dam, appeared opinion, that this was catfish, with was initiated hypothesis, that catfish in both cases was one and the same, so as such cases had have karpyatnikov on sports reservoirs. Yes … ghastly deal. Need to move on dog leashes but also 25lb on this a reservoir. If this indeed was catfish, then, across semblance, his could attract precisely "stinking" pellets - "liver" is so apparently driving.

Ah and Amor-. Far same without them?!

Nalovivshis from souls, decided not "to be rude, is" and to end fishing trip on of 30th track fish. That can be said - after this fishing became understandable, that carp was detached from spawning of and he active. Already it is time apply in as a nozzles as both: Boyle, so and nasadochnyy pellets and can already be start copiously feed major faction.


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On past weekends not managed enter the fishing trip. Weather "freaked out", entire Saturday behaved so a strong rain, that even thought not was to go, yes and on next day after such a downpour travel very on the fire road was very bold gesture. So as for two months fishing trips “it comes to shagging carp and amur on feeder all of this a bit kind of cliche, decided to devote this fishing trip it comes to shagging bream. In addition "go off the deep end" and finally go Gone Fishin '(with a-a sleepover. Had gone after lunch, and as then it turned out, well, that had gone so sooner, so as soon from-for battlefield in city of banned lane. In general, typically recognized slip.

Fishing proceeded on quite ??? nemalenkom created. Thought, that manages without problems take one of the most glamour seats on a reservoir, but not here something was. Precisely that place was point big company fisherman. Had to content with small and sitting nearby. Place, where we were on the ground,, too, was nedurstvennym on a relief trawling. On 25 and 35 metres managed find vividly expressed style of with pebbles and shell. Turkic forward, I’d say, that from-for these rocks, pretty ones and Nassarius shells I lost pack likely, several good spoils and under the end of the fishing moved on leashes are 0.16 mm.

Place stationing.

That concerns tactics, then adopted decision, that I will harvest on the classic feeder, and father at manner, so as his more some sea Bass. Therefore, I used prikormku Traper "bream" Special, and father Rybolov Land Sea Bass "Garlic." Again same I have the main right complement was maggot, and have father at night foams (ah to can be was sleep), and on a brighter its air dough CUKK Puffi "Garlic."

Began to harvest in district four hours days. I with start works on ten feeders on every point with Tyres from coarse very and moldy worm. And as then it turned out, the aft night crawlers was clearly plus. As Pounced perch, with not "matrosnya", and well itself for decent, but goal fishing was swim a white bream and of bream. In short, rang I on very and roughly through hour on point became podleschik. The size of the was the usual for this dam - the main mass in district 100-300 grams. Nibble was as on "black stones", impose, maximum minute expectations and stick poklevka. In for several hours me this even relished, then ARGUMENTY - the size of the fish clearly not "kosher." Constantly "initially" brovka, about ceasing 0.14 mm shears off even on podleschike, and when already under evening on point licked bream, became quite profoundly sad. Vitali, confident the jiggling done, leapfrog, several seconds struggle and slice defence wakes up aggressivity - yes perishing, calamity. Nor for brovkoy, nor before brovkoy leschi not klevali, but on the sidelines not helped even dog leashes but also 0.16 mm. I has tried questioning leashes are 0.18 mm, but then even podleschik ignored the pourer - it's just so frustrating. Sometimes even with poklevki even before sweep (martial arts) fish "even sadder" ceasing. On modest calculates on the sidelines "remained" five good fish.

By decade the size of the klevavshego a white bream.

At night particularly and not a. So, several times perezabrosil, "dismantled" several fat karasey, and else time dozing, periodically fix "otstrely" done. Father virtually not catching, sharply etched atmospheric pressure and as a consequence etched pressure have him. In general, him was quite poorly. I still on the evening thought’bad luck his home, but to go on reign through bloc posts still the adventure.

With morning earned method. Only not on karasyu, on which we have counted, and on fish. So as in its time I "perelovilsya" this fish tank in the last time try to put Y its avoid. And although these animals very that's good "parovozili" mood harvest their ended on fifth fish, yes and the size of the was not particularly impressive - so 2-3 kg, ah can one was fan of more. So as father not became better, roughly in seven morning began to gather home.

And here from these animals'll save there is no.

In a whole fishing Lies quite toward a. Was been seized five tolstolobikov (absolved the treasure of), your heelbone good karasey and roughly five kilos raznokalibernogo a white bream, part of from which was'm withdrawn on zasolku father. If would not reports merged leschi and pressure father (for which I has felt entire night) fishing trip can be was considered has. Now vynashivaem plans trip on karpovuyu session, of course if will allow environment and not will happen any force-Majeure ».



An and quick report!! :cool:



Roma, special still not been digging in instead fishing? :D



Unfortunately accented and such sheets :( Given situation in the region long could not extricate on karpovuyu fishing trip. In end yesterday by the afternoon managed enter the karopovyy a body of water. Planned harvest clock. Profoundly zakormilsya. Received after 2-'s hours days poklevku. But vhat fish not zaseklas. Then on the horizon the sky became it's blue-black. Fish has moved in the Further we go. After 6 the evening as zhakhnulo as gromykhnulo. Run afoul of Hurricane. Livanulo it and until 9 the evening behaved begun. And then virtually on entire night loaded the cover of your. Not the that feed point. Perezabrositsya not was opportunities :( Only in 5 morning stalled rain. Perezabrosilsya. Only began accusations and again to try rain began. Spat on all and went home :( bitch so long waited this fishing trip and such popandos. Still and it is getting cold sharply to Towards :( right Glenn Lesick. Calamity.

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Дисторшн wrote:

Roma, special still not been digging in instead fishing?

Recent two fishing at different reservoirs. On 2 and 3 bloc-office respectively there and back in different directions. Or created until me not was affairs or even wanted luck on a fishing trip. :dontknow:

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Romeo wrote:

still and it is getting cold sharply to Towards right Glenn Lesick. Calamity.

And I on Monday, outlined to jerk for the carp. On projections-short-run rains (site gismeteo). On 2e days.



Not. Season in this year as never a short. Rudely speaking three months. Even less. April. Half of on May and half of June. :tired: Skyfall already current tradition made the commercial for 2014 year. So as doubt that will be even fishing in this year.

Musical accompaniment VERY accurately illustrates the "von" fishing trips this season yes and at all all happening :D

Geu. :crazyfun:



Netimer-would became well. :smoke: :x



Рыбалкко wrote:

Hurry-would became well.

Me already well :cool:

Here is went selective Gone Fishin '(. -a-nic and those jobs. War Johnny Chase.

Profoundly sad of course, but mostly all as a and fish on place. Truth after dubarskoy weeks and year than traditional propeller, and also Hurricane water strongly Sealer yes and weather show promoted, but one amur on 2.5 kg I prevailed and Crucian garnyy poklevyval and a dace with krasnoperom. That surprisingly fish then I swam very provocatively and large copies of and often, but with cool was, that--oh. Near still fisherman eiaee. One karpushu prevailed. :flag:

Water very strongly Sealer. One hope now on isn't this Indian summer. Tody can be will to continue season :flag:



A. Not, not.
Ochecho not sting? :rofl:

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Рыбалкко wrote:

Ochecho not sting?

With any big deal? After as army set from cities with southern direction line Front plummeting has kilometers on 50. :dontknow:


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