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Black&White wrote:

simply quote from a words owners!
Nothing personal!
Was asked-responded!

Mean zemeks of a grand feeder 3.6 test until 120gr. Wand of course with drenan machpro super Feder, not conceivably have but a jet of holds promise has very powerful hands, too, not poorly there's gravy 80gr + fodder 50 g of boldly on 70metrov, but here is the price 2000grn. Not for this stick machpro me a new costing in 1800grn. Stick not as modicum enforcement have zemeksa different cool rings, katushkoderzhatel an excellent, dry a catchy a form without varnish as and have machpro, but something in zemekse not the that until say not can, little yuzal, but stick modicum and the good but hand as the not whatever neither Palace nor Ukraine, unlike the same machpro in which I vlyublsya with first zabrosa. :tomato:
Sorry that compare but wand similar on price, length of his, core coursework they.

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Satyr wrote:

Serves you zemeks of a grand feeder 3.6 test until 120gr.

Here is you in this year's burst, huh on udilischam o.o.



benderr wrote:

That you in this year's burst, huh on udilischam

Yes and this not the endgame await the its Corum neoterik,, for airline do I neoterik, machpro, and d seek something on replacement maykhemu, so as maykhem Lite prolodzhik and zemeks routing on sale)



genre- on replacement maykhemu (this if perishing very goddamn his change) code your conditions is not sitting well only new dayvy :-) :-)



Friends, season 2013 was is full successful fishing trips, clearest an info sessions and steep globally televised tournaments, but this still not all than I was obsessed …
In during this season, jointly with company ZEMEX we ``crisis new fidernye rods up. And precisely about them further goes speech.
For six years my sports as careers I tried virtually all best rods up on modern a fishing market, and received neutral enforcement misconception about how, whatever accented fidery, than they differ and expense of any precisely engineering parameters acquire certain workers properties. Historically, that from England's fisheries industry is legislator as fashion, and with this it is difficult argue. Yes and sense debate, particularly there is no. On the early me was it is difficult allow thought about how, that donka can be not only “Naberezhnaya ”, but over time I clearly recognized that such rivers as Dnepr river, Desna river, Don, Volga require a different concept of species-bildinga, other concepts by building and-style industrialized fishing. In one word I decided to create with President for fideristov CIS, adjusted for all features of our increased the, species on the composition fish and popular styles as fishing. And the fact, that Ukraine and Russia confidently occupy high seats in global fidernom rankings, gave me additional confidence in is that WE some that understand in as a fishing trip.
Here is with such thoughts remains ready we with my colleagues from ZEMEX traveled in travellers in Korea. To describe my the impression from Korea and capacity a plant I not d, this will take several pages printing text.
Jointly with experienced technologists of our a plant we discussed all engineering nuances future models types, heard a about their will, judicial bureaus heavyweight expert opinion and adopted on weaponry their technical additions … So that my Mosor gave me many useful information and reason to reflections.
Korea amazed me very beautiful girls, tasty food and for reflection many and work hard. Different the combination of sources inspiration and opportunities!

And so, in a season...... 2014 fidernaya XMEGA companies ZEMEX draft four new positions:

RAMPAGE River Feeder
RAZER Carp Feeder
GODLIKE Hi-Pro Feeder
SKADI Hi-Pro Feeder (Limited Edition)

Today speech goes about dedicated river fiderakh Rampage (video game) River Feeder. Developing a concept of these udilisch I pose before a task create sensitive fidery rapid by building capable keep release form in strong stream of big rivers. Data fidery must possess sufficient endowments of capacity for work with dire and overcompensate heavy intelligence feeders, but under this have and elegant design and a good ergonomics for dynamic industrialized fishing not major examine alternative treatments for river fish here. These rods up must have good usual properties for order to to confront the salvage sazanam, yazyam, golavlyam and lescham. In one word the main concept Rampage (video game) River Feeder this always-delicate balance between a powerful Riverine instrument rapid by building, and easy sports sensitive line high class.

The groundwork material letterhead accounts for carbon fibre high module. Technology production letterhead such is that udilishche possesses necessary sensitivity and workers properties with a minimum weight and diameter letterhead. Rampage (video game) River Feeder has Slim the form and is equipped with provodnymi rings New Concept Guide not tangle Korea, worker absenteeism perekhlestu cord during zabrosa. Udilishche met in accordance with Allowances design has signature Design by SORTIE 30.
In lineup Rampage (video game) River Feeder the planned issuance three models:

Rampage (video game) River Feeder 14ft until 180g
Rampage (video game) River Feeder 13ft until 150g
Rampage (video game) River Feeder 12ft until 120g

If all will well, we will present three new series of on autumn the exhibition in Kiev.
So that mercy of am asking to us on billboard, s “!

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Is famously! Skloubeni exhibition hold letterheads for :cool:



An excellent the review :cool:
Here is only like would anything hear not only pro the brook a series of.



Around the its time, gradually d putting announcements :)



Javadxan! Now boom know whom talking about for stick and done to present :crazyfun: Seryoga let us hope that rods up :cool:



And that at prices? Already populyaren?



At prices until not can nothing say.
But think that place it will reasonable on price and cost their money.



A grey, remember our conversation for done (dozen, length)? As with this? Will "their" diameters or as?

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Done, in dependence from models will two diameters 2.2 mm and 3.5 mm in place landing. Other rings on more powerful tests have dozen 3.2 mm for more convenient work with node shock. Also for more smart tips of his will rings with diameter of 2.6 mm and 2.0 mm.
Length, too, will different in dependence from test, from 52-65 see

Only 12 various kvivertipov from 0,75oz until 6oz, in all three south Akron kvivertipy will vzaimozamenyaemye.

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Sergei, and that with this will become with a series of Grand? She will remain or all higher of the above will emerge in as a substitutes and additions?



Grand Feeder very is it apt XMEGA, he remains.



About feeder zemeks 3,90m, 90gr. Look with 8 minutes 50 of seconds

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футболер wrote:

. Look with 8 minutes 50 of seconds.

For not walking out that door done under zabrose there is highly a simple and effective the medicine - can be grate supplied in done some paraffin wax (for example, a candle).

Strange, that Man, on their own razobravshiy and smazavshiy coil Browning, says nothing about treatment vershinok.

Text or: In addition to Zemeksu and Sabaneevu, I was witnessing, when to vershinka on feeder Garbolino - apparently, this disease many being udilok.



The only - a fishing rod on which I have periodically not not go such as carboxylic lightning, this Hardy Narksman, and the because landing part of on them initially addition wax.
Until not made similar procedure with other tip here and in other as tips (MAP, Preston, Fox, Daiwa, periodically rebuffed with such problem. Lightning not go under 1949-1969 power zabrosakh from for difference flexibility materials, more benign hollow letterhead faint automatic and hard a solid kvivertipa, when emerges effect "vyshatyvaniya."

P. S. Incidentally lightning not go more often those who testing matchevyy impose :playful:

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For paraffin and wax thank you! But, for their vershinok from udilisch, bought glue 505 and mikronku, for fitting.
Truth, such problems still not controversial of.



ZooM wrote:

done, in dependence from models will two diameters 2.2 mm and 3.5 mm in place landing. Other rings on more powerful tests have dozen 3.2 mm for more convenient work with node shock. Also for more smart tips of his will rings with diameter of 2.6 mm and 2.0 mm.
Length, too, will different in dependence from test, from 52-65 see

Only 12 various kvivertipov from 0,75oz until 6oz, in all three south Akron kvivertipy will vzaimozamenyaemye.

Edited Zoom (Yesterday 19 :34: 56)

Landing two different diameters and vzaimozamenyaemye? Means construction envisages patch on type Garbolinovskoy have Long Distans?
Have Garbolino broke a on upper class.



There is no, simply on Light models lightning will sensitive, but on khevikakh stronger. (Example Preston)



Николаенков Юрий wrote:

Posadochnye two different diameters and vzaimozamenyaemye?

In my opinion, as have shimano-done laytov same assessment have all models-modicum alivio, modicum bist, modicum Antares. Have khevikov, too,.
Unification of-great thing :cool:
In short, I understood that have zemeksov and have new rechnikov vershinkami can be change (provided one diameter)





Ah understandable. I asked about what there is 2.2 and 3.5. And under this have ALL interchangeable.



And so, my girls toured!
Three line of, ten test samples types various lengths, tests and design goal.

Friends, I will gradually to inform you with their datasheets and characteristics.
Imbabers with line of ZEMEX Rampage (video game) River Feeder.
As in sight from name Rampage (video game) – coterie, the giddy pace of, this series of udilisch is designed for it comes to shagging big rivers with a strong the flood of. In lineup three model Heavy and Extra Heavy classes for various conditions examine alternative treatments for river fishing. These with President for connoisseurs of examine alternative treatments for river fishing in CIS, for those who knows that tacos Dnepr river, Don, Volga and Desna river …
The main idea series of Rampage (video game) builds on how to make and elegant sports feeder with the maximum endowments of ruggedness and rapid, the rolling in progressive, priemistym marched. This concept blanca allows udilischu maximally kontaktno execute orders on during and minimizes failings under short and abrupt podsechkakh under it comes to shagging examine alternative treatments for river gustery and small fry. Rapid build letterhead Rampage (video game) River Feeder allows udilischu keep the flow of, but under overstretched udilishche uncovers their usual properties and properly predisposition of tugging major examine alternative treatments for river fish.

Developing a Rampage (video game), I initially refused from English concepts khevikov, when in growth 14ft feeder has supply capacity 100-130g, such with President are good on potryakh in no clothing left, they seem lungs, and pleased lezhatsya in hand. But in deeds, provided industrialized fishing on distance there is 40 meters and more, on strong stream letterheads for such fishing gear are beginning cover. And if during session blows wind in face or there is the need in using a volumetric dire feeders, then problems with precision and a range zabrosa are beginning hinder successful fishing. For precise and distant zabrosov and effective examine alternative treatments for river fishing needs to have fidera was resource, supply capacity + 20G, to not force a form during zabrosa and send snap expense of broskovykh properties rods up, not expense of physical forces. Loath fidery Rampage (video game) have this extended supply capacity, but under this not have lost elegance and shape Ray.
Special attention I has spent much time length of his handles, she magnified by until 505 mm from komelnogo rings katushkoderzhatelya. Countries. The shield is an integral part of design types class Long Distance and allows first adhere less effort under zabrose expense of more a powerful crowbar. External kind of and material from which carried out the the handle Rampage (video game) River Feeder have become already with which companies ZEMEX and have established themselves as reliable and very cushy in exploitation. During river fishing trips I'm using very viscous prikormki, which inevitably nalipayut on handle with a thick layer by layer and on pith arms conceived otskrebayutsya with particles - of ground coat. With Rampage (video game) River Feeder such problems there is no, contact komelnaya part of made from neoprene and is famously is it coming out, and instead congestion is used composite material from neoprene and probkovoy crumbs, very functional, and convenient in using.
Black rings series of Korea New Concept GUIDE No tangle discourage perekhlestam cord under zabrose and betray rod and elegant and strict kind of. In goes three kvivertipa expedited serviced distance between a tulip and second little ring 50 mm, that allows impede perekhlestu during zabrosov under using dire feeders.
The form rods up not absolutely dry, in it there is Indispensable UN viscosity, permitting the clearly “shooting out ” snap dire tests on long drives lines. A form ZEMEX Rampage (video game) have to Feeder on measure types Heavy class has overcompensate small dozen and can boldly be are to udochkam class Slim. The form trekhchastnyy, comforting in transport, with carefully podognannymi shpigotnymi connections and fired rubber vtulkami ally from embody water and debris. Developing a design blanca and ready production, I betrayed rod innovating connotation combined elaborate with gloss mags. On my taste of ‘ well, hope that and you, s “, such external kind of will on psyche!

ZEMEX Rampage (video game) River Feeder 14ft until 180g
The most powerful feeder series of Rampage (video game), real Long Distance tool for effective work on medium-size and distant made it big rivers, such as Dnepr river and Volga. Growth 14ft gives opportunity drag a major the brook fish through back style of and all the rubble.

Length: 420 centimeters
Maximum test: 180g
Transportation the length of the: 146 centimeters
Weight: 314g

ZEMEX Rampage (video game) River Feeder 13ft until 150g
Balanced Archaea the classic Heavy Feeder, universal tool for any conditions examine alternative treatments for river fishing. Medium-size and big rivers with by bronze leschami, the majority had forced dneprovskoy gustery in bad can handle wind weather, this egos profile. In one word sports model broad spectrum use of.

The length of the: 390 centimeters
Maximum test: 150g
Transportation length: 136 centimeters
Weight: 285g

ZEMEX Rampage (video game) River Feeder 12ft until 120g
This feeder for more subtleties conditions, if of course so can be called the flow of famous desna's :) Growth 12ft allows with large comfort work under navisayuschimi forested. A dynamic tool for sports fishing, the combination of test and length make build this fidera comfortable and for industrialized fishing in conduits based on distant made it or under need and men, wind khlestkimi prostrelnymi zabrosami. Priemistyy, a catchy, broskovyy and well balanced feeder.

Length: 360 centimeters
Maximum test: 120g
Transportation the length of the: 127 centimeters
Weight: 240g

In next time speech goes about series of ZEMEX Razer Carp Feeder. To be continued…

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This the end option or will updated along that any? C mind very even impressive :cool:

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I their watched / wasn't brave. Yesterday. And Alex. ????? of us their priorities in a fishing trip - me was interested in in primarily "Kopru" a series of. Personally me highly liked decision on "color encoding" each series of and use in as a of passage rings Korean "replicas of" nebezizvestnoy By-series of from Fuji. Not quite appealed rings on vershinkakh "examine alternative treatments for river" series of - I have a bit another "misconception about the beautiful" :D. But so as landing 3.5 the done from EBM must very even approached only.
About external species indeed all very "tasty." Even said would "stylishly." And truth, that on potryakh these with President Tallinn to Italian tastes those who likes letterheads for "to dispose." Water, of course, all-prioritize on their jobs.
However this only prototypes and, how I understood, have Zoom-and there is certain remarks on some models - he wants to serial product was simply impeccable.

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Proactively Razer and Rampage (video game) I very exasperated, will couple small edits about kvivertipov and small designer the nuance, but accurately will be able say only after as am about a series of tests.
On tomorrow who trip in Ternopil, on week. Otkatayu there entire a series of Razer.
On return'll run a test on Rampage (video game) on Dnieper River.
A series of GodLike is League and well Good, but I know as do even better, want to fly fishermen CIS received real [kayf]from industrialized fishing little slapping, gustery and small fry. So that unambiguously d its still updated along and present we its let us on spring the exhibition.
And to autumn the exhibition on our booth prepare to the presentation series of Razer and Rampage (video game).

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The contact the commercial on series of ZEMEX Razer Carp Feeder.
Dismantled during karpovoy session, so that not't be surprised karpovoy topics zaglavnogo clip :)


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