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4 March 2013
River S. Donets, Pechenihy disposal of.
Dash with partner test environment host at. , the weather has, many run, weak breeze.
Aoaee on bus ride with forge the Proletarskaya (Kharkiv Metro), host at were in 8, harvest began to in 9. I did prikormku on dace and laskirya (browning red Roach, browning river bream, the FD sport black, RM robin red, VDE collant (glue), coriander, cocoa powder, black the dye prikormki Sensas) overall volume of dry a mixture 1.5 kg. Previous did prikormku on dace and perch - US VDE Turbo black, VDE Collant (glue), hot dry blood VDE. Distance there is chose 2 - on devices up (meters 50) and on first svale (15 meters). A without launch zakorma kormushkami FS 28g. Poklevki followed with first zabrosa - klevala petty a dace mixture with ukleykoy. Through hour turn on second clip-on earring - 50 meters on devices up. Crime as 56g bears the passage, becomes on bottom seconds for 15 (feeders harder not bought these). Should poklevka, leapfrog, in the hands of ladoshechnyy laskir. For hour industrialized fishing with point still about 5 fringes laskirey. Then fish vanished and not couldn't speak highly. Again turn on round 6 distance - has become a dace good size, klevala and zasekalas do. Overall catch I have with partner - about 3.5 kg. [On 10 good plotvin, else sank.



10 March 2013
Dash with partner in Sunday. Sat across in zapretke, there, where and last time. I've fed browning river feeder, browning red Roach, VDE hot dry blood, VDE Collant, RM paint black, coriander, the aft night crawlers. Comrade - VDE Turbo black, the aft night crawlers.
Took ekstrakhevik and trough 80-120 grams, chose distance 55 gather steam; (53 meters). Catching without launch zakorma, in rapid pace (2-3 minutes without poklevki - perezabros). Snap used with side a leash around, ceasing 1 meter 0.37 Preston reflo power. Previous catching under with their feet dace and perch, I have same proskakival and laskir with gusteroy, many scale - used to submerge immediately.



Was on the lake Liman:
Called around to friends in Friday and understood - to go me will have very. On Pechenihy disposal of not like to go for plotvoy, decided to to go on an.
Very like razlovit a new feeder, so that had to pull match pro. Released on stopping, have local asked around far go and where harvest, to 9 fringes was on place. Prikormku did on an, given temperatures water + 18. Also-Marsinyec-patak strawberries, Also-Marsinyec-patak a deep-fried, dry milk 0,5l capacity, springs sovereign-. Eiaee on moldy worm + night crawlers. If pshikal Traperovskim Leschem - lovilsya bream, not pshikal - Crucian. Come across sudachki grams on 200-300, which used to submerge immediately. Perch proskakival.



ChampioN wrote:

Was on the lake Liman:

O. And I have there like summer cottage builds two floor. Ah as I have. In general have relatives close very close anyways. Beate. In Visitors can be touring :crazyfun:



Was on chastnike in neighborhood Kharkova (for rolls, in Dorofeevke).
Fish-sicles Marosh, different, supplements, likvidy Marosh.
Catch about 5 fringes kg.



Was on Travyanskom vodokhr. With co-players.
Fish klevala very petty and very poorly.



Again exchange in sec. Dorofeevka.
Go with father on night, with Sundays drama on Monday,. Father on carp with boylami, I on an with fiderami.
Fish-sicles 4 kg, that on the Fulcrum offered people (tornado as something there) fidernaya, karpovaya, karasevaya, Arabic kitchen anise. Cover slips Fisch dream carp, maize and peas. Banged out build balls, zakormilsya very copiously fucking slingshot. Through hour I have began peck Crucian on a near point (10-12 meters).
Sea Bass proklevyval until 23 hours, then as cut off, yes and the coldness began a spooky.
On the morning again shooting craps 5322991 on point father, in the hope on approach carp.
On feeder starters toting his krasnoperka, Crucian rarely proskakival.



In Thursday traveled on Artemovskuyu a dam, but got distracted and so. I'm throwing away report only now. Created shot at easy Eziensteina Street and not small number of colleagues-fishermen, despite weekday day. Apparently, all you miss me? You for fishing.
For starters, all as usually found free place and began with kneading prikormki. Together decided to protestit new a mixture Flagman. Turkic znachit Id say, that have shown themselves not poorly.

Tied decided to 1 pack Flagman bream , 1 cover slips Flagman a dace and 1 cover slips Flagman Feder-chocolate. contaminated your dough, still in separating the form of, mixture of has become dark, i.e. Royal bream prikormku not frosted your, that in this case well, so as not had to promoted facial paint. A bit spread out on compounds. bream - for yellowcake color of and the scent of spices, only not parsed whatever precisely and, in general something major faction, a dace - she, incidentally, me like you the more, just with the scent of chocolate and pomegranate, and Feder - with easy aroma chocolate. To word, for me big plus, that prikormka after that they not slipaetsya in best, that it is important, so as traveled on their two and a sieve quite not to community. And a little bit of a aromy VDE Chocolate roughly-third wrapping on batter's box now, so as water still the Cold. And! Forgot, still added a bit VDE-shnoy copra-Melassa. And already after additional uvlazheniya added roughly gender packs Flagman Pastochino. So perishing broke a, that had to do without coarse very.

Harvest decided to a new health and Milo Preimiership combo multi feeder 3: 30 / 3.90 laytovaya wand with test until 60 grams (realistically, think, will friends with one another with kormushkami until 35 grams medium-size). Fiderok very grassroots easy, tenditnyy and for small fry most it , so as pleased harvest even not a major fish. And brought together in length of his 3.60 forge the

Until perekurival and saws tea saw here is such shoals migratory birds.

Zakormilsya on 43 scandisk Shima not Exage 4,000. As it turned out then, this was my mistake, need was harvest much closer facilitated would and meters 15. All the more, that fish and on poplavochku (on dam with fiderom only one I was) lovilas in this time accurately such a same in size, but in speed, that well naturally, I beleast. Ah and enjoyed the most ordinary paternosterom, associated on document with a string. And here is length defence wakes up aggressivity variroval from 70sm and until 1.2m. Incidentally, povodochnuyu as such used Drennan Rig Line 0.1 mm, which has shown themselves well, at least, I exasperated. To the same, raskosami not perekruchivalas and under using steam changeable tips.

Fish has drawn on prikormku quickly and starters peck quite actively. ????, mixture and a dace, and laskiriki (I would even said, laskirenyshi) and gusterka. A dace already mostly harsh.

Such derive the beginning of fishing became expense wind. Despite the, that on forecast, he must was be 3-4 flushed\ with and in side levees with hand reservoir, but in reality it turned out all several otherwise. Breeze gathered pace.

And had crushed almost all fishermen. Me had to to remain, so as arrived I on bus ride and leave leader was coming on it same.

And outcome fishing



On days traveled with fiderochkom on an on one of giveaway water basins independent area. From-for past there rain opportunity trip on machine had to to remove from the list of options, so as there only priming, with Chernozemnaya. So had to count only on Electric Train. Directly say, option not the most comfortable, yes and, as shows practice, far not surest.

So, let's move out on nightlife rail train (from Kharkova exits in hour night). ????, before leaving had to to capture motorman, lest clarify will whether train stop at grinding halt after stopping, because as already was the sad experience. Having heard is in the affirmative the answer, prepared to almost dvukhchasovomu voyage. And so as we still and maps forgotten, then greater part of roads conducted in some heavy sleeper.

Moreover, that need almost two hours to go, still need hour go athletic step yes with the entire battle gear, which in view this was squandered to minimize no comfort, only hardcore !

But came almost to dawn. Yes and the road was not so a long, given night cool

But approach to water slightly podrasstroil, so as a body of water met us directly-??? panel nerestestom , that could not have more news, with terrible stare were keep in not only from an, but and from ukleyki with gorchakom. In end has peaked has peaked until your desktops in podsak, who was in water nabivalas all small beer.

Decomposed, yet, expressed a solemn tea party and a smoke break and it is time knead for prikormku. Today I decided to use VDE Carassio, Flagman station wagon cannabis and Flagman Karp vanilla on + hot dry additive VDE of Morgan Fish. Together in the process fishing planned beta test new sprays Flagman. So as shoveling still in darkness, then prikormku particularly not viewed. But karasinyy VDE has quite sweet flavor and property faction, for yellowcake color of. Flagman multi-purpose device cannabis lighted prikormka, without a stark aromy and with easy the scent of cannabis. In it, incidentally, lack themselves enough, which perform role pop-up of particles. On my view, good budget option for base. And the third a participant mix Flagman Karp vanilla flamboyant yellow mixture of with pleasant Vanilla Sauce aroma.

Under prepare had to tinker diagonal position Flagman, nakruchennoy on the handle for podsaka, to modicum as something lead chair chosen place in suitable state of. Incidentally, very a useful and ensured a device, sometimes, as in this case, simply is needed.

After promera dam decided to stop on point in 23 metres from Bank. So used easiest crime as FedeerSprot S-2 16 grams. Together decided to use not Pater Noster (disambiguation), to which already was accustomed, and Basic Feeder first shot with the feeding trough on the main line they made and Quick convened from Drennan without any tank higher trough.

And here is and dawn

Body of water, incidentally, mostly, quite a minor and until I zailenyy.

Day, truth, he looks prettier than

The beginning of fishing it turned out not simply hopeless to, and directly-???, depressive. So as for the first hours three industrialized fishing in Mr. Leonid Reznikov even 4000m2 as well as crazy ukleyki and 1 sea Bass. Already began hiring someone about how, to meal for escape home, but on the sly nibble became improve. Not said would, that as from the basement , but a little bit of a an I in end caught. Quite not the, on that governor intended, but modicum something. All the more, that Crucian clearly were showing off. Accounted for constantly something to change in nozzle of, to experiment with spreyami and anything

Incidentally, about fetish. Wanted to lot more paid attention Flagmanovskim spreyam, but until, after one fishing to do any conclusions sooner, so as no amount options its very-significant outcome not gave. But in end I would noted already classics from VDE of Morgan Fishand vodka love anisovuyu , tobish anise spray Flagman

A small outcome fishing

And here is opposite path home was "a tad" not in joy, given, that back to rail train had to go on the heat (as times in hour days) and through field.



Already almost week has passed with of last fishing, but opportunity write report emerged only now the time not, the decisional laziness-mom was consumed with.

In general, was on Artemovskoy levees. ????, went precisely there accidentally, yes still and with new for themselves colleagues on designed. Have us was company from two poplavochnikov and, exactly, me.

Received we in dissapointed morning. Like would and not so and sooner, so as even more hours to go, but so as fishing proved not quite to the, then sleep almost not had to. But this deal such, - on a fishing trip can be and at all not sleep.

So as drove with poplavochnikami, then on road lost for clay. So say, not much loss of time. :blush:

Created us shot at well, without particularly wind and anticipating good Ah, this is great. And, spite, on weekday day, people was not so and little.

Until one of us been collected platform, I began tied prikormku.

In Recordings participated 1.5 packs FLAGMAN a dace, packaging FLAGMAN Feder-manand gender-packs Flagman bream. Plus I poured under your dough a jar likvida FishPower Liquid discover their beneficial virtues.. bream. In already going mixture of I dumped the down Fish Power Pastonchino, which has taken a sip some water and then popped up because from a mixture pretty flamboyant browned biscuits

Here is such a Lies mixture of in separating the form of

And here is already in uvlazhnennom and almost motives to it comes to shagging

A small test prikormki in work

After what I still a bit like to moisturize mixture of

In general, prikormka has shown themselves quite not poorly. Fish has drawn very quickly, with not times family cats plotvichka, have which prikormka vyvalivalas and struggle cavity vyvalivalas and, pardon, from asses whizzin

Zaklipsovalsya I in meters away 30. And almost the entire day eiaee the feeding trough FedeerSport S-2 16 grams. And tooling was the basic, Running Fedeer Rig,instead routinely paternostera. In basis of stood this simple, and dog leashes but also I take up knitting from Drennan Team England Rig Line 0.1 mm, incidentally, very pleasant and enough she's wiry lesochka.

The only, that freak me out, so this the, that until there's gravyve been, on the pourer very perishing actively rushed bleak, truth, she was well an acceptable size. Think, in such situation was not poorly try put fletik, but with a their I have not was. A pity.

Still has pleased already my relatively a new threads and a shave Milo League / Irish Premier League Combo Multifeeder 2.5--3.3\ 3.90, because as and not a major a fish pull quite pleased.

Fish poklevyvala the entire day, but bonus , unfortunately, not was. Sometimes nibble zatikhal and I he launched to experiment with spreyami on perform well were (in principle, can be to speak, as usually) sprays from VDE vorn and of Morgan Fish.

Yes and still well, that were on the ground we in side big water , so as with hand Artevomskogo Gulf over time played out very a strong headwinds.

So or otherwise, fishing Commission itself. And lovilas, mostly, such a fish



Here is and ended another failure contest, on it comes to shagging fiderom Kharkvska region, sec. Feski 14-16.06.2013
On these for competitions ???? participation 8 teams on two human, nomination was of Morgan Fish, personal laps., major team laps.. On these for competitions in that participated point about train,, so 14.06.2013 most teams arrived on retreatments, I have not broke a to visit this action, previous on team Alexey in Friday on the morning arrived with multiple fishermen and began to retreatments, ringing previous and requests to seize with retailer prikormki on tolstoloba, because as toured neighbors with the other area and with certainty began to to declare, that they will be to hunt on tolstolobika, giant, this fish was would Jack-then, if lift one fish + / - 3 pounds. You can be said winner. I not became to do rate on mega fish, you catch or not big question. On place stationing I arrived in Friday on the evening, all practice this and very actively bit, saying hello with all, a bit of the staff and, went communicate with partner, that today on train, was in ulovakh, 've been busted whether tuna melt, adopted decision, if major fish there, means, on melkodispersnuyu prikormku harvest, if on point be appropriate petty fish, need that would she not although I was full. On prikormke catching on VDE.
And so first day rise in 5 morning, a quick batter's box now prikormki, that would to worker she was able fill them. Building all participants, an introductory word chief judges and cheer all participants with start Sally. Set to we need first, me accrues zone In the most extreme sector 50-70m. Until reed, i.e. right while repealing no one from Left Vitalik, teska. Partner coaxing it out sector A3 zone A. 're casting your things, near sectors, expectation this worse just. Judge gives signal about resolving entry in zone and began vanity across dam, all there things, who outof rods up, who already have spread imposing its place on inspired wada, that would was conveniently for 5 hours harvest aquatic dwellers. Imposing chair gets measured depth, and groping, bottom, on Objectivism any something climate. In my sector all was virtually equally the roughness trawling with minute Ophelia present, the roughness as washing board, found small seaweeds even said would weed, and near it pulled up next.
All is prepared, remained only wait start.
Shot with gun just signal about the early Sally, trough with feeds flew of in water, began's bombing, Masonic in point 5 feeders and give ceasing, 'm to do perezabrosy new place: In 30 45 sec. On third zabrose enjoyed gusterka a small, hope escalate, passes calm, continue to to do perezabrosy-tempovat, gets caught sebel (call its herring) which is worth have the surface and but the pourer after the fall of the prikormki on 1-2 sec. Pull this greater fish under with 45 + / - meters pleasure quite not from pleasant, I plant different goodies in cool prikormku poklevki are found, but not what I wanted to.
Passed 4 hours poklevki quite have died down plus on levees from neighbors went So in zone A someone raised a major tolstolobika, I a bit got nervous, after all goal take Kadett won; place, 'm to change goodies in prikormke, promoted to graze legenkiy breeze prevents normally harvest, 'm on neighbor he moved on round 6 distance and but herring successfully, my switches. Clip-on earring on level his distance there is and'm harvest, too, of herring'm on time remains 45 shadowing Until finish first round of the, bleak lovilas exclusively with the surface, if there's gravy stagnated on bottom and poklevki not surfaced, including means missed my shot, 'm to do perezabrosy with pace in 10 sec. Forces left me very quickly, but will in victory was stronger, 'm on neighbor, enleve continues. Judge but instead to and said treasured phrase, until finish 5 shadowing me this not stopped and contrary accelerated the. Resounding shot just signal about finish, after which rods up take their fortitude out from water. Began weighing up the, all their sector not leave but and not gets caught. Me weigh the chain. did you last, have all begins vanity, it turns out in zone A aimed a canard, that a major tolstolobika strapon in zone In, duck, it turned out after, of Morgan fish the apparently in zone A have it. The guys from the Luhansk. Passes weighing up the I have scales, sucked 1720 gr. Neighbor not far was detached from me with weight painting "gr. In end in zone I the third, this could not not inspiring, suited partner and says he, too, in zone the third, sum balls have us 6, i.e. do conclusions, the first tour We persevered honorably.
Such a unsteady fishing took protest forces fully, come in camp speak who as otlovilsya who what place policies--and in zone, and We understand, for the first tour we in leaders, about precise results of judge should aboutopened on building before intensely this second round. Dangers but a wino, Dima one of participants and chief chief-cook kaldoval over miracle some cereal, all and facebook and were rewarded obey impeccable. Communication with the rest participants, length the leash, who as, she knits dog leashes but also, rods up and camping on D.
The second tour began all so same in 5 morning rise'm interrupting prikormku, on Russian in horse and going to community of building. Chief judge announce about results of first round of the, our team ranks first, the second place, with equal number of key was have team engineers, we their cabinet members Secretary expense of weight, this very very happy about it, and equestrianism hope on a good outcome. Draw and I full extension of my lift border sectors from Left again near me Vitalik, right, too, Vitalik, in general three Vitalika gathered. After shot being fired t in zone with udilishche already seen it flat, give my weight and't seek irregularities and differences on bottom, was very am amazed, bottom finer a small though, and nothing, think move away on far distance from neighbors, solve the to do 7 feeders, on-thirds feeding trough I have it vershinka, 'm its to change as in this time neighbor with lev Vitalik already reaches first herring. 'm nervous, do tempovku on the far-distance there is, results not brings, 'm, that neighbor right speaks out, neighbor from Left flipped, lemond slightly closer, solve the become on his distance, poklevki in the form of of herring not delights the, with is far, pull many pleasure not soils. Do conclusion move on maximally customers pay distance, and drive on herring, which enjoyed exclusively from above, in pace perezabros through 5-10 sec. I did until the end of round, Id say honestly very hard. Rivals gathered very strong, after first round of the with Luhansk took big Fisch 865 League. A white bream, with of Donetsk Eldar took couple of podleschikov, became the first in zone I have. , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 40 . Implementation the bad, 'm, as have neighbor clearly on point is worth Juniper these he me and I walkedaround, tried to promoted supplements, unfortunately, the entire night crawlers was detached in the world a different after first day, baited in the Pinku on one thing on the hook, although on a butterworm nibble in first day was better idea. So many conclusions made, after first day Sally and second respectively. For hour before the end of second round when was soaking another herring impressions image benefited pull a white bream grams so on 500 under this tried to grapples for podsak little whether. Resounding shot and all, that caught, then've caught. Began weighing up the, the second day on order I have was worse this I felt, that catch my a little more modest, I the latest on weighing in zone, Eldar with of Donetsk's tearing up zone and on the second day more 2 kg. With look forward await the when I have get done weighing, scales, neighbor which me oblavlival clearly zapischali on from-based 1,590 gr. And here my where, my weight 43118 gr. 95% of herring. It turns out and on the second day I the third in zone, this very very happy about it, await the results weighting zone In where was my partner, have him, too, catch's a weakling, but he 4- Interwiev in zone. Scheming boiled, very like to know. Raised things and in camp, there building and awarding situation, gifts from sponsors tournaments. First awarded for the most a major fish, this was podleschik in weight 865 gr. Have become possible guys, then announcement personal results, my previous policies--and on the results of two days 5 place I 4-\ u0027s. And most interesting major team laps., scheming due, not after outcome of two days we ranked respectable 3-its place, the first Medalki on second for competitions this not can not inspiring. All ended, photosession and began to gather on homes, saying good-bye with all, recovered on homes. For themselves many what stressed, made many conclusions, most importantly, that the need to do for creatures, dies so quickly, that not outperform everyone look back. All thank you for sports the excitement, competitive spirit, a friendly communication, thank you judges for honest refereeing, Dima for bag for, activist Sergey for organizing, and importantly running mate, for support.



Were today on levees Travyanskogo reservoir, brought together to max and feeder, and there think as shed. On the harvest and d. Zakormilsya profoundly gave Salapinskoy + traper bream, peck the beginning of after 6 fringes morning, Holy such a, throw the seeds out tired of, however, from bait fish would perlovku, on it modicum as something triviality otsekalas, although the size of the increasingly would still not independent. To max authorized son, himself profoundly began been running experiments with fiderom, prodlema proved in length of his the leash, the optimal 50sm., give slightly longer than the and there's gravy until trawling not it comes, what any "messershmitt" the learner on falling, and that pisses me off highly successfully :D Since brief a leash around, there's gravy, the rest of until trawling and began nice bonuses.

For and a half hours managed vymuchit three instantiated by on 700grm., and two on 500grm. One even well known from proved, journey took it out of meters 20 pletni, has found somewhere bushes and forced ponernichat :D, ceasing 0.117 weathered, and here is hook sucked into so, that extractor almost the entire had to impose.
With morning water was net, later wind changed direction and increasingly around sea of drastic green... snot, sure, a sado, some tackle and themselves the most zalyapolo so, that grapple homes clean up nice.
My comrade, too, coaxing it out nice fish :D

A until 12, although somewhere in 10-30 already was bored :D



Was 28 June - 29.06 Two kilometers downstream from Koropkov.
Arrived to 8 morning, already was fever. Made a sauce: Prikormka flagship of the + sailors peas + Perlovka + porridge + yachnevaya this. Planted balls ?o 20. Zakormil with Bank.
Crime as throwing good along Bank on up (from Bank meters 5), camping on K. Profundity and brovka were on my side.
The main prikormka fishdrim bream. The bait maggot.
In end 3 bream roughly 1.0, 1.2, 1.6 pounds.
Podrobnyy report



Slightly late birthday report, even sheets, so as on writing time not was, and now emerged free could take and decided to all dropped quick thought about the past church over the last time.

Weekend experienced among weeks, so affiliates on fishing trip find it turned out hard and had to to go one. Not long thinking, decided to to go on Artemovskuyu a dam. First, on their two get me enough easily and from stop until levees, as the saying goes, hand set.

Truth, already on stopping woofing it with muzhichkami,, too, fideristami ah here all simply, fisherman for fisherman, as the saying goes, sees from afar. Yes and and a half hours on bus ride in companies all same business pass.
Despite weekday day, with choice seats me stuff gave me an axe not had to mostitsya need was on modicum what any free place.

Ah that OK, some as found itself place and began tied prikormku. Decided to try new for themselves a mixture Hungarian firms user: Maros,given, that harvest arrived dace-a white bream-of bream, then alighted on series of Bream with SV / ZSV printed Eco- as a request these a mixture without a stark aromatisation and, respectively, without chemistry. In general something, so it and there is mixture of lighted with the scent of biskvitki, quite evenly grinding and with small number of large of particles. Shoveling with likvidom from the same user: Maros series of Dever (bream).And molasses, I its summer almost always leave. Fish-sicles quite well sipping your water breaks, after kneading left to cool and until been collected cordage and tuning workplace mixture of markedly both dry. In already uvlazhnennuyu mixture of whup-Pastochino from Flagman. Under a refill some water prikormku slightly not pereuvlazhnil re- depressed your water breaks well.

In this time decided to harvest on brief distance there is somewhere in metres 18. And another moment on feeder I moved (ah as moved, until that 50\ 50) with fishing pole, so immediately began harvest on the cord. In this time made in favor of monofila, with budget (experiment, all-???) Flagman F-Line Feeder diameter of 0.2mm (in this series of thinner simply there is no, and itself the fishing line is me liked). And liked not only in household conditions, in ?? showed themselves, too, not poorly.

Made a small with start-up zakorm from 15 feeders and forward on according. Fish has drawn quite quickly, but some abnormal brain activity not was. Although somewhere hours by 2.5 Fund until rhythm fish in minute"

Despite this,, the dam hours to 11 starters empty and began very slight constant idle movement - have majority neighbors Ah, this is great not was. Of those, whom I saw, only one muzhichek, gollivudskie still at night caught normally imaginations, in including and something, already on size appropriate under definition of a white bream. Much same part of was with 10-20 plotvichkami. Several times had been approached with questions type on that fishing? or share tackle. Honestly I confess, for me under as it catching similar still very
Rarely, but pleased.

Somewhere to ano days the beginning of stove again so, that sensed themselves fish tank on saucer, and hide although-would in into the shade here have. But leave still not like and I adopted the hot decision D'you wanna catch your until point bus, as then it turned out, - for good reason.

To word, in the process fishing vyyasnilsya another moment drawn on the eve night crawlers slightly died, with the entire . Truth, he and under purchase strongly alive not was. On net moldy worm immediately rushed quite perishing triviality, so had to try to seek exit from position. I have with a in store was soft nasadochnyy pellets F1 from Sonubaits,farm and with the scent of seashells from Chapelbaits. Quite perishing triviality cut off managed, but minus just such a pelletsa in is, that it's a little weak he on the hook held, think, that his element flety. More just me grassroots F1, but and the conch has the power worked good not poorly, only has rested this.

In general, hours for and a half until planned the end of the fishing hand of a soldier toxoid is tired and I himself decided to a bit podrazmyatsya we go watch, that voiceless and as. Yes and harvest in such very rapid for me pace long tyazhkovato. To the same, on dam, in the heat and with highchair (on their two account for alleviating can be spared behind). And long-awaited little slapping I so and not caught (truth, not only I, but and all, whom saw, too,, but this as something your wrist per capita not 4265). And harvest with monofilom on brief distance there is me liked more, than with pletney. Of course, this subjectively, but until I will using under it comes to shagging on korotke monofil.

As a small outcome here is such a fish lovilas. Triviality, and priyatno-)

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And another kratenkiy report in load of this.

After active industrialized fishing petty matter to go on Artemovku not like, so decided to to tear bears on little pond in the hope swim karasika, and if is lucky, and karpika.

Was on such a a picturesque prudike

Decided to get somethin 'a new for themselves mixture of from Dynamite Baits Sweet Fishmeal groundbaitin dvukhkilogrammovoy pre-packing and add there pea pelletsa from Flagmanin as a major faction plus a Cheeto Bonduel. Sypuchka liked uniform a minor an grinding with fish the scent of, but not strongly yadnym. Well lepitsya and virtually not drip irrigation lumps in it. Wood-pellet heating added in least - he after 30 minute "spells of unemployment" a bit tumescent, but not was falling apart, so that as a major faction in prikormke me grassroots.

Until mixture of nastaivalas promeryal depth and . The depth of in a reservoir proved not the best drawer. Quite. Ah very chopped. Decided not feeds on and conduct investigation have local fishermen. It turned out, that When does acceptable the depth of only have levees, and around the the pond finer bottom and chopped. To levees Stamping far, so decided to remain on place.

Zakormilsya and went do a peck a minor Crucian. ???? so, that even not diary his photographed. Pose drennanoskiy flet and has tried with him. Best fish settled it on nasadochnyy pellets SonuBaits Spice the manager,which after long finding in water is beginning to smell like fish tank. Most ridiculous, that even bleak!! Be relied peck.

Small-time wasters here simply insane, several times select podsak in water and was happening here is such

Later couple of hours came cloud and the beginning of thus combining classical and jazz. And I decided to from sin away about, i.e. Tuesday Miners fishing trip and Stamping on team bus. And very on time, so as already on approach to stopping came refreshing begun-dolgoigrayka.



Me flagmanovskiy pellets "peas" not grassroots - immediately after embody in water is beginning to intensively erode and through 5 minutes his already as granules there is no :disappointed: Just moulded mechanical-prikormka, in my opinion.
Bought these on you in the early year. Can in past parties something and changed in better side.

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All can be. With those pelletsom, who was I have. I would said contrary - he very long was falling apart. Me when bored was, I his through a rubber on hook outflts (poizgolyatsya wanted) - so almost hour were there-here. And was damp only outside.
Through week, if all be able to heal, 'm going to go on body of water, where fish from Makukhi he gets a, pick up volumes K on you pellets "oil-cake", 'll take a look, as he themselves will show. And update my then we-)



Yesterday again was on Artemovskoy dam, truth, prove there leader was coming a few days previously, but . Weather contributed their not best readjustments. And not best because, when preparing for not osuschestvivsheysya trip I boiled and the peas, and pshenku (????, with the evening poured its molasses). Respectively, all of this deal should was simply gap and lest this not happened I on the morning under the sad accompaniment downpour all of this deal froze and took out from a little freezer burn there only in Sunday on the evening.

To Towards part deal almost time come in bounced back. But if gruel cost without losses, then peas clearly became worse, that is logical. In general, arrive on a dam and again wonder, when same have us people concerned work, if all they here. In short, mestov no , but I some as vmostilsya in environment places industrialized fishing in-style Specimen on-insider , dubinatorov , i.e., which sat still with night. ????, traces their tenure were are visible on top levees in the form of dehydrated tar from under schlag (nothing against not mean, but clean up for a them clearly not prevented would).

Ah yes okay. 'm tied prikormku today decided to use Flagman Feder-star aniseand Flagman bream-spices. Incidentally, have Flagman there is still bream-cinnamon, as from whom with cinnamon request? Moreover, I today, essentially, first time, exploited sieve for prikormki, until that I have in assortment petty, 3mm a sieve from Flagman I, that is called, estimated! Work prikormki very changed in better side. I this, of course, expected, but now live might be certain. In mixture of I added down Pastochino, too, Flagman,but before as bag pour excess fare in mixture of, in separate capacity poured likvidom user: Maros Dever (Bream) and insisted minutes 15, to pastochino stir aromoy and widened in size.

Zakormilsya on brief distance there is made order 15 unequal zabrosov trough. In the process industrialized fishing dokarmlival still fucking slingshot (, too, threads and a shave slingshot from ESP,as on me, enough is it apt configuration has largely reversed with good, enough powerful rubber. Truth, pick up volumes K still anything poslabshe, to on brief distance there is was easier accusations)
From bait I have was maggot, the worm and several species benign pelletsa (before him hands so and not came close in this time), and very I buy not managed, so as fishing Lies quite a spontaneous. Fish has become cancelled with first zabrosa, but initially has drawn quite perishing not konditsiya. Slightly later has drawn fish bigger than others klevala well adequate plotvichka and were electric laskiriki. Licked and bream, but one podleschik vile fled from me in the grass near tectonics (not, need to was peel the) and when vyvazhival second (on card, grams 800, not more) struck freak unpleasant were to come up my chair together with me moved out: Diving.

Mostly, klevala here is such a fish

Still flied here is such here is komariki over head.

To the same, day several times wave of strengthened so, that accounted for stop enleve Udilische I have until only laytovoe, because trough can use only until ounces of, and its wave of kidalo in all sides during strengthening impulses wind.

But hit me maLchYk, which day: You have nestled near me (when, the dam for the most part sobirayutsya). So as he was in field my of view, then I could contemplate all his actions (indeed do, the lack of all this signaled, so as, for example, feed he considered below own dignity). Although several times left the upbringing of his mastyrku, on that and eiaee. Through hours and a half his of hypnosis with connected float switch have him occurred poklevka bream and with the help my podsaka e?anaaao kilograms on two been filed. Until I leader was coming offer capture this fact, happy fisherman quickly I scarpered, in an unknown direction.

Me so unlucky, catching entire such a same fish until the end of fishing.



In general, wanted diversity its more frequent invasions trip on Artemovskuyu a dam and persuasively about on karasika-karpika on Trekhozere quite not far from Kharkiv. Although leader was coming initially quite in another place, but in end went there and not, in general something, not regretted.

In some extent trip proved a spontaneous, so strongly not while in in view absence of time. Shoveling here is such sostavchik down 5 kg Carp Pro Super Carp Groundbait,Flagman station wagon-cannabis, down gift supplements cannabis Fish Power (additive goes pleasant complement to Carp Pro Super Carp Groundbait in gift to) and on gender banks two species corn Dynamit Baits XL and Pescaviva garlic as a major faction.

To word, vodoemchik highly not big, but scenic. To the same, along Bank are worth bags for debris and Bank enough clean, although on him and in sight, that far not all're cleaning up in for a.

Until prikormka nastaivalas prepared the workplace of place and cordage. Used two fidera one with fletom Drennan, the second with ordinary kormushkami. Together parsed a six-metre to max. But, essentially, eiaee on one feeder system Milo.

Naturally, first lovilas triviality. Although, the first to have fallen ukleyki, but very pleasant size can be was ask the goal swim precisely its, so as size she with not a major plotvichku. And roasted bleak Hmmm . But I all-??? not behind this drove.

Slightly later have become proklevyvatsya karasiki, oftentimes the, highly not bad. And small amurchiki with such same minute karpikami, which suggested a returned in native element do.

Later proklyunulis ryboidy slightly bigger than others

Day (yes almost the entire day) inimical local vacations with plyazhika swam almost under cordage, and if given, that a body of water shallow (there, where catching was a small brovka, but the depth of in district 1.5 meters), then klevu and approach fish this clearly not contributed to

Truth, were still and such neighbors

From changeable tips with a was the worm, maggot, two kinds of maize, the peas, mastyrka, so-called of the air maize CUKK and still in a jar As a memento, given me mate (Sasha Miroshnichenko) was, too, something similar on CUKK. With uneven success was biting, in general something on all, but best on maize Dynamit Baits XL and silk a shooting maize, which showed themselves better Hungarian. Already then I have Sasha asked his assistant and cheyta such?. It turned out, that this novelty from sevi. Truth, not know, there is whether she in free sale.

And here is Sergei pulling zerkalnichka

He same with pleasant karasem in podsake

And Oleg with zachetnym karasikom

In general, fishing Commission itself. At least, pleasure was of capital.



I quite long leader was coming go for than something more consequential, than a dace-podleschik. Yes all as something not srostalos, we stars not so Architecture, we still something not thank God. But, as the saying goes, and on my the street came the celebration. Went on statute with goal swim karpika and an. Or that popadetsya-)

In about on the evening come on a body of water and are starting situated.

I, as usually, began with kneading prikormki. In this time I follow principle prikormki should be many shoveling 5 kg base Carp Pro Super Carp Groundbait, Flagman station wagon-cannabis, pellets Flagman peas 6mm, pellets Marine Halibut 6mm from Bait-Tech. Ah and excess fare Fish Power vanilla on, which commanded together with karpovoy base in the form of a small bonus. And still under your dough inscription syrup VDE of Morgan Fish. But entire prikormku I immediately not shoveling, because as so much me and have tied. I have remained slightly less than half Carp Pro Super Carp Groundbait and half a pack of focuses instead pelletsa.

In general, promeril bottom and began with start-up zakorm. Together estimated and sharolepku - realistically convenient pleasant thing! Balls have yielded quickly and one size, that for zakorma with only does very conveniently.

Only zakormilsya and already, exactly, became quite quickly smerkatsya. Given specificity fishing, I decided to's have Comrade a bit cyprinids kept priblud semaphore and swinging. Semaphore the most, in general something, ordinary, but with one prikolchikom instead conventional of the krona is worth lithium-found accumulator, not know, how his should of the lack, but Gone Fishin '(well facilitated. And as, has shown this fishing crops he holds. Swinging I have were the most ordinary chain limit zamarochek.
In general, I youtube in anticipation poklevok.

And here is with this like something not very . Perezabrasyval I one thing udilishche times in half an hour of exercise, the second shabby.There, trying to to experiment.
Bribery from this was as something not many. Truth, of steam engines I, too, as something not heard, although in zone semblance and earshot was where something else 6 people employed seats. But some where ??? something been caught.
Hours in three night my comrade sailed away sleep in machine, and I remained in the emergency transceiver. And in 4 for completeness happiness went rain. And behaved not stop crapping hours to 8 morning. Truth, particularly strong he not was, although and sometimes attempt.

And somewhere with four appeared the first an anemic poklevki. But not carp, and just an. Truth, Crucian quite a stout-looking. But for entire fishing just three an and all stalwart on F1 from Sonubats(nasadochnyy pellets a similar on a minor dyumbel) To Fleta used Nash Halibut Method Mix.

But as something like more lively fishing. In general, on contrary path I ryzmyshlyal over own blow fish and homes pursued a work over mistakes. So under the first same opportunities's wavin 'for modicum-somehow any a revenge.



And in some extent their worked.

In this time fishing slightly not collapsed from-for somewhat on time and promising forecasts weather. But in the latest moment ??? managed to go, let and just on day.
In general, on a body of water we toured somewhere in eight-the beginning of conventional ninth. Too little, too late, but body of water was for us new, and a path pleasantly we not knew, so aoaee long. Yes and itself costly was quite not flower of roses Kerala.
In this time I decided to get somethin 'more large Fraktsionnuyu mixture of 2.5 kg corn was brewed in advance, far I added sugar and a bit soda, and slightly to ukuruznogo likvida Fish Power. Plus pellets Flag man corndude's 6mm, pellets Flagman Konoplya 6mmand what is left with last fishing half a pack of pelletsa Bait-Tech Marine Halibut 6mm and somewhere two kilograms Carp Pro Super Carp Groundbait. Pack corn stick Fish Power lest all of this deal a bit paste together and the Liquid Fish Power maize.

Until all of this deal let and brought together cordage two fidera, system Milo and Preston Carbonactive C-Tech 11-13. So as an obscure impose was not need, then brought together both rods up in Jaatteenmaki version 3.3m.
At all, us was three I, comrade with karpovymi rods and his each with bayonet. Here is a recent firmly unlucky, so as in sector industrialized fishing under 11th bayonet was even 4000m2 as well as 40 centimeters depth. Him then had to to move on feeder.

Rare moments good weather

In general, mass zakorm and forward. Initially instead forward was rain, which turned announced us sector in comprehensive mesivo, harvest and modicum as something move freely on which was not particularly perhaps, because under slightest movement felt themselves if cows on Ice. In end not go off without consequences and in water walked out on your lease, and I several times not Frenchman; but timid, BKV to udilischam, when go anywhere for upcoming coffee (who highly well Was absorbed by his, because was wet, chilly and hungry). Yes and at all, rain us almost all time accompanied just couple of hours for the entire day not was rain.
In general, the first poklevki had to wait long. Although Marrying on karpoviki dragged her up couple of small tuzikov.

But, finally began poklevki and I have. On animals jamborees (the worm, maggot) speaks very highly sea Bass and a minor zerkalnik, which carefully would depart build up mass of. Yes and at all, any smelly odors fish not zhalovala. A couldn't speak highly why something on sour-sweet plum, is a mulberry, frutella from mainline.

The first adequate guy reacted on maize starches tandem sweet tinned maize Dovit in paired with conventional boiled from prikormki, with, nasazhival initially Zoo, as more some sensitive and next the mill. Maize and crime as with prikormkoy I firmly so another dna deposit nasal spray Fish Power plum. At all, quite pleased was vyvazhivat amurchika somewhere on 1.5 kg on laytovuyu Milo with 0.2 mm the main and 0.18mm a leash around from flyuokarbona Daiwa Tournament. Times five he under the form of heads podsaka smatyval Friction clutch my 3,000 Shimano Exage.

Autumn again experiments with the bait already to recover the extremely mysterious fly very comfortable. Put drennavskuyu fletku, 've shortened ceasing and through silicone-ring has spread pop-up bra dyumbel Frutella BitTorrent (client). Poklevka almost in years and again Cupid, but already times in two more. Although, that strange, Hillel he gave smaller younger colleague.

Then again permanent rotation bait, but poklevyvali only zerkalniki until kilograms and proskakival sea Bass. That strange, so this the, that on this a fishing trip all poklevki were only under a change of smell jamborees. I.e., including maize, but if change smells spray with plums on, for example, mulberry trees, i.e. poklevka. If again smirch up the mulberry tree, then poklevki not will. And if change smells, i.e.. Father Jun Kunimura.
Greater part of fishing otrybachil with ordinary kormushkami FedeerSport. Ceasing on both my own rods was somewhere 35 centimeters from flyuokarbona Daiwa Tournament 0.18 mm and hook Guru QM 10, the most big in series of, but his well lack. Although he more, as me seems, counts on volosyanuyu snap, but licked and under nozzle of on hook. These hooks me realistically very appealed, is identically pick up on fish, and despite the, that that well hold fish. Installation of was Running Feeder Rig.
Moreover, having gone in a small landing near pond I still harvested a sweet a bit "ve."
In general, this fishing me liked and conclusions with last I made the right, that me highly aren.



Long wanted to try feeder precisely winter, but in this year clearly not tickles, so as weather quite not winter, but rather previously-the salons. At least, have us in independent area.

But go I ??? In. Were originally plans "subsequent", more accurately, "dalekokhodyaschie", so as I leader was coming to fish there, far and on machine particularly not bus. But "not so stalosya, ye gadalosya", because, first, taxi drivers not qualified arranged a carpool until point X, where I leader was coming already further Stamping on foot. Second, from-for a thaw mere and polubolottsa well could thaw him out, and there need go only through them.

In end I went on Eskhar (as and leader was coming), but much closer and more accessible. There there is tets and Canal from it. Here is on fusion Canal and Siverskyi Donets River I leader was coming vmostitsya. Vmostitsya something I vmostilsya, but bribery not was utterly no. So as to 12 days not was not single poklevki. But Ireland tabunali were and periodically I feared, that my feeder they ??? get caught.

Prikormku I groomed homes (I so at all first time did) - made a sauce VDE TURBO, VDE Roach and "polernul" copra-Melassa from the same VDE.

So, in 12 hours to me teetered dilemma - lumping home or but might shift directly on Canal and try to happiness there. But go there through rugged terrain they run through and not so and close. And fully flock and then on a new putting me not like. But here lucked out, so as local little man named Sasha as times leader was coming in those the brink with poplavochkamii and proposed, give you a ride.

The very a, I agreed, and on road it turned out, that we and in bus ride in Eskhar aoaee together. Incidentally, is dyad proved cool and for those minutes forty, that we real nice and slow sailed to place desantirovki he told mass of interesting things and pro Canal, and pro tets-5. Now I is a clever :crazyfun:

In general, have reached and successfully landed. Canal here wide meters 10-15. But with power plants commanded command not hot, and Cold water, that was for us swing. Incidentally, host at always sits a long local and not only fishermen, which gets caught on "dalniki" and ordinary with President. An and carp. That interestingly, gets caught they his even winter on Zoo maize and even bread!

The first minus, and very substantial was in what to do impose even 4000m2 as well as on middle Canal, camping on E. Meters on 7-8 shestidesyatym buddy Dutch. Ah very awkward. Accounted for, that is called, "vydrachivatsya."

More-less adequate fish we so and not rounded up, but includes klevala mega-krasnoperka and such a same "monstruoznaya" a dace, and ah very actively. ????, often klevali so large copies of, that for them was problem to swallow hook 14 Number Preston (how remember 322). In such a place more would has drawn my milovskaya system in trekhmetrovom version and micro-the feeding trough weight grams so 5-10.

Ah and simply nice photo

The very a, that fishing I not exasperated and d "revanshirovatsya", but in the other times, and, likely, in another place



ChampioN wrote:

10 March 2013 Dash with partner in Sunday. Sat across in zapretke, there, where and last time.

If not secret on how many problematic in "zapretke" with guards. , Dick and Harry seems often?




If not secret on how many problematic in "zapretke" with guards. , Dick and Harry seems often?

Not secret. Of those 5 fringes times that there was, 2 times "politely asked" take over for fence. :no:



ChampioN wrote:

(): "" . ? . 5- , 2 " " .

. . "" . ?



I repent, in this year with fiderom still not traveling and times's been a hell of opportunity, I decided to take it. Yes and, the weather has, in recent days is beginning to be pampered.
Still with the December trip has remained freeze from VDE Turbo, VDE Roach and VDE copra-Melassa. The very a, that to emit such a charm of was pity, here is I and left for any such fishing.
To go far not diary, so jumped on The Ood In district of the village Eskhar. In these places I oftentimes the so, you haven with witnessed and not times was conceived and about as a fishing trip.
Day took out prikormku from a little freezer burn there, to to by the evening she passed already more-less always kind of. From nazhivok outfitting yourself motylem and nobody, truth, coarse so and not found, a pity, was very incidentally. But times perishing rallied, then need to to go.
On the evening prikormka already unsupportable be kind of a cohesive lump frozen something, povozil its in the bucket and used to wipe down through 3-'s millimetre Flagmanovskoe a sieve, because as after freeze prikormku need was to argue in order. I sprinkled still dry Turby , a little bit of a douvlazhnil and through half an hour of exercise still times used to wipe down through a sieve.
Until this I only times was taking with a Gone Fishin '(fully ready prikormku, believing, that its need to do directly near dam (ah there, water must be from dam, where the planned fishing and anything in the same vein). But lot over sypukhom there is sense and homes, in than I indeed might be certain.
Somewhere minutes 20-30 from station until seats and can be raskladyvatsya. With a I bought these Preston C-Trech 11-13ft and in 3.9 I his brought together and place allows, yes and feel more comfortable me. From-for not the most weak tide put trekhuntsovuyu vershinku (that case) and prestonovskuyu cell 56gramm (more with a not was, although, in principle, this been lacking). And forward on according.

Would gladly wrote would pro poklevki with the first-the third trough and small arms nibble, but, alas, what not was, moreover not was. Poklevki all were quite an anemic and number of not pampered, although closer to 12 fish activated. Size of, only not the bones.

As something activating nibble managed with the help, high quality - alternately worked FishDream Joxer and Flagman Roach, Flagman Bream. Plotvinyy the most aptly worked to attract melkosrani. And here is experiments with dry additives bribery not brought today.

Despite the, that a hatchling pond I a bought these, putting his I not became, so as to occupy is thin fish in plans particularly not original. So the entire minnow immediately send any for their senior brothers and sisters. But a they as something's fucking slow.

As nor fact, season I opened, with than themselves and I congratulate) How states, better late, than never--)



Couple of days ago managed to escape ??? Gone Fishin '(. Leader was coming to go with one mate, the solemnly moved out almost in the most the latest moment and already'm thinking. to go himself, as telephoned comrade and, in general something, accidentally decided to go together.
Go threesome on Artemovskuyu a dam I, Vasya and hymalayan, white but , so as spinningist.
So as many known were already there in Sunday and were some what data, then with the most morning decided not to go, and travel very from cities hours in seven morning.
As times, when has approached community meeting, decided to take still with a some water and went to wait Jones with Orthodox. All, of course, well, but as it turned out already on Artemovke, near terminal, where Ithis the most your water breaks I Isaev forget a bag with sadkom, head podsaka, tripod and tychkoy for charge. So mood as something was not most joyful.
Prikormku I made a sauce homes part of trapperovskiy Fisch-mix, which, in the pure me quite not grassroots, so as slipaetsya and komkuetsya Watered down this mixture of turbinoshkoy from VDE, monopoly through a sieve still with the evening. Truth, on the morning monopoly still times . Not said would, that broke a the, that like, so as already on a fishing trip had to glazing still times, and particularly malicious lumps, shavings to leave it is reconstituted between on sunshine. Vasya same used freeze of

I decided to harvest with a near distance there is, and Vasya, that is logical, with the far-, so we could faster find fish. And the first poklevki were I have, on that Vasya responded how much it is witchcraft with prikormkoy and began me to do. And I periodically tried to improve your fish to itself. In end I, too, has shifted on distance order 40 meters
Nibble was so itself, with, except us lovilo still literally several people this the, that was within semblance, and people was quite many, despite weekday day, so as when we toured, then ranked in fact the only free place.

Our seats

Periodically well revived nibble VDEshnye supplements, - small of baby powder of the dry supplements VDE Classic, Special and of Morgan Fish, perhaps, precisely in such a order. Sprays worked worse, but FishPower vorn sometimes improves number of poklevok. Incidentally, Vasya, too, dry supplements bad about molesting, but what not know
Flying a dace

Motylnyy pellets and Claccic from VDE

With a long and, measuring defence wakes up aggressivity also accounted for to experiment, until 1.5 meters, but alighted somewhere on 70 centimeters. The thickness of the the leash variroval from 0.11 Reflo Power until program Drennan Rig.

Incidentally, already in late fishing staged a small pokidushki two fiderov- Korum CS 12ft and Preston C-amount 11-13ft.

On both rods up ticked cargo flu 70 grams, but with different coils. In case with Korumom stood Nanofil, if am not mistaken, 0.1mm and cargo had fled on 115 meters! And C-amount in length of his 3.9 Dam and trekhuntsovoy the tip with coil Daiwa MatchWinner and puffed Power Pro 0.15mm (the so broke a accidentally, that such lifeline stood) have ditched on 126 gather steam; coils, but how many this in metres until is unknown, so as coil on oborotistost until not module's. In next time will try take counter fishing line of yours for greater accuracy testimony

Sat we until the last went hours in seven the evening, exactly, on twilight. [On paired tens of plotvichek, and else back: Diving.

Forgot add, that on return in Kharkiv I dropped by in the kiosk, where left its priceless stuff to and took away his! So that day over on a major accord

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Thank you for sheets, very interestingly and pleased was revere! :yep:
Des, genuinely very and very glad, that its priceless stuff to you increasingly-??? [ :cool: Yes, that its sympathy for not had to, and the I already was emoting :)



Thank you for nice words

About skarba. I not times found othersthings (starting with phones) and always sought to regain the storeowner. Apparently, me this "backfired on", what I highly glad, and the as figured, well, how many is worth resumption of, then mood clearly not hire fishing was



Correctly! :cool: At another sorrow his happiness not will. Pleased understand, that honesty and decency increasingly-??? get rewarded by great :) A the life more often shows, that works principle "Dont do for good - not atoning of evil." :dontknow:
Yes, I same so and razperezhivalsya, when read - little moreover, that simply worryingly a sense of from losses what-either on an empty place, and here even and such sac :tired: Nu yes okay, increasingly well, that well does end :cool:

Also message observed, that this is not post, and provides popular wisdom some have :D


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