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Tandemnyy tournament "bears Feeder OPEN"

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20-21 April will mark fidernyy tandemnyy tournament "bears Feeder OPEN"

Place conducting.

Donetsk region Starobeshevskoe in-ua, village of Malyshev Log A new World ``to.

Goal and tasks.

1. Popularization fishing sport.
2. Raising level of excellence athletes.
3. Meeting friends.

The organizers.

1. An organizer is Donetsk oblasna the federation fishing sport.
2. Amateur’fishing club "DONFISH."


1. Common rules on sports it catching fiderom (in tandem).
2. Participants owe know and abide by rules. Abide by rules behavior on a reservoir.
3. Premium with every stakeholder 250grn (500grn with tandem)


To participate is transparent athletes, lovers from all areas Ukraine, and also countries CIS, number of fly very comfortable 20.
From area not more three fly very comfortable, in case availability of free seats, all wishing to until set of 20 fly very comfortable.
Number of fly very comfortable from Donetsk area is limited 6 teams.
Registering the on around 10% is conducted until 08-04-2013 vklyuchittelno, 09-04-2013 registering the reserves
15-04-2013 the latest day registration.

Order conducting.

1. Competition will be provodisya in two round in during two days, kaazhdyy from tours on five hours, in two zones.


To midweek weigh-in will be vetted by the entire fish, except tolstolobika.


19 April, official trenerovka
With 6-00 until 18-00.

20 April
6-00 to 6-30 opening the, draw.
7-00 entry in zone
9-00 start
14-00 reckoning
14-00 until 15-00 weighing up the

21 April
6-00 to 6-30 draw
7-00 entry in zone
9-00 start
14-00 reckoning
14-00 until 15-00 weighing up the
16-00 building, announcement of the results, awarding.

The organizers leave for a right contribute changes in regulations.
Contributed change in on the premiums, visible with an additional booking Bank on 19 April under trenerovku.

Numbers phones organizers of 095-675-47-01 Sasha, 050-472-47-72 Dima, 050-452-45-50 Igor.

Number the phone the hotels 06253-7-25-88.

There is questions to participants about we trained-can be discuss here or in’regime.

Sponsors tournament’s
Lucky Fisher

trough Vegas


1. "mr.Fisher"-, Donetsk
Naraykin A.
Wladimir S.

2. "M-Plast"-, Donetsk
Goryainov M.
Maksimov E.

3. "Winners (store) Team"-, Donetsk
Koltsov S.
Shitikov A.

4. "FishDream"-, Donetsk
Romantsov A.
Masalov R.

5. "Dream have Team"-, Donetsk
Saprykin, R.
Saprykin, W.

6. "Vegas"-, Donetsk
Niskoklon W.
Bogdanov E.

7. "Shimano-1"- Dnipropetrovsk
Fighting O.
Ivan Taranov (footballer) A.

8. "Shimano-2"- Dnipropetrovsk.
Oliynyk O.
Ivan Turkenych W.

9. "Three China-2"- Zaporozhye
Virchenko S.
About ten species A.
A ghastly A.-trener.

10. "Shipping route"- Lugansk.
Kiselev G.
Burdin A.

11. "Three China"- Zaporozhye.
A ghastly A.
Andrusenko F.
A ghastly A. - coaches.

12. "luhan River-2"- Lugansk
Babenko W.
Ivaschenko P.

13. "long voicemail you'll see"-, Donetsk
Pokidin D.
Iiainaa W.

14. "G-Stream-2"- Zaporozhye
Shan E.
Solodovnik N.
Know E.-koordinator

15. "flagman"- Dnipropetrovsk
Deev W.
Vinogradov W.
Gostischev A. - co.

16. "At the hook"-, Donetsk
Yunyakin R.
Gnezdilov E.

17. "PESCATORE"-, Donetsk
Gutolos S.
Gololobov D.

18. "Sebel Team"- Lugansk
Kashuta D.
Elsewhere M.

Registering the got!

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FPL wrote:

Head nasadochnyy

1 kg. And the from him has remained half of :dontknow: A we need to 4 kg.



Am asking a bit correct!

Alex72 wrote:

12. "Three China" - Kyiv
A ghastly A.
Andrusenko F.
A ghastly A. - coaches.

This Zaporozhye team!

Alex72 wrote:

10. "Zaporzhe" - Zaporozhye
Virchenko S.
About ten species A.

Team "Three China 2"
And coaches - Scary A.

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After auditions, oftentimes the recall Starobeshevo. Very want even times to visit on this water feature. Shopping as liked fishing. , it is a pity until not is obtained.



Under the reclining stumbling and water not flowing.



plastmax wrote:

Pod the reclining stumbling and water not flowing.

I know, so I already with motylem nasadochnym (a bit, but bought. I still yesterday telephoned Naraykinu and said where there is night crawlers, albeit a bit, but he there is. So that here is such here is affairs. Understandable that until Saturday he will not the best drawer what, but went belt and brace's. :flag:



Romeo wrote:

I know, so I already with motylem nasadochnym

You means otvinchivaem from invoicing.



plastmax wrote:

You means otvinchivaem from invoicing.

With any big deal?

I from its invoicing on 100 grams nasadochnogo very and 2.5 kg coarse not refuse. Bender's house I nothing pro removal of not spoke. How I know he orders been collected :flag: :tomato:

The night crawlers that was someone buys yesterday (and not only me how I know) until Saturday will charitably not the best drawer what konditsiya.

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SEMEN wrote:

MA – It want even times to visit on this water feature.

Plan do this winning the an annual. So that in next year make your dreams come true :flag:



Very interested in the situation with nasadochnym, on our kormandu made Made to Order 300 In ties with current situation we have have themselves. In 12-00 I will know outcome on Lugansku for our teams, if as, then me will have to abandon invoicing nasadochnogo and to leave only the aft for this will be very many and costly, as be, that would you not've resented, pull until the last term overshoot can be quite.



Valera64 wrote:

MA – It interested in the situation with nasadochnym

We until find nasadochnogo a butterworm not can :dontknow:

Valera64 wrote:

In 12-00 I will know outcome on Lugansku for our teams, if as

If there is opportunity buy, buy. If there is opportunity buy and to share, buy more. Because, that I strongly doubt, that manages obtain nasadochnogo in faithfully, if at all manages.
With coarse problems not will. Already have. Us Made to Order confirmed.

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'oc search for themselves, coarse 2kg certify Made to Order.
Luhan River-2
Babenko W.
Ivaschenko P.

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Max, and still can be prikormochnogo take?



DVicci wrote:

Sought add in team coordinator: Gostischev A. E.

Alex72 wrote:

“A. - coaches.

Boev wrote:

Udovichenko A. - coaches

A.LEVA wrote:

And coaches - Scary A.

Guys, all coaches and the coordinators of the will left by signed-in on water feature during registration.
Incidentally, like as coaches has the right enters in sector, and co not has. So that think in as a whom chase log their additional members team.



Dimitri wrote:

Max, and still can be prikormochnogo take?

Prikormochnogo likely d to occupy I. But'll bring his on hillsides in Saturday.



Not big photo Newsweek about the first half of first round of the.
The most strict judge.
Photo with champion world 2011 Alexei Strashnym and his partner on tandemu.
Bronze the prize-in personal 80 of ChM 2011 Oleg Fight
And Romeo with our dad so this ain skirduyut bream. Takers :rofl:
Ah and even a bit
With honorary Visitors :cool:



The outcome zhdems)



Incidentally bright solar, Egypt will be summer time photo - nothing in common not have with the ending round. Wave of was metre accurately



El Amigo wrote:

Itogi zhdems)

On the telephone,
And-1 "FishDream" -, Donetsk 2150 8
And-2 "G-Stream-2" - Zaporozhye 259O 7
And-3 "PESCATORE" -, Donetsk 3470 2
And-4 "mr.Fisher" -, Donetsk 3455 3
And-5. "Shimano-1" - Dnipropetrovsk 3280t 4
And-6. "Sebel Team" - Lugansk 2970 5
And-7 "Dream have Team" -, Donetsk 5105 1
And-8 "Shipping route" - Lugansk. 2960 6
And-9 "Winners (store) Team" -, Donetsk 2140 9

In-1. "Three China" - Zaporozhye. 5340 1
In-2 "luhan River-2" - Lugansk 2930 6
In-3 "Three China-2" - Zaporozhye 4970 2
In-4 "M-Plast" -, Donetsk 3930 3
In-5 "At the hook" -, Donetsk 1990 9
In-6 "Shimano-2" - Dnipropetrovsk. 2960 5
In-7. "Long voicemail you'll see" -, Donetsk regional KGB agents 4
In-8 "Vegas" -, Donetsk 2,390 7
In-9 "flagman" - Dnipropetrovsk 2165 8

With "Three China" for the latest hour lupanuli two bonus of which Big Fish 1450 and the second more 1kg. But on of last minute. Overall weight weight about 5200 If would not they :dontknow:
Have Romeo on 100 grams less than have "Three whale", but have him 4 bonus. Biggest 1350.
Our correspondent with a body of water on the telephone :flag:

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Part of capture of participants tournament’s injected on zaryblenie urban the ponds. Thank you them from Yanukovych St.Valentine.



International second days

Famous, "a candle" Alexey audits :cool: Since with their feet on a barstool.

Ah and technique vyvazhivaniya

Ah here is, poured itself a pint of beer and on carry

And here is what neighbors were have Gutika o.o. Quite in two feet off from legs platforms.

Sponsors Cup. , it is a pity that not was poster LUCKY Fisher


Big Fish second days

The general photo with two foreshortenings

Ah and photo Protocol with the results



From themselves want add, that so peer atmosphere not was even on our domestic for competitions. Participants slightly whether not put each other fish in our marketing :D
Increasingly was simply SUPER! And largely thanks to Seryoge Klimentevu. Thank you you, my friend :cool: Thanks to you this tournament past at the highest level. And thanks to you in rules conducting fidergnykh competition will remain less "white stigmas" that require word itself. If anything I on this hope.



benderr wrote:

thanks to Seryoge Klimentevu

Not get tired be surprised these miracle-man!

Klimentevu :flag: :jumping: :flag: :cool:

Aleskeyu another respekt, and here is Max with Zhekoy at all exhilarating to.

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A quick “H ” from themselves couple of the lines. On these for competitions eiaee fully a new for themselves prikormkoy hitherto never testing. Royal option was from Trapera spetsial bream. Black option from Trapera Gold bream. Start first round of the. Paul hours not single poklevki. All women were lavrika. Feed off many and large kormushkami. In end the first poklevka and vershinka in ancient. The first a downed grams on 700-800 in Mr. Leonid Reznikov. Prikormka works electorally on leschu. Nor I LAVRIKA - his stupidly there is no. Such further. Minutes through 15 the second wild klevaka. Another grams on 700-800 in Mr. Leonid Reznikov. Prikormka works electorally on leschu - lavrika there is no. Passes gender hours without poklevok. Still one klevaka a similar on karpovuyu - zakilushknik in Mr. Leonid Reznikov. Continue accusations copiously plant motylem and yellow prikormkoy 30 fringes metres distance. Throw under angle in one point. Then klevaka have my father … and garnyy zakilushnik in Mr. Leonid Reznikov - LAVRIKA NO NO I!

-hour pause without poklevok. Understand that leschi punks get drunk and allies blamed. Being second black mixture of. And here us awaits syurprayz. Mixture of modicum and black and melkofraktsionnaya, but strongly shtyryaschaya and iai?i-on lavriku. For 2 hours with hard ugovarivaem dozen lavrushek. Mixture of corrupted software small beer! :mad: Thoughts the sad. I perfectly understand that in zone B with a bream was muddling through in first day, and with lavrikom I have us.

In the first round solidly win zone, BUT thought look cheery. I perfectly understand that with those that we have on prikormke tomorrow will Oh as profoundly sad if in zone B not will emerge bream.

Are now moving beyond on the second tour with hope all-??? suckle of bream yellow a mixture of. And a half hours abortive attempts. Of bream in zone B virtually there is no. 3 sector right take on one sticky thing, anyway dokilushnykh leschikov, but to us gets to just-only one podleschik grams on 400 and VSE :( the Black mixture of worked not better than in first day. What I in principle and expected. Although lavrika they were catching lot more, than in first day so as I added in black mixture of ground flax and vysevok. But would still mixture of fish not has :(

Rudely speaking received a good lesson, that need to work only with proven blends :( :mad: That such here is affairs.

And can I with their carp simply can't iust harvest property fish?! :rofl:

Sorevy were cool. :cool:

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And why on the second day prikormku not changed



Чечако wrote:

and why on the second day prikormku not changed

Removal of. Not was nothing except samopala, um - Trophy and Carp Zoom. Yes and potato gun was only karpovyy, yes and Trophy column the entire Livers yes Khalibud. In general for petty fish even worse options - all social decorum on trophy room fishing trip: '( :tired:

Incidentally in first day modicum as something going for a minute lavrika partly helped Trophy column Feder Corn. it gives you gas (specifically in report not wrote raising the again will begin :crazyfun:), which I made a sauce in as a supplements, but 1 kg facilitated only on recent 2 hours first round of the :dontknow:

In general my on the door frame on prikormkam on triviality. Need to was proven mixture of plotvinuyu from Kolyuchego borrow, which a month ago on tandem on this same a reservoir well themselves has shown. At least need to was pro stockpile of its buy in case. Dad's, like, here nor ???? - I messed up is all :(

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Yes it's a shame I governor intended that you’m with Father least in prizes chase and after first day all the more perhaps need to was all ??? local kid making good have friends take house the near
But this is so thought surprizingly



Чечако wrote:

perhaps need to was all ??? local kid making good have friends take house the ryadomno this is so thought surprizingly

Here such deal - messed up is all - "bring it its used." All the more outcome would still a normal in end :flag:

Sorevy were cool and on bring struggle and on outcomes and on the servant-trophy-fish - walkie-talkies all passed :cool:



Messed up is all - "bring it its used".




Romeo wrote:

Sorevy were cool and on bring struggle and on outcomes and on the servant-trophy-fish - walkie-talkies all passed

Long from you not heard such words ;-)
Can'll go soon, back? :D Wu us there are already with whom fight. Not part look back, hand'll suck on on elbow.



Cool tournament! :cool:
Greetings victors and prizeram!
Respekt organizers, contributors and all not indifferent. :cool:


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