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Fish-sicles Rybolov Land

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Ah fseeeeeeee. Zatarilso Karasem Garlic. Densely outfitting yourself. Will with than in May-June carp-amur-an harvest. US selective this prikormku. On senses here and on used composition not has changed with past year :flag:



Kohl thank you for your care package, began to lying! :cool: the Black of pilaf - many run thing!



Efiop wrote:

Kohl thank you for your care package, began to lying! Black of pilaf - many run thing!

Thank you for reviews, continue try to.

Now course a bit has stabilized and prikormka Arabkir, but on, Donetsk at all Academician E.S.Varga. get.

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Begin to flotations novelties from fiscal series of. The price with transshipment - 20 Grzywna (.

Unlike available prikormok: Reduced the share of aromatiki or is used natural flavouring (coriander, cinnamon).

Pressing prices with topping delivery:



With. Something happened with chesnakom :( Pokupal in the early 2014 syrup garlic. Liquid was as-would kind of cloudy and the dark. Shtyrmak so strong that I this syrup used and'm using for dipovaniya Boylov. And week ago bought syrup Garlic as said summer past year. And here is he colored much lighter, and on in an odor and autogeneous full're screwed. Lucas in worst side :( He'd be upset.

In my opinion need to control quality support. And the one and the same product on with your TTKh so raznittsa that words not to hand :(

And sypukha garlic on mechanics not has changed, and here is flavor became not thus saturated :( Perhaps this routine check changes, but I personally upset.

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