5 July 2008

With 16 until 21 hours catching fiderom Trabucco Sygnum Super Power Feeder 3.9 Dam, 150 grams on La on left Bank below OK / Afghan bridge (mountain pine stands).

Assent ? ? windan apple box, had to hung in as a weight backpack:


On maggot with foam lovilas chekhon, podleschik, Blicca bjoerkna, a dace. Expanding - some 40 meters, Pater Noster (disambiguation), there's gravy 80 grams rectangular and, about ceasing 0.1 mm, hook # 14.

6 July 2008

With 7 until 15 hours eiaee fiderom Shimano Speedmaster Medium Feeder 3.66 Dam, 105 grams and equipped Apache 2.7 Dam on Dolobetskom the island Hydropark, creek Desenka (Chertoroy).

Vegetation among summer reached apogee - as on Bank, so and in water, account for "fit" with fiderom on free space:


With morning very it's cloudy, somewhere with 9 hours until 11 hours behaved rain, a strong wind Since-Z.


Tooling (except trough - on 20, 35 and 40 grams) and the bait the same, catch a bit lot more - chekhon and podleschik lovilis bigger than others:


All been seized on feeder. You dumbass kept quiet, as guerrillas.

Spillover surveillance: During rain chekhon not lovilas.