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Barack for themselves change rules on the process of the game. Have them all will to dissent in personal 80 of, and team on the endgame mold from winners. :canthearyou:

Quote hence.

tzerberv78 wrote:

In ties with nekomplektom teams. Participants will to participate on fronts in personal Monster! Will reckon personal outcome every stakeholder on mind industrialized fishing separately. Respectively in directions feeder, spinning, your fishing bobber - will be defined 1, 2, and 3 seats strongest. And from the composition winners in personal Monster will being framed team winners - that will represent Propulsion Kyiv in the final.



There is opportunity create 16 complete teams. Ah so here is let on a lot these team and are being created. And the rest - either not accept participation in "selecting the", either doukomplektovyvayutsya fideristami from the list of expectations, so in many areas did. The formation team from strongest - adamantly not is true!



Here is so and end, good beginnings, not would not be surprised if still innovations will appear closer to finals.



In this situation very emerges the term - being a wiseass o.o.



Cost one day not go on forum and registering the has passed past. Thank you, flagship, for the timely renewal the big info.



Very wanted to first try themselves in "a large sport" ( :D) - not, ah and sho, Duffy can be, and me there is no, that whether? - but course not system and identify winners, and "random companions" drags quite not ice. (Plus still chilly, sec. Pay. Here is so here is raze not imbabers, perhaps)



Organization Games fully is fought company FLAGMAN and company leaves for a right to change system the counting of the on selection viewings stages in dependence from number of participants. In this case part of poplavochnikov - this neproshedshie fidermeny and under this there is would still're short-staffed than half teams. Plus still consider 10% percentage supply on equally. A respected We value your attitude to their sport. These arrangements are batteries and directed on development fishing industrialized fishing and to official their sport not have no relations. In this moment full version of rules will initiated on final parts of.
With t. The Organizing Committee. (With)

Oleg ah you whether as an eminent to an athlete prizeru the tournament World worry for changing in rules in means for competitions) I you I assure the that now happened net force Majeure associated with shortages participants in some disciplines, ah not as khitrozhopstvo. And for this my company as leading the prinisla their apology.




. Under this there is would still're short-staffed than half teams.

Ah, so have us, too, was so-same. In some teams lacked one of a soldier. And nothing. But score, bro was major team.



company FLAGMAN and company leaves for a right to change system the counting of the on selection viewings stages

That this as times and there is being a wiseass! And quite not important, what reasons!
"Trojan on frostbite not change!!" (With)



The organizers, ah when same you Decide with Shores, nothing cannot be engineer a.




the Organization Games fully is fought company FLAGMAN and company leaves for a right to change system the counting of the on selection viewings stages in dependence from number of participants

Any mnogoetapnye contest, and, tandemy and camping on D. owe, mustis conducted on a specific foromatu and according to anonsirovannykh RULES and this ingested size to adhere to until the end of and always, not irrespective the from any circumstances in separately plagued areas / regions and camping on D. And if acts tsitirovannyy postulate, about existence of which in primary drafts nor hearing, nor spirit of. - the to talk about a fair and time for other areas the not account for. Posramili such good nachinaniee.

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Phase in Kyiv … kwjM#t=244



Date final already known?



It seems the organizers're laying low and prepare another surprise.



Looked video eeaaneiai phase, now modicum know where will the endgame undergo, the organizers give already finally official date, ah and regulations not has impeded would.



Roughly 5 October. As will accurately known immediately same all will.



And that prevents meal for 28-29 September, and the after all deal to winter goes, and many on this date planned.



The endgame
Fishing game winning the FLAGMAN - 2013
Under support Mayor of (Municipality) Propulsion Ukrainka

The date of the recall: 4-5 October 2013 g
Time conducting:
sports part of 5 October 2013 g with 07-00 until 13-00
awarding and my 5 October 2013 g with 17.00 on 21.00
Place conducting: Quay, scientific dogma into question. Ukrainka

Regulations competition.

04 October 2013:
Arrival participants:
With 10-00: Arrival participants on base.
(Student naval sports camp Sasnovy NTUU CPC. Propulsion Ukrainka
Registering the. The deployment.
All participants, including participants from Propulsion Of Kyiv, until 17.00 owe arrive on base.
All participants can on base on their own!
18.00: Holding drawing sectors.
The issuance necessary attributes: Numbers, badges stakeholder.
19.00: Personal time preparation for competitions
21.00: Curfew

5 October 2013:

Clean: Rise. Breakfast
6.30: The arrival bus on base for centralized delivery participants to community
Discovery and conducting competition.
7.00: The remittances of participants with base.
Attention. For adherence to procedures, all participants including participants from Propulsion Of Kyiv,
To community competition are directed on one bus ride, personal transport all leave on base.
7.30 am: The arrival to community discoveries competition
8.00: The beginning of ceremony solemn discoveries competition
8: 40: Completing of the opening ceremony sounds National Anthem Ukraine.
8: 40: Participants follow to community competition, according to outcomes drawing,
Entry in sector, preparation seats industrialized fishing.
(Ireland inspect the wreckage zone. Poplavochniki and fideristy prepare cordage, get stomped on by prikormku, rasstanavlivayut equipment).

10.00: Start. Signal analysis rocket.
10.00 14.00: Had forced
14.00: Reckoning. Signal analysis rocket.
14.00 15.00:s.
15.30: The arrival bus to community collection participants
16.00: Exodus bus with participants on base
16-15: The arrival bus on base.
16-15-17.00: Participants leave cordage in rooms, aim of our for participation in solemn ceremony award shows and occupy seats in bus ride.
17.00: The remittances of bus with bases in the restaurant.
Cultural component: The arrival bus with participants in the restaurant.

Program ceremony solemn closing and award shows

17.00: An introductory word leading
17.35: Award shows
19.00: My. Concert program
21.00: Completing Chancellery and concert programs.
Exodus participants on base.

Centralized hard time delivering by bus all participants on base.

Chief of organizing committee competition
Viktor Tsybra 0987615623

Akvatoriya conducting contest





Ah finally the populyaren, question to organizers, there is whether opportunity to come on base before, if can be the the phone number of a administrator.
On regulations, what he wants one thing, increase time training to competition. , the dam the Long, if machine BKV cannot be will, then in Years on time for 1 hour 20 shadowing Will not realistically.



Anna Andreyevna 0965229883
Student naval sports camp Sasnovy NTUU CPC. Propulsion Ukrainka

Idea deliver all uchasnikov with their ammunitsiey one by bus indeed highly questionable and not praktichna. As well as and ban of using their transport. Who was on Ukrainka, the will understand.
Can you are planning download in team bus uchasnikov on fronts and their unload in proflnikh zones with buckets together with things? Them all on building to return need. Add as least hour. Spiningistam this need not, but fideristam and poplavochnikam - very.

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From the entire souls I congratulate their friends Rome with, can and Vitalika with self-confident Pobedoy! Good fellows!:cool:
I with the outset knew who wins in this the. The organizers held plot twist until the end of. When declared winners, reveled as if this we won. Dnepr river - CHAMPION! :flag:
Us, alas, not good quite. Only had gone from cities, WordPad has now issued mistake and suppleness has fallen in emergency regime. To go further cannot be. Had to to return and seek another machine for trip. Sought not long. Peregruzilis, otfiltrovav number of things. Had gone only in 11 hours, and on retreatments, naturally, not typically recognized. Without coaching received, of course, very difficult. My odnokomandniki, issued very loosely. I otlovilsya not poorly, although, too, could better. This very little for a good outcome. :dontknow:
Thank you all participants for create an honest fight and organizers over this celebration. Especially for my. :music:

funded seats

1. WINNER - Ukrani, 50,000 UAH.
Perepelitsya Roman
Tovpik Pavlo
Gordenko Vtaly

2. INVENTO - RVNE. 6,000 Grzywna (.
Soyko Andry
Kazvan Mikhaylo
Mkhnenko Oleksander

3. RED HUNT - kapot. 3,000 UAH
Batsman Vyacheslav
Grischenko Roman
Babich constant

15 program as and awarding and further an entertainment program over in very solemn, but warm peer environment.

Until is preparing the official report (Monday,), and so same video (Tuesday-environment) can be watch-speaking version of competition from an ``entertainment programs yesterday's the evening. … 5202807e8/

humour the commercial Fishing Olympics flagship unknown version of.

And so same promo the commercial


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