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Moose from Belarus

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Second part of submarine video cast in the late summer. After cooling long had to wait solar weather, and when she came had to long seek moreover who is gonna take on Lake. Recent solar the Days summer quickly they go wild so same as and recent days my stay on homeland. And here is finally, my very engaged previous, Yura Nikolaenkov, tantalizing situation and gives a flick flock. With us goes to Sanya Kent and directly from hospitals, almost from under the drip), 're taking, a public longing for a to escape on freedom, of our, a bit pribolevshego, a trainer, Vladimir.
The sun shining pripekalo, but already as something on –, that would not thermalize, us visit under water and accurately field distance I Fr tryokhmillimetrovyy neoprenovyy a suit, so as water was exactly twenty-degrees. Only I his rallied dress as on the beach, emerged grandmother with the grandfather, they quickly have reached in water and out-sailed on middle Lake. A suit dress was already "not sports and" and I followed their example, albeit after years wintering begins in more love with warm edges, became an absolute merzlyakom and I allow dubaka even with temperature water 26 degrees.
This was the same beach, on which was photographing the first video, but the other his the brink. In this time I wanted to boogie-board away, that and made, but when dived with camera, then long'd sneak. down until trawling. The depth of was more four meters, prozrak a good, but on bottom very soft though and my "monopod" a long 70 centimeters would leave in him together with camera. Had to swim closer to Bank, where on distance in 25 meters, has found a nice brovku, and for it seamless transition with contained sand on though, the depth of about three meters. Today I decided to burying monopod cameras away in bottom and hit particulate his almost until the end of, that would not frighten fish, but flashing diodes on cell turn off again forgot. Filament on which bearing brick your fishing bobber became suddenly lack the, had to swim to Bank and all recast.
On bottom water was much cold appears, starved petty a dace already waited the meal, brazenly was knocking in mask and painful for dreamed up was nipping for its feet, independent so same the good transparency some water!
In this time me helped Vovka, he showered crime as I tested far she lands, we long and stubbornly fail distance, so sit in water had to about forty minutes, if not more. Crawled out on (Isaiah 11,, Red as cancer, quickly rastyorsya towel, was a big run on the beach and with stuchaschimi teeth sat in chair do with start-up zakorm. Three trough put an accurately in point, and which held its fourth has fallen squarely on the marker, on falling hooked his and he fled under water. 'm taking off my clothes and feisty., as dog, not stop crapping loudly cursing's lezu ago: Diving under unhappy with comment "aides" from neighboring "sector"!
Ottseplyayu crime as, get out on Bank, and instructor asks had included whether I cell. 'm turning around now and'm floating back! Otogrevalsya long. Her teeth knock very loudly, and hands, yes and himself tryossya even longer.
Again with start-up zakorm and again do the jimmying the marker. Instructor, as always, on-trenerski, quickly me reassures and I little by little as something staskivayu the feeder with marker. 'm enleve.
Poklyovki followed immediately on falling trough and I one for one had been bugging small plotvichek and ukleek, but and have repeatedly in different colours, very me hit surprised, that the first trough in the early fishing stocks on bottom or fully or half-empty, albeit prikormka was not very the and hot dry, but for small fry, apparently, such a "of the air" a veil was in the most times, and when reversed the composition prikormki on more enlightened and more large this is a, has spread several large moths, then poklyovki fully reversed itself. Accounted for only guess that happening on bottom. Seemed that fish plummeting has or red line of being able a big murder. Began it is is to cover, but poklyovok so and not was followed by, not believing one matrosika.
As it turned out fish nowhere not gone, then, even after extensive attacks bass, a dace continued stand wall, but now already she as something contractionary starters does he glimpse on more vivid fodder and ate a bunch of his only after as there's gravy returned on Bank. Tuft ofjuicy very on the hook for it at all not existed and even placed motylika razbrosannogo on beneath the she ignored. Strange, even to spirit oparyshu she met with large appetite, pity not was live for comparisons.
Sunny prikormku worked markedly worse, she was more a passive, its douvlazhnyal different aromiksami, but difference in behavior fish particularly and not in sight.
In next time need to try in work more "closed" trough, so same quite forgot test the Chameleons from It's Lefty's, was would very interestingly watch on their transparency with hand. Eiaee too long one a leash around and kruchyuk fell in frame again only a few times, several times tried to the soldiers drag crime as on beneath the, but towing system were too short and ceasing not raspryamlyalsya, on falling he at all nor never not raspryamilsya, tooling was Pater Noster (disambiguation), need to so same try nesemetrichku and inlayn, with them ceasing can behave on Different.
Visible in work shtekernaya rubber diameter of 0.9mm, is worth on bottom vertically, so as has a positive buoyancy, drennanovskiy fidergam almost not evident well, until biserki like not permitted.
Intrestno why not was normal a white bream, then whether I strongly nashumel, or the distance was too close (but the depth of after all was sufficient), and can too a large number of small beer used to scare away bonuses, or simply too little time I them gave.
Thank you our as team for aid in the shooting, pity that for summer broke a extricate on "clean water" just two times, need to more attention paid this and other Augustow, so same their fotogenichnym residents in next fidernom season!



Very is identically, interestingly and educational. Prowess emki is growing! :cool:




And that me to do after viewing yours video? As further harvest fish? :dontknow:
Empty trough in first personnel. Full ignore a butterworm. That further to do? o.O :dontknow:

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The accuracy of zabrosa that is a phenomenal. As You so manage?



benderr wrote:

And that me to do after viewing yours video? As further harvest fish?

Here is the the and it - me in this season constantly suffer question that is happening in reality on point. And what intercontinental flights from what do. This video confirms my guesswork, that intercontinental flights extremely low :disappointed:
The exit one - to do its videokomplekt for submarine emki and deal in their conditions.

Text or: There, which tychutsya poo face in cell and're chewing their trough simply pleasing and :)



I is allowing the availability of feed in feeding trough after zabrosa so: - 'm throwing up bricks here several feeders with massacres at regular intervals 3-4 shadowing, harassing the with jump-, there's gravy goes wastes. Then one the feeder'm dropping and after strike about bottom theatre'm vymatyvat. If there's gravy comes full on half or on 3 / 4 the all normal, if wastes or full remont, consistence prikormochnoy a mixture.



duffy333 wrote:

there, which tychutsya poo face in cell and're chewing their trough simply pleasing and

Javadxan. And forgot bass quite not, afraid of. And we believe that perch can scare off fish :D



Black&White wrote:

the accuracy of zabrosa that is a phenomenal. As You so manage?

All simply! If would I still times s goalkeeper touched the marker and me had to would crawl: Diving, I would simply? From cold)



Yes, issues appeared many, consistence, prikormki and night crawlers, too,’almost in shock!
Inspect consistence, humidity, its stickiness feed need to always and everywhere!, too, one way, more rapid - this simply loaded full of them the feeder prikormkoy fucking word, all right about water on shoal and will all clear.
About live component of was thought still with competition, when for example, have someone It was your dangerous driving oparik or solvents, and have someone next door, contrary adding the or innoy wee things was killing point! Several times worked so, that from whom It was your dangerous driving one of components eiaee on him with the outset, zakarmlival them, and the other used his not with start.
So here is, slipped right thought: That fish erve with start, on that its you start to bet on point, to what hooking, then and will work, on the she and will respond and cancelled. Very strange that have us of China’nor has never worked solvents, even on River on gustere almost not gave outcome, more often simply scaring fish! Why, not clear. But here is with start our team accurately his nor never not ready, fearing moreover that production will scare off fish, so as on train, he not worked, but on it his with start, too, no one not inscription. Can simply he was with cow barn and not correctly the groin, although I has tried and their juiciest garden navoznichkov, and can simply we in him not believed.
Can and in this case, on video, almost with start was Dead oparik, and then suddenly living night crawlers and a dace can would and starters eaten, but through some time, but not immediately.
In this season, incidentally, for me became the inauguration a twist night crawlers, namely transformed your bush scissors in bag for, seemed would why, if his can be add in live the form of or throttle in feeding trough and he, too, let Them in juice, but here is in these options he - there is night crawlers and fish become, as say anglitosy: "Preoccupied", pre-occupied with them that often can debauch nibble, and here is night crawlers transformed in bag for, already no one fish visually resemble not can, but smells its gets the, angry, causes appetite, forcing time after time, world steel rope market kviver. : Let a similar and with nobody: Not works nor on kruchke nor in prikormke, nor living, nor Dead, and in izmelchennom clearly mushy the form of he suddenly quickly brings fish on point.
And here is worm then we and not tried miss through a meat-grinder)
Still an interesting moment I understood in this season, this the, that in a fishing trip not case rules and dogmatism, today is happening one thing, and tomorrow crumbling all your yesterday’s views and notions and modicum you here get killed doing it, modicum,!
Fish - the puzzle of nature!



moose wrote:

Perhaps and in this case, on video, almost with start was Dead oparik, and then suddenly living night crawlers and a dace can would and starters eaten, but through some time, but not immediately.

Me in video in eyes from steepness the, that there deliberately harvested moths with trawling in the time when a dace iai?i his ignored why something :dontknow:
Telling was climate behavior the same small fry under climate color of prikormki.
In the composition of the dark prikormki were grain cannabis? Like would something similar plotvichka in primarily and has on bottom, in my opinion. Simply how many times read those same nicknames, that grain cannabis this slightly whether not "the nozzle sitch # 1" on plotve :dontknow:



Honestly already and not were, that there was in prikormke, so as dolavlivali relics of, at gardons could attend, but hardly his was many there. How many not 110 reasons farmi "the weed, as and solvents - almost raze, here is flax could only shoot, but not on kruchke of course. Anglitosy it already long gets caught, 've been trained. , too, heard that even a sound effect fish attracts when she it crispy. Seeds under water. Breath there in ten times faster flies like. Heard this not under water)
Think than more let us sack - the more will issues, not understand we its never, and if understand - the stop harvest, but move forward to mutual understanding all exactly need to!



Видео выше всех похвал , плотвица - красавица , а вот окунек - хам , во многих источниках встречал что плотва кормится в средних слоях воды , а вот и нет - отлично стоит у дна на стоячих водоемах-и тонущая фракция прикормки подтягивает ее ко дну , кажется сильнее , чем всплывающая от кормушки, очень активно своими плавниками расширяет прикормочный стол - потому думаю все же нужна инертная средне-фракционная доля прикормки в составе , светлая прикормка и не очень-то ее смущает , кстати звук удара кормушки о водную гладь вообще не пугает , а мотыль в полном игноре , и главное увидел как располагается насадка относительно кормушки в оснастке гарднера.



All Hi from tropics. Only that returned with and fishing, and here is sostrugal on hastily formulated a small vidosik about how as hard Preton Competition Piker 10ft, thought and I'll put the poor man, but kid proved its robust!
Not had hoped. on enleve-energy and the first hour fishing not knew as from them fight them off, - zadalbalsya vyazatsya! Or Browning Sineks O.2 in slivers or razognutyy 10 Isayama Ovner. Only when put 0.25 Trabukovskiy ceasing and Gamakatsu get isayamu - coaxing it out first you are a Kaiju. Under four kg. Then second and this is more not like to repeat.
Tried to again harvest triviality, type our podleschikov and of spiky karasey-tilyapiy, on falling; give a long ceasing from a new Dragonovskoy HM 80 0.16, but again catfish critically! Okay would on bread, and the one small kukuruzinka! This Perhaps as tolstoloby homes.
The fishing line is hit! The first impose - “averting for defence wakes up aggressivity, was made from the main luxury dragonovskoy 0.28, then another razgib ovnera, and then I got a knack for and began punish these reptiles! Truth took this much time and batteries in cell already not remained, but on 0.16 been filed the kid about 6kg with for tail and the second just a little bit pomassivnee, as need to, for lip.
The complexity of the was in is that fish immediately was leaving under the Bank and tried to crash to mill-aeratoru or to other svayam, this jump need to was emulated and its not pitch.
Preston e?anaaao weathered all mistreatment and served on five balls! I pleased utility of!



And that this Thai old very timid man wanted to do the only bait on 5 minute :idea:? :D

On live-bait, too, these same catfish critically keep pecking? Or another quite there lives?



Military and where same "PI PI PI" after skhodov? :) I would not weathered.

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Plush struggle, plush work blanca, brilliant!



And OK heart of ached :cool:



This fragments coaching received athletes team RB. Place coaching received chosen Thailand.

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Shatsky wrote:

and where same "PI PI PI" after skhodov?

Listen on 49, old Pudge. :D



the Moosefool a. Than something proposal reminds. :cool:
I so understood, eiaee on cord?



Дедуля меня удивил той штуковиной что была у него на конце лески, я сперва подумал что это какой-нить базбэйт на которые здесь змееголовов ловят, но это было что-то на подобии самопального spin doctorа, и дедуля просто расскручичал основную леску,а мой сомяра к нему в сектор заскочил...
Эти сомы не хищные,а из хищников здесь: змееголовы(несколько видов),джангл перч(типа голавля с полоской),физербэк(рыба-перо), несколько сомов хищных,гоби(большой бычок), тиляпии,пираньи-паку в приличных размерах могут проявлять хищные наклонности и мнооогое другое...Вообще у реки Меконга рекорд по видовому составу,более тысячи видов рыб,ну и самые крупные тоже тут:меконгский сом 350кг и пресноводный скат говорят под пятсотку кг бывает!
Основная монка 0.28,с плетней было бы жестче!!))



moose wrote:

and freshwater tippets say under pyatsotku kg case!

Even more. There is yourself a nice, funky peredachka - Water Alien will boast, there Jeremy Wade Daniel makes it and but around the world deliberately Krakenov. In one of transmission eiaee there this Scata - Belarus of course video)
Yes and at all transmission of advise!
And in the past year in pond-refrigerant Chernobyl reactor were catfish things :cool: … waters.htm



Svyatoslav wrote:

A in the past year in pond-refrigerant Chernobyl reactor were catfish things

The the you on night now nor glowworms, nor nalobnik not let’s take :crazy:



moose wrote:

WHOLESALE Monk 0.28, with pletney was would harsher)

Ah-have then not fish, and steam locomotive! o.O



I congratulate my sole and repetitions running mate, NIKOLAENKOVA Yuri with YuBILEEM!





Zoom bar otherwise it'll jam, and video :cool:
Hope camera was for submarine of filming.



Hymalayan still and report wrote, only's being modest something. … #more-7641
There and pro "a submersible" cell :crazyfun:



Much detail here … kubovicha/

?. Policies. All pros The)




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