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Burik on fishing

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Ah that you say :cool:, when already all said :flag: - try as any to place its report here is here: … ostcount=1



, the weather has,: Temperatures + 25 + 30, pressure 740, wind Since-In 3-8, moon 65% on growth, temperatures water + 26 + 27.

After several not strongly successful fishing trips, decided not to experience fate on complex reservoirs, and decided to to go on sports body of water. Planned to come on a host day and have a good time on full, but as always anyone will help debauch recreation. Them proved my comrade, took radioed 07.00am - 03.00am daily his with family on Azove. To do nothing to acquire, sake of his two daughters not is obtained to backtrack and my fishing lasts just only until a.m..

Arriving meal for in 3.40 zamesiv prikormku, 'm throwing up bricks here one feeder and'm feeding two point, and periodically is allowing round 6 distance connected float switch.

The first the apparently on hook a small podleschik at bobber:

And here is drawing glance on feeder, he turns into ancient, and begins Footbal Junkie indescribable and here is in podsake emerges he handsome in 1.6 kg:

Hand for scale:

Took delicious tuft moldy worm.

On reason moreover, that fish discovered its presence virtually under with their feet, had to to move in trap a poplavochnoy snastyu.



Sazanchik far had resettled? :)



Burik - hoko, such a maybe there made! Karp simply a sight for sore eyes! Interestingly, on what ceasing and hook you his put?

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Sazanchik far had resettled?

Back: Diving. A body of water sports.

vadamantus wrote:

Interesting, on what ceasing and hook you his put?

The fishing line is 0.22 mm, about ceasing 0.16 mm, hook # 9 email to the Owner, but a series of not remember, then add a thin without ring of yours?.



To not thought, that quite forgot as fishing, a quick H 8-) So as all more account for pay attention rest with family (without fishing gear). Decided to from heat hide in cool night.

, the weather has, at night: Temperatures + 20 + 27, pressure 740, wind Since-In 0-3, temperatures water + 23, moon, clear, but farthest was shimmering the storm.

Arrived very late to 23.00, so as worked. Sat in full darkness, so not saw, that to me (as it turned out later, meters away in 2-3 had a algae).

Eiaee as always on Picker and feeder. Zakarmlival on one point. The first poklevka in 01.00 night. Then quiet, and closer to 3.00 began poklevki, but from-for algae not worked lift all fish, many order 10-15 skhodov, and three cliff that led to losses zakormlennykh points.

Recommend, as least remember number of gather steam; coil, to not lose tables zakorma. But, alas, me as something at night was decisional laziness be remembered and I see, that fish's tumbling on payroll, not strongly you can catch a. Can this of course and krasnoperka, has tried questioning foams with nobody, but poklevok not should (was decisional laziness knitting a long ceasing, and used 50 centimeters).

But I not lose hope, and, by ripping, then hooks, then snap all exactly zakarmlival new point, and on the sly eiaee a fish. She, of course, was not major until 150 grams. But interest from this not grew cold. So as already 3-4 weeks could not extricate Gone Fishin '(.

This a minor, was and than:

On airline Hi. Did you units 20-30 podleschikov.

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, the weather has,: Temperatures + 18 + 35, pressure 740-741, wind YuV, Yu, width is 1-3, moon 97% on the wane, temperatures water + 22.

Havent update I not was on fishing, as much as 20 days That torn have family output and for themselves beloved :)

On a reservoir in 5.00. Zamesil prikormki, zakormil, as usually one Picker, and one feeder. Mr. Picker on a near distance there is, and feeder away. The first on prikormku divert krasnoperka, but she very's a little, and so, so as is considered multiprocessor fish tank, vybrasyvalas on Bank, where Ideology avidly had breakfast kitty After-thirds eaten imaginations cat starters procedure vylizyvaniya, and murchaniya near me A triviality in this time all so same attacked my bait on pikere, so as on Picker put moldy worm, but on feeder maize.

The hill with petty fish grew, grew in its ranks have become get caught from small, and taller though, right there How here came running a small doggy, on mind can be was imagine, that she feeds their puppies, and suggested a independent entire the caught me youngest. This was prikolno watch, as dog with large appetite eats only that the caught fish (, it is a pity as always under hand there is no camera)

Here came still local fisherman, and asked pro catch - which not was :) and here he reminds, and congratulates me with holiday fucking Honey Spas. Here I have immediately was awake at thought, that, perhaps, I fell in bezkleve, but here same had let this thought, and understood, that this is not importantly. And importantly, that I'll rest on fishing.

The first karasik took the bait roughly in 9 morning:

Then still a bit

And here bam podtsepilos, something coolest part And as always a major fish chooses most subtle place it :) Masso pleasure under vyvazhivanii, and in sight, that this karpik mirror roughly a bit for kg. Here ran up local children used years on 8-10 and let to rumble, and one volunteered help with podsakom, that and inflicting race for the carp, with comes for butterflies :) Karp, seeing such deal, all and, making another jump, language ceasing 0.16mm. Regrettable social, but nothing, fishing continues

Began to experiment with the bait, has tried questioning the worm, moldy worm, maize. On the last at all refused borrow, and accounted for again move on moldy worm, and worm. Maggot TMI Ukraine helps many Admirals with krasnoperkoy and okunkom, and the worm worked times in 10 worse

Roughly in 12.00 (noon) took the bait another karpik baldie, but his I vyvazhival only himself And here is he I have in the hands of. A small, less first, but roughly grams on 600.
Then proklevyval a small karasik:

And still poklevka karpika. All driven carps klevali only on Picker, as specifically But from this vyvazhivanie touched turned in not ease show :)

All driven carps vylovleny on moldy worm although triviality not ready normal for a holiday

That and another conclusion Without labor, not extricate and fish from the pond!

Ordinary words to paraphrase: From 2-3 kg broken bones (which with large gusto ate a bunch of dog, periodically transient) have fallen 2 karpika, and gone one

Long thinking, than surprise anyone fish, and what its rolled out bait I decided to try do emphasized an, and tried put artificial very Berkley + maggot. And that you think? Crucian became getting caught much more often, and sitting on hook pace :)

Outcome: 2 karpika 600-750 grams, karasikov 25 units.

All karasiki on tradition go on program settlement souls!

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Sitting for leisure in Crimea with family, namely in Yalta, I, not usidev on the beach sea, ugovoriv proactively family, solve the to escape Gone Fishin '(on peaceful fish in those edges.

For such goals always I take with a on recreation one thing place it, and them proved feeder Mikado 3.6 Dam. He tight, and can be to apply under so kind of fishing, as on Sea, so and on the lake.

'm to think, far to go, so as am in the mountains and seats for such fishing not many (if not say, that its there there is no). 'm getting out. In the Internet-club, Commonwealth. With a tail in the form of daughters :) asking Council on Donetsk Forum (where usually and speak), and so same by registering on ??? Crimean Forum, not having heard concrete proposals, went to on the search dam on their own. Good 2 year ago already was small experience in this deeds.

Solve the to visit body of water in district drinking dam for Sevastopol (Chernorechenskoe created). For this eat in direction Sevastopol,, driving Foros and find turn on for me ? ?. Then, driving the Eagle's in direction of the village Rodnikovskoe, but, not street before him, seeing from Left created and halt, right, is worth a small a poster: "Recreation, fishing!". Turn on the right, not street Andean, but, already seeing its start, vehicle to the left on prime coat, and are marching in side landing. There will such a steep The folding, from nasty, but realistically preodolimyy even for Lanosa, of stones. Meet in a clause, and the booth safeguard.

Hangs there price with rate examples. Of what remember: Finding on territory dam 1chelovek - 25 Grzywna (., arrival machines - 20 Grzywna (., 1 fishing pole (2 hook) - 15 Grzywna (. And camping on D. There there is small besedochki, the surrounding, and small might, where can be house were incredibly friendly. Body of water a small and not deep.

I pulled up, and so as not was safeguard, opened a clause and stopped by on territory, and hurried to community industrialized fishing. On a reservoir as it turned out only one machine from 4-'s fishermen. Not playing in dry nothing, licked to them and learned, that they also almost clock and rounded up only 5 small karasikov less hands I got this upsetting, and not strongly like pay 110 Grzywna (. For several hours industrialized fishing and twill walk in joke's on. Solve the to go seek new Lake.

Stopped by in village Rodnikovskoe and having communicated with local men learned finding still several lakes, 's wavin 'to one.

Returned in the Eagle's and went right until pointer Shirokoe 2 km. With road in sight body of water, and by veering on of left, have driven rural-urban divide and again left until dam. Kuntsevo to village side in sight melkovodna, and I went to opposite side, there, judging by a relief Bank, should be deep enough, and to the same there is landing.

Vygruziv on their litter box their girls, I's wavin 'to water and look at, that the water has fallen roughly on 1 meter abandoned rocky Bank, on which were reduce the seashells. So, think, here must be fish But here is what? Find progalinu between with algae'm throwing up bricks here its feeder, and'm seek closer further , little to the left.

And here should clear poklevka

'm feed, and on the sly fish is beginning to styagivatsya:

Fish a small, but what OK pleasure, lie in Holiday on Sea, and Registan from sunbed, and have a good time in his favourite subject :) I simply was the most happy people.

A beer, Crust fish, and here is such a a golden the:

And here is and himself a body of water:

Fish modicum and rather a, but importantly, that I abstragirovalsya from dawn :)

She, of course, was the entire immediately same not, even not seeing charge. But here suddenly over the mountain hovers a huge cloud, flashing lightning. I on it'm, and she on me, and winks Dont, think, I still sit, and Who's Afraid of you. Went trolley onto a side wind, and it has agreed occupies from me.

Fish prikormilas and klevala as from the basement, and I entire await the, that OK there still usual, almost am confident, that there should be podleschik. But, to my regret, cloud returned, and already went a minor elcome. Girls hid in machine, and I as the true a fisherman fishing, now and again further.

And here such a picture, before I such a not saw, can this is possible only in the mountains starting from a minor elcome evenly, around the the pond, as emerges the flow of water big drops, recognized as someone entirely from soul, and is moving through the entire a body of water in my direction. Here I not weathered and suggested a rallied and jumped into in machine. All the more, that road tolls not very a good and common. On this my fishing ended.

Outcome: For 4 hours was been seized roughly 4.6 2 kg plotvitsy (the entire left podrastat).



Nikolaich wrote:

You so detail described its way, that children captain Hrant forces routinely will find the Lake. Boldly get new its one on "has Grant."

Precisely this goal and has dogged, so as himself used in searching for dam. Can, whom use to anyone, and someone, and if it falls on full :) I only d glad! After all every the case in Crimea! :) A there bam, and for justification an over-familiar Fisherwoman are, yes still in such distance from Internet :)



, the weather has,: Temperatures + 15, pressure 760, wind In 3 flushed / with, it's cloudy, on the morning elcome.

Toured, under elcome zamesili prikormku, decomposed, yet and zabrosilis. Fish not strongly's trying to strangle us their presence, initially have running mate, Roma's phrases were singles poklevki, but their not managed realize. Then I have it skip many Regional Forum a small karpik:

Then quietly, and I decided to a bit to leave silicon in search of okunka. , the weather has, was not with a to bezuderzhnomu klevu, so even hypotensive in this day lovilsya very poorly, and severely a minor:

Have spinningistov, too, was not densely, a minor sudachok, and okushok. Truth, was couple of units under 300-400 grams. But this very bad nibble for this dam.

Until I wandering with witnessed, partner programms couple of karpikov, in including and on my feeder, but all they were not large until 700 grams. After coming I postponed begatnyu for bass and works pikerok not far, but in other side. A bit pokormiv, he has brought another a small Lysenkogo:

After was another approach, and the good poklevka, but not zaseksya. Need say on this a fishing trip us pursued skhody Hurry just this from-for very gentle poklevok, so as in sight was, that carp he launched prepare for an zimovke, and, the weather has, not was laying out to zhoru.



, the weather has,: Temperatures + 15. + 21, pressure 735, wind SV standards 3-7 flushed / with, it's cloudy with the ideals.

Arrived to 5.00. Zabrosilsya, and began feed. Still not strides Overlord the sun, as began proklevyvat podleschik:

Strongly a major a white bream not was, but all exactly was interestingly.

Then it skip a small karpik grams on 250-300. And again ever responds podleschik. Was feeding I doggedly, and in prikormku was adding flakes male hercules beetle and pellets, and here is it miracle! Feder in arc and began struggle. So as Footbal backdrop on a small during the pleasure not describe words, this simply [kayf]! And here is, I released winner, and on Bank here is such handsome until 2.5 kg:

Then pause, and again poklevka, but she not resembles not on a white bream, and all the more not karpovaya. And on Bank emerge two karasika:

Fishing commanded to conclusion, as I see miracle curved DLP feeder And Footbal has repeated, only me it looked, that with this fish tank I ~ it took him much longer. I even a long time could not see even bring its the size of the. Because as she not wanted climb to the surface, and all the more swallow air. She so skillful enjoyed force crosscurrents, that in one moment me it looked, that I will be losing my its Only with it I began understand, expression of karpyatnikov: wowed hands brush simply realistically been hurting. But this pain was this welcome

In end, with hard, not with first times, but I has marched its in podsak. And I have in the hands of proved here is such a Angelin:

As then have shown scales, 2.450 kg. And mass pleasure!

Outcome: 29 podleschikov until 500 grams, 2 karasika 150-250 grams, 1 karpik on 300 grams, 2 carp until 2.5 kg.

1 karpik 300 grams, 2 karasika 150-250 grams, and 15 podleschikov safely traveled on program settlement souls in 1 th urban rates (he, too, until free, and recently his been cleaned up).



, the weather has,: Temperatures + 17. + 26, pressure 742, wind inquiry 3-5 flushed / with, will have cloudy weather with proyasneniem.

Arrived, zakormilsya, but fish not hurried cancelled Only when risen yet the sun, starters on the sly poklevyvat:

Peck refused on moldy worm. Has tried pamper a bologna sandwich maggot + night crawlers, but, too, poorly only bull, isn't he zadalbyval, and okunek.

On airline found the pourer, on that it of solidity more avidly - maize + maggot. But me something not strongly are blessed with place fishing, and poklevki were extremely rare Had to reverse place (though it and not in my rules). And accurately, fish has become getting caught more actively. Strongly major not was, but with world on Supreme, on the sly, nakovyryal:

In end: 20 stuff plotvits, a pleasant size.



, the weather has,: Temperatures + 18 + 25, pressure 742, wind Yu, YuV 0-3 flushed / with, it's cloudy, on the morning a small rain, by the afternoon clear.

Began feed two point, still on temnu, Mr. Picker and feeder. On darkness peck refused, the first poklevka roughly in 8.00. A small podleschik:

, the weather has, was pasmurnoy, just took it out a small drizzle. But I stubbornly fed, and hoped klevala quite a small fish (but I I take any, in big a hatchling pond, so as at the end session'm taking fish on program settlement souls ).

And here like simple poklevka, but resistance much "feels better". All the more took the bait on pikerok, and pleasure mass

After weighting it turned out 900 grams. Chut- slightly not having fallen designation bream (have us adopted to call a bream fish from 1 kg).

Then poklevki were, but in most this was a small podleschik. But when a bit it turned out real fine, the sun shining from-for cloud, then began peck podleschik bigger than others:

And here under the end of the session, in late fishing I, kidding, that nourished German not are biting, so as a major fish ran all whitebait. And no same my eyebrows, that through some time after these words should poklevka, and I vyvazhivayu even one a decent a white bream on 800 grams:

Outcome: 2 a white bream 800-900 grams, 5-6 podleschikov 200-250 grams, 10 lavrushek.

On program settlement souls 18 podleschikov traveled in 1 th urban rates:

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Seryoga class. Secret place the beginning of work. Ah nothing in December there at all will eldorado. Girl, no matter what all little slapping :cool:



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 9 + 18S, pressure 743-744 mm / the S., wind In 0-turret until / with, moon 99,9% (http), will have cloudy weather.

Toured about 9-30. Began to feed, ????? on two fidera. Fish not wanted immediately to express themselves. Had to well wait, under this began promoted coarse very in larger his-ucts, and on him rodimogo licked okunek:

Then still

Increasingly ??? any understood from coarse a butterworm. Calm, and again perch:

And here bam and another poklevka, and another a sense of under vyvazhivanii and here is he the first in this season podleschik:

For him crunch and ershishko:

Then on, too, udilishche, on which already was caught 1 th a scoundrel, took the bait another:

This udilnik was abandoned meters on 10 further pikerka!
Fish better answered on net a butterworm (without moldy worm).
To by the evening proklyunulo even couple of lavrushek (absolved the treasure of) camping on K. From-for 2-'s units not like start program settlement souls.

760.46: 2 podleshika 200-300, 2 in a bay leaf, Tennessee, 6-8 Okounkov, 2 a boilermaker.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 13 + is 19C, pressure 745-746mm / the S., wind Yu 3-4m / with, moon 98.5% on growth, clear.

Toured to 5-00 morning. Only'd you take began feed and here poklevka. And what OK pleasure vyvazhivat on pikerok here is such a the pretty boy:

But fish reacting not willingly, and poklevochki followed with large into pauses,.

Modicum and a on moldy worm with Motyl, yes with very fresh

Himself would ate, yes fish need to

Come across and short in the

And bigger than others

When fish quite not wanted to peck, then I studied under enjoy the macro (on its the soap dish.)


A bit spring greenery

And dwellers

760.46: About 20 podleschikov.



Here is and it is time to another-obligation holiday package
In this time family decided his ambush, certainly full before, than usually, in June. Been decided was to go in Alushtu. T. K. I have this already becomes tradition, and in every vacation family allows me paid one day beloved trial fishing! I'm going in search of dam in the Internet. A bit creating direct forum and thanks to one from Yalta's fishermen (Vital thank you!) it turns out, that recognized not far from my ???, there is mountain Lake (in people is called BAM ). Creating on Forum about place strike, solve the increasingly exactly take bodies. Owner dam completing a. In thereafter sozvonivshis with him, having communicated, was pleased utility of, that body of water is very close me Skyfall airline it turned out only 5-6km away from center category: Alushta (gorispolkom). The species composition fish such is: Karp, sea Bass, tolstolob, a dace, perch, sudachishka,? Malek trout, Bleak (fish) (very many ), bull, isn't he. Fishing is worth 100grn. Approach day, in them enters 3kg fish (carp sea Bass), the subsequent kg fish is worth 25grn. The rest fish can be to occupy for free. To the same bass and ukleyu can be move into and harvest absolutely for free! Such conditions believe sane for, the more, that carp and Crucian almost the entire zapusknoy, camping on E. Was launched, as in the form of-fish mouth, so and big proportioned member ofthe. All the more for leisure, typically, can be afford a bit -Francie, money. Homes I not have attended retaions more expensive 50grn. As from austerity, so and on reason,, to ensure not be pampered ?????????? to they not strongly cut into pieces according prices with every year.
Now about a reservoir I can very many words say, camping on K. Body of water very grassroots and close for me. I love small band retaions, camping on K. On them, as rule, more convenient with InternetCELL pick a efforts to fish and find silent, beautiful place. A body of water represents a mountain Lake, water flows down in the form of streams and keys in him, spovnyuyuchi by the summer of. But there is and a small - his use summer for irrigation vineyards, and then level of falls, that of course can diminish its as on nibble, so and on growth fish. But after debunk winters body of water finally got up the until 12m depth, with the depth of begins, recognized immediately with Bank, that conveniently for poplavochnoy industrialized fishing, and no need far bombarding. Very are beautiful and Bank pond, one immediately Crosses in mountains, and has many areas of vegetation, as on Bank, so and in water. Trees are rising, recognized from water, but as We know, carp very likes such seats with koryazhnikom

Now a bit, as to him BKV? As it turned out increasingly very simply. On the main a highway (ODA) channeled on Alushte (Simferopol Sevastopol) find a monument in the form of the tank, and a bit below from him there is pointer on Nature and rural-urban divide the rich. Turn there, and we leave from category: Alushta, smoothly to drive village with interesting entitled the Red Paradise. Immediately after mark the end of the village roughly 300-500m away from Left find leave gates green of (this entry on a vineyard), stick to right-wing hill from there roads, doezzhaem until brook,, driving with his (I his easily overcame on Lanose, importantly know, that case moment, when stream can a bit napolnitsya, but this case extremely rarely and literally on 30min.) further on prime coat and meet in a clause dam. Increasingly, find dream place and are starting harvest. For more about this can be read here is here, truth, is necessary authorization: … C%ED%EE%E5

Me inherited bad one place, recognized, on center dam with a cosy polyankoy and near worthwhile a garden house. Yes, forgot say, that on a reservoir there are two gazebo, one a small, and the second very big for companies.

my place fishing.

In companies with me has arrived and my family, the form of favorite wife, and grandbaby, which were naglym way awakened, and are immersed in machine about 5 fringes morning, that for them of course Shock By stranding their has to in machine, I running began raskladyvatsya and accusations. I with a always I take just one thing udilishche in the form of fidera, camping on K. His can be adapt under many species industrialized fishing, as for the most fidera, floater, so and for marine fishing (Bank, boat). Not zamorachivayas,, you know, bung at random (roughly middle of the pond), securing distance with a rubber band, and'm feeding just one point Ponyo On talk is beginning to jumping out from water, and immediately in sight experienced estate, that this nothing different, as karpik omyv been bustling, head spinning from surprisingly net air in the mountains. Landscape not to hand enjoy any a few snapshots of, this need simply to see their eyes. And that do with their bodies birds this simply Paradise (not for good reason in sight village is named's Paradise-is, by).

Have been arguing pick a efforts to goldfish and here is the first on I take 6600m Bleak (fish), and for it and a small plotvitsa. So this a bit not the fish, that me need a, and catches the blood, through his strident plyukhami, around, yes about. And here is the first poklyovka, and on how late doggedly someone pulling along dam yes, this he the most Mr. carp. A bit nasolodivshis his resistance, I they reckoned to a steep, side, see his size and the beauty, but camping on K. With a on recreation forever lacks room for depots, then podsaka there is no. And, the brazen e?anaaao, exploited my not willingness to such a prepare. Taping a leash around around them, and camping on K. There big the depth of, me not manages before him of reach. He she speaks all head, and Spit out my hook, type on take it, take it itself. Karpik was roughly on 600-700gr. The usual scaly. Took the bait he on sammich from moldy worm and a butterworm. Me, of course very strongly felt the first - (maggot) camping on K. Whip it out his from fridge door he even created an pre me alive, but as only proved on fishing began suggested a okuklivatsya. Had to, something undertaking and was taken decision save moldy worm. Coined here is such way to, on hook we dress on Handguards artificial a butterworm (Berkley), one a small artificial moldy worm (Berkley), then one living maggot, and 2-3 a butterworm live nasadochnogo. All of this on 12 hook email to the Owner. And this gives their fruit Literally through 25-30min poklevka, and I get pleasure under vyvazhivanii from a small karpika

Then me in Visitors rode in here is such a guest, and brazenly sat on fishing pole

For him followed poklevka on worm and on how late one senses fish, but there is no moreover resistance, as was, and on Bank emerged karasik

For him later minutes 30 followed poklevochka (maggot + night crawlers) and on Bank another karpik, on this time baldie, comfortable on are

And again Visitors in the form of yarenkoy God little cows

And immediately for its jets off minutes through 10 poklevochka even one karpika lot more

My girls in this time awakened and expo immediately me, and saw a happy Pope, holding in the hands of fish I kept, of course, fish and taller though, right in the hands of, but until what same pleased, receive pleasure from beloved passions, not despite heat, and camping on D. All the more Sitting in Crimea.
A bit qualifying the pourer, sought efforts to goldfish, and on Caster with one nobody caught even one karpika

I the entire such in the White not think nothing such a, simply long experimenting with year-old clothes, concluded, that on blazing nothing not tantalizing, except a white clothing, with protects from burns.
Many reading and seeing films, as Karpov on cyprinids kept farms gets caught on meat krill, decided to, too, a bit try, with shrimps to beer for leisure always are found. Truth, not those small maritime, and ordinary roasts-frozen. On airline received two are decent poklevochki, but unfortunately prozevannykh (got distracted on family, which was very feel hot). But next talismanic on 'meat krill karasika. This the first experience search for fish on shrimp.

Was been seized even several small karpikov on moldy worm with motylem. And on worm day began steadily getting caught karasik

The sun indeed very zharilo, and temperatures even impossible suggest family starters to complain, and me had to in 14-00 to end fishing trip, although I think, to by the evening on prikormlennoe blot, has drawn it comes fish and bigger than others!

In end: 5-6karpikov, 4 karasika, and mass personally! The entire fish otpuskalas immediately after photo session.

the Big thank you bundle of a body of water for clean Bank and warm meeting!

: More my experience, and raznoobrazte its recreation in Crimea!

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Ah, beauties! Thank you for report! Derzhitsya cool.
Now d break head as feeder take along in jet. :) Sam d through two weeks in Feodosia. (Miles, maybe from category: Alushta).




Ah, beauties! Thank you for report! Derzhitsya cool. Now d break head as feeder take along in jet. Himself d through two weeks in Feodosia. (Miles, maybe from category: Alushta).

Thank you for warm words! Indeed, to write colorful report requires not 5 minutes. I come concluded that for such trips need have one telescopic sight, kompaktnenkiy fiderok.



C different catch of the day tonight! And photos indeed kick-ass, especially photo of nature! Have us such seats day with fire.



Cool otchetets! :cool:



Cool photos, report - contribution! Thank you.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 20 + 3-, pressure 736 737mm / the S., wind In, YuV 1-. S., moon full 99%, will have cloudy weather with proyasneniem.

Came information, that on rate Cordon allow harvest fish on one your cast for 25grn. Ah, and traveled we with my partner on rybalkam on exploration As found porch to him, then yes, smartso toured. Like fish walking jumps up to, but not very convenient us secured side, obryvistaya had to to go in tail, and there and the smaller and people many. Had to the morning on those progaly, which were empty.

I dropped it off I one pikerok, camping on K. Far hurl no need, yes and not conveniently in of refraction. Prikormlilsya and began on the sly try to reel in, camping on K. Poklevki follow, but reel in not can, water boils in point fishing my switches. Hook on a small and went poklevki uklei. Not, the kind fish, for which arrived, give worm, to Bleak (fish) otvyala and here poklyovka, and unless pleased, thought karasik, but there is no this okunek

Suited guard does and requests obiletitsya, and as it turns out basis that is 100grn modicum on one, modicum on 4-reintegration with President In general had to hurl zakormlennoe place and to travel on the other body of water those more, that most time dunk him in my klyovu, and people already simply skuchat before their tip here.

Toured, here already I dropped it off one Picker, and one feeder. Zakarmlivayus on the sly, but time frank Ah, this is great already apparently dissipate Vyalenko proklyunul one a small a scoundrel. 'm feeding further Closer to noon proklyunul podleschik bigger than others

Loosely, faring poorly began rare poklyovkami inspiring podleschik

Then bam, and utterly other sensations under vyvazhivanii on the sly, on the sly and I his'm starting it up in podsachek, and this karpik
Then roughly through hour again confident poklevka, think karpik, but there is no, on this time this podleschik but larger than before this

Then In the wake this poklevkoy, were even two such same poklyovki and already even felt fish on how late filament, but pesky skhody on gender path, so and remained being overlooked

But nothing, I muddling through faring poorly claw my in heat a bit imaginations.

760.46: 13 podleschikov, 1 perch, 1 karpik.

Decided to a white bream just except krupnenkogo send on program settlement souls relocate in 1 th urban rates but to my regret very vyalenkimi have reached only 5-Ventotene small fish

Very some hot weather, and warm water competitors on trip and the rest have fallen asleep Had to its salting.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 25 + 32C, pressure 736-737 mm / the S., wind 3-6m / with, clear, moon 3.5% on growth.

T. K. Drove the Chief in Svyatogorsk the was taken decision in the process soak your your cast But seats in machine was very little, so, alighted on one fiderke. With him went to in the early on small river Seversky Donets, where lovilas mostly's a little plotvitsa and Bleak (fish). Prosidev couple of hours, decided to to scour not the developed retaions in the process ago. Opened map, and in eyes has rushed ridge increased the parallel with runs, and adjoining to Propulsion Slavyansku. Somewhere read, that mostly these retaions closed, camping on K. Belong to a Slavic rybkhozu, and there engage in entails the and poppy imaginations. But some open for a fee,. Chernobyl Catastrophe to here nor there Adamovka found awesome a body of water in depression. Where one side dam Crosses in Uplands overgrown with a thick mixed timber Where is predominate oaks. Think, not can get past this beauty finally asked have local other kids, can be whether here harvest, but they not were confident, that can be harvest for money. Pulled up to shed at breaktime, saw sokhnuschiesya zabrodu, saw moped with the banner Andrei instead numbers but people not saw. Can this was lunch? Not know. But stopped by I on the contestant side, where wood - directly under trees. Beauty not can to hand words as times at night has passed elcome, and in the air so clearly everybody was smells humid summers forests perfect!
Looked at, but fishing seats equipped or vytoptannykh not in sight. Netimer just cannot be here harvest, thought I. But Grk curiosity Takes the upper hand. Find place for fishing it turned out Academician E.S.Varga. camping on K. Over head almost everywhere trees, and drop a few bombs problematic, the more I took with a feeder-3,6m. Find occupying between branches and do first three throw in one point. Just sit down to snack, but me this with hard manages, camping on K. Should confident poklevka, and I vyvazhivayu first a small karpika. But extricate his on Bank very complicate the grasses and cane which is growing astonishing streak of roughly in turret until from Bank (truth low). Find a small in the blank meters away in 15-20 from my seats and began to glory in bringing udilishche recognized to water pass under low hanging branches trees. The first there is, but he a small, so immediately headed home.
'm, and I have the hooks are worth very small, camping on K. Until this baited in the River. I'm tying this up ceasing 0,16mm roughly 50sm, with crocheted # 12 do the jimmying stuff 5-Ventotene oparyshey, and'm throwing up bricks here. Only I take in hand sandwich, as immediately see a clear poklyovku. And on how late fishing line of yours one senses fish bigger than others. Bring thus same the rate you karpika bigger than others

Impose and through minute again poklevka, here is such a karpika

Then took the bait a bit bigger than others

So, think this something not the. So not the case, that fish in heat a day to are they biting, as from the basement and decided not to yield to problems (with hand tenant) rallied, and went home.
What same there beauty retaions different sizes, and different the depths and shores of. But not where I so and not met machines or simply fishermen Betcha he this whose something retaions. In end, Vercellina decent his-in kilometers, before themselves was find signboard Slavyanskii rybkhoz , not know, all whether retaions belong them, but history conceals, for lack information.
Pleasure, and an evaluation trip over fortunate, and will, that recall in old age.
Izuchayte new retaions.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 28 + 38S, pressure 742mm / the S., wind In, YuV3-widths 8m / with, moon 18% on the wane, clear fever.

Me in Visitors transiently on Crimea dropped by my friend childhood, and on already attack tradition, we traveled in night fishing, with goal to communicate and swim fish. Profits on place about 22-00 the evening. Until prikormka, cordage Pisces us strongly not feeling Caught puny karasika "grape". On 100, and then more hours in 1-2 night consecutive chemistry was palpable two small white cherubs (photo day) on moldy worm

Sat across dine and be noted meeting, as here bam, and udilniki together with tripod are falling, I'll run up and'm to pump fish a little more excited, but not destined to, she are getting away from-for after grass before Bank. Even and not saw who there was, but on efforts someone in district 1-2kg. Under morning and day was glitching plotvitsa, not much for this dam, but includes a goby from somewhere was so much that simply there is no words on 3-'s rounded up 40-50sht. Was would he bigger than others, and so lovilsya even on maize, such a sense of, that this was day a goby.

760.46: 2-amurchika, 3-karasika, and stuff 15plotvits.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 15 + 33S, pressure 740-741 mm / the S., wind 0-3m / with, moon 56,5% on growth, clear.

Toured to 23-00 tweaked fidera, nutritious and silence then water slopes and began poklevki uklei until Palms. Such a I not yet saw, to at night lovilas Bleak (fish) and petty plotvichka Truth, on a body of water shone couple of spotlights. Then I have proklyunul one podleschik a decent size on moldy worm

Have running mate, the apparently karpik about 800gr, and one gone.
After, as bloom, starters peck not a major a dace until 100-150 g. I have was two throw pikes on podtsepivshuyusya plotvitsu. One even almost carried until Bank, but she goes haulin 'ass down and've cut your tackle. Roughly about 600-800gr. Such a I have not yet was, prikolno

Outcome: 1podleschik about 300-400gr, units 13 plotvits, and one big krasnoperka.

On program settlement souls 11 plotvits and 1 krasnoperka cured of in Donetsk Sea.



, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 15 + inside them reproduce and mature, pressure 739-745mm / the S., wind inquiry 0-3m / with, moon 84% on growth, at night clear, on the morning will have cloudy weather.

Toured to half the night (was us 3s ????? on 2 fidera). Tweaked. I works the second feeder, and decided to perezabrosit the first, keep in leftist drawn, and podkruchivayu as such at the other udilishche, to cocked, khlystik. Respectively'm on the second (leftist in drawn raised upward with tight, boy fishing line). Hear in left hand Greek Max -- knock-Greek Max -- knock-knock, not gather additionally in any way I'm turning it head and see, that someone are they biting. Strike and vyvazhivayu first karasika with palming, on moldy worm. Then perezabros and full you don't tell nobody as only not nutritious, have sought (abandoned in all directions, made it and camping on Afghan, but until the most dawn nothing. For good reason not'all get any sleep homes, can be was to go only on morning are they biting, but who OK knew Since morning starters proklyovyvat very petty plotvitsa, but after on zakormlennye spills starters approached only plotvitsa and bigger than others, but increasingly one thing this not the for which is worth here to go plotvitsa in district hands. And we the know, that here there is and until gender kilo. Has tried questioning a long ceasing 1.5 were found, used and bribery from him so and not saw fish ever responds on him rarely, under falling in thicker water on him no one not reacted but on bottom those more, accounted for very long wait, and very small a twitch or khlystika, but under vynimanii hook have fish very deeply. Namuchavshis (hard and crime as did, and determined for increasingly consecutive) put the standard 50sm ceasing, and picture has become more clear. All poklevki clearly are visible, and fish not travmiruyas lovilsya clearly for lip. Fish starters very well enjoyed, but camping on K. One from companions was necessary sooner on the morning be homes, then had to to end basis that is in the most are they biting in 8-00.

760.46: 2-karasika with palming, 25 plotvits.

The entire fish relegated on program settlement souls in Donetsk Sea.




, the weather has,: Temperaturka + 23 + 3-, pressure 740 mm / the S., wind width is, Yu, YuV 0-3m / with, moon share 98.5% on growth, clear.

Pre those as to go Gone Fishin '(, not can figure out on what from two water basins to go ? Decided to to go on far, and there if, that - the to return. So and made. In nightlife the darkness was very hard navigate on paths near one of them, but increasingly same nakolesiv N-\ u0027s -in kilometers profits to water. But instead to, for family, with rybachkami, which sat with previous days. Reviews dire Working on it to return on near body of water. Arrived to 6-00, 'd you take as always Picker and feeder. Began feed two point. But the first fish poymalas with the far-distance there is already about gender tenth, podleschik

Turning over bait: Maize, the worm, moldy worm fish clearly, however, preferred moldy worm. ???? I used artificial very Berklye + 2-3 moldy worm and this combination of worked well. Truth, on bottom Netimer just was very many cancer, and he managed to stay eat increasingly, even use of silicone a butterworm. For that 3. Were punished and vylovleny to beer. A scoundrel poklevyval extremely rarely, but I sought to not cryptic and not miss nor one poklevki. Not always this has ever managed, but in hour on tea spoon nakovyryal a bit a white bream.

In 14-00 poraduvav podleschik bigger than others

Such would potyagat lot more
Increasingly-???, not times already the db, that in feeder importantly feed, feed, and still times feed. And than longer] However, the more the likelihood search for normal size imaginations (this if to compare with ordinary donkami).
Chemistry was palpable and Tennessee 3 karasika, but very small (until hands).

Outcome: 10-12 podleschikov, 3 karasika (issued), 3 cancer.



That's awesome so. And you have warmly there Sergei. And what you not has tried zhviogo motylika and his same promoted in prikormku?




that's awesome so. And you have warmly there Sergei. And what you not has tried zhviogo motylika and his same promoted in prikormku?

Nasadochnogo until not washed, and with coarse on prischepke I not love. In prikormku not leave, camping on K. Present many scale perch and a boilermaker - zaderut :)


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