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Burik on fishing

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Burik wrote:

At this water feature very there is whom swim camping on K. Have my running mate, occurred casus directly a similar on my in the preceding report, camping on E. Under vymatyvanii plotvitsy on it raid schuchka, roughly until 1kg.

, too, not long watched, when comrade was pulling out dace directly under bridge its grabbed pike perch perhaps under-room weight. So his wife when this saw, in horror was Iookinq: - My company reimburses me, I now even its feet here wash not d. :D



'm long not otpisyvalsya. Increasingly as something melkorybitsa enjoyed. .


, the weather has,: A day to was will have cloudy weather, to by the evening a bit it skip elcome, temperaturka + 22 + inside them reproduce and mature, pressure 739-740mm / the S., wind Since 2-6m / with, moon 54% on the wane.

Almost month not was on a fishing trip, and the entire month teetered fever A as only climb out Gone Fishin '(, then necessarily lose their cool, the weather has, That and in this time decided to to go on night fishing trip. In Donetsk already and footprint of existence of, that was a small elcome but Specchiolla to community industrialized fishing understand, that plans need calibrate At two bele czym on prime coat not get! On one had to ekstrimalnichat with snowdrifts tail and probuksovkami Had to to go there where there is no dirt but and fish usually in these places not independent Wind promised entire night and ???? the Northern, so sat across so, to he not strongly bothered much with. In general had to to fish there, where allowed conditions, not desire to
Tweaked already closer to 23-00 and began to accusations Wu running mate, modicum as something, and I have at all no one even not touched your seat until bait That already previous caught 4-'s karasikov with palm (poklyovki 1 in hour), and I have empty I think, perhaps slabopakhnuschaya prikormka not wants at all work and with is hot't feel like rubbing packs cinnamon! Not know, this whether played, or not but I have should on done leapfrog and began vyvazhivanie Ponyo On is behaving are quick and here is in podtsake emerges neozhidaemyy Bonus in the form of channel catfish

As later it turned out weight in 1,1kg.

Through 30min should letter poklevka and on Bank - Uh- - Not gonna a little more excited

Weight 1,7kg.

Even through minutes 30 the next poklyovka, but already not on, and the real powerful poklevka (from Bank) and vershinka under 90 degrees Vyvazhivanie podsachivanie and regrettable defence wakes up aggressivity 0,14mm. Netimer just in ozarte forgot test integrity after the search for first 2-'s and they Netimer just was stabbed, leaving a lead and can and simply about stumbling (thought in canard). But I already not committed to it camping on K. On zharyokhu (to not for good reason dirty my ) already was Never not has tried FRlES channel catfish, and here is my dream virtually came true.

After until dawn hasn't proklyovyval karasik, and little podleschik but vyalenko.

Outcome: 2 catfish 1.1 and 1,7kg, 4 karasika 150-250 g of, 3 a white bream palm.

4 karasika and 3 a white bream traveled in Donetsk Sea on program "settlement souls." Pereselenie souls! (Donetsk Sea) post # 218

L were filirovany and barbeques in dukhovochke in foil
Yes fish yummy, without Machine Klass!


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