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Not so stalosya ye gadalosya.

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Pre history: Is a master pond (my patient) promised, that nibble will such, that you will forget about everything!

Come with partner on a body of water (1.5 kilometers X 150 meters) in hours 5 morning and rightly move that with attractions - the first, that is shocking - this in literally words reining water from number of fish virtually across the surface dam! The latter in unthinkable numbers] swims primary over the top (from-fish mouth until chushek on 10 kg!).

We freely near Bank petting on Kurilian bobtailslook 5 - 10 kg lobatykh, Karpov, amurchiki in hands not directives are, but to consider their can be. Adjusted for such zaryblennosti kid. We're kidders, that until the evening to fish not let us - consider on couple of spoils have going to travel home!

Sit down in place maximum boil and waiting for. Had to wait very long - for three hours nor one poklevki (not despite many variations bait shop and changeable tips), state of souls close to agonalnomu!

Comes is a master and shrug their shoulders (nourished German fish here full of the, but as harvest he not in rate.). Decide what's change place - rightly move in the top (with words owner there never fish not nutritious).

The first, that catches in eyes - virtually the pervasive koryazhnik (frightening, and ShO to do?). Find couple of of holes free from. And hours four fishing karasika on the worm and moldy worm alternately on 150 grams. For this time every leaves at a reservoir on 4 by Cormac with all GAMUZOM and on 5-6 tug ropes (I eiaee on harvester and Pater Noster (disambiguation), comrade on economically ratsionalizirovannyy method). In intervals of on maize caught 300 grams karpik.

Trophies fishing: Derzhitsya with major fish tank ('ll post an later - have Comrade on phone) caught podsakom! Kila three an - wife on raisins, and shock from saw!

Losses: Four mounting + dog leashes but also, time.


1. Nor in life not'm going to go on body of water, where fish fed with capacious!
2. In koryagakh harvest need with very the subtle and short povodkami.
3. On fishing need borrow video camera, and the not all believed.

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shkatula wrote:

Since given such zaryblennosti kid. We're kidders, that until the evening to fish not let us - consider on couple of spoils have going to travel home!

Yes, such a strike fate O. Bender not expected!o.O

Presytivshis he sells, fish simply dormant until next your feeding. :offtop:

Be strong,, my friend! Will and on our the street celebration! :jumping:



Deeply respected forumchane! On your Court, in the hope obtain constructive opinion I cant stand Rebus, which not can decipher already two years consecutive .

There is in Kirovograd area in Bobrynetskyi district rural-urban divide Novogradovka. There there is chic body of water entitled Baikal. Name dam is by no means accidentally, because he has about 100 hectares water lobelia, with overshoot the depths from 1 Dam until 18 meters! With north he begins the tip with seals like about 1.5 Dam with gradual way out in direction wide from 100 until 300 meters and ends a dam with seals like under 18 meters and wide in this place until 500 meters. The depth of from shores of until directions overflows very quickly (except crested), and already in three metres from Bank depth from 4 to 6 meters.

Bank the entire in glubokovodnom kamyshe, which as if the stockade otgranichivaet water. Clean seats only a few: 3-5 in the pinnacle of, one thing on clutch immediately for the tip (there are worth boats. T. Afghan, one thing on middle of his dam and one thing on levees ah naturally can be harvest with boats. There is couple of feline stone islets,, too, in the pinnacle of.

Water in a reservoir fits his title - as a tear! Spring bottom in sight until meters 5-6, summer until August meters until 3-4. Bottom the firm: Clay, sometimes granite uchastki- all something that's dead and hyaluronic acid, very many seashells, Goose or Whooper Swan (???? large). Water is warming later all local increased the - hypotensive orientalis in April, and Crucian even 4000m2 as well as under middle on May. Karp in June! From predator prevails perch (in very large numbers) - meet until two kg, a bit sudachka. From peaceful fish prevails a good Crucian, there is carp, many small fry meets Ling.

Paradox situation in is, that aptly otlovitsya is obtained only on karasyu, and only in spawning naturally in the pinnacle of, and only provided his dismissed and only on dung worm. With words owner, if spawning passes gradually, then fish can be not see at all

Attempts harvest carp ended nothing - both: Boyle he know not knows, and maize, peas, bread and camping on D. His either not interested, either he there not feeds on where I his enleve. Although spectacle on type speeches in a Sea Parks are observed periodically precisely there where lie snap a dace as a targeted fish not appeared nor never, because about it not say.

If someone met with such kinds of increased the, request to share experience. On qualifying questions gladly answer.

Perishing very want disclose secret this as thought, which not haunted!


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Judging by insistence, body of water clearly subject to without - Benz models crushing down on me water on temperature. Can utterly accurately say, that in this a reservoir aptly swim fish can be only in is case if harvest in the pinnacle of and the on faint conceals. Pridonnaya part of such increased the, typically, unconscious. Ah wasn, that if he protochnyy then can be someone there and lives have trawling.

In Kyiv there are several increased the of this type, which I explored the with the help ekholota, and still "more deep" research (truth poaching of) time from time produces my Kum. Id say you unambiguously, fish in such reservoirs held in fatter water, or close literally to the very Bank. In particular log shows aggregations fish precisely in thicker water.

In a result, not teshte themselves enough about fairy ulovakh. Pardon, but this as verdict.

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Polemonium - the most net river on Ukraine

Choice on this the river, as first in life fishing trip on during with fiderom, fell not for good reason. Because experience industrialized fishing on heat there is no, and in district Sitka city and, Alaska for very weak decided to just wave his little precisely there

Entire week "again" itself running mate,, but in end have all sow their care, and I remained before choice - either sit homes and look TV, either to go on one of zaryblennykh rates (where fish in half with water, and to capture its harder than "zadrachevat"), either very vtulit 120 kilometers in one side on meeting "adventure,"!

Not d in detail to describe opinion my spouse on this about, but about Council take with a bit of the not to mention not can!

Morning began in 4.00 on modern with, that my the favorite son Rostik me described and thereby stirred up and gave START fishing. Further trip on a nickel for nobody, by a worm and motylem. Communication with Senior Inspector Petrenko) - Three OF CHlLDREN. Stop to refuel and the road in armored old bountiful Pink Floyd "THE Wall." Before okruzhniy Sitka city and, Alaska took grandfather-language , which by luck, verbatim -, too, is DYKYM sea-going fisherman, and knows all fishing seats in aquatoriums Well arrived on place

The first affair made a sauce prikormku: FishDream "Database" + FishDream "Feder" + au gratin + night crawlers + maggot + rublennyy the worm, then brought together two stick: Heavy and Medium - Flagman and Trabucco respectively and became actively "and men," sector.

Bottom the battlefield strewn with small stones, on 40 meters away in all directions loosely tag brovka. Zakormil 40 meters and meters 30 more slanted under kamyshom in the hope see an But after as deserted balloon near Bank came in a small horror - on backdrop of trawling prikormka as "one sun"!

Attempt to "podchernit" (naturally in the other container inspection systems) with ash from a fire and riparian slime ended nothing, because left all as there is

The first in Visitors two chaps a small okunek, then many potyazhek without serif changed a combination of nazhivok, length tug ropes, the size of the hook and even lard resisted in move - outcome one - from dozen-pokes one scratch on it "TYuLKI-UKLEYKI" and so hours until twelve then blew right krasnoperka. And then-deaf until 15.00.

On Bank began to undergo brethren on arms, with questions on klevu I honestly acknowledged having in their "successes", on that me responding, that poklevok today at all no one even not saw! Not can not recognize, this a bit teshilo my strength

Final "tinkles mil spurt" zakarmlivaniya and attempt to take still something ended still one ukleykoy "zabagrennoy" for side and I decided to, that for first times, perhaps, ?????!

Received mass of pleasure from communication with nature and gladly under "THE Wall" returned on residence.

P.S. All, isn't Crema 1 with no responsibility absolved on residence :D



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All Hi. I newcomer on Forum. I have 3 year ago was the same history with stavkom full "she wasn't desiccating and pleased" fish. Thought more there not'm going to go, but 1 th on May with family rested there. Not has changed nothing for 3 year. Those same backs "whales" with swarming on rate and those same 50-gramovye karasiki on the hook. Even before family ashamed became.



"Shifting [kayf]. 09.05.09 Vinnitsa area, Orativ district rural-urban divide Zhivotovka.

On family-driven decision-social reasons Gone Fishin '(with the wounded enter not managed. Had to choose between not to go at all or right now. Junk market for 300 kilometers yes and tribal kirovogradskie you maggots with navoznikami decided outcome issue in favor of EKhAT!

On path'm catching Solar Niva with studded from rear windows beam of udilischami to 5 meters-from timber that our ancestors used for fisheries and reached until our days only thanks to staunch genetic memory! (Photo is attached). Mood need to admit has increased

15.00 arrived on Lake. Weather whispering + 23, for decent northeastern Western wind, the sun smalit directly in face and on logic should under evening lead under my Bank fish.

Further token: Batter's box now (FishDream Database and all), preparation seats, collection cordages, sleep two black stigmas on bright sandy bottom soil from krotoven in two different on range missiles spots. Somewhere 40 and 20 meters.

And further mistakes greed and stubbornness:

1. Simultaneously in battle two fidera! Until in windy weather umostil their on an apple box took precious time.

2. On old memory recall, that on this a reservoir fish knows only worm. But have been arguing instill it urban the Strand - sandwiches, noodles, you maggots, kastery, only vodka not his! In end ??? the worm! Again time spent on stuff.

3. First time in life regretted, that the main pletnya! And so is and so. And upward and down and in water - outcome one - done as on disco 80-'s dance ye want!

Through hour her one feeder moves away ago in cover, but on the other touted Sufix feeder mono 0.23 mm with shock 10 meters from a 0.12 mm FireLine on it same Pater Noster (disambiguation) and all Golden on their seats! Yes and wind subside as confirmation of right conclusions.

With 18.00 until 20.00 times in five minutes enjoyed the standard 500 gram karpik plus slightly less karasik. Fodder I plant times on five zabrosov (not from greed). It skip and brush and something very small :-) In 20.00 nibble chops off, yes and I already exasperated catch of the day tonight.

Photo on memory. (Are underway). I, too, winner! But over a!






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Very even not poorly, and well ! :flag:



And still.




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Nikolaich wrote:

This is FishDream + land? Or I something not so understood?

Initially the flooring on enlightened sand land. And then FishDream.

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Brilliant! :cool: But sadkom need the right enjoy (not metal) :)



bond wrote:

But sadkom need the right enjoy.

The only what there is no from the desired. There is Chinese, but's too short. And there depth were have Bank "not for fish." To "iron" pegged representing rope and metal poor fish in sadke as "zakidushku"! :blush:



Not want, to thought, that not fishing, now and again. Not'm evolving. :hobo: Everyone not so!

Regularly traveling on retaions, with the most different, but report write simply not about than! :( I of course not make any attempts on opinion of last resort, but by talking with multiple "infected" people and by analysing sheets on Forum concluded, that this season until that criteria rybalkami not shine by! :idea:

As on me, the entire the reason in not being constant weather conditions (especially on weekends :rain: :mad:).



23.08.09 "Day Private, right now."

Personally for me this was "rubikonovaya" fishing in this season, because as say, that NOT pret this the same, that not say nothing But about all on order

22.08.09 - it's a mild warm oriental tunes, as usually nothing not foreshadows changes weather (in including forecast on pile sites).

Had gone on a body of water too little, too late, somewhere in clean on reason prosypaniya some members It on the morning became understandable, that about pogozhem day it can be forget! A strong northern wind, low and quickly submarines floating heavy clouds and + 15 at times little slightly marked elcome. Profits in 7 with wheelbarrows, decomposed, yet and here Comes is a master dam with "Kazan" hall and all the rest of the and here we go soul in paradise!

In the process affairs Golden known, that the entire fish now under Bank, and the kind, for which I arrived, all the herd held on have opposite Bank reed somewhere on 130 metres. Naturally harvest on your fishing bobber I flatly refused

Under marking trawling it turned out, that it hollow finer with maximum depth in 3 Dam on line with and the firm, without curiously there of normalcy. Meanwhile have opposite reed with enviable frequency from water the and deal someone popped up clearly for 5 kg.

Adopted decision feed point so far as will be able in direction of sharp. Owing to what Bank was highly over water, managed zakormitsya somewhere on 70 fringes

Fish-sicles: FishDream "Sea Bass-Karp" Italy + "Gross Karp" + pellets "the plum."

Later minutes 20 the first confident poklevka, and zachetnyy karasik under mere 0.5 kg in podsake! Heads-forward, Id say, that was biting, only on worm violations still dozen karasikov (very pleasant on vyvazhivanii) and called on barbecue! Have affiliates on arms poplavochnikov it turned out, that are biting only on the worm and only sea Bass, which they already typically recognized "nalupit" kg on five every!

Meanwhile,, the weather has, clearly field of, yes and in psyche already emerged some what motivchiki On returning on place, drew attention, that have opposite Bank stopped play "dolphins." Dismantled crime as, prischepil cargo and sent snap with a bologna sandwich from corn and oparika quietly on point Read more vykureno 3 you spare a cigarette and under negotiate yet another retrospect on vershinku see provisshiy the cord vymatyvayu with speed of light and on nadtsatom roll feel simply cargo - he spit it out! (Bastard).

Forth procedure repeats itself, but already without cigarettes, and through gender hours there is confident poklevka from Bank with clear a worthy rival on how late! Meters twenty-fish very are quick beats and "weighs heavily" in side his beloved reed, there its manages stop and gradually start pump on themselves . On 30 metres from Bank resistance sharply stops and under vymatyvanii snap I not felt at all nothing likely " just farming " and here from water, as atomic Igor, from Left from me under kamyshom crashes black-and red mustang - a strong pressure on place it and here same full easing

Until access my a half-ass trophy!

And then us called on safe, with my fish chowder on krole and I returned only for, to ensure muster its" good. "

P.S. 25.08.09 on the morning me telephoned is a master dam, and said, that under "those" 's distant kamyshom on the morning picked up by dead "adjacent" with my River Kymi the fish was gap ventricle!






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2.09.09. History one fishing, or familiarity with River Sugokleey.

Decision to go takes into spontaneously on the eve on the evening. The reason - a potential nibble on white stones , which I still long d remember o.o.

I modicum and u specialist his the brink, but explore "wild" seats only began - respectively me as driver "a bit" interested route and kind of road fabric :question: Answer running mate, ( s skilled, but bezloshadnyy) - that avtobam! :cool:

Had gone in five, lost on "a nickel" - I have very old obdobi on 6 UAH. Has acquired gender helpings the worm and moldy worm (though grandfather had his ears slapped back on full) and through gender minutes and out already arrived to Sugoklee :crazy:

Along rivers avtobam was presented very bumpy actuator with pro from-under land "scallops" muddles granite (have us his this granite - 're awash!) which "wore" me somewhere on 1,000 our wooden still not street until Bank :canthearyou:

Sugokleya very the Beautiful river, which as if prodolbila its direction in this granite. Bank back and rocky, covered by wild steppe habitats. Have the most kharius water - trees obvivayuschie stone chunks of rooted. In short - a fairy tale! :cool:

Having arrived on one of the few gently sloping seats with "fishing" jobs are discovering already split per camp potential competitors (as it turned out well known my Susaninu) - their two: One a habitual poplavochnik with already abandoned by on distance meters 40 on water floaters in numbers 5 units, the second - dubinolov (four sorrow-fidera with "suspended" signalizatorami and other lawyers polagayuschimisya "twists") - both already vmazannye :hobo:

Instead "hello" - explanation, that alongside "poplavchankami" fiderami to bash not dam! Entire fish, nourished German, you're gonna scare off! On that my partner is gone harvest on "making the" in known only him sunken garden, and I go anywhere from Mr. "Guse pen" along Bank, until me not was said - there can be! :smoke:

Weather: Turns the-incidentally twists driving gears (further not describe).

Compose part of: Trabucco until 120 grams, 3.6 meters (although realistically there until 70 maximum) + Tica Venus + the cord FireLine hadn mm + Pater Noster (disambiguation) on the main + leashes are hadn mm Fluorocarbon Tbilisi-Force (Trabucco 80 centimeters + hook Gamakatsu # 8 LS3513F.

Fish-sicles: FishDream "River" + "station wagon" + "Karp-Crucian" Italy.

Conditions: Bottom as and Bank - granite in a bump, on fifty meters away sval. For - almost zero.

Tactic: Drew attention, that the water has diverged from Bank Dam on 1.5 and judging by abundant moistening this swathe of - for a brief time + the good weather. Found on maximally dosyagaemom for me distance maximally a deep hole - with start-up zakorm 10 zakormochnykh feeders.

Came "poplavochnik" - thought that I already fish "tyagayu" - explained - is gone At the worm brought 9 good karasikov + okunek + had to take plotvichku (realistically Lidia).

After recognition of the, that a dace in that point already life not will give, do the jimmying cargo - and on maximum on the opposite Bank. Broke a somewhere under a hundred meters. Under podmotke understand, that fell on ilistoe bottom!

Solve the tackle to leave and watch that will. During "pause" in full bezkleve poplavochnik came inquire than this I there bombardiruyu the opposite Bank - explained - is gone

And then net karpovaya potyazhka, place it filmed with coasters without sweep (martial arts) (ceasing hadn mm), Friction clutch way from in measure a reasonable and pleased trilling, minutes five "there-here", poplavochnik and dubinolov in pose "you joined this order a gopher'd", and fish in podsake

Further vykurena a cigar, which raze not vykuritsya already not first fishing trip. Then perekus, further attempts harvest with point - still a dace not gives go poop, experiments for different nasadkam - or zero or again a dace. Attempt to population "the" though - without outcome. And as something already wanted home.

Outcome: I: Machine (but 1000 Shekels UAH.) on modest calculates, the good unsteady fishing and good catch + familiarity with beautiful River + finally smoked smoke cigar!

Poplavochnik-ass: Zero pounds.
Dubinolov: Zero kg.
Susanin: Nalupil ukleyki kg three, said will make canned!


1. Feder is so apparently driving!
2. Cannot be to skin old grandfathers.

P.S. Camera not was, yes and photographed was with, but phone proved incidentally.


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shkatula wrote:

A then net karpovaya potyazhka.

:cool: I would even said carp potyazhka! :cool:



Most large pleasure in as a fishing trip this to see hydrotherapy center of donochnikov when have them not are biting, and fiderist skirduet one for the other fish, and donochniku in this moment's feeling crook the brain from misunderstandings underway :crazyfun:



shkatula wrote:

There is a: I: Machine (but 1000 Shekels UAH.) on modest calculates

And that with machine? :writing:




A that with machine?

Perhaps the, that with my was in the past year on Style - wheels now broken stones :canthearyou:



So many rightist threshold acute Halytsh granite a cloaked in the grass. :canthearyou:



shkatula wrote:

Toyota Corolla...

I'm so sorry for. Hope, such happened in the first and the last time - combat horse need to secure!



Dood wrote:

combat horse need to secure!

The kind yes. Simply route always need construct very! :dontknow:



Romeo wrote:

Yes perishing not the optimal option for fishing: '(

The next machine will Honda SRV. Here is only when this will be?! :crazy:



Today was on a fishing trip (sat in impeccable Bank. "Many of those" as derp - and to the left and shift to the and far and close. - couple of-pokes and all. :mad:

And my immediate ambivalent patron sat in cane with battery poplavchanok, zakormil itself under its feet build Makukhi mixture with kernel and nalupil an on gender kilo and one trustworthy carp kg so eight! :canthearyou: :cool: :playful: %-)

And left on backdrop of ongoing Ah, this is great only from compassion me. :blush:

I in such situation still not has visited China's! ???? I realistically not understand why in kamyshe fish came on prikormku, but on clean water I have was such impression, that its at all in a reservoir no! :canthearyou:

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Modicum I zealot Honda, but CRV to Go Fishing clearly not the :) need something, as the second car, for example Land Cruiser 80 either old Patrol either Grand Cherokee.



And "Tavria", at all a fairy tale. If the two of,, too, can be not from heat about roads. Sat across, withdrew from the machines, pussy right now, from rut gunmen and further go. Patriotic machine, Hi,,, it is a pity with production wash their hands.



Let us about auto in the other topic. Sedans dollar, in production for cross-country little inadequate, especially with "high muscles overseas" best sailing characteristics on a highway regular nine, and Niva this yes - classic!, but the same Grand Cherokee starters 90s will give handicap very many, this given his cheap spare parts.



In ties with forecast good weather on these weekend dream enter the fishing. :confused: Of possible options river Polemonium and all sorts of rates - request to forumchanam help with choice far to go, given, that this may be my the latter fishing in this season! :tired:

Perishing very want to end on a major accord! :mybb:



shkatula wrote:

Of possible options river Polemonium and all sorts of rates.

Unambiguously river. There fish much later ceased eat, than in rates :flag:



shkatula wrote:

that this may be my the latter fishing in this season!

Quite something graduating from, you have that, winter of sooner begins?


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