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And that there have Dood 'a?

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With goal for a holiday from difficulties and the hard truths industrialized fishing Ryboidov on 3 th Stair, I decided to withdraw in night with 20 on 21 June sec. Propulsion And swim raznorybe under bombs trees and on beginning. With I undoubtedly unexpected the vicissitudes nightlife fishing Stepanych (see Below and photo).

Formula fishing assigned thus: Ryboidy you can catch close and many, but small size :love: or same far and little, but very big! :O (with) M. Zhvanetzky. I saw Goose or Whooper Swan :D.

It turned out, that small Leschiki there are in available, and they well you can catch at night on sandwich night crawlers + maggot, on range missiles 50-60 meters, and on the morning you can catch predominantly big Leschiki, but little, and on range missiles about 80 meters, to the same on red worm :huh:. Also double lovilis sinets, Blicca bjoerkna, one of these in.

I catching on prikormku flagship Sea Bass Chasnik, traditionally sdobrennuyu I Salapinkoy with Misc. Aromatizatsiey Apple Sesame-lamb and pea tones of.

For a holiday on entire coil not broke a, so as immediately after offensive darkness went not predicted by our Lounge meteorologami and sinoptikami rain, which sheds, as from dranogo trough, about hours, and then still couple of hours the chopped sowed the, then zatikhal :(.

In a whole we jointly-daily bounced back fishing Ryboidov reneged on confidently! :flag:

Text or: Me appealed fireflies, bought in Golden Rybke, that on Revutskogo, 15 (see Photo), there same I has acquired and night crawlers (the aft and nasadochnyy), on democratically-humane price (credit 10% for the Brownies on all!) :cool:.

Text or-usage: S. Stepanych, Lomps on its feeder Dayva Tornament color sticker from its multi-colored twist are spaced, and now him nothing not worth determine expanding zabrosa in metres - useful pribluda! :idea:

About! Take editing: :).

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Dood wrote:

sticker from its multi-colored cord

And sho for cord? :flirt:



32 wrote:

A sho for the cord? :flirt:

Some Import. :dontknow:



A cord, I such a still not saw.
Only here is bumper this daunting, until the cord a new (full razmotka), and so over time the cord is getting shorter, although now fashionable to - shock leader.

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david wrote:

Hey, nice cord, I such a still not saw.
As option.



32 wrote:

A sho for the cord?

Varivas max power PE-8 . This simple awesome -plotno glomeratum and slippery as raskosami. Knockout it worked fantastically well with a jet of holds is famously. Paintjob every 10m in the other color very helps as in determining distance there is so and in regaining the on any . If is detached the certainly know how many. Thank you Wladyslaw all for the extraordinary sense of humor. Only you could say - what the Import.

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Thank you! :)



Today with rannya I released to sector # 88 promezhdu 3 and 4 staircases, so as me led to on a strawberry :blush:.

Fish-sicles flagship Karp Pro Expert Strawberry - 2 package on 1 kg (see Photo). After that it turned out, that volume of prikormki is about 6 liters - me its facilitated on enleve with 7-30 until 15-30, camping on E. On 8 hours! :flag: To increasing attractiveness of I zamesil this prikormku on melted liquid food the potpourri Stolyarov - Lies "superprikormka" with the smell, is Mindalya and taste the strawberries! :cool: And no pea plants and any sign there salapinki :no:. Only sweets! :love:

Feder EBM-160 with vershinkoy # 6, the coil Penn Konkuer 7,000 with puffed Formaks Vantazhe 0.22 mm 37 Librov, tooling helicopter. Trough different, from 100 until 140 grams - Fidersport, Drop and flip Bullet from Dima Gross's and Bullet with gruntozatsepami from the Docs organs is 60 - eighty six police in dependence from forces tide (from slow until of blasting). Dog leashes but also about 1 flushed, from hotspots until from -0.20 mm, hooks different, # # 14-10 on Mezhdunarodke.
The bait foam, the boot and maggot in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo. Has tried 2 distance there is - about 59 and 35 gather steam; coils (1ob =9 4 centimeters on passport) - both distance there is workers! :hobo:

As it turned out, strawberry likes not only me :rolleyes:, but and thus zavsegdatayam of Dnepr, as ballerus ballerus, Blicca bjoerkna, bully, a dace, Leschik (see Photo).

Text or: Still I saw pipe with little duckies :O - the ducklings are already solidly are growing older and soon start on their own exist in our material causes world. (See Photo).

Text or-usage: Kopru fact goes underway - three mafiosos up there-put here by the - and promezhdu them flies Swallow with turYstami :whistle: (see Photo)

About! :idea: take editing: :D.



Alexcd83 wrote:

Of changeable tips, that used?

"The bait foam, the boot and maggot in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo" (this quote from my the report)



Alexcd83 wrote:

In next time, when going Gone Fishin '(, grab such a lovely package

Not know as you have, and have us summer pastochino - without pontu. Autumn, spring on Cold water and on dark base this works. On red prikormke red particles not are visible. And yellows predusmatrivaet perfectly replaces traditional sechka.
In my opinion - everyone ovoschu its term.



Vadkh wrote:

. And yellows predusmatrivaet perfectly replaces traditional sechka.
In my opinion - everyone ovoschu its term.

Support! From for good good not seek (Nar. Saying).
All the more, know`s Salapinki I carried until of automatism.
And for Leschika, large lyubitelya naturprodukta, than less chemistry in prikormke, the better - I.M.H.O.,.



Dood wrote:

And for Leschika, large of an amateur naturprodukta, than less chemistry in prikormke, the better - I.M.H.O.,.

In basis of pastochino - ordinary was dyed peatmosses a major the grind. No secret flavoring and aromatic supplements not contain. Work on contrast with prikormkoy. So that kukuruzer not worse and cheaper. 8-)



Today I and Sasha D. (see Photo) visited the Dnepr river in drying Propulsion Of Kyiv, on Levom Bank.

I decided to harvest on prikormku flagship a dace - 2 package on 1 kg (see Photo), under zameshivanii which I added in water about 150 ml food attraktanta Stolyarov.

Trough I decided to use from W. Pugacha (Kyiv), about which I recently informed forums on some forums. :glasses:
Initially my industrialized fishing, with 7-00 hours, tide not was, and I used trough on 50-60 "grape" + prikormka, Sasha D. Also obtain very one such a the feeder (with tsilndrichny successes of metal plate, with prosverlennymi holes - see Photo).

Flight have such trough a normal, and under contrary vymatyvanii there is a slight "ryskanie" trough up there-put here by the, like this quite already and not there's gravy, and some an exotic wobbler :love:.

I eiaee on one distance there is 64 turnover reel Penn Konkuer 7,000 (94 centimeters for 1 about. Handles, on passport).

Turkic forward Id say, that all the rest experimental samples new feeders from W. Pugacha (green rectangular with a metal mashed with holes, and Bullets with cylindrical koltsevymi gruzikami variable Heights (dislodged center of gravity)) vymatyvalis well :cool:, has been going squarely on tulip fidera, nowhere not otklonyayas and not by prowling :no:.

Trough weight in 100-120 grams well held for on distance there is 64 turnover, under this the magnitude of bending done # 6 (the most hard in series of types Dutch Master) visible on photo. Cord been used from firms Berkeley "Trilayn" on 20 librov, on eye roughly $0.16-from -0.20 mm.

Lovilis Blicca bjoerkna, a dace, Common or Bronze Bream :hobo:. But somewhere to 12-30 nibble gone on there is no and utterly stalled :dontcare:. In 14-30 I better pull your line in feeder and was laid home, so as fever teetered a kickass :tired:.

Text or:
- point, and that same all-??? on how Bank? :question: - ask you.
- A on how Bank. Is worth tent, moored a powerboat and even has been noted within living Russian! :rolleyes: - answer I (see Photo).

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"Dood wrote:

- point, and that same all-??? on how Bank? :question: - ask you.
- A on how Bank. Is worth tent, moored a powerboat and even has been noted within living Russian! :rolleyes: - answer I (see Photo).

Wladyslaw Ivanovich, so the OK not the opposite Bank, this OK island: '(. And on against moreover seats, where is worth tent and has been noted within the guy, a big-ass melyaka, distance until how many any normal style of there meters 200, for fidera it not interestingly :dontknow:. So about offense can be not to mention 8-) First part of the report much more informative, thank you for the details. :flag:

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Wladyslaw Ivanovich, so the OK not the opposite Bank, this OK island.

Ah yes, island of Love, have which there is Bank, and on it once, in year time, even was its "the commandant" :hobo:. You saw someday island without shores of?! :O

Text or: Mentioning "moreover Bank" - this such creative reception "recombining to create composition rhythm in prose" :whistle:. In, as!

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Videoprilozhenie to my report from 16.07.2014g. In the form of a small SCARY DOLLS!! - are ", someone like :blush:.


And sho after you, tovarisch Colonel, hands lifelong Hungarian flag dry cuts yourselves? :D

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32 wrote:

A sho after you, tovarisch Colonel, hands lifelong Hungarian flag dry cuts yourselves? :D

Hungarian flag has another colour range of. :hobo:



Oleg 32
Oleg, well that you not from The Gambia, A the Dood on Gambia put an and snot leschevye their flag he washes off their :crazyfun:



32 wrote:

. Lifelong Hungarian flag.

Vadkh wrote:

. On Gambia.

And so? :crazy:

Text or: Incidentally, me managed find townsome decision problems finding towels always "have bodies" with the help HMS carabiner :cool:



Dood wrote:

A so?

Optical deception :hobo:, on above mentioned countries photo, on my monitor, towel has red-white green color. :)



Dood wrote:

Today I and Sasha D. (see Photo) visited the Dnepr river in drying Propulsion Of Kyiv, on Levom Bank.

"And where same vasya, ask you?" (With) :D
And here is vasya are biting there on twilight. ???? classic genre not works, Red been ignoring. Are biting as a dace - a long ceasing, penyk, several Oparei. I yesterday couple of kilushnikov caught. And couple of days ago --room. But nibble a short. Two-three klevaki and use. But the oaea, not for fish tank same travel on Dnepr river.



Twilight of usually on the evening :), and on the morning dawn..



Alexcd83 wrote:

Day, or on the evening were poklevki?

I after work sometimes useful velofider. Conditional support with 19 to 22. Nibble on devices up, on twilight. As the sun touches Kiev of the hills. But this on left Bank had forced. On the morning, too, that breaches, but brief.

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Today I was on sees between 3 and 4 staircases, in that sector # 88. Eiaee fiderom EBM-160 + coil Penn Konkuer 7,000, cord on 20 librov, snap Pater Noster (disambiguation) and helicopter, dog leashes but also 0,18 and 0.22 mm, about 1 flushed, hooks # # 14-10 on Mezhdunarodke.

On foams, maggot and Pinku in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.
Roughly on 40 and 30 meters.
Water gave in 9 hour 10 shadowing I used trough from W. Pugacha active on 105 "grape" and what happened to Bullet on 133 "grape", and also from D. Gross's - Drop on 140 grams, in dependence from forces tide (see Photo).

Fish-sicles from firms flagship: 1 package Korop Vershki and 1 package Expert Strawberry (see Photo). Under zameshivanii, in water I added about 100 ml food attraktanta Stolyarov.

From Ryboidov have shown activity only couple of-top three Bychkov (, and couple of tens of Sintsov (see Photo).

Two times behaved among rain, minutes on 20-30, and then left the sun, and quickly vysushivalo the concrete the surface with razlozhennymi on it my nemudrennymi fishing have an.
In principle can be was harvest further, so as my neighbor downstream, roughly in gender-second, fished out a nepoganogo Leschika, somewhere on 1.5-2.0 kilograms on eye), but suddenly, where nor of a sudden there :rolleyes:. From above, through railing sees, flew of tank water, squarely on heads along the bottom Rybachkov, and on me in including :tired:. Judging byt cry motor, entering this sudden the waterfall, some not in measure mettlesome petrolhead decided to suggested a Tarnawa the cork, directly on pedestrian parts of, alongside railings. And there pools :O. So I mentally was willing chauffeur to to go and to go, and not simply to go :mad:. And not before next thunderstorms, was laid back home! :flag:



As during Slava, and upright fish :crazyfun: plyusanul for the beauty stating 8-)



Vadkh wrote:

Uncle Slava, and upright fish :crazyfun: plyusanul for the beauty stating 8-)

Fish in sadke - so say, are looking, envy, I Hi. Did you in-about-about-about how many :hobo: - I already long fundamentally not taking pictures of. But if suddenly in drying of Kyiv as I've collared full a hatchling pond Sazanchikov, then so and be, get a picture of this :flirt:. And prevents there Plotichki, Gusterki, Leschiki, Sintsy, Pelecus cultratus and etc. Already long "of his It." "Eyes would my their not saw" (joke) :D



Today I visited promenade below PeshMo, in strictly against Morshynska :hobo:.

Is located I in sector # 8, so as in it was relatively little grass, after conducted recently Rybalskikh Games from as the flagship of (first on spinningu, and then on bobber as soon as, ah and fidernye sorevy hit with 17 August sec. Propulsion :love: ).

Prikormku I zamesil from as the flagship of, is called Lyasch (see Photo), in that added Salapinskuyu bag for with apartment flour and Apple Sesame-following sypuchkoy.

Began enleve around 7 hours, graduated about 14 hours. On 7 hours industrialized fishing 5 fringes liters this prikormochnoy a mixture me well facilitated :flag:.
Feder EBM-160, coil Penn Konkuer 7,000, cord Formaks Vantazhe with that of the 20 kg + shock-leader from Chinese wass organs is Pro 0.30 mm, tooling Helicopter. Dog leashes but also from 1.0 until 1.5 flushed, hooks from # 14 until # 8. The bait / the nozzle sitch foam, the boot, oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.

Trough Fidersport, from W. Pugacha and from Doc'ss organs is 60 - in dependence from forces crosscurrents, water began to push in 9-15, and stream the somewhere to 12 hours.
Initially on hook sat brush :mad:.

"This the end of the!" :tired: - thought Stirlitz and I, too,. But then it turned out, that this only the beginning of :D: Do lovilis mostly ballerus ballerus, Pelecus cultratus (all their authorized neighbor on fishing "on taranku"), bully (have Black Bychka why something was, caviar, perhaps have him season spawning of - see Photo), and itself left "on zharekhu" Gusteru and of course, only - but honestly - caught up Leschika (see Photo).

Also around me picturesquely floated Utochki, and on water has gone Swallow with TurYstami :flirt:.

Text or: Guys have reliance PeshMo, on their words of, in night lassoed Zhaboida (Sheat, on with they assessing about 100 kg :O), we were fishing, and with him entire night, 've all but destroyed in three places spinning, and finally Zhaboidu the entire this Train order got and he's laying on bottom :mybb:. Tackle had to assistance :dontknow:. And a host day these same unfond of men gears on same place with hope all-??? again lassos this catfish. But Nadiya dies last :glasses:. See Photo).

NKhNCh! :flag:



Dood - but Nadiya dies last :glasses:. See Photo).

And Nadiya the where which must die, made the on photo there.



Me it looked that bull, isn't he with Wen) he there ceasing not disabled telecom, simplex, after photo??


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