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And that there have Dood 'a?

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Dood wrote:

usage: Guys have reliance PeshMo, on their words of, in night lassoed Zhaboida (Sheat, on with they assessing about 100 kg), we were fishing, and with him entire night, 've all but destroyed in three places spinning, and finally Zhaboidu the entire this Train order got and he's laying on bottom. Tackle had to assistance. And a host day these same unfond of men gears on same place with hope all-??? again lassos this catfish. But Nadiya dies last. See Photo).

I guess me, that this the same catfish, which get autumn there were against tide Outlook on naduvakhe, until we all dace with podleschikom a:

duffy333 wrote:

By the way, onfishing to sees was interesting the situation - if would himself not saw, then thought, that yet another fishing bike. On stick limpet-like (meters away in 120-150 from Bank) catching the guy on inflatable boat. What and than catching it is unclear. Periodically was pulling out something enough major to the surface and bagorchikom's what you told in the boat. And then have him happened THAT - took catfish. Even not so - took catfish. I not know no size was this Synthet, but she his about hours ottaskala on farvateru and upward, and down downstream on, and across. On the very moment I on distance there is 40m catching with the feeding trough 112gr - she was on the brink of breakdown. And fool dragged his downstream on upward not less 200m% -) We with by Alex King and Tokhoy joke, that the guy reveal Sheat, and then where we meet his to donochnikam and fideristam and entire nataskannuyu until this nemelkuyu fish will put with words: "Hold, turYsty!" :crazyfun:
And then appeared steerability with barzhoy. A grown man's urgently had to stray with channel, newcomers under this as such. And then occurred social. Or . Or tooling not weathering. I don't know. We cheered for Sheat - was well known from and deservedly so won. And were almost viscerally upset, that not get from Outlook fish :D



mixa wrote:

A Nadiya the where which must die, made the on photo there.

As there? :question: MA It even there is - on really lower photo its took a bullet for the guy in hat, visible only lighted very ambitious rider on of female anybody. Text or: Still Lives, a disease! :D

Fersfet wrote:

me it looked that bull, isn't he with Wen) he there ceasing not disabled telecom, simplex, after photo??

This, caviar, I cautiously dragged her up hook and had let - "the shock spawning bull, isn't he in sample, Tilke not ?iaeou shkodu!" :glasses:

duffy333 wrote:

I guess me, that this the same catfish, which get autumn there were against tide Outlook on naduvakhe, until we all dace with podleschikom been caught:

These guys at night somewhere got recon the boat and tried to get Soma with it, but nothing have them not :no:. "It ???? ?????????? ??" on tuft vypolzkov :unsure:. Otake :hobo:.



Today I with Alexei came with morning on promenade in neighborhood 3 th Completes operating. I is housed in sector # 8, and Alexei nearby from me 8-).

We wanted anything spoymat in this midday Sunday day :love:. Harvest decided without foam plastic, so as both signed up on Rybalskie Olympics, that are projected at 17.08.2014 Propulsion

I zamesil 2 package flagship Korop Vershki (see Photo) and added salapinku about 1.5 affairs

Eiaee on EBM-160, with coil Penn Konkuer 7,000, the main cord 0.22 mm, shock-leader cord 0.30 mm, tooling helicopter, ceasing 0,18 mm, from 0.5 until 1.5 flushed, hooks different, roughly # # 14-10 on mezhdunarodke.

Not, as a bit lazy :hobo: and with rannya on outcomes zabrosov gruzika I set out schedule orbit terrain, chose 2 distance there is in 40 and 48 gather steam;, on which and catching, alternately, in dependence from forces tide. Water gave in the early tenth, and for not the state until the end of fishing, roughly until 16 hours. I used such trough: Fidersport on 112 grams and from Doc'ss organs is 60 what happened to Bullet with gruntozatsepami on 120 grams (+ prikormka).

Lovilis ordinary Ryboidy: Many sintsa, a long gustery, a bit Pelecus cultratus and bulls, and only one Leschik. Although near stood the guy "an old-skulovets" and on stalku and balls foam plastic he quickly received daily bounced back in the form of several Leschikov, say so :glasses:.

I, too, bounced back performed in the form of "raznorybitsy", with sintsa-a goby-chekhon had let in water open spaces Kanevskiy reservoir :rolleyes:.

Text or: People on PeshMo, on the beach and on plavsredstvakh was apparently-is invisible. So both swallows "have been working our butts as Pope-Carla's" :O (see Photo).



Wladyslaw Ivanovich - in vain try to spare. EBM-160 managerial any mistreatment, I about the third ladder, this you not gorbelino troschit.



Alexcd83 wrote:

. Used to bandage not Few tug ropes, hang up modicum 3000.00, modicum 0.249 - all rub against about hold a shell up and add with same speed :hobo: With the necktie on bottom several feeders from-for chains.

On my view, there's gravy must be enough heavy, and plyukhnuvshis after zabrosa on "aggressive" bottom in clam shell dance, and "tsepe", must ideally, to remain in place the fall of the, nowhere not their mobility from under impact tide - my weight feeders comprise 100-150 grams + prikormka. Forms feeders such: Any - mostly Fidersport and from In pugacha, Bullet with gruntozatsepami from Doc'ss organs is 60, Feedback Bullet and Drop from Dima Gross's - in dependence from forces tide and availability of "chains."

Also, significant significance has "the starting the speed break trough from trawling and cruise the speed movement trough to Bank."

Under isolation trough from trawling I simultaneously there is always upward enough is a long place it (ekonomiki flushed) and quickly rotating coil - as appears me, in this moment there's gravy sharply begins upward, and if and determined for bottom, its I can quite quickly free / had wrenched from "chains."

Forth I intensively rotating the hilt reel Penn Conquer 7,000 - with passport vymotkoy on top frontline the railing (IV) flushed / 1 about and actual vymotkoy about 0.85 flushed / 1 turnover, with sufficient power / peredatkoy 4.8 :1, dozen frontline the railing shpuli about 62 mm, cord namotan on 1.5-2.0 mm below this the railing - see Photo:

On my view, if the actual vymotka have coils has, and accounts for less 0.8 flushed / 1 turnover, then there's gravy goes to Bank in thicker water not enough highly and so determined for style of, Bialowieska shell and for growing on brovkakh "a submersible" grass. In a result snuffed / packet is truncated stuck tooling, will be teared dog leashes but also, is detached shock-leader in node, binding his with khilenkoy the main, with insufficient razryvnuyu strain or insufficient thickness.

I have shock-leader has the thickness 0.30 mm, and have the main the main 0.22 mm: Need to than something sacrifice, so I deliberately went on "a monumental clumsiness" its some tackle, but for 2 recent fishing. Not had lost nor one trough, yes and peretiranie / circumcision tug ropes strongly has declined!
As something so.

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Today I catching in 12 sector, contrary Morshynska :glasses:.

Zamesil 1 kg flagship Lyasch (see Photo) + a bit Salapinki.

Conceived swim initially on super short leashes are and foams, like as "new Old-School" :flirt:: Feder EBM-160 + the coil Penn Konkuer 7,000 with puffed 0.22 mm + the shock of leader 0.30 mm. Tooling - helicopter from Dima Gross's, with two short povodkami from monofila 0.25 mm ,-roughly 5 and 10 centimeters, with hooks # 10, and on the roller ball foam plastic on every "gake" :unsure:. Expanding 48 gather steam;.

Until applying water I used the feeder Fidersport 112 grams, and when went stream, then moved on what happened to Bullet with gruntozatsepami from Doc'ss organs is 60 on 120 and 130 grams - in a result timely change of feeders me managed hold on this distance there is all time industrialized fishing with 7 until 14 hours, and under this not lose nor one snap / trough! :flag:

"New Old-School" today not It was your dangerous driving I have :dontknow:, and have real Old-skulovtsev -, too, :no: (see Photo) - and all because, that wind was frankly South, against tide :mad:. And are "-" pressure " :x.

With 10 hours I moved on helicopter its modification and suggested a nastebal Gusteroidov and Sinetsoidov - on dog leashes but also-from 0.8 flushed until 2.2 flushed and podsadkoy oparika / kicks they lovilis do :rolleyes:.

Also I saw The gray one pipe and Che-r-r-r-krizhanikh The Crow :hobo: (see Photo).

Despite safe passage with 7 until 10 hours ('ve caught only 3 imaginations), in a whole I bounced back performed and "on zharekhu" Hi. Did you :cool:.



Alexcd83 wrote:

Wladyslaw Ivanovich, mostly in catch was sinets?

Ballerus ballerus, of course. His more in things too, can you and have him greater the size of the / weight separate individual, compared with gusteroy.



Dood wrote:

Che-r-r-r-krizhanikh The Crow

Have us only gray lives, on photo- :dontknow: young rooks had



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, need not us be convinced - Three LESTNITsA THAT godforsaken PLACE.



Ivanovich hard is preparing for games flagmanovskim 17 th August, gradually gets them hooked fish on its secret fodder)




Ivanovich hard is preparing for games flagmanovskim 17 th August, gradually gets them hooked fish on its secret fodder)

Dead lift-dead lift?




Ivanovich hard is preparing for games flagmanovskim 17 th August, gradually gets them hooked fish on its secret fodder)

Yes, Salapinku I izgotovlyayu already automatically, in grinding halt after konditsiya and with "secret" additives - under this "on all-pro-all" zatrachivayu not more 20 minutes, including "approach to Alliance" and "departure from him"! :hobo:

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Yesterday-Today I and even a few fidermenov visited the Dnepr river in drying Propulsion Of Kyiv with goal to capture Leschika, for period roughly with 20-00 hours, but yesterday, and on 7-30 hours, but already today :flirt:.

I eiaee on 2 package from flagship - this Lyasch and Strawberry, with adding Salapinki, in turn with adding apartment Muki and Apple Sesame-following sypuchki (see Photo).

Feder EBM-160, with coil Penn Konkuer 7,000, the main the cord from Berkeley on 20-54 (see Photo)

+ the shock of leader from China IP 0.30 mm. Tooling - one of modifications Vertoleta. There's gravy on 120 "grape" from AKhS, facial.

Stream, if and was, then highly unvisible for an unarmed coke eyes, say so :O.
I eiaee on zaklipsovannoy range missiles 65 gather steam; coils. Dog leashes but also tried from 0.5 until 2.5 flushed, about $0.16-from -0.20 mm, hook - "It's acute" roughly # 12 on Mezhdunarodke, type aji.
My colleagues on designed "about to extract all juices" from competitors from 30 flushed until 90 flushed :nope:.

And that you think? :question: according, massive, fatty, fat Leschikov and footprint simple handbag - NEMA :dontknow:, modicum shout "screaming murder!" :canthearyou:.

Despite a rich palette prikormok and nazhivok our "courageous s", were slovleny only couple of small podleschikov okoloskovorodochnogo size, Lite-catfish, Volkswagen Jetta TDI-yazek, heavy-sinets and raznosortnaya Blicca bjoerkna, and also remarkable pipe cleaners (see Photo. :love:

. T. E. All, that shevelilo some within reach our osnastok, on at the foam, Pinku, oparik, Red the worm. Had to, on choice "victims" fidernogo discretion, either dismissing their in raging the waves of Dnepr :rofl:, either amicably to float willing on all 4 hand :surprise:.

About! :glasses: take editing: :hobo:.



Today I decided to swim Ryboidov in waters of Dnepr, in drying Propulsion Of Kyiv.

Passing on La, my view :glasses: alighted on Kobzare, which tough to watched somewhere 1912, in side this.

I have spread cordage, Fr prikormku, used the pourer and the bait as from domestic producers, so and from diverse European and transatlantic firms, in camping on CHAMPION:
- feeder EBM-160 with vershinkoy # 6; the coil Penn Konkuer 7,000 with puffed in 0.22 mm / 17 kg and shock-leader 0.30 mm (mainly, for somehow forever from cuts shell). Tooling - Helicopter on monofile 0.50 mm, the length fidergama Shermann flagship 1.0 mm - about 15 centimeters, leashes are from 0,18 until 0.25 mm, from 0.5 until 2.0 forge the Hooks I has tried different, size roughly # # 14-10 on Mezhdunarodke.

Fish-sicles: FishDrim a dace - 1 package, + Salapinka with adding a garlic-in there and Apple Sesame white linen sypuchek, and also apartment flour, only about 4.5 liters.

The bait - red-white the boot and red-white oparik, Kuplennyi in Golden Rybke, that on Revutskogo, 15, in Kyiv. For raising bait over aggressive upside I used balls foam plastic small and middle size :hobo:.
Trough I used initially from a W. Bush. Pugacha (with a metal successes on 107 "grape", green color of) :flag:, then Fidersport on 112 grams, mesh, small inside :love:, and, when has intensified for - I established what happened to Bullet with gruntozatsepami (4 ?o) on 120 "grape" from Doc'ss organs is 60 - its amelioration and capturing the until 14-30 hours. This Bullet well cuts hold a shell up, which or inside. Trough - and so such a Bullet easily goes from any - but neglukhogo - piece of fastening! :cool:

Catching with one distance there is in 47 gather steam; coils (roughly 43 meters), the deaf zatsepov not was, dog leashes but also ask to be rarely has.

Lovilas different Dneprovskaya fish, in averagely-taranochnom and about-skovorodochnom size - a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, Pelecus cultratus and more just - ballerus ballerus, to which I for and Klyaps from-for big was similar :blush:.
Entire this fish I authorized Tanne and John Paul, have them the child in the Oh as love taranku - why would and not to share?! :flirt: ("brother Mitya sick, Ushitsy requests" :) (with) to / sovereign "almost").

- A where same Vasya? :question: - strictly ask you, meticulously having, from cover to cover, the entire my report.
- point, ??? ?? ? ? he, in podsake! :hobo: (homes shoulder on 1.3 kg) - answer I.
(A short ceasing in mere 0.5 Dam,, measuring from -0.20 mm + hook type aji # 12 on mezhdunarodke; the ball foam plastic and 5 oparikov).

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Today I came on Embankment with rannya and is located on the steps in anticipation to sea pleasure :love:.
Prikormku I made a sauce hybrid - has crossed 2 package flagship Expert Strawberry with Salapinskoy gave, in that in turn were added green-bean flour and Apple Sesame garlic mixture of :hobo:. Just broke a about 6 liters ready prikormochnoy a mixture from above mentioned elements of - with one hand, prikormka withdrew pylyaschaya :flirt:, and with other hand, Leschikam there is than well for yourself :).

Cordage I have those same, that and in previous reports, so on them I to dwell not d :no:.
Water gave about 9 hours 30 minutes, but for was secondary - on range missiles in 45 gather steam; crime as in 98 grams from Fidersport not suggested.
Tried snap Helicopter Fidernyy and Nesimmetrichnaya Circus - work they on average during well. Also I tried crime as from the Docs organs is 60 on 120 grams "Bullet with gruntozatsepami" - until what same she Good, a disease! :cool:
No zatsepov osnastok today not was, impression was such, as if I I'll hold you in 6-7 stairs! :rolleyes:
I have why something sinets-klyapsets today not very something and lovilsya :dontknow:, and here is Blicca bjoerkna and chekhon attacked bait - foam + the boot + oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo - with enviable activity!% -)

Time from time I spoke them: "Shariah, folks!" :glasses:, outflts on hook (roughly # # 14-10 on mezhdunarodke) units 5-6 oparikov + foam and showered snap in anticipation "miracle" o.o., camping on E. "of Vasylya" :D. Ah, can and not quite Vasya, but all-??? one Leschik fell for it on such a combination :jumping:.
About gender-third went rain, harvest became get back a little visibly :mad:.

So I well cared for by end in sprays, brought together their "your pin" and was laid home :mybb:, and as it turned out, highly on time, so as on the horizon starters guitar` dazzle zipper and became thus combining classical and jazz a bolt from - the second time moisture under rain me already not had to :crazy:.

Outside surveillance :O:



Today I decided to swim in sector # 5, that slightly below peshekhodki (this favorite place several my known-an old-skulovtsev, which gets caught preferably Leschikov).
I, too, decided to do focus on Leschiku, and with this purpose zamesil in together 2 kg Salapinki (with Apple Sesame following and apartment additives) and still 2 package from as the flagship of - Lyasch and Strawberry. Fish-sicles withdrew oppressive, but and suspended matter its amelioration built, too,.

Zabrosilsya I in 7-00, graduated harvest in 14-20. Nakovyryal about 1.6 kg, and the only expense of moreover, that on it comes to shagging sintsa "already dog you" :confused: - with dozen sintsov and one Blicca bjoerkna. Also was couple of massive Plotvits, with the most that neither on there is rannya, but they deliberately were are merged I near steps, so as should lower my its podsaku in blatant swamp "pornozelen" not was no desires :no:.

Water gave, as usual, in 9-10, but for was secondary, there's gravy in 120 "grape" (Bullet with Gruntozatsepami from the Docs organs is 60) has rested on this during well :cool:, on 48 scandisk coils Penn Konkuer 7,000.

(On-start I used the feeder Fidersport, the mesh small, on 100 grams). Feder EBM-160, nesimmetrichnaya noose. Leashes are from 0,18 mm monofila I drive the money changers very often, DocumentFragment different length - from 0.5 until 2.5 flushed - it turned out, that active fish not was nor on bottom, nor in thicker water :dontknow:, had to "izvertetsya on located on" :rolleyes:, to vymuchit several sintsov, on at the foam + Pinku + oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo. Also repeatedly for hook with the bait home run hitter! He and crunk became trawling nice man-next clams: '(.

Near with I savagely Old-skulovtsy, not pinning nor one Leschika, they cursed :mad: pressure, southern wind and the greatest moon (that was in past night), after what allies blamed with seats industrialized fishing :mybb: somewhere in 12 hours and Quay sobirayutsya.

Me same not getting accustomed, so as todays environment on a reservoir very me felt the usual a competitive day, when 1 fish in hour is considered well normal phenomenon :flirt:.
So that fully test prikormku with formula S. (Rowling CHAMPION + Propulsion) + F. (L. + K.) me today not managed :dontknow:, will have repeat this batter's box now in next time :hobo:.

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Dood wrote:

Also was couple of massive Plotvits, with the most that neither on there is rannya, but they deliberately were are merged I near steps, so as should lower my its podsaku in blatant swamp "pornozelen" not was no desires.

This Diaz Gutierrez Goo: Diving poured :crazyfun:

Dood wrote:

Near with I savagely Old-skulovtsy, not pinning nor one Leschika, they cursed pressure, southern wind and the greatest moon (that was in past night), after what allies blamed with seats industrialized fishing somewhere in 12 hours and Quay sobirayutsya.

Roughly the same story was, when I catching in Saturday after lunch - as times when flurry of has passed and rain with 3 days and until the early seventh behaved. Truth I between 6-oops and 7-oops staircases catching. Until 3-it not came so as harbor promenade brought to you immediately for bridge Metro was closed off in side traditionally Tiananmen - finally want the tunnel again on Day Independence pint and something there make. Hope, that a normal asphalt feast. And Andryukha Chima there a couple zakilushnykh leschikov in that day in the first half of days took.
Izgolyatsya on fish accounted for strongly - even have sintsa poklevki were very-very careful. And rare. Tin in short. Ah and of course same "iaaoou davln" :hobo:.

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duffy333 wrote:

Truth I between 6-oops and 7-oops staircases eiaee.

From same, near a) Truth we with Rushtikom were classically closer to a 7th. Then, incidentally, Chimu culture near subway even was greeted. Talked and "Zlatoust ??? in opinion, that third now better but, than 6-7. I think from-for depth, she in such a heat Perhaps defining.

Poklyovki indeed very the insecurely egotistical feel were. That podlesch, that sinets. And here is couple of medium-size plotvits and gustyor managed vymutit on a long ceasing, 1.35, and three moldy worm with podrezannym middle. Taking irregular, but confidently.

But this morning and any are they biting. Last week two night through day on a 7th - "The Naked Vasya on the mattress") :canthearyou: :confused: third convocation full. Table changes.



On 3-it / 4-oops all ??? stream slightly whether not beats in the most Bank, but on 6-oops / 7-oops she already moves away and under Bank and the return exhaust there is. Perhaps have first seats better idea deal with oxygen in water - this given what temperatures water and as blooms Dnepr river. I under evening after rain when fish taking it out from water, it on are even 4000m2 as well as hot was - temperatures air has fallen somewhere until + 20 under + 32 day in the shadows. And water what was such and has remained. Ah and plus the difference in depths of course. Yes and clams there lot more.
I tried to then on night to remain, but about 21 as cued a jet of, then on roughly 35 meters away the feeder 110gr podtaskivalo on the cord 10lb o.o. But most important that experienced simply bewildering range of nitchatki and other algae - it is one thing brush your on every zabrose tulip and rings day, and another matter in darkness. Stalechnik below me downstream on at all journey took it out of all their the rods are as only this began.
Incidentally, until catching heard talk "local" - have all last week all very poorly. That day, that at night.



alexcry wrote:

I think from-for depth,

, too, so thought. Fool on four. That place always was leschyovym, especially on the far-distance there is. 100gr AKhS on 85m stagnated on expense 30. The second the distance that- 've been grafting as Pope Carlo, feed 4860g. For entire night nor one trigger.



Today I catching "have Kobzar (book)", not far from PeshMo.

Zamesil prikormku FLAGMAN Strawberry Expert + Salapinka with Apple Sesame-linen addition of.

Began to busting in 7-00, until "applying water" position with cool was "akhovoe", immediately same on jolt, fellas, in 9 chas.10 shadowing Manage to grab plotvichku, then gustirku, then sintsa. And silence. Poklevki extremely rare, any nesmelye crap.
EBM-160, Penn CQR 7,000, cord 0.22 mm + shock 0.30 mm, about 48 gather steam; reel, first yuzal helicopter, then moved on nesimmetrichku, the latter me liked more. The feeder applied from Doc'ss organs is 60 - Bullet on 120 grams with gruntozatsepami.
Leashes are has tried from 0.5 flushed until 2.5 flushed, 0,18-0.25 mm, foam + oparik, in different combinations - not the that Bob, and and blue-fin

Sintsa, dace, gusteru not so easily was you. A goby, Pelecus cultratus not was at all: Iaaoou, pressure, full superluna, hot water - about 26-27 degrees Celsius.

Familiar an old-skulovets was laid with La in 10 hours, not who had. I same've tinkered with prikormku and guarantying the accuracy of zabrosa "on bearing, and range missiles", say so.
Some as nakovyryal couple of kg, on zharekhu and taranku.

And here is, something about 14 hours, someone from Ryboidov desperately Dima razmashistuyu poklevku, and then upirayuschegosya Vasylka - I have even 4000m2 as well as soul sang under vyvazhivanii: Ah, finally! When near Bank'm - and "it" just-only samozaseklos for approximately, Ugh, to you?, a little cyanotic sinets!

Better pull your line in some tackle and is gone home (as times and prikormka ended.

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Yes, Admiral Mike Mullen times, when with rannya Ryboidy clearly not active :insane::
With 7 morning and until 12-30 hour. I have feasted my eyes upon only two single-nesmelykh a twitch or done. And use: '(. And here is with 12-31 hour. - as's burst, huh, sinets intensified and actively about itself was reminiscent strident and confident klevakami :O.
I catching again "have Kobzar (book)", slightly below PeshMo, although all familiar an old-skulovtsy today over past me in side Alternatively promezhdu 3-4 eanoieo, seek "his Vasylka" :huh:.

Fish-sicles - 2 packs FLAGMAN Expert Strawberry + Salapinka with Apple Sesame-a garlic-linen addition of. The bait - red-white the boot and red-white oparik, as would in "the suit of" to color prikormki :D.

Feder EBM-160 with the most powerful vershinkoy # 6, the coil from "uncle Sam" - Penn Conquer 7,000, cord 0.22 mm + shock 0.30 mm, nesimmetrichnaya noose with fidergamom, leashes are during a solid besklevya I thank from 0.5 flushed until 2.5 flushed,, measuring 0,15mm-from -0.20 mm.

Hooks different, but thorny, roughly # # 14-10 on Mezhdunarodke. Foam + The Boot + Oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo. From DIPov better all shown themselves ANISkin :cool:.
All time I eiaee on range missiles 47 gather steam;: On-start - with rannya I yuzal crime as from W. Pugacha on 98 grams - liked! :flag:

However, when gave water - roughly in 9chas 10 shadowing - the to hold on zakormlennoy point on range missiles 47 gather steam;, had to establish trough from Doc'ss organs is 60 - Bullets with gruntozatsepami, on 110 and 120 grams. ???? Yokohama Sergei Krska and, on my the request, from more hard wire, and size of on couple of mm lot more, than in "standard" version this trough.

Initially for clutched 110-pay :flag:, and then, on least strengthening crosscurrents, its the beginning of a bit bear, had to establish 120-cultural - teetered, as frozen, and under this nor one darkness piece of fastening! :love: Klass! :cool:
Knot "the shock of leader + the main" began zalipatsya different crap all the roughly with 12 hours, couple of times even has turned into a brake in tulip, had to manually exempt his from algae and debris: '(.

In 14-30 poklevki sintsa have become smoothly go on there is no, and the rest Ryboidy (a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, Leschik, Pelecus cultratus, bully and etc.) so activity and not have shown :no:.
That same, so as welled up clouds and was blown out by winds wind northern direction, then I not became to yield to sprognozirovannogo our Lounge sinoptikami "scale rain" :confused: and was laid home :mybb:.

Text or: Today men from firms FLAGMAN have dealt partitioning for fidernykh this comp 17.08. S. Propulsion And ponakleivali announcements on the subject on La - explore-costly rooted - it turned out, that I today fished in sector # 8! :hobo:

Text or-usage: Somewhere hours in 11, one of not in measure silver spoon doves, confused for my ceasing-about 2.5 flushed and committed "now a fly-" around me, then barrelling down: Diving, then I his some as grounded on ledge - and he polyurethane, until I cautiously grapes his from the leash -" sensible "a bird, it turns out, this" the Dove. "! :)



Today I visited Embankment "have Kobzar (book)", with goal test activity Ryboidov after, as temperatures water starters are decline:

Mixed 1 package FLAGMAN Expert Strawberry and 3 liter Salapinki, generously-infused Apple Sesame-linen blend a mixture of, and Lies is some bad prikormka.

Feder EBM-160, the coil Penn Conquer 7,000, the cord Formaks Vantazhe 0.22 mm / 17 kg without the shock of leader, tooling helicopter + fidergam.

Dog leashes but also 0,18-from -0.20 mm, from 0,60m until 1.5 flushed, hooks # # 14-12 on mezhdunarodke, new and thorny.
Foam, The Boot, maggot, pulp Fig in different combinations.
Peck the beginning of about 8 hours morning, the first took have trawling Pelecus cultratus.

Then began full occupation troops - should and a brazen the stranglehold of the Sintsa, which only rarely has changed poklevkami Gusteroidov.

Water gave in the early tenth, for today was stronger than, than in previous days - to 13-14 hours had to establish crime as from the Docs organs is 60 - Bullet with gruntozatsepami on 130 grams, to not go with distance there is in 48 gather steam;.
Daily bounced back I received confidently, say so, for period industrialized fishing with 7 until 14 hours.

Text or: Men with stalechnymi rods, near with I, was "times-two - and absolutely", because Bob something still not in sight.



Today I've been practicing in as it comes to shagging in 13 sector, that below other Mosts owner, but higher 3 th Completes operating.

With rannya was not on-year old cool, wind pute downstream on, on the sky it's cloudy, but rain not was.
Eiaee with 7 until 14 hours.

Zamesil 2 package prikormki FLAGMAN - River and Bream & roach, broke a about 5 liters prikormochnoy a mixtures dark color of.

The first fish sela on hook in the early conventional ninth, 500m 43 turnover coils Penn Konkuer 7,000, and I with this distance there is not ascents of.

Feder EBM-160, the cord Formaks Vantazhe 0.22 mm, helicopter in modification "2 the beads on 1 document with a string", fidergam.
Dog leashes but also 0,18-from -0.20 mm, 0.6 - 1.5 forge the

Foam, The Boot, pulp Fig, Oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.

There's gravy was one - Bullet with Gruntozatsepami on 110 grams.

From Ryboidov more just shown activity ballerus ballerus, then Blicca bjoerkna, also I caught choosing Bychka Black and Mini-Nano -
Podleschikov type "A boy-with-Tom Thumb", several units - and sat on hook # 14 as something very even imperceptibly, but with confident turned. Absolved nagulivat computer by.
The most active nibble began after, as in the early tenth gave water - and began steadily decline somewhere after gender-first.

Morning will become: And Vasya. Bob in obozrevaemoy I district not was. Iaaoou, Friday. 13 sector. Davlni.

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Pictures of the, pictures of the, and still times - pictures of the! :flirt:
Morning will become: Today Ryboidy unconditionally pardoned - all-??? Rifat, as-raze! :flag:



Somehow a camera take pictures of...?



Australian, but a cool: Fujifilm design (F660EXR - so as often account for to do "operational" shooting, cut things with fotikom only one hand. :hobo:



Today I with Sergei Stepanovichem and Gleb Svyatoslavich (Prince of were on the ground promezhdu 6 and 7 staircases, with goal anything spoymat :hobo:.

Despite worker day, people was a fucking fortune, some even imposed tent.

I eiaee on EBM-100 with coil Simano Ultegra SI45500KhSA, the cord Momoi DzhigLayn, 0.12 mm ('s reabsorption) + the shock of leader from twist are spaced a little stronger.

Tooling - helicopter, with fixed, about 20 centimeters, within fidergama. The feeder I yuzal on 77 grams, prototype model from Vladimir pugacha (Kyiv) - Bullet, have which roundabout my weight has dislodged center of gravity. There's gravy has drawn to the conditions industrialized fishing simply miraculously :cool:: I easily metal snap on expanding about 50 meters, and in case need do although snap me was quite it is not difficult, there's gravy under contrary vymatyvanii recovered somewhere for 25-30 gather steam; reel until Bank :flag:.

I zamesil 1 package FLAGMAN Lyasch with 3-are l Salapinki, generously enhanced Apple Sesame-linen sypuchkoy :flirt:.

Leashes are 0,148-0,1702 mm ,-from 0.5 until 1.0 forge the
On hook about # 14 (on mezhdunarodke) I nasazhival at the foam, Pinku, Oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo. On bait I often executed the one of DIPov, best worked Konoplya and the Liquid a dace from flagship :flag:.

Lovilas a dace, different sizes - and quite small, and well big, a fat, about-skovorodochnogo size :love:.

And only once on hook sat bully :mad:. And here is Sintsa, Blicca bjoerkna, Leschikov me not your visitors :no:.
S. S. And G. , too, they were catching a long small fry, but until an overnight norms no one of us all-??? so and not having, so as entire by with for gaining prikormku we small used up with 7 until 14 hours, after what allies blamed with this "Promised Land."
About! Take editing: :rolleyes:.



Give please receipt of Apple Sesame-linen sypuchki, each time want ask, but increasingly not as! :)



SliceOfLife wrote:

Entrust please receipt of Apple Sesame-linen blend sypuchki, each time want ask, but increasingly not as! :)

Grain sesame and grain flax in ratio 1 :1 (roughly, on eye) - this mixture of, which is used food industry Ukraine, and here is in sale in daunting I its not saw.


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