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And that there have Dood 'a?

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magik wrote:

I very aware of that that you choice Pen coils, thought can are gone on other.

And why stray, if me in Penn Conquer 7,000 all likes - vymotka, peredatka, weight, dozen shpuli, tyagovitost, the commercial,. The shield, 's a clip-on the quality of details, opportunity open "shell" and lubricate "shesterenki", metal Corps, 10 ShP, shackle lesoukladyvatelya, the lack of switch reversal and etc. :cool: detail about the center of the spool read HERE.

Спустя сезон интенсивной эксплуатации в "экстраусловиях" 3-й лестницы (кормушки в 120 -150 гр + прикормка, "жесткое клипсование", выдергивание кормушек из цепы "а-ля-лебедка", зацепы за плывущий по струе мусор, зелень, траву, случайные падения фидера с катушкой на бетон набережной и на песок, прочие "негаразды"), я недавно сдал эту катушку на ТО, и Умелец дал заключение, что ГП в норме, ш/п и прочие узлы тоже, посоветовал заменить обгонную муфту в сборе - так она обозначена в спецификации (слегка поизносился пресловутый "сепаратор" :glasses: ) - почему бы и нет, если у меня есть такая возможность? :hobo: And that still need to "fideristu-ekstrakhevinistu"? :D Nu, and as the saying goes, "no good deed not seek!" :rolleyes:

Incidentally, Wizard advised me so produce care rollers this reel, with 2-are closed sharikopodshipnikami in video, not applying liquid lubrication (butter) because, that completely fluid’(oil) can penetrate inward closed sharikopodshipnika and hurt "native" of ball lubrication - balls "zastuchat" and will have their in late-all to change - as something so. :hobo: ):
Spell out - to clear from dirt and dust all details - muster - inflict a bit dense lube (but not oil) on 2 "a" reels, soprikasayuschikhsya with washers' - establish the commercial on place and twist it propeller - ensure in easy "provorachivaemosti" reels.

Also Wizard said, that departure for coil, after each fishing, should include in themselves, aside from "tryapochnykh obtiraniy", still and removing brushed dust and dirt with the surface coils (roughly, as clearing spetskistochkoy knives electric shavers) - so that makes-pay I "in city" and'll look for-purchase suitable couple of premier :blush:.

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Dood wrote:

so that makes-I "in city" and'll look for-purchase suitable couple of premier.

Check in stores, financed bath accessories for hairdressing - they have flat brush wide 2-3sm, length bristle 3 centimeters, on a long handle. Very conveniently put out change renounce all hell is that between horns rotor, yes and from other hidden seats.



VDA wrote:

. Very conveniently put out change renounce all hell is that between horns rotor, yes and from other hidden seats.

And such a a brush be appropriate? :hobo: boonce!



I had in view here is such a
And the kind on mind very soft and Shetina a short



Today I you got Schettler on subject "How I spent summer" :D (or "My fidernyy season - 2014" :love:), to was what watch and listen to the crippled winter evenings :hobo:.



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, and stetlyachek, that for firm? Form of unusual?



Denis Kiev wrote:

Wladyslaw Ivanovich, and stetlyachek, that for firm? Form of unusual?

The usual Chinese a firefly, diameter of 4.5 mm, green color of. ’, 's reabsorption, in Golden Rybke have viborola, that on Revutskogo, 15, in Kyiv:



But as he mounting your?



shameta wrote:

A as he mounting your?

A firefly one their the end of part go in That was pipochku red color of.
Pipochka dead-bolted / firmly firm / set up nezagnivayuschey / synthetic thread to vershinke, over little ring - see Photo).
Under such a the atomic and design the mountings a firefly no zatsepov cord for him there. :cool:



Today I has tried harvest Ryboidov with Bank, on liquid water.

Feder EBM-100 + the coil Simano Ultegra 5500 + trough Iron its from W. Pugacha, on 84 and 78 grams (see Photo), prikormka from as the flagship of, winter, expanding some 40 meters, the depth of on expense 11-12, for weak.

Although nor one poklevki on net night crawlers and on night crawlers + foam I so and not saw, but've tested trough in conditions big likelihood zatsepov on the sidelines: It turned out, that Iron its easily goes from such situations!



Nothing itself! Cherkasy in Ice, albeit sub-.



станислав wrote:

nothing itself! Cherkasy in Ice, albeit sub-.

Today we've been practicing in it comes to shagging fiderom, sub-of Kyiv, in conditions partial glaciation dam, say so.
Half-day the winter, I suggested from Left to Right, and then - right left.
So that "work" had to on glory (on subject employing "living space" from ice :O.
And Ryboidy our attentiveness to opportunities quite not estimate :no:, and have shown themselves quite in another place, Otake :dontknow:.



So, die aller neueste Kreation aus! :rolleyes:

I became winnervocation of Forum House Rybak's (Kyiv) - in categories "Since smile"! :cool:

Text or: Perhaps, me even benefit :hobo:. Posthumously. (with) to / sovereign Brilliant hand

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Last summer me get back a little "walked in on" :blush: have other bridge (between 2 and 3 staircases) channel broadcast Trophy column.
Somewhere after 0 mines 40 sec I "I allow testimony" :hobo: - in this day I already "singled" with rannya-sintsov old hat tetechke with dyadechkoy, and began again also arriving in a hatchling pond. And as times got back just in time Trophy column :D

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Today I decided to to visit Ternovsky Canal, with goal discover are formed whether katyshki in prikormke FLAGMAN GOLD the Black a dace :dontknow:, and also anything you in "sports zone" :hobo:.

Feder EBM-60 with vershinkoy on 1 ounce of, glass, podognannoy from I was Feder (flagship) + the coil Simano Aernos 5,000 + the cord Momoi, DzhigLayn 0.10 mm, green + nesimmetrichnaya noose (without fidergama) + there's gravy from W. Pugacha "Iron its" on 54 grams :flag:.

From prikormki I chose Flagman GOLD Secret, elegant fashion, Roach Black 1 kg and for "ability tasks" on struggle with possible education the droppings are added a pound of samopala (razmolotye crops and foods supplements) :blush:.

Process preparations prikormki I have policies--and roughly 30 minutes, in during which I Isaev sift cool prikormku through a sieve with box 4 mm, remaining the through cell 4 mm "inclusion" I authorized on locusts omnipresent to the pigeons:

Just I four times inscription water small in scraps, manually and mix-- prikormku in a plastic the bucket, and in late-all terminally a hookup normally uvlazhnennuyu, as on me, prikormku, in a sieve :love:.
What something semblance of the droppings are formed on sieve before the latest stage peretiraniya prikormki, but the entire this prikormochnaya mass very easily pereterlas and has passed through a sieve! :cool:

In late process preparations prikormki nor on sieve, nor those more, in the bucket with ready peretertoy prikormkoy, no the droppings are I not found :no:, even after, as turned and dumped the entire ready prikormku in soft build. Perhaps, I correctly understood lessons A. Terrible and A. Pashukevicha, closely by reviewing their’on zamesu prikormok! :rolleyes:

Catching I on Pinku (red and White) and / or night crawlers nasadochnyy, ceasing about 1 flushed, 0.10 mm, Ovnerovskiy Broad, hooks, too, from Ovnera, subtler and thorny, 's reabsorption Chinta, # # 16-14.
Somewhere with the mid-Canal and closer on 10 gather steam;, when came the failure in Cleves.
Began I harvest in 9-30, graduated in 14-30 hours. Mostly lovilas petty plotvichka, get back a little mini-podleschikov and several nano-Okounkov - in general, in "sports zone usual fish sporting size" :D, that and should expect in this time year :disappointed:.

Failure in Cleves I irresistible roughly with 11-30 until 13-00 hours, although level of water, with starters and before the end of industrialized fishing all time economy has been increasing, but for was leak, loosely-moderate :suspicious:.

"Nakovyryal" I order 40 Ryboidov, common weight, on eye, about 1 kg :surprise:.

Entire a fish, after fotofiksatsii, I released in Canal - can, until 19 April sec. Propulsion She its very an and I again its spoymayu on sorevakh :).

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We learnt with katyshkami, I today decided to again to visit Ternovsky Canal, with goal obtain practical experience in procedure "grablinga" :rolleyes:, and, can be, anything spoymat :flirt:.

Feder EBM-60, with vershinkoy # 2, the coil Simano Aernos 5,000, the cord 0.10 Momoi Dzhiglayn, Pater Noster (disambiguation), leashes are from 60 centimeters until 1.5 flushed, hooks different, thorny, subtler, # # 20-12, trough from W. Pugacha - Iron its on 54 grams and with successes of the bottle PEV, on 50 grams.

Prikormku - FLAGMAN a dace (Proffesionalnaya) - 1 kg + sypuchka different 0.5 kg, I Fr with the help material (on 4 mm, (through this a sieve proseival cool and's been grinding it up already uvlazhnennuyu prikormochnuyu mixture of).

Until prikormka zameshivalas and napityvalas water with dam until grinding halt after extent humidity, I singled out take a careful process grablinga: Teetered task clear Passage among after grab reed mixture with different smіttyam o.o..

After 30 minutes intense work accommodated part of passage me managed clear :love:, but a small part of reed so and has remained in water :mad:.

Keeping X-to-N :hobo:, I concluded, that need was to apply bilateral past, and I have was unilateral model :dontknow:, so often, after zabrosa, penetration of rake handle, that wind from above and not grabbed enough reed and other things debris :no:. Need to will of complexity "the unit"! :idea:

Catching I in impeccable place, roughly with the mid-Canal. For leak, water was walking up all time, wind downstream on, aspirations to 5-6 flushed / sec, if to believe our glorious sinoptikam. :rofl:
Enleve in move I place substantially Exactly like what something the underwater obstacle, roughly in 15-20 flushed from Bank, under unplugging snap Ryboid clung to for obstacle and sometimes obryvalsya. Had to try all sorts of options, as avoid cliff hook with Ryboidom :huh:.

Lovilis exclusively small local Ryboidy - plotvichka, podleschik, and a bit ukleyki :O. On night crawlers and / or Pinku.
Until I handled "grablingom", local dudes, too, not lost for good reason time, and imposed on their the mooring additional design from as and beams% -).

Nalovivshis bungalows, somewhere with 9 until 14 hours, I had let Ryboidov: Diving - "the shock are swimming and enter puberty!" :flag:

- picture taken on memory with Aleksander Shevchenko:

- better pull your line in their "belongings" - and was such is! :tomato:

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Dood wrote:

better pull your line in their "belongings" - and was such is!

And 100 grams! :hobo:



BAMBUR wrote:

A 100 grams!

Alone not consume a variety of! :no:

Text or: Although, of course :love::



Despite the, that until 64-'sme remained just-nothing - any something 350 with start days :love: - I today made it out on Ternovsky Canal, with goal swim in sports zone, under + 5 degrees Celsius + wind about 6 flushed / sec + a minor rain = roughly such same conditions, that's prophesizing :glasses: us sinopticheskaya service on "the" 19.04.2015 Propulsion

By omission some "interesting for competitors" nuances: '(, can say, that catching I on feeder EBM-60 with vershinkoy on 2 Oz’s, glass, from was I Feder + the coil Simano Aernos 5,000 with puffed Momoi Dzhiglayn, 0.10 mm + tooling nesimmetrichnaya noose (without fidergama) + dog leashes but also different, from 65 centimeters until 150 centimeters, 0.10 mm + hooks different, subtler and thorny, # # 16-14 + there's gravy from W. Pugacha "Iron its" on 54 grams :flag:.
Expanding zabrosov - 25 and 36 gather steam;.

Prikormku I decided to try FLAGMAN Squam Lake (Lake) - 1 package / 1 kg, brown color of. Process that was comprised of screening dry prikormki through a sieve 4 mm, then in during 30 minutes 3 times inscription water minute in scraps and and mix-- hand, and under the end of the a hookup ready prikormku through a sieve 4 mm. Irresistible easy smells chocolate! :flag: Also saw ground muddy footprint, under hit this prikormki: Diving! :cool:

On a near distance there is saw only obsosannye bait, and poklevok not professorship. So I is gone 1912 - on 36 gather steam;. Fish do klevala, and although sometimes I not on time podsekal o.o., but often all-??? on the sly filled its a hatchling pond mini-podleschikami and mikroplotvichkami :hobo:. After fotofiksatsii I released Ryboidov back in Canal - the shock swim around on joy some and lovers of! :flirt:

Harvest I began in 8-30, but somewhere with 10-00 and until 12-00 behaved a minor rain :rain:, pute a nasty wind: '(, all the sky was sucked read clouds :dontcare: - weather forecasters not went about this all wrong on this time :crazyfun: - no you) and appeasement :no:, contrary, closer to 12 hours I began to notice, that already order 2000 there :dontknow:.

So I suggested a brought together their cordage and went to "until represented" to accept greetings and wishes! :)



And prikormku showed?



Bagsig wrote:

A prikormku showed?

Ah yes, served - I only on it and catching :flag:.
But Ryboidov was so little and such a manyusenkogo size, that directly horror :tired:.
Perhaps, this realities of our "will" zaregulirovannogo Kanevskiy reservoir o.o.: Whirling soblyudenie service home meadows around of Kyiv led to, that vіdmіtka water now virtually never exceeds :no: conditional 500 centimeters, and in itself years, spring, level of water reached 600 and more centimeters! :O
Here is and not itself has gone Dneprovskaya fish normal sizes in Ternovsky Canal :no:, on joy local minipodleschikam, nanoplotvichkam and other poluladoshechnym Ryboidam! :rofl:
Text or: Granddaddy with poplavchankoy, despite a major zakorm gave somewhere on 15 flushed from Bank, yesterday not was able at all nothing spoymat :sceptic:. "Iaaoou, davlєniє." :rolleyes:

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Today I got to become harvest Ryboidov on Embankment, in district 1-7 eanoieo, and alighted closer to 7 th :flirt:.

Some tackle: EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 6 + Simano Ultegra 5500 + nesimmetrichnaya noose and helicopter + trough AKhS80 (facial) and from W. Pugacha on 78 grams + dog leashes but also 1.0-0.50 flushed, hotspots-0,18 mm, hooks # # 14-12.
Foam, the boot, night crawlers, oparik - in different variations :).

Fish-sicles - FLAGMAN bream Cinnamon (black) 1 package + Salapinka 1.5 are unaware + sypuchka from waste confectionery and food, looks 0,8l = have quite stinky rose "mix" :flag:, with gunpoint on leschikov, if they prove somewhere near :love:.

Shoveling prikormochnuyu mixture of I without material (, the droppings are broke a - apparently-is invisible :hobo:, and in mid-everyone - with very salapniki! :cool:

Catching with 8 until 18 hours, water was pushed somewhere with 9-30 and until 15-30 (by my senses here).
Level of water low, like as in mid-hot summer :D - somewhere on 1.0-1.2 flushed below betonki La :mad:.

Wind was warm and pute downstream on, often with strong aspirations, vershinku kolbasilo - whether well! :(

Until applying water I catching on 53 metres: Full "zero" :dontknow:.

On devices up I moved on 35 meters, and somewhere to 12-30 has exposed couple of obsosov oparika :O. Ah, and Murray all-??? the beginning of on the sly getting caught - mostly plotvichka and Gusterka :O. One more time podtsepilsya "bonus" :confused: - "iaaoou, podust" :idea:, thought I, - humour won on a pound of - 0.7 kg. Zafotofiksiroval I his and had let - somewhere I heard :glasses:, that he in Red Book guarded law - the shock] swims! :blush:
Text or: And here is leschikov not was :no:.

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Photo of course not fountain, but not podust this and rybets. Lesse most time))



Ілько wrote:

Photo of course not fountain, but not podust this and rybets. Lesse most time))

And indeed, I looked at and understood, that gave clumsy :blush: - this rybets!
But includes, I correctly defined, that this Ryboid - are a dying breed kind of, is Red Book and had let his vovoyasi! :hobo:



Today I went with rannya on 7-defective staircase, despite not a funny forecast :disappointed: about northern wind in 5-6 flushed / sec.

People was a bit, and I immediately same found itself place, between the two fideristami 8-) (perhaps, competitors clouds normally come weather, may well be, that the actual the speed wind basket reached 7-8 flushed / sec :dontknow:)

DM100 with vershinkoy # 5 + Simano Ultegra 5500 + helicopter fidernyy (with fidergamom) + dog leashes but also $0.16-from -0.20 mm, from 0.6 until 1.0 flushed + hooks different, # # 14-12 + trough from W. Pugacha "Iron its" on 78 grams (on range missiles 32 turnover) and from Doc's-60 Bullet with gruntozatsepami on 90 grams (on range missiles 50 gather steam;) :hobo:.

Prikormku nonsense! I kneaded such a: 1 package FLAGMAN Feder, Chocolate + 0.5 kg razmolotykh waste confectionary production + 1.0 kg salapinki with adding ground "in flour flavored" pea plants and cinnamon the growth.

The bait: I has tried Pinku, at the foam and oparik in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo, but realistically been pushed round only the bait from 2-'s oparikov :cool:.
First (roughly with 8 until 11 hours) I baited in the 32 scandisk reel, near style of, but there went on a rampage only 1500 meters :rolleyes:. Us such a fish not need a! :no: - strictly said I himself itself :glasses: - and with 11 hours moved on distance 50 gather steam; (this roughly 50 flushed, so as 1 about coils = 105 centimeters, on passport). Can be was, of course, and further bombarding, but as something visibly :no: was me Still Rise each time with catbird "same warm seats" on the steps, to fulfill an obscure impose :D.
Muddling through faring poorly, but on 50 scandisk has become getting caught plotvichka and podleschik :O (see Photo).

Water gave somewhere in 10-20, but as something doesn :dontknow:, as if its chronically lacks :suspicious: or suddenly became very pity :huh:: On 32 scandisk for not was felt, and here is on 50 scandisk - ??? "yes!" :tired:, had to questioning kormak with gruntozatsepami.

After lunch clouds have diverged and became heatin the sun :love:, and here is wind pute all so same, with north and downstream on, but not constantly, and individual aspirations :x.
Graduated I to fish in 14-30, so as need was have time with his "battle gear" (backpack + tube) "comfortable experience" (not in stampede) reach home on subway :hobo:, until worker people and extra wing-tips still not ended work (on 1 hour before in predpraznichnyy day! :rolleyes:) and not have moved on public and personal vehicles in side their homes, perform and curiously lie seats :confused:.



Today I with co-players flowed on sands Left Bank, that somewhere contrary Right Bank Bank of Dnepr in the center of Kyiv, with goal test activity Ryboidov in the nighttime and the morning time :glasses:.

My some tackle: EBM-100 + vershinka # 5 + a firefly from flagship + Simano Ultegra 5500 with puffed Momoi DzhigLayn 0.10 mm + helicopter fidernyy + dog leashes but also 30-100 centimeters, $0.16-0,18 mm with hooks Drennan I Feder # 14 + there's gravy AKhS 80, facial (for rapid delivery on the aft the table big fuckers) remain prikormki :rolleyes:).

From nazhivok I have were Penka, The Boot and Oparik, but ruled, "only Opariki, in numbers 2-3 pieces, cautiously Zatseplennye for • oPEn, and which is active body language there even after finding on bottom in during 15-20 minutes :).

I zamesil ready prikormku Flagman Lyasch Cinnamon (black) 1 package + 1.5 kg the self-made Salapinki (with adding apartment flour and cinnamon the growth) + 2 Bada razmolotykh "waste confectionery industries", say so. Lies heavy odora prikormochnaya mixture of,’s dark color of, the sharpened clearly on Leschikov :flag:.

Threesome we chose different distance there is, to faster recognize the, where same are vozhdelennye Ryboidy roughly on 42, 85 and 95 metres.

Nibble was some that the faltering :blush:, with on all positions, and often, without although would intention of a twitch or done the bait been bailed out obsosannoy clean off :tired:, as yesterday’s bone have starvation dogs :dontknow:. In catch Blicca bjoerkna and a dace, and size slovlennykh Ryboidov were from highly-modest until confidently-medium-size :D. And quite-quite a bit :suspicious:. Individual, we concluded, that need wait still couple of-top three weeks, and then, be can, will povesomey and lot more! :love:

But! :idea: We bungalows "inhaled a lot of air" :flag:, got sick of all that warbling the nightingale :whistle:, yes brilliant dawn :O, and when the first rays sun critical issues exquisite panorama Kiev pagorbov and man-made creation as ancient architects, so and modern "founder", I the S. S. And Alexander "on memory" :flirt:. And, finally, temperatures air and the absence of strong wind clearly contributed to the comfortable conditions our rybolovli :cool:.

Text or: I congratulate all forums with Dnem Labor! :flag:



In ties with those, that Monday, 4 on May sec. Propulsion Proved non-working day :cool:, I with friends traveled after dark on Right Bank of Kyiv, and policies--and fishing seats in the dark, but under light of full Moon Illusion and nalobnykh flashlights :love:.

I looted with for gaining feeder EBM-160, with vershinkoy # 5 + coil Penn Conquer 7,000 (Lives, a disease, after season neschadnoy exploitation on 3 th Stair! :O) with puffed Berkley Trilene Professional Braid Line 20lb + shock-leader Question was Pro 0.30 mm + helicopter fidernyy with fidergamom flagship Shermann 1.0 mm + leashes are hotspots-$ 0.16 mm, 0,65m-1,0m, with hooks # # 14-12.

On hook I nanizyval Oparik, at the foam and Pinku - ???? worked many a combination of, in dependence from "operational environment" :glasses:.

So as pute wind, on forecast 3-4 flushed / seok, along crosscurrents, and in fact had impulses roughly in 7-8 flushed / seok :tired:, then I decided to using trough weight not less 100 grams (from W. Pugacha, Iron its on 111 grams - under pressure devices up and moderate wind, and from Doc's-60, Bullet with gruntozatsepami on 110 and 120 grams - on strong wind and on a strong devices up).

With distance I completes his turn on rare simply - so as bottom in place my industrialized fishing portrayed for gaining get the foundation, a rank shell and without obvious brovok - the I decided to zaklipsovatsya on range missiles a comfortable zabrosa, that accounting for 54 turnover reel).
Fish-sicles my was already a proven and nakatannaya: 1 package Flagman Feder Chocolate + 2.0 kg Salapinki (with apartment flour, Cinnamon the growth and "waste Konditerpischeproma."

This content package prikormki Flagman Feder Chocolate, putting something in soft build:

And this already uvlazhnennaya and equipped to it comes to shagging prikormochnaya mixture of from Prikormki Feder Chocolate and Salapinki (my kneading):

After dark I mostly nurtured the aft the table: '(, poymavshi only accidental Sintsa :stupor:. And here is when it's dawn, and can be was already not include nalobnyy flashlight, the time from time vershinka more shaken from abrupt poklevok Ryboidov, in including Plotvoidov and Gusteroidov :flirt:. Sometimes poklevki occurred immediately same after the fall of the trough on bottom, and sometimes accounted for wait minutes 5-10 :rolleyes:.

And here is pro Jones and don’t ask :dontknow:, raising the his not was :no:. And somewhere to 10 hours point industrialized fishing terminally stalled :huh:, and not only I have one, wait renewed Ah, this is great on purchasing devices up special desires not fulsome :no: and we, not mudrstvuya cunningly, allies blamed home :hobo:.

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11 on May, in Monday,, I decided to try swim on devices up and in tsepe, as you already guessed it: Between 3-there and PeshMo :tired:.

Feder EBM-160 with vershinkoy # 6, the coil Penn Conquer 7,000, the main cord Formaks Vantazhe 0.22 mm (17 kg), helicopter fidernyy with fidergamom, dog leashes but also and hooks had to ship types- wet repeatedly: 0,18-0.22 mm, from 65 until 120 centimeters, hooks # # 10-16.
Trough until of blasting I yuzal from W. Pugacha Iron its on 111 grams + prikormka, and when emerged stream, then moved on Bullets with gruntozatsepami from the Doc’s organs is 60, on 110 and 120 grams.
The bait - The Boot, Oparik and Penka, in possible medicine iuo eiiaeiaoeyo 8-).

Fish-sicles - 1 package FLAGMAN Feeder of Morgan Fish and Liquid Aroma bream + Salapinka with waste confectionary products exempted (about 3.0 liter) - Lies heavy prikormochnaya mixture of dark brown color of! :cool:

Catching I with 8-30 and until 15-30 hours, water gave roughly in 10-20. Until the early industrialized fishing I not, as a bit lazy :D and promeril depth and distances in place industrialized fishing, with of building graphics. It became clear, that harvest more-less safely (in sense minimal chance inject themselves into tsepu :glasses:) can be on 64 and 47 scandisk my reel :writing:.

Until of blasting I baited in the 64 scandisk, and there lovilis Plotvoidy and Gusteroidy. But as gave a jet of, then had to to move closer, on 47 gather steam; (time from time on 47 scandisk were any hint on tsepu, but I managed to stay pull the from it snap, crime as, ceasing without losses :hobo:).

On 47 scandisk became annoyed to bully, with his until fig and he proved with caviar - perhaps, intends to spawning :dontknow:. Failure in Cleves :mad: I irresistible after 12-00 hours, became peck occasionally - had to to experiment with povodkami, with the hooks, so, the bait: '(. But muddling through faring poorly, and couple of kg I nakovyryal! :mybb:

Outside surveillance: On water already have become to come waltzing up there-put here by the rambling katerki and teplokhodiki, and also somewhere down downstream on much the armada's still out Parusnikov :rolleyes:.

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Today I eiaee with 8-30 until 15-30 hours, roughly there same and roughly so same :crazyfun:, and still roughly in the same place :D, that and 11 May sec. Propulsion

Lovilas roughly such a same the most fish :hobo: (see Photo).

I reversed the only prikormku: FLAGMAN BIG ROACH & BREAM 1 package + Salapinka with waste confectionary of workshop, spiced the growth cinnamon 3.0 liter.

Lies here is such a heavy and odora prikormochnaya mixture of:

Leschika I have not was :dontknow:, and here is Big a dace (in people "Polubaton" :rolleyes:) ??? slovilas, truth, only in 1 ind, and the rest Ryboidy drag on "of an inch" :O and inadequate wasn that on taranku :D.

Text or: People with rannya has occupied all approaches to 3 th Stair, so as until of blasting began proklevyvat Leschik :love:, and on devices up experienced garbage under Bank and most people smotalo their some tackle and widely circulated across who-far :x.



After a short hiatus I today again came with morning on Embankment :hobo:.

Pute wind southern direction, against tide. "Sucks!": '(- thought I, but all-??? decided to remain and try to anything spoymat: Than Damn not be kidding :rolleyes:.

Feder Dutch Master 160 + coil Penn Konkuer 7,000 + the main the cord on 20 Librov with small shock-leader on 20 kg + tooling helicopter + dog leashes but also different (from 10 centimeters until 150 centimeters),, measuring from -0.20-0.22 mm + hooks different, # # 20-12.

Trough I yuzal, too, prevents-different, in dependence from distance there is industrialized fishing and forces crosscurrents, in weight within 95-120 grams + prikormka.

The bait Penka, The Boot, Opyrysh, in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo, but best :flag: been pushed round the boot with foam or same simply the boot.
Fish-sicles - not mudrstvuya cunningly :love: - I mixed on one box since prikormki for yellowcake and black color of Super Bream (FLAGMAN), and under zameshivanii added: Diving half-bottle Likvida Brasem Belge (FLAGMAN). Lies I prepare my first mixture of of Gray color of in claiming a colours! :flag:

Eiaee I with 8 until 15 hours, water gave somewhere in 9-20, but not very strongly :dontknow:.

And Damn took yes and was joking :D, but only quite bit, and the, only for themselves :suspicious:: Lovilos exclusively poorly, with on all my made it from 35 until 55 gather steam; reel.

Hasn't poklevyvali gusterki and's reabsorption, one plotvichka. But 1500 meters went crowd o.o. on any bait, as on buffet a railway - pipisochnyy copy well could to gobble 5-6 Oparikov + Penka :tired:.

Committing tribute this fearless fish :flirt:, and to the same with caviar, I each time cautiously was photographing its with hook and let go - the shock grows up, times Vasya in dance with you :crazyfun:

. Gusteroidov and Plotvoidov I, too, had let, vytryakhnuv their from charge in really late fishing, directly in water - the shock proliferate on envy Vasylyam, "Tilke na, nah-na ?iaeyou shkodu!" :crazy:

Text or: And Swallow already underway the disembarkation up there-put here by the, with culturally campers citizens on board :love:. Otake :glasses:.


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