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And that there have Dood 'a?

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It is time s name the branch on: "Sorority mandriv with Dood 'th. :D



Today with morning I arrived at Embankment and is located nearby from 3 th Completes operating, within direct semblance :flirt:.

Feder EBM-160 with vershinkoy # 5 + Katushka Penn Konkuer 7,000 + cord Formaks Vantazhe 0.22 mm without shock-leader + tooling Fidernyy Helicopter, yet another "gated", with mikrovertlyuzhkom-bystrosemnikom on the main and without feeder-gamma alarm + dog leashes but also from 65 centimeters until 165 centimeters, hotspots-0.22 mm + hooks different, thorny # # 14-12 + there's gravy from W. Pugacha "Iron its" on 109 grams :rolleyes:.

Competitors chose two - 48 and 36 gather steam;, coming from results "grafopostroeniya" see? Now terrain :).
Fish-sicles from FLAGMAN Super BREAM YELLOW + Feeder of Morgan Fish :cool:.

The bait - Penka, The Boot, Oparik.
Eiaee with 7-30 until 13-00, until not ended prikormka 8-).

Stream like as path roughly in 9-15, but later it turned out, that this purely symbolic its the designation :dontknow:. But with rannya was quietly and is calm, and closer to afternoon began to blow wind northern direction, downstream on, with hauled strong aspirations :mad:.

Initially I has tried distance 48 gather steam;, but there was all quietly :no:. So I moved on 36 gather steam;, slovilsya a bullock, then Pelecus cultratus, for its amelioration Gusteroid and Senyorid, and then was biting, often, but why something podsekalos significantly ostentatious, can, from-for features of snap, and can, "davlni", H. E. Z. :dontknow:

When I snapped the picture of-Ryboidov and already Gwinnett County a hatchling pond dry, bait attacked Leschik on 1.3 kg - and in a result my total the catch of the averaged exactly 3 kg :rolleyes:.

Peredavshi ulovistoe place "the second a change of", I left home, to write report on fresh memory :writing:.

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As I understand, "red-the green" substance on services this termousadka? Protection from aggressive trawling?



Mr.Puff wrote:

How I understand, "red-the green" substance on services this termousadka? Protection from aggressive trawling?

Yes! :hobo:

Here is this tooling take a closer:

Surprisingly, but dog leashes but also diameter of in range hotspots-0,22mm, and-0.65-the 1.65 flushed nor never not're! :cool:

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Today I decided to test their rooms :-nasizhennye seats, in particular, near PeshMo - are ", there appeared anything interesting :rolleyes:.

Eiaee with 7-30 until 12-00, water went about 9-00, but as something nesmelo, trough from a W. Bush. Pugacha, Metallo ,-3 DoctorsNetwork Project on 75 grams (ISS) and Iron its on 78 grams, only sometimes slightly smeschalo on beneath the, and this roughly on 40 metres! :unsure:

Cordage: EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 6 + Simano Ultegra 5500 + Helicopter Fidernyy, in modification "Bystrosem and 2 the beads" + dog leashes but also different, from 5 centimeters ("guerrillas") and until 180 centimeters,, measuring 0,18-0.30 mm, hooks different and thorny, Ovner and Drennan, # # 14-12 :flirt:.

Foam + The Boot and / or Oparik. At times been pushed round combination of Penka + The Boot, and sometimes Penka + Oparik.

Prikormku from FLAGMAN Feder Chocolate 1 kg and Lyasch Cinnamon, 1 kg, I shoveling without material (and liquid Arom, on examine alternative treatments for river water, directly before catching :cool:.

Lovilas: Mostly Blicca bjoerkna, still time from time vletali ballerus ballerus and Pelecus cultratus. A goby and Leschikov I have not was :dontknow:. However bounced back - 3.0 kg on 1 cel in clock - I took easily and quickly, say so :D.

Text or: Swallow still runs round up there-put here by the, modicum clock on it sveryay or picture of food :whistle:.

Text or-usage: About 6 hour 30 minutes in water, under PeshMo somehow proved the guy, he tried to to stay in water and not seems, no loud utterance / of screaming. But with bridge several "of sympathetic" loudly counseled him to stay in water and swim to Bank. Minutes through five with usually the beach emerged its with 2-are lifeguards, which the first affair drag Outlook in its, then have picked up his still force afloat backpack (on photo right, black color of) abandoning their economy and leaving exert aid spasennomu :O.

And still the guy, under aid own muscle effort, moved on a on line with goal launch suddenly the immobilized a box with prichandalami, which stuck halfway back, their mobility from from Trukhanova islands to Pravomu Bank. ??? launched! :glasses: (This is such a "a gurney": Facto standard on the seat next on high the Right Bank, and for specific money, on prolozhennym over slopes of mighty Dnepr gonna be one strong cannonball, you can turn back on Trukhanov island - commerce and entrepreneurship not your competition, so say.

Otake :hobo:.



Today I decided to swim fiderom in regime third convocation :crazyfun:.
Op - this Oparik + The Boot :glasses: (or Penka, whom as likes 8-), see Photo).

About PeshMo, with rannya and until provisions swallows in 1 th flight, the distance zabrosov some 40 gather steam;.

EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 6 + Simano Ultegra 5500 + cord Momoi DzhigLayn MKh8 hotspots mm with shock leader on 20 Librov + tooling Helicopter Fidernyy, modification "WB + 2B" :) (Vertlyuzhok bystrosemnyy and 2 Maria) + dog leashes but also from 0.65 until statues flushed, from 0,17 until 0,22mm + hooks different, thorny, nikelirovannye and black, # # 14-12.

Trough I yuzal from a W. Bush. Pugacha, Iron its, from 62 until 86 grams, in dependence from forces tide.

Prikormochnuyu mixture of I Krska and on their own, on Bank, zamesiv upon the water 2 package from flagship - a dace and Super bream yellow :flag:.

Water gave about 8 hour., a long suggested grass :unsure:, down virtually there is no :no:, water surprisingly "malozelenaya" :O. Hypotensive oftentimes the shugaet-fish mouth in 5-8 meters away from Bank o.o..

Lovilis Gusteroidy, and also a bit Sintsa and Pelecus cultratus. Under sharp reducing interest Ryboidov to nazhivkam on the hook I the expected Leschikov - but inconclusively: '(. The established about-about-about-Chen a long ceasing, above 4 meters, and caught on him several Ryboidov :flag:, however manage such snastyu, especially on Bank, was extremely visibly :(, and I from this wouldn refused :dontknow:.

In a whole poklevki have become any imperceptibly-nor on, couple of-top three ryboidov I fished out a without any hint on poklevku.
Muddling through faring poorly, but to 13 hours I entire prikormku where, and to the same mastered the entire clesed limit died! :cool:

From outsiders to observations: Men on naduvakhe have kept at afloat after passage "orphan" katerka :tired:.
Otake :hobo:.



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, as you there on such the heat on stone a thing done o.o.



duffy333 wrote:

Wladyslaw Ivanovich, as you there on such the heat on stone a thing done

Breeze something present :D - so that near water very even comfortable experience lie :flag: - significantly better, than in "fire-breathing" bituminous concrete mixes was started-concrete Trojans megapolis :suspicious:.



Today I and Sasha been caught fiderami on Dnieper River, about other Mosts owner.

I eiaee on feeder EBM-100 with coil Simano Ultegra 5500, River Kymi Helicopter Fidernyy (without rubber), with the feeding trough from W. Pugacha type Iron its, on 86 grams.
Leashes are from short until long, from 0,17 until 0.25 mm. Hooks # # 14-12. Foam, The Boot, Oparik, a bit very.

FLAGMAN Lyasch Cinnamon (1 kg) + Salapinka (1 kg).

Some 40 meters.
Until we been caught, with 9-30 until 14-55, then all time was stream.

Lovilis mostly Gusteroidy, a bit Pelecus cultratus, Bychkov (, Sintsov.

And also several Leschikov :flag: (see Photo).

Text or: Undergoing non-selfpropelled barge created for us on while, full illusion "as on Championship World on as it catching in the Netherlands" :crazyfun:

Text or-usage: If who still not knows, then Yuri and Elena today. Moreover. Brakosochetayutsya :love:



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, you on photo as American grandfather)



Today I settled down with fiderkom not far from 3 th Completes operating.

Pute winds wind downstream on, and his impulses sometimes sduvali with sees all, that poorly is enshrined o.o..
I eiaee with 7-30 until 14-00. All waited a jet of, and she emerged only in 14-15 :dontknow:, when I already ready was move in give order in side station subway "A postal Square", zavershivshi enleve and sobravshi all their "accessories" in backpack and tube.

Feder EBM-100, coil Simano Ultegra 5500, Schnur Momoi Dzhiglayn MKh8 - hotspots mm, snap - initially nesimmetrichnaya noose, but she as-would pressed part of defence wakes up aggressivity sink, and from-for this ceasing often rezalsya about hold a shell up :(, and forth I established Helicopter Fidernyy, and have become significantly ostentatious fade dog leashes but also :flirt:.

Dog leashes but also - 0,17-0.25 mm, from 65 centimeters until 1.5 flushed, hooks different, # # 14-12.
Trough - initially I yuzal Iron Felix from W. Pugacha, on 85 grams :flag:, and when wind strengthened "until growth" (and to the same, from-for ugasshego Ah, this is great), then I decided to to move with 35 gather steam; on 45 gather steam; reel, and established what happened to Bullet with Gruntozatsepami from Doc'ss organs is 60, on 90 grams :cool:.

Fish-sicles from FLAGMAN a dace (1 kg) + Salapinka (1 kg).

The boot, Penka, Oparik, in possible medicine iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.

Lovilis Blicca bjoerkna, ballerus ballerus, Pelecus cultratus, bully. Quite-??? confidence :dontknow:. Repeatedly nibble ascents of on there is no, with on both made it, but Leschik so and not gave about itself know :no:, despite my finesse with brief available "yastv", with wait from liquid Arom :hobo:.

Text or: Due to lack of normal of blasting, to 12 hours people mass was laid with 3 th scale,, modicum in football game, that highly whose ways are strange for this seats, the favourite by many generations Kiev rybakov- "stalechnikov" :rolleyes:.

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Today I with big she with its. "Sredotoyu" :crazyfun:.
Namely: Near PeshMo, with 11-30 until 17-30.

EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 6 + Simano Ultegra 5500 + the cord Momoi DzhigLayn MKh8 hotspots mm + shock-leader on 20 Librov + tooling Helicopter with fidergamom + there's gravy from W. Pugacha Iron its on 78 grams :flag:.

Eiaee on 2 defence wakes up aggressivity (that on one, then on the second, then on both immediately - mikrovertlyuzhok-bystrosemnik allowed this quickly these would go :cool:) :-65 centimeters, 0,22mm with crocheted # 12 and-150 centimeters, 0,20mm, with crocheted # 14 - leashes are not've beefed, hooks not tupilis - and all of this on 36 scandisk of various reel, bluntly ??? "bodacious" :love:.
Foam, The Boot, Oparik - in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo.

Fish-sicles from FLAGMAN SUPER BREAM YELLOW & BLACK - on 1 package each:

Lovilis plotvichki and Gusterichki, with Gusterichek was clearly more :rolleyes:.
Water gave roughly to 13 hours, and after 17 hours for has on there is no :suspicious:.

Text or: Men from kommunkhoza today "-pinching weed "from joints on rapid downward spiral wall La :O,

And Swallow all also has relentlessly flies up there-put here by the :).



Today I decided to swim fiderom have PeshMo, nearby from 3 th Completes operating :D.
Eiaee such whistles: EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 4, Simano Ultegra 5500 with puffed Momoi Dzhiglayn MKh8, hotspots mm + shock-leader on 20 Librov, tooling Helicopter with fidergamom workers of the 1.0 mm + leashes are different from 0.65 flushed until 2.0 flushed, from -0.20 mm with hooks # # 14-12 :flirt:.

Trough yuzal from W. Pugacha, was it Josefine and Iron Felix, both on 78 grams :flag: (see Photo).
Fish-sicles represented for gaining mixture of 1 package flagship Feder Chocolate and 1 kg Salapinki :cool::
Foam, The Boot, Oparik, in possible medicine iuo eiiaeiaoeyo :D.
With 10 until 16 hours, on 45 and 36 scandisk handles reel :hobo:.
Lovilas predominantly Blicca bjoerkna and a dace, also was otlovlen Leschik (1.5 kg) :blush:.

Neighbor Pasha also caught Leschika :flag: (see Photo).

Morning will become: "Hare Krishna, Hare Rama" fun, vigorously and play chanted people on PeshMo, and forth they a rented vessel and out-sailed on it down downstream on, perhaps in India% -) (I.M.H.O.,).

Text or-usage: And Swallow meanwhile methodically pins gambler tourists :rolleyes:.

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Today I decided to conduct day have water, so as weather forecasters naobeschali mobilize vigorous heat, even 4000m2 as well as 28 degrees higher zero, with southern pulled 2-5 flushed / sec (in people - "sukhovey" :flirt:).

Went on well familiar place have PeshMo, began harvest about 10, graduated about 18 hours, for this time Isaev catch some about 2 kg Ryboidov :rolleyes:.

EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 4; Simano Ultegra 5500 with puffed Momoi Dzhiglayn MKh8,, measuring hotspots mm with shock-leader about 6 flushed, on 20 librov; Helicopter Fidernyy with fidergamom 1.0 mm Shermann; dog leashes but also different, from 0.65 flushed until 2.0 flushed; hooks # # 12-14.
All foamy, The Boot, Oparik.

Trough from a W. Bush. Pugacha, Josephine on 78 grams and "under become it" :love: Iron its,, too, on 78 grams :flag:.

Fish-sicles Flagman Lyasch Koritsya 1 package :cool: + 1.5 kg Salapinki :flag:.

Zaklipsovannye range missiles - 36 and 32 gather steam; reel, had charged in tree on the opposite Bank :hobo:.
Wind pute predominantly with south, against tide; more-less comprehensible for occurred I only roughly with 14-30 and until 16-30 :unsure:.

Lovilis Blicca bjoerkna and a dace, and also 1 podLeschik on mucus their fingertips and couple Chekhoney, the average weight 1 Ryboida have roughly 200 grams :stupor:.

Text or: In ties with heat people on Trukhanovskikh beaches clearly became more :O.

Text or-usage: And swallows all fly up there-put here by the, but not both immediately, and Academy (one is gathering on board willing, and the second in this time serves flight) :love:.



Today I went on Dnepr river, in opting usefully conduct time have water :flirt:.
To my the surprise of :O, people have 3 th scale, after 9 hours morning was not the best drawer as many, and I decided to approach the as only can be closer, to "obetovannomu community" :crazyfun:.

When I outof cordage, then witnessed grasp the severity of the dispute, between Josephine and by the Iron there (both occurred from W. Pugacha :glasses:), whom today yet to to participate in fascinating zabrosakh and to be recruiting, simple-minded Ryboidov take a closer to a hook with the bait. So as no one not wanted to be unyielding, then me had to to intervene. We suggested a I consulted about this, and I decided to :hobo:: Today test madam was raised to Josephine in fact, and the Iron Felix provide "the day off" :).
EBM-100, Ultegra 5,500, Helicopter, leashes are 0.22 mm, short 0.65 flushed and elongated 1,95 flushed, with hooks # # 12-14.

Foam, The Boot, Oparik, expanding about 35 flushed, I oaught with 9-30 until 15 hours.
Fish-sicles: FLAGMAN Feder Chocolate 1 kg and 1 kg salapinki, Lies surprisingly balanced, had achieve escape viscosity and long held original humidity! :cool:

So as for was purely symbolic :D, and more-less a coherent push water I observed even 4000m2 as well as after 14 hours :rolleyes:, then I have best It was your dangerous driving a long ceasing, Penka and 1-2 oparika :flag:, and the rest options I, too, tried, but as something all they were less efficient :dontknow:.

But Josephine acting across its sharp :love:: Nenasytno has been absorbing in themselves prikormku on Bank, and gradually its Southern under movement in thicker water and Sitting on bottom. Also Josephine perfectly has dealt with of overcoming the zatsepistykh seats - cost me window upward feeder and a little bit of a can you hustle, please pull a pounder, as Josephine itself went from chains :cool:, truth, about ceasing sometimes obryvalsya, but this already from it not on :no:.

Ryboidy, too, termite's from Josephines, and all went hands on it, as on buffet a railway! :D

Lovilas Blicca bjoerkna, a dace, ballerus ballerus - ah very often, and also sometimes was picked on Pelecus cultratus (4 ?o), brush and bully (on 1 ?o).
With the norm died I has coped confidently, say so! :hobo:

Text or: Near the guy with 2-are stalechnymi rods (see Photo) caught several well profit Vasylkov, but expect poklevku about half an hour, after every zabrosa, I have lacked patience :crazyfun:.



Despite heat above 30 degrees, I all-??? today got to become protoptannymi paths to PeshMo. :)

There people, alchuschiy Jones :surprise:, present, but as something is leading themselves slow, and on the first same opportunities is withdrawing in the short the shadows :dontknow:.
The sun bakes it's no mercy,, but it not knows :no:, that I to thus weather events conditions long already surround :D: Simply need to borrow with for gaining not less 1.5 liter drinking water on 1 the Catch and on anybody have The hat :hobo:.

Eiaee I with 11 until 18 hours, and for this time parasite has developed resistance entire prikormku, composed of careerist 1 package FLAGMAN River and still 1 package Super Bream Yellow:

Feder EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 4, the coil Simano Ultegra 5500, the cord Momoi DzhigLayn hotspots mm with the shock of leader on 20 Librov, thanks Helicopter Fidernyy with Fidergamom workers of the, 1.0 mm and 1-2 defence wakes up aggressivity.

Today there's gravy Josephine was vacationing, and kormak Iron its (both occurred from W. Pugacha :O) "the bricks entire change", for that him - W. Pugachu, of course - Respect :flag: and Respect :cool:!

Dog leashes but also I has tried prevents-different, so as initially Ryboidy not enfranchised no activity ,-from 5 centimeters until 200 centimeters, diameter of from 0,17 mm until from -0.20 mm. Hooks, too, has tried different, # # 14-12.

In late-all has cleared the best combination of - ceasing about 150-180 centimeters, diameter of from -0.20 mm, with crocheted # 14 :flag:. And on the hook the most ulovistymi from Pinky, Zagozdzon and Oparika proved combination of Penka + 2 (or 3) Pinky :cool: (see Photo).

Ryboidy lovilis mostly Gusteroidnoy breed, and also sometimes'd get hit and Plotvoidy and Sintsoidy, overall catch somewhere slightly less an overnight norms :crazyfun:.

Text or: Water near Bank overgrown with algae, and on the surface many any debris, for what something impenetrable, type "wait here - Walk there" :dontknow:, although after 13 hours any hint appeared, but as-would individual short breaking pitches on 20-40 minutes, and further "so much dead with the braids on the sides are worth, - and silence." :O - nor of blasting such a pure, nor the boner dead-speed bump :unsure:.

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Dood wrote:

usage: Water near Bank overgrown with algae, and on the surface many any debris, for what something impenetrable, type "wait here - Walk there", although after 13 hours any hint appeared, but as-would individual short breaking pitches on 20-40 minutes, and further "so much dead with the braids on the sides are worth, - and silence." - nor of blasting such a pure, nor the boner dead-speed bump.

The same and in Monday, after lunch was there same - I and Andryukha Chima for head groped each other from such a "kodebaleta" with the passage% -)



Dood wrote:

for what something impenetrable, type "wait here - Walk there"

If you have this as would usual deal, such for. But for me was quite not understandable, when I 4 days ago arrived for my Domaukhu, where always been caught kormushkami 90-100 grams, and the sometimes their physical abilities given him. And here 70 grams teetered as frozen :dontknow:, and until us it turns out just beneath this the trouble with the passage, more accurately with lack of his.



Manowar wrote:

. If you have this as would usual deal, such for.

"Such for" appeared after of spring of a flood only in this year.
Had to: - to be reconstructed: If in past "summer" (summer seasons) I eiaee EBM-160 with kormushkami in 130-150 grams + prikormka, and on range missiles not more 30-40 meters (when "provided water"), - the now I enleve EBM-100 and already great :rolleyes:, as would to move on EBM-60 :O - in those same places, in the same time, but already "water not give": After all shouldn people not beer :tired:.



Dood wrote:

"Such for" appeared after of spring of a flood only in this year.

Yes perishing, 10.03.2010The insurance companies was strongest advance 8-), let us had been hoping, that in further increasingly same confidence and with Freshet, yes and at all.

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Today I decided to anything you have 3 th Completes operating, because, that there passed sorevy poplavochnikov and is considered, that there fish in bulk, so as its well feed on sorevakh :D.

Feder EBM-100, the coil Simano Ultegra, tooling Helicopter Fidernyy, trough from W. Pugacha - Josephine and Iron its :flag:, on 64-78 grams.
Foam, The Boot, Oparik.
Fish-sicles :cool: - FLAGMAN Feeder BIG Fish 1 package + 1 kg Salapinki.

Leashes are from 5 centimeters ("guerrillas" on to Josephine, caught Plotvu- Polubaton, incidentally! :glasses:) and until 200 centimeters,, measuring hotspots-0.22 mm.
The best combination of - ceasing 0,18 mm (Zhytomyr's high-tensile) ,-170 centimeters, with a hook # 14, Three Pinky :cool:.

Catching roughly with 11-30 until 18-30, on positions from 30 until 40 gather steam; coils - closer lovilos well, but often there's gravy and / or hook with the bait or Ryboidom then they'd get stuck in clam shell, ever good at "poluglukhaya" Thresh, - if stronger than oh, wait! With seats crime as, then snuffed about ceasing and / or Ryboid :suspicious:.

Has tried withdraw further, but there there poklevok, although and chains, too, there :dontknow:.
One times me bailed out deep-lover of, on its little swim-off with Lavelli along sees - he swam To Her to community piece of fastening, raised cord - and Ryboid remained on the hook! :love:

Lovilas mostly Blicca bjoerkna, and in prilove were ballerus ballerus, Pelecus cultratus and a dace, by decade weight 1 Ryboida - about 100 grams. Bounced back I virtually mastered! :surprise:

Text or: For roughly with 11-30 and until 17-30 was very weak, and then at all some yearning - and here-same nibble normal Ryboidov almost gone on there is no :no:, but where something, as traits from snuff boxes adorned :O, appeared Bulls :rolleyes:.



Today I decided to have easiest fidernuyu tackle have PeshMo :hobo:.

Catching with 11-30 until 17-30.
Instead of blasting was Crescent semblance of. Rusanovskogo Canal spring :crazy:.
On at the foam, Pinku, maggot.
Expanding - 37 gather steam; reel.

Better a combination of today not fell within :no:, so as constantly accounted for that-either to change, to spoymat Ryboida, which like as was everywhere, but you his was not so something simply :dontknow:.

Feder EBM-60 (with vershinkoy on 3 ounces of from flagship I Feder), coil Simano Aernos 5,000, the main nanofil + the shock of leader, tooling Helicopter Fidernyy + there's gravy from W. Pugacha Iron its on 52 grams :flag: + dog leashes but also different, hotspots-0,18 mm, from 65 centimeters until 165 centimeters and hooks thorny, # # 18-12.

Fish-sicles FLAGMAN BIG ROACH & BREAM 1 package + 1 kg Salapinki :cool:.

From-for wind, often shifting alloys its direction and the speed - the along crosscurrents, the against inadequate to, clouds over PeshMo were establishment and very cloudy, one times even sprinkled it a short elcome :rolleyes:.

Likely, from-for broody clouds lovilos not the best drawer, but I all-" nakovyryal "about norms (order 2.8 kg) :surprise:.
Lovilis predominantly Gusteroidy, and in prilove were Plotvoidy and Sintsoidalnye Ryboidy, and from Bychkov (me the apparently only one, and the, in half thumb :(.



Today I will good candidate because, so as had to to go through Green A Nightmare% -).

This green mass, pokryvshaya water have Bank an exhaustive the carpet, roughly 5-10 meters wide :mad:.

So as of blasting virtually not, the Z. K. More-less's breaking up only about 15 hours, and until 15 hours had to wholly cognize this natural sliding :tired:.

Feder, Katushka, Pater Noster (disambiguation), expanding, Trigger, Iron its, FLAGMAN, Salapinka, Penka, The Boot, Oparik :cool:.

In the Basic Blicca bjoerkna, sometimes ballerus ballerus, and 5 melkorazmernykh bulls :hobo:.
Text or: The only bright spot anywhere - this comprehensive where vzyavshayasya "dzhoyka", perevozivshaya people up there-put here by the like mini-the swallows :O.



Today I eiaee between 3 and 4 staircases, on sees, in Kyiv, with goal further improvement practical skills as industrialized fishing in run-up to festival-contest Osinniy bream-2015 :hobo:.

At-things first I monopoly bottom with the help coils and gruzika, and painted schedule orbit terrain trawling. By analysing schedule, I mapped out an couple of promising competitors - 35 and 60 gather steam; coils Simano Aernos 5,000 (+ feeder EBM-60 with vershinkoy # 2 + Helicopter Fidernyy Uproschennyy + leashes are different, but ruled, "about 1.3 flushed, hotspots mm, with a hook # 14 or 16. 1 oparik or 2-3 kicks). Began harvest on 35 scandisk, yes so on this way and remained :flirt:.

There's gravy from W. Pugacha - Josephine on 54 grams :cool:,

Together with prikormochnoy a mixture of - FLAGMAN Feeder BIG Fish 1 package and 1.0 kg Salapinki - served SOP-Professional session :flag:.

The first hour I only was calibrating on the, how d today capturing Ryboidov, DocumentFragment and so, and the whyfors, until not achieved bolee- less a decent percent implementation poklevok, somewhere about 70% :blush:.

Zelenka near Bank not gave me opportunities see occupying between grass when choosing seats industrialized fishing, and part of Ryboidov these seized the, zaputyvayas in invisible me the grass under zelenkoy have Bank and not giving me chance made there their extricate on Bank, even shuruya blindly podsakoy up there-put here by the :dontknow:.

Ryboidy like would and klevali, but if get back a little hesitated - the you punch out only obsosannuyu bait, so that accounted for look in both on vershinku, and slightly-that - to tie a blood knot! :O

Napodsekal I a long Ryboidov for 5 hours active industrialized fishing - somewhere with 10 until 15 hours managed confidently to garner daily bounced back, say so :crazyfun:.

Of blasting, as such, so and not was :no:, and wind pute southern, against tide :suspicious:.

Text or: And still today I had prepared a new the Pedestrian route - 3-I staircase - staircase upward to the River Milano - ogibaem River Vokzal - still one staircase upward on a new also Square (there, where fountain) - and forth past churches, through a path, in subway "A postal Square" near cable car! Quickly and Comfortable! :rolleyes:



I in Monday, the entire in green point was after fishing there same :tired: - the entire clothing on arrival home in laundry plummeting has. The same was on "Central Army Metrology": '(Of blasting, too, not was. Fishing, too, was "unsteady." Need was not DM100, and was a medium some.
Not like me such conditions industrialized fishing on Canal Street's :disappointed:



duffy333 wrote:

I in Monday, the entire in green point was after fishing there same - the entire clothing on arrival home in laundry plummeting has.

Under preparation for worker, on Osennem bream-2015, will have purify makes zone from grass method "grablinga" and / or "koseyshena" - on of advisers certainly will remain already not point, and entire swathe of :tired:.



Is twofold impression now leaves had forced on 3 th ladder. In my opinion there with start need a rapid stick, khevik. Then on devices up something type EBM-100. Ah and reel 4500-5500 size. Fish need seek, although its and many. Should be an interesting rock on, there not rusanovskie Sprats :D.



Alex74 wrote:

. Should be an interesting rock on, there not rusanovskie Sprats.

Ah yes, until I confidently-methodo warm for your Gusteroidov :hobo:, Vitalik walking on Bank and complained o.o., "sho not klyu." :huh:, and then. Dragged her up Vasyatku, on at the foam, naturally :D.



Recently I eiaee Ryboidov on sees in the center of Kyiv, not far from other bridge :love:.

Decided on place, I the first affair uploaded all their pasochki on stage and began to workshops with, by of gradual adding water, prikormki FLAGMAN BIG Fish, to which added previously cooked homes Salapinku: Lies so this is a killer mixture of, that from Ryboidov not was retreat here! :cool:
Then I've fitted to queen of-handle for podsaki a special "kosu" and but grass, which densely have swelled and concealed under with a thick layer by layer "Zelenka's" have Bank :mad: (to not plague vyvazhivaniyu fish).
Forth I zhestkoy Fr "to combat" their some tackle: Feder EBM-60 with vershinkoy on 1 ounce of (glass) from flagship I Feder, coil Simano Aernos 5,000 with Nanofilom 0.07 "and the shock of leader on 20 Lb,

Tooling Fidernyy Helicopter Uproschennyy (on the cord established mikrovertlyuzhok-bystrosemnik) without fidergama and any Shipper under ceasing; trough from a W. Bush. Pugacha - Iron its and Josephine :flag:.

Leashes are I used predominantly hotspots mm, about 1.3 flushed, with with the hooks, so # # 16.
The bait: The boot and oparik, without foam (conditions industrialized fishing this allowed :glasses:). Expanding zabrosa I chose 36 gather steam; coils, their shopping - "secret" tree on the opposite Bank :crazyfun:.
Eiaee I with 9 until 15 hours, strong tide not was - so, the easy goffing around with the inauguration-shuttered gateways on generated, as on me.

In the early industrialized fishing had to ship types- wet length and the thickness defence wakes up aggressivity, the size of the hook, the number and way to jamborees bait - I spent roughly half an hour of exercise, until Ryboidy not came closer to "details table" and began to working hard dicker over bait, even 4000m2 as well as until I not prilovchilsya their to tie a blood knot :rolleyes:.

But forth went full "sold out. The" - on every (KAZhDOM! :rolleyes:) zabrose Ryboidy swoop on bait, in during first 5-10 seconds after the fall of the trough on bottom, and sometimes fought for the right grab with hook, I get the tender slice of, bluntly during 5m trough on bottom! :tired:

Lovilis predominantly Sintsy, and also a bit Blicca bjoerkna and 1 plotvichka (this on photo I made from one - even 4000m2 as well as four! :crazy: ).
Fish-sicles has become come after 14 hours, and I coined recruit gender-trough, either to do zabrosy with cheredovaniem full and pustroy trough. "Javadxan, now. Maybe, you!"% -). Ryboidy here same reduced its activity, vozmutivshis decrease-grub :huh:.
Text or: Once something the mighty Arch nor with, nor with stingy utsepilos for bait on hooks, I ITS dragged to Bank meters on 10 and IT IS LESSER has with hook: "Perhaps, Vasya! But this today not my fish :no:. "> thought I and continued fishing of Ryboidov! :hobo:

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Dood wrote:

Then I've fitted to queen of-handle for podsaki a special "kosu" and but grass, which densely have swelled and concealed under with a thick layer by layer "Zelenka's" have Bank (to not plague vyvazhivaniyu fish).

This type such a "Spit"?


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