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And that there have Dood 'a?

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VDA wrote:

This is type such a "Spit"?

Yes, precisely such a!
Text or: This I shortened whacking official name caused to: "Double blade for cleansing coastal zone Carp Pro" :D



Recently I a turn on sees, about other Mosts owner, that in Kyiv :surprise:.

On this time I decided to prikormochnuyu mixture of cooked with viewing liquid aromy Brasem belge from FLAGMAN.
The entire bubble with this aromoy I poured in proactively proseyannye (not) 1 package FLAGMAN Lyasch Koritsya and 1 package FLAGMAN a dace :rolleyes:.

Still me had to a natter through a sieve with box 4mm, in advance cooked in household conditions, mixture of from some dried bread and barley, yachnevoy and maize meal groats.
Peretiralos such a mixture of quite slowly :(, from 1.5 liter this a mixture more-less quickly pereterlos only about 1 are unaware, and the rest 0.5 are unaware, baby kittens curled up in dense katyshki :mad:, I simply spewed, to not spend much time on by highly peretirku through a sieve :D.
Then I mixed prikormku with peretertoy a mixture of groats, and gradually uvlazhnyal, with mix manually, prikormochnuyu mixture of.
In patrons, when mixture of's getting absorbed by water, I groomed "to combat" its tackle: Feder EBM-60 with vershinkoy # 2, the coil Simano Aernos 5,000 with nanofilom and shock-leader, tooling Helicopter Fidernyy with corruption from a new fidergama Manterey elit Co., black color of,, measuring 0.8 mm -, too, from FLAGMAN.
Tug ropes with hooks I came prepared with many and different - but best It was your dangerous driving ceasing about 1.2 flushed with a hook # 16.
Feeders I have also was abound, but been pushed round "Miss Josephine" from W. Pugacha, on 67 grams - more lungs trough on 40-56 grams a bit suggested on beneath the, when gave water.

Finally prikormochnaya mixture of just beneath until grinding halt after konditsiya, I its carefully a hookup through a sieve, and began catch.
The distance I have was about 38 gather steam; reel. Their shopping - formulate tree on the opposite Bank :flirt:.
In other words, I sought to put an crime as in one equals 1.0 point on the surface water, not "another minute. I" boxy-Brood "way bottom within semblance, in search of" pritaivshegosya on bottom Bob " :crazyfun:.

From bait ruled, "2-3 kicks or 1 oparik on the hook :cool:.
Began enleve I in 9-15, and the first poklevki I have went roughly through 30-40 minutes. Yes so, that me once was "spirit translate" :O - khitryuschie Ryboidy (Blicca bjoerkna and ballerus ballerus) as would competed between themselves, whom manages faster to dicker bait and under this not podsechsya :tired:.
So me accounted for be on guard constantly: Immediately after 5m trough on bottom vershinka couple of-top three times signaled a poklevkakh - and if slightly got a bit absent there and not sliced, then "of food the establishment" o.o..
However, if perishing has ever managed-??? reel in, then have Ryboida not was no chance :no:: Fidergam jointly with fiderom corps extinguished any any tugging Ryboida on the vine :cool:.

In a result I very quickly, easily and confidently has coped with the norm died, say so :flirt:.
To 14 hours I entire prikormku (about 5 liters) parasite has developed resistance, and was laid home with Bulgarians, as-would maximally perhaps reduce "bespoklevochnyy" interval between start industrialized fishing and the first poklevkoy Ryboida :offtop:.

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Dood wrote:

in advance cooked in household conditions, mixture of from some dried bread and barley, yachnevoy and maize meal groats.

Retseptikom share?



VDA wrote:

Retseptikom share?

Recipe still not quite a perfect, so as I his carried out only one times, when arose an urgent the need a natter my porridge mixture of through a sieve:
Zaparivaem in thermos spelt be scattered in boiling water, roughly 5-15 minutes (depends on properties some dried bread and barley and material thermos).
Vysypaem from thermos in pan and spelt there same drain out his water from thermos.
Go to sleep next small in scraps in pan yachnevuyu and maize grits and jiggle it round, in a result are making grinding halt after konditsiya a mixture (understanding of konditsiya comes with experience).
We are laying pan a lid, are harbouring patchwork, putting and camping on P. And will abandon mixture of "uprevat" on several hours.
Before way out Gone Fishin '(, bag off, bag off mixture of in polyethylene package.



Thank you!



Recently I catching Ryboidov not far from Fontana, that on traditionally Square, which on Podol in Kyiv :flirt:.

Feder EBM-60 with vershinkoy on 1 ounce of, glass, from flagship I Feder;
Coil Simano Aernos 5,000;
Helicopter Uproschennyy, without fidergama;
Dog leashes but also about 1.5 flushed with hooks about # # 14-16;
There's gravy only one, specifically Josephine from W. Pugacha on 50 grams :flag:;

Prikormka from FLAGMAN Feder-Chocolate and a dace + the Liquid bream with Betainom :cool:

+ "cherezsitnaya integration polukashevoy substance" :D from some dried bread and barley, yachnevoy and maize meal buttocks. Powerful thighs.
Just prikormochnoy a mixture about 5 liters :rolleyes:.
The distance some 40 gather steam;, with orientation on "secret" tree :glasses:, with goal create the aft the table.

Began create oznachennyy the table about 9 hours morning, but roughly until 10 hours only 3 Ryboida lazily NA, kind of lazy, like while walking along central on pridonnomu "down Broadway, right": "And that this there it's the mightyDudBolt us throws?" :question:, but when'll taste, then guys come and fuck,, thyroid-eyes,, I'll race you following every zabrosom: But as same, after all on experience give superb "shamovku"! :O
Wind was downstream on, sometimes with strong aspirations, and here is "Zelenka" somewhere vanished! :dontknow:
For the has escalated, then diminished, but powerful of blasting not was :no:.
Lovilis Blicca bjoerkna and ballerus ballerus, on maggot and Pinku :cool:, with slightly just lettin - and the bait obsosana until fortune transparent animals :crazyfun:.

Text or: Swallow as nor in than nor: Let all so same confidently flies TurYstov up there-put here by the :crazy:,

And in this time people primary's having fun have ?? jets Fontana, with not only children taking, but and well mature unfond of men and Tetki ": Fever! :tired:



O.o. A that this for Stone bag at the second denuding? The border with antimirom? :)



VDA wrote:

A that this for Stone bag at the second denuding? The border with antimirom?

Ah, this :blush:. This - creative authors vision :hobo:, here is source code:



Some as "zashifruyus" :hobo: about todays team-building retreat to community conducting Autumn Chamber Music bream-2015, so d extremely good candidate because: See That he :glasses:



I not understood. And where Swallow? (Up there-put here by the) :crazy:, ( :D

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BAMBUR wrote:

I not understood. And where Swallow?

She, too,. Moreover. Is encoded! :rofl:



6 September stingy year heavy leaded clouds and a are hovering over Canal Street's, a minor the whether rain, then whether a rush, pickin ', and have 3 th scale, with rannya gathered courageous fidermeny with goal conduct traditional Feder-Festival Internet portal House Rybak's "Osinniy bream - 2015." Among them as something imperceptibly cornholing your way and I :D.
Sounds signal collection and people moves into to registration with while upholding must: Stormy weather and very a large number of participants Festival made their readjustments.
On outcomes drawing me had a chance sector # 30, this between 3 and 4 staircases. Coming to his sector, I found failed dM Zelenka's, mixture with with algae, with the width of swathe of basket reached 6-7 meters from Bank. Immediately it became clear, that this sector clearly not enjoyed popular with Third donochnoy industrialized fishing in neighborhood 3 th scale,, say so :(.

Makes customer satisfaction as a using a rake on a rope, I gets in good faith purify from algae and other things debris occupying for vymatyvaniya snap and podsachivaniya Ryboidov, about 2 flushed wide. Pulling out entire bales algae on stage La, I even found in them fish-needle and diets other fish. And although 2-metres dM I with large hard ??? is clearing, but this had a very quickly again vsploshnuyu without zelenkoy.
Nothing, wait push water, Zelenka should continue to have somewhere down downstream on, or although-would significantly reduce its concentration of, and then can be attach the efforts, to catch up with catch up - thought I :hobo:.

Then I began gradually be preparing prikormku, using dry a mixture, dry and liquid aromy from FLAGMAN: Initially sifted through yet dry prikormki in a sieve with box 4 mm, then gradually - somewhere through 10-15 minutes - uvlazhnyal and and mix-- their manually, and when prikormochnaya mixture of just beneath until konditsiya, then still times a hookup its through this same a sieve :flirt:.

Double, in pauses between impeccable prikormki, I conveniently posted their pasochki, an apple box, a hatchling pond, feeder EBM-60 with vershinkoy # 2 and coil Simano Aernos 5,000 with nanofilom 0.07 ", the shock of leader from twist are spaced on 20 Lb. Snap I established Helicopter Fidernyy with bystrosemnym vertlyuzhkom, without averting under ceasing and without fidergama.

It is time prostuchat bottom and roots in chart there write schedule terrain trawling. Open a notepad, on clean page and have been arguing roots axis. Not here something was: Under impact chopped-disperse the suspensions (something secondary between smallholder rain and fog) bond got soaked and ballpoint here iai?i refused work on it :huh:.
Ah and okay, d keep in anybody data about numbers gather steam; handles coils and otschetakh fall of on bottom gruzika-blade of an axe. On 60 grams. Honouring a series of zabrosov, and squeeze my weight several times on beneath the, I mapped out an and zaklipsoval three promising, on my view, distance there is - 35, 45 and 55 gather steam; (1 turnover - 90 centimeters on passport coils), with more-less horizontal parcels trawling.
Wear my wartime ceasing hotspots mm ,-1.5 flushed with a hook # 14 on rigging and'm throwing up bricks here with the feeding trough Fidersport Bullet (precise weight not know, but on eye about 28-30 grams) under first clip-on earring, on 35 gather steam; (without prikormki and without bait, naturally). After 5m trough on bottom and Following 1 minutes vymatyvayu snap - wastes there's gravy survived on bottom and not is being shifted under impact weak tide on the cord, and under vymatyvanii zatsepov trough and breakages defence wakes up aggressivity no! Still twice repeat zabrosy, but already a bit I can see the same snap on beneath the, before the onset of the vymatyvaniya - zatsepov and breakages no! Became be, imbabers enleve with this distance there is 8-).
For 5 minutes until start putting a hammer to a the feeder prikormkoy and sticking my boner in very with nobody on hook, and here is with hand 3 th scale, hear weak cries "Start, Start"! (Perhaps, with start-up a pistol gave a misfire :dontknow:).

Zakarmlivayus 7-defective kormushkami with prikormkoy and motylem, and'm harvest with a model pace about 1 minutes after the fall of the trough on bottom. Constantly remont, the pourer - night crawlers, the boot, oparik and their combination. Couple of times tried to hook a the ball foam plastic, but obvious improvements poklevistosti I not has exposed :no:.
On 10 th minute to clean night crawlers should unhesitating peristaltikos poklevka, but reel in Ryboida not manages. Ah and okay, importantly, that Ryboidy on my distance there is ??? there is, and now the problem only in how would their lot more catch some! :blush:

For the first hour I fished out a 2 plotvichki, at the second hour's caught still 2 small gustirki: Poklevki modicum and in sight, but reel in not manages. Although I keep feeder in drawn and always ready for instant podsechke.
And here, roughly about gender-eleventh, appeared for, and the grasses, sometimes with whole islets debris, starters swim where something from above from other Mosts owner. But, to my dismay :unsure:, the entire this "hell is that" why something not slow to partly past my sector in side 4 th scale,, and zhestkoy TX, by penetrating prochischennyy I Passage and even stronger uplotnyaya neprochischennye tracts of my sector. Prochischennyy I Passage's clogged literally for half an hour of exercise, and I with an unceasing enthusiasm and fanaticism gets again be made to shovel Passage with the help ? on a rope. Javadxan, now. Maybe, you!: '(Through five minutes re-raschischennyy Passage again was sucked zelenkoy, and through 10 minutes in it has become to emerge the grasses, any chessboard and Optimisation garbage. Little moreover, zone Zelenka's has become proliferate and reached already 10 flushed from Bank. And here until me has peaked, that I stay in "the dead zone", in which "forever" yakoryatsya mutating the grasses, seaweeds and Optimisation garbage :tired:.
In a result tired every tooling, and especially there's gravy, wind densely bedashed with in Central Army Metrology, and me accounted for borrow such a the feeder in hands and draw its amelioration prikormku.

Naturally, that each time in prikormku found myself yet another Portia Zelenka's, from which Ryboidy woman has been shunned by, as traits from frankincense :x, and in addition under nasazhivanii Zelenka found myself with my hands on bait. Continue to have Zelenka nothing with which, towel, too, Kyrgyz getting all over zelenkoy, stage, clothing and shoes, too, have become Greens, like as I - Tom Sawyer, his fence :crazyfun:.
"This the end of the!" :mad: - thought I and decided to although-would fulfill program-least - beat closest neighbors. Neighbor right stood on my distance there is, but with very slow pace did perezabrosy, perhaps waited approach Leschikov, and neighbor from Left catching further me meters on five, and have him time from time Ryboidy wind in sadke. I same catching in pace roughly 1 minute after the fall of the trough on bottom, and I have, too, time from time podsekalsya and dostavlyalsya in a hatchling pond a small Ryboid (plotvichka, gusterka, sinets, and even one brush).

About 11 hours for me came the "moment of truth" :glasses:: Under another podsechke something zavorochalos on non-CIS late twist are spaced, and I understood, that I have emerged a small chance improve their appalling position in tournament spreadsheet by the search for an Award. 'm letting go Friction clutch coils until fortune "valve rattles daily" and on the sly I'm dragging Ryboida to Bank, and he, naturally, no policeman since there are's a-twitchin ', trying to free themselves from hook. Coming to Central Army Metrology, Ryboid is beginning to even stronger making such a fuss, after all whom bear cover ourselves in such "the fucking bathroom." Moreover, me under zelenkoy at all not in sight this Ryboida, and his presence I felt on fuckin 'ryvkam, amortiziruemym only pounder and friktsionom coils (ceasing stood hotspots mm, about 1 flushed-( not the first freshness, and a forgotten times 10-15), hook # 14, couple of oparikov and couple of moths).
'm putting down podsaku in green loose goo and pripodymayu Ryboida: Like would Vasyatka. Together with fair amount portion Zelenka's take out a on Bank something large, green color of, slowly vorochayuscheesya in podsake. It turns out, this Leschik roughly on kilo! Suggested a clear his ekstraktorom from hook and I put in a hatchling pond, until he not investment tottering from Zelenka's.
Became be, my tooling has shown themselves with the best hand: Under high sensitivity and malozaputyvaemosti, the thin ceasing without fidergama can-??? keep for decent Bonus! :cool:

Somewhere to 13-30, after widely sprognozirovannogo all weather-related servers Ukraine "dating from the rain" :crazy:, width Zelenka's finally has diminished roughly to 5 flushed from Bank, and I features that uproot crime as from clean water on Bank, to there's gravy not pachkalas zelenkoy. However there's gravy failing out from water with speed bullets, and unkind really aiming enter me-on :rofl:, and ceasing under this sought to become entangled, if just lettin and not just slow it down his :O.
To this time initial shock from industrialized fishing in Central Army Metrology I have has passed, and I coined in prikormku promoted dry aromy, to although-would partly reduce preventative previously harm from Zelenka's (the so as uproot crime as for 10 flushed from Bank I have not worked, I before its vydergival from Zelenka's for 2-3 flushed until Bank :dontcare:).
And ulovistost here same soared :flag:, have become quite browser displayed results quickly of the lack bait gusterki and sintsy, which would still accounted for haul through makes Zelenka, some borrow in podsaku, and other uproot on Bank. And again hands have become implement - marcar mark in Central Army Metrology :mad:, and again this poison became constitute in prikormku and on bait :x. In general, some a vicious "a vicious" circle :huh:.
But muddling through faring poorly, and as-would there nor was, and Ryboidy already more-less constantly you can catch, and a hatchling pond, albeit are, but is filled with.
And neighbor right, a wet rotten from downpour, exit ceased enleve, and exit left its sector industrialized fishing. Notorious, of course: '(.

Finally sound raskatistye remain launch pistol, the heralding about finish. And a small elcome still it's drizzling: |.
Under weighing it turned out, that I ??? nakovyryal 2,839 kg, policies--and 26 place from 68 possible, in a result what leapfrogged ahead their closest neighbors - program-least carried out, some experience industrialized fishing in Central Army Metrology taken, URA! :flag:

Text or: Difficulties on for competitions me only razzadorivayut, so I with look forward await the new starts follow you also! :love:

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So keep!! On New startakh the Grands Vasyatkov you!



Wladyslaw Ivanovich, tell as showed themselves a montage, often whether zaputyvalsya ceasing?



Senya ignat wrote:

often whether zaputyvalsya ceasing?

Dood wrote:

my tooling has shown themselves with the best hand: Under high sensitivity and malozaputyvaemosti




Senya ignat wrote:

Wladyslaw Ivanovich,, you tell us as showed themselves a montage, often whether zaputyvalsya ceasing?

So as point connecting trough will defend from point connecting defence wakes up aggressivity slightly whether not on 30 centimeters, then sensitivity snap very much (usual "reduce leverage" have paternostera about 9-15 centimeters), ah, and be confused in such a version helicopter at all have nothing to - ceasing after all virtually directly mind is connected to the main / the shock of leader - and if ceasing and the facts, then only sometimes, and the, likely from what Ryboidy police reportedly used his on beneath the "up there-put here by the", until not screwed out so, that has become visible poklevka; or same from Meza wind,, too, sometimes.



Wladyslaw Ivanovich thank you for the answer, need to will try very such installation of.



Yes! Zielonka such a and enemy not language (!



Thank you! A good report, unambiguously "+."



Today I Isaev :flirt: sited with fiderom virtually on 3 th ladder, "raising the chilly became the aiii not klyue" :dontknow: - say habitues donochnoy industrialized fishing.

Catching on 48 metres. Water provided more-less "in old good traditions" somewhere with 11 until 13 hours.
Lovilis Blicca bjoerkna, ballerus ballerus, a dace :flag:.
Increased its activity bully! :mad:

Feder EBM-100, coil Simano Ultegra 5,500, Helicopter with fidergamom flagship Mantarey elit Co. 0.8 mm, roughly 30 centimeters - poklevki in sight! :cool:
Trough Josephine and Iron its from W. Pugacha 8-),

Prikormka from FLAGMAN Fder Chocolate + Lyasch Koritsya :love::

Sometimes has tried integrate in crime as dry aromy the Red and black Peretz, man, Garlic - worse not became! :no:

Maggot, The Boot, sometimes got them hooked at the foam.
Leashes are in a broad range from 65 centimeters until 210 centimeters, hooks different, # # 14-16.
Wind eastern, against tide. Zelenka present :huh:.

Text or: In rays sun - still warmly :), and in makeup - already's a little chilly out :O.

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Wladyslaw Ivanovich, increasingly not as ask.
Not "beware", please, derzhitsya in your remarkable reports,!
I believe you, that you know how process photos, apply to them effects, filters and camping on P. ;)
But this, in my opinion, surplus. Publish photos "as is" (as there is). All the more, festive and "the right" installation of you increasingly would still not commit.

P.S: First thought, that this the
Of a textbook on midwifery and gynecology. Are no! Bull, isn't he-sec. :D



Mr.Puff wrote:

. Are no! Bull, isn't he-sec.

Vision was call his Dvukhvostyy Odnorot :O.
But in nature .lyublyu this - ballerus ballerus! :crazyfun: (here is such same, as on photo from below, only cesspits in another platforms, with the consequent employ effect "The reflection of" :hobo:)



Yesterday decided with Stepanychem work out on place another local battles - Cup of Kyiv. Ah, our "the Young team" :D decomposed and polavlivaet raznokalibernuyu triviality. Wladyslaw Ivanovich, in ties with transition on coaching work, :D toned up later, and without fishing gear, but with fotoaparatom.
Corporate CEO, looked, gave couple of participants. Pulled up my Kum with goal swim fish. Until I helped friend find ulovistuyu distance and installation of, Wladyslaw Ivanovich dragged her up kiloshnogo leschika on my your cast.
Are so and choice further, and I went.
Said, as cut off :D
More leschevykh poklevok not was, triviality plyuschili, but without special successes.
Prowess not forget that stuff, owns.
In, here is such the standard leschik

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Alex74 wrote:

are so and choice further, and I went.
Said, as cut off

Not can - will teach :rolleyes:, not like it or - fire up! :O - such here is armyand coaching motto! :hobo:



Same environment and I obey.



Today I was somewhere on sees, so as wanted something to capture :flirt:.

Eiaee with 8 until 14 hours, prikormka FLAGMAN 2 package (Feeder of Morgan Fish + of Morgan Roach & Bream) + liquid and dry aromy and pshikalki,, too, from FLAGMAN + used to wipe down in a sieve pshenno-yachnevo-maize bag for about 1 liter, with dry aromy I - for convenience their use on Bank during industrialized fishing - peresypal in empty tasting house from liquid Arom :love:.

Feder EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 6 + coil Simano Ultegra with puffed Momoi hotspots mm + shock-leader on 20 librov + thanks Helicopter with fidergamom :flag:.

The feeder I yuzal today one - Iron its on 62 grams from W. Pugacha :cool:.

Leashes are and hooks I has tried different, but best It was your dangerous driving ceasing 1.5 flushed,, measuring hotspots mm, with a hook # 14 :glasses:.

The bait - The Boot, Oparik, night crawlers, in different iuo eiiaeiaoeyo :D.

From DIPov best shown themselves Garlic :hobo:.

Distance there is about 50 flushed and some 40 meters: Better lovilos on 40 meters away, but on 50 fringes - only brush yes a half-dozen Bychkov (, and the, only with rannya :dontknow:.

Bull, isn't he, incidentally, all more activates and oftentimes the catches on any "meat" :O.

Wind pute against crosscurrents, quite strongly o.o., more-less a clear for was only roughly with 11 and until 14 hours :rolleyes:.

From white puppies were born lovilas Blicca bjoerkna, ballerus ballerus, sometimes able to pierce a dace, and also managed deliver in podsaku modicum and a small, but all-??? Leschika! :love:

Otake :hobo:.

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Today with rannya I got to become on Dnepr river, with goal admire dawn :love: type "Sunrise" (Voskhod) and inevitable any spoymat :rolleyes:.

Dawn indeed was chic, but better one times see his, than to read the verbal description of this event see :glasses:.

However dawn little by little has been transformed in a bomb day, I having until free Alternatively sees and began "unsteady" proza life :D:
Feder EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 4, coil Simano Ultegra 5500 with puffed Momoi hotspots mm + shock-leader on 20 Librov + tooling Helicopter Fidernyy with within Fidergama.

There's gravy from a W. Bush. Pugacha, Josephine on 62 grams :flag:; leashes are different, but ruled, "-65 centimeters,, measuring 0.22 mm, with hooks # # 14-12, Shariq Zagozdzon and 2-3 oparika, sometimes got them hooked Pinku. Very not was at all, unfortunately.

Fish-sicles FLAGMAN GOLD Super Bream (1 package Black + 1 package Yellow) :cool:, in prikormku I added half a bottle of likvida Bream and polupakovki molasses Karasio (also from FLAGMAN), and in top "system was installed" through 4-mm a sieve krupyanuyu mixture of, zaparennuyu homes "spelt be scattered-cannabis-yachka-traditional grits-- grits-confectionery wastes" (all ingredients were proactively razmoloty elektromyasorubkoy) :hobo:.

Like, of course, spoymat Vasylka :flirt:, but :dontknow:. Quite are quick lovilas a dace! :O

Poklevki powerful, their was well in sight even with strong, wind against crosscurrents, on distance there is some 40 meters :O.

Also sometimes demonstrated s boldness bully, he I bring some Popeye's even on tuft oparikov. And not think, a disease! :mad:

Text or: And Swallow all so same flies up there-put here by the with turYstami on board :whistle:.



20 September sec. Propulsion By winning the of Kyiv on fideru, on 3 th Stair have other Mosts owner.
So as I in the time "their bin sick": '((Smallness of've got a cold in back) - the gave in role a trainer team "Salyut", total 2s place in command Monster (2 + 2) :cool:.
My version of events on RACs-2015 on fideru: "This was, so" (with) "Muskie Graduate Fellowship Program-show" :D

Text or: Desirable look on a large screen! :O

Text or-usage: YouTube another tightened rules location rollers efficiently more 15 minutes - me had to obtain SMS have developed over parole for activation rollers :rolleyes:, and masters used I muzona used right monetization of rollers and banned display rollers in some countries :(, and also circumscribed his to play a stream on some devices :dontknow:.
Nevertheless, he there is! :flag:



Recently I ascents of to PeshMo, with goal restore lost skills from-for long and sustained malady of, srazivshey me with hand spinal a ridge: '(. And if lucky, what any spoymat! :crazyfun:
Oriental tunes Smith it's a mild, with rannya under Bank kuchkovalas obrydlaya Zelenka :dontcare:, somewhere on stick limpet-like hypotensive stage will for their breakfast :rofl:, people with rods-fiderami-spinningami densely Useyal Bank :rolleyes:.
Piercing through bottom and here schedule orbit terrain trawling, I mapped out an 3 distance there is - 29,39 and 49 meters.
However start enleve I decided to with the most the far-distance there is in 49 meters, so as water has become transparent, and Ryboidy certainly have lost iyulskuyu carelessness :glasses:.
Feder EBM-100 with vershinkoy # 4, coil Simano Ultegra 5500, the cord Momoi hotspots with shock-leader and River Kymi Helicopter Fidernyy.
Trough I yuzal two, from flagship on 56 and 70 grams. No hint on gap existed vertlyuzhka from feeders, after the end of the fishing I not found :no:. But liked high the accuracy of zabrosov with these kormushkami - never thought, that I becomes so accurately bombarding! :cool:
Leashes are had to questioning different - from 65 until 230 centimeters, with obvious advantages alone before in other I not found: The omnipresent bully attacked the bait in any iuo eiiaeiaoeyo (Penka, The Boot, Oparik). Once I decided to establish immediately two defence wakes up aggressivity% -) - and that you itself think? :question: - pucheglazye blagged immediately on both hook! :huh:
Prikormku I zamesil from two packages FLAGMAN Lyasch Cinnamon and Feder Chocolate, little bit of water for kneading a half fracture, Leschevogo likvida and adding Pastonchino in ready mixture of. Time from time I inscription in the feeder dry aromy "man" and "Bream", also from FLAGMAN :love:.

White fish emerged with Auftragserteilung water - but, although for appeared about gender-tenth, however suspended it repeatedly :dontknow:.
Slovlennye Ryboidy (a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, ballerus ballerus), except Bychkov (, also, then emerged on with a concise time, then somewhere fell :dontknow:. Moe ", hypotensive stage will for Bychkom, raising the have neighbor repeatedly staff also clappers on Nevke, or same a dace prokaznichala :unsure:.
Bungalows nalovivshis with 9 until 15 hours, and having regained their lovitelnye skills, I was laid home :hobo:.



A swallow torpedoed? :whistle:


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