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The Asian Ukraine 2013.

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Romeo wrote:

How me like rating sorevy. Always after them "of slop" lack. Bodacious of Mexico krovi for to the disposition

Yak on a marvel proyshlo ioe?e days pіsl zmagan, and pomiїv acaaae ? NEMA. Masa nevdovolenikh i hour zmagan zashkalyuvala, and oaia? silence? Look, maybe I do shos mіshaє ienaoe, iiaea radyat not ienaoe, and iiaea an mudrі. Bo znayut. Completed not chіpay. І not ’. І not zmіnit ? iai?



brat wrote:

Masa nevdovolenikh i hour zmagan zashkalyuvala, and oaia? silence?

Simply interestingly, where OK was this "mass", if you pro it know, and I there is no?

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And after o ? aa ca?ac ia? aaea znachennya? Masa nevdovolenikh stoically plunged ? this blow, in nai ?i?iaeaie ? aiie a ? eu? vazhlivіshі i ? ae ribalka. I Chelomei of beneficiary rozumіyu ? zroblyu so the very.



Доброго времени суток господа!
Это были мои первые рэйтинговые соревнования и первый Кубок Украины!
Первые впечатление неравнозначные. Очень классная тусовка, опыта за три дня получаешь больше чем за предыдущих несколбко лет. Идут споры по поводу жеребьёвок?, как-то не понял сам чё там было!!!! Вопросов хватает? Откровенно самое негативное впечатлени - это первый день соревнований. Его практически небыло, при это бездействие судей и т.д. Процес подготовки к старту в сеторах В-1;В-2;В-3 прошёл при дружном полуторачасовом купании и извлечении из воды кустика размером на несколько секторов!!!
Затем подобные кустики плавали с завидной регулярность вза и в перёд. Также стардали спортсмены сектора А, практичкски все. Покурить на парапете минут 20 это было нормально. С протестами никто не хотел заморачиваться, сказали всёравно бестолку!!! А на результат команды всёравно сказывается. Когда судби закончили смотреть как мы страдаем при чистке секторов перед стартом, всколь предложили пересадить нас в другие сектора, это за 20 минуи до старта и отказались перенести старт на 30
минут.Хотя о этом просили ТРОЕ спортсменов. вот так и пришлось вроде как соревновать в таких вот условиях.
Плюс лодочки в секторах, занимающие хорошую часть сектора.
Второй день была просто рыбалка без суеты и напряга!!!! Он уже ничего не решал.
А вот поздраить презёров и победителей и участников хочется от всей души!!! Просто красавцы!!!
Всем всех благ и дальнейших побед не всех уровнях!!!

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Continuation of report by. battlegroups notes.



Yes can add that came row your boat Gently, on blooming flowers one of competing and tried to down islands on the river. Him for this a separate thank you, modicum a bit polovili. But mass of kustarniku was removed for 30-40 minutes until the end of round. And on starnnomu we can circumstances for this time was poymanno 40% my nebegatogo capture of.
As something so.



vinni wrote:

came row your boat Gently, on blooming flowers one of competing and tried to down islands on the river.

Very interestingly. Judges talked on the phone with lifeguards, judges paid them money, on the very moment from its pocket, and it turns out we for good reason bed very, made repeated calls, all dared "on blooming flowers one of competing."



This with words many people, but no one and not denies that you also tried to solve the problem and paid money, only as the too late for that. Yes and not kind of problem I have been told that. Conversation progressed about the negative, here is for me this the only negati- floating ISLANDERS! Increasingly and ditching the dress this my personal experience and heap drugmkh useful of emotions!
Not obzhaytes, no one not wanted to wary of offending!



On Musical about Championship Ukraine 2011goda which has passed in Ukrainka, was the huge desire to to come even times and swim small, but very spirited and strong little slapping.

In advance not broke a to come work out, was only Friday and we tried to squeeze maximum with coaching received. But was-would easier deal with an effeminate body of water, camping on K. As the second part of team already has carried 2 coaching, and a bit with than something populyaren. Podskazav some moments and explaining to the habits local little slapping we looked zamesom prikormki. Have us was vyborsredi different trains prikormok, namely browning River, Etang, Gordons, # 1 and GrandSlam. Stalled on two versions: Pylyashaya, enertnaya, adhesive. Zameshav prikormku were surprised new physical qualities our prikormki and interesting the scent of, Turkic on reverse while want say, that have us broke a do the composition, which grassroots Dneprovskim podleschikam.

On train,, after 2 hours industrialized fishing I have was only 3 imaginations and the Blicca bjoerkna, bream not was. Have been arguing as something shake up living component of, which granted company WormExpert, and begin small wiggly trough, get sometimes Dhabi poklyovki, but not is obtained realize, most poklyovok from-for 1949-1969 breakages tug ropes, Yeah. Understand that this Dnepr river, have been arguing something impose on water feature, come to put a leash on a hotspots. Importantly was fish despite through abrupt brovku in fix helped Zemex Grand Feeder 4.20 with test 120-180gr. With this pounder I has passed several competition with starters season, but for themselves I opened this place it on good fish. When already fidergam not in forces correctly execute orders, there captured all positive hand Zemex Grand Feeder.

The first tour.

Arriving on hillsides the first affair zanimaemya prikormkoy, decided not to change sotav, what was on train, only a bit cleaned in. The dark color!
After discoveries competition, of building, passes zherebyovka and me dastoyotsya sector A7. Ah like a good sector, I thought, before arriving on place, but was a small surprise in the form of a small a bush of a written by the meters which been writhing around “backward link ” in courses sector and my neighbor in exclusive race. Water procedures not helped shift the island and had to wait the boat which she dragged him island downstream on. Before start me it looked promising point will on 60 scandisk, there and decided to remain. Start, 'm harvest, passes gender hours poklyovok there, reshayunachat promoted “have fucked the horse beforehand ” but and she in during hours nothing not changed the. Have been arguing harvest on dalnіy, but for 3 hours me brings only 3 small brush and understand, that more there is cannot be and perekhochu to the sidelines. Couple of feeders and immediately manifests itself Blicca bjoerkna, so becomes business.
On a change of gustere comes leschik, so I keep up talk couple of podleschey and modicum as the withdraw on 7 place. Of graphics ((Typical that however Hi. Did you on to’monuments place, Lyosha in svoїm-style and took zone, Sergei Anatolyevich as and I seventh!
After first round of the we polled 20 balls and divide 2-3 place with team “MAP. ”

The second tour.

Me marks zone D, I roughly understand that me and fulfilling in this zone so as I sorrowful in zone Since, and they between themselves very similar. Solve the more not try harvest on the far-distance there is and remain near style of. Sounds “Start ”, the first impose there's gravy only just beneath until trawling and immediately powerful poklyovka and on the hook had curled up the good as“ Sable ” chekhon! The beginning of good, the second impose and poklyovka gustery. On the sly nips a small gustyrka and are they biting stalled, have been arguing do more pause and wait the contestant fish which slooped the plug gusteru. And I find incomprehensible the jiggling kvivera, leapfrog and nor what not was able enables! The second impose and virtually immediately watch takiezhe stagger but solve the to yield to more vnyatnoy poklyovki and she followed, I took out maybe there Leschya. Are they biting a bit falling and fish performed times in gender hours, but the entire fish this podleschi! Means prikormka was correctly adjusted!
With such a small activity spent the entire tour, in the observation game lyaschey in football my the feeding trough! So I have broke a to capture 3720gr and this facilitated on 3 place. Immediately ask, as issued other members team. So is obtained that hymalayan Hi. Did you so same on 3 place, Fede lacked 2 gr until first seats in his zone, and activist Sergey President a bit not are blessed with a and fell in the most a rank sector, from-for what was impossible extend more a major fish through makes vegetation.
Do like us wait for podsschyota results, we polled same assessment number of balls as and yesterday with team “MAP ”, we cabinet members – Secretary all-volish in weight caught fish!
Want express greater lasting gratitude, center modern fishing “Three China, ” for provided by feed browning, financial support.
Thank you companies Metsui for prekrasne fіdera Zemex!
Thank you companies Worm Expert for survivors and delicious (for fish) worms, of course and oparyshey!
Separate lasting gratitude, organizers and judges!
Ah and until meeting on water feature!

With respect, Alexey Pugach!



I congratulate Alexei-Bravo! :cool:



Ending the report by below on exiled.
battlegroups notes.



Want thank all for an excellent celebration souls – winning the Ukraine 2013. The organizers with task unwound right on, for that them a separate thank you. Thank you administration cities Ukrainka, forensic collegium and all those who directly hosted participation in prepare on all levels. I congratulate all awardees with victory, and rest participants with each piece of experience, after all this, too, very it is important.
Also want thank sponsors our team company Rocket Baitsfor financial support and opportunity use brand-name ingredients, domiciled on this moment in designing. Without them successful sensationally our team was would impossible. I’d say honestly, new prikormochnye a mixture and supplements for as industrialized fishing from Rocket Baitsmust “prompt all sorts of damage up ” in Ukrainian fidernom world, and can and European. :cool:



With every year harvest fish in Ukrainka becomes all harder. Campaign brovka obrosla shell and other smіttyam and has become simply lyutoy, and huge risks are inhabitants of prilovchilis to crafts fishermen and now with fish “no clothes hands ” not will you take. Say, that fishing was complex – nothing not say. Fish was present in sufficient numbers, but pick a to it efforts was damnably hard. Leschi splyvalis on point, with prikormku, swung crime as, oblivious on the pourer. Such a had forced me reminded Belgium, when put fish on the aft the table – not meant its to capture.

And now about everything on order.
Preparation for competitions began with tortured training facilities. Each time, when she traveled on in Ukrayinka has ever managed something understand and even more become entangled. Why something deal with fishing always account for directly in round, and coaching received give only to a remote hint that will occur.
For industrialized fishing have been applying a mixture browning. Naturally in advance have for team casualty and familiar model prikormok: Grand Slam, # 1, Gardons, Etang, River. But producer apparently changed composition mixtures and further familiar for us prikormok, had to need anew and respectively ship types- wet compositions for submarine dwellers Ukrainka.
Visiting promenade glorious cities Ukrainka, already in Thursday, directly before Walter, we surprised full sadkam little slapping have local fishermen and oslabevshemu downstream. But leschi klevali unsustainably, and here is chekhon simply not ready feeding trough plodding until trawling.
In Friday same has moved in the entire our Zaporozhye team, and we, rassevshis on zones, began to deal with fish tank. In our disposal was many combinations prikormok browning and diversity animals components: Night crawlers, dendrobena, colourful kicks, royal maggot …
Me met middle of the zone A. Fish here, as seemed, was far less than in zones Since and D, yes and klevala she not so willingly. But shake up fish has ever managed adding different wee things, albeit only briefly.
Say, that had forced has become understandable - cannot be. Tactic for competition a year of the highly roughly. We understood, that with each zone will have deal in the process round. But, nevertheless, harvest have counted all, that will get a bite with hope on Bonus fish.

In the first round me met Elisabeth fall into net sector Since 9 with soft brovkoy and an excellent upside. Nevertheless, decided not to risk and brought together basic your cast Grand Feeder 4.2 forge the From Zemex.
The beginning of round for the entire visible parts of zone has been marked full lack of Ah, this is great. In such situation decided not to rush with perezabrosami and bide your fish. Through while, kvivertip showed confident poklevku, and the first ponderous chain Blicca bjoerkna perekochevala in a hatchling pond. Tempovoy such a fishing trip raze not good one, rare poklevki both complete failures. But I hoped, that the absence of Ah, this is great – possible a sign of bream. So it and it turned out: Cost pick a the right the pourer, as poklevka a white bream stick virtually immediately. But then, further zabrosy benefited only understanding, that bream on point, but peck why something not wants. And again need was offer fish supreme sophisticated treats. So in search of the very nozzles and has passed the entire tour. Despite the, that sector seemed a net, liveliest podleschiki would still cannot find some zatsep or grass, forcing even nervous. But surprisingly, fishing pole has dealt and virtually all klyunuvshie fish proved in sadke. Fish was not many, but the average weight extremely independent.
After first round of the became understandable, that only leschi provided chance on high seats in zones. Results first day were very emerging, that itself excluded right on mistake.
In the second day draw again sent me in zone S. Sector second round was test of on psychological the stamina. Trough even with perezabrosakh and sat in brovku, perhaps, useyannuyu different smіttyam, her torn stalkoy and cords. For order to deceitful modicum any fish, had to withdraw on more far distance and put more large hook, that, naturally, where nibble. As outcome - little fish and many breakages.

Nevertheless, overall major team outcome independent and, hope, not only me. In uncompromising struggle under same many's he seats and only in weight common capture of team “Three China ” Zaporozhye has won silver winning the Ukraine. Contest was mega complex, but, and until horror interesting.
Thank you team for such strong-willed outcome, our a letter of - for aid and moral support, which with such wildest Hell's Kitchen fishing very helped.

Large thank you center modern fishing “Three China ” for the qualitative prikormki browning, financial support team.
Thank you companies WormExpert for zhivotinku of higher quality, that pleased feed them fish to.
Fidery Zemex over short-range battlefield baptism, so thank you companies Metsui for qualitative’fishing product.
Also want thank organizers of for heavy and such a thankless work, which vzvalilas on their shoulders. Nevertheless, tournament has passed on City level, for that and want say thank you all, who expended efforts to create sporting holiday.
My greetings prizeram competition and thank you all who visited this winning the Ukraine.
Until meeting on for competitions!

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A belated report Cup Ukraine 2013.
Training to competition began in environment, US for me quite a new fodder browning River ,-M7, Grand Slam, President. Nibble was fickle, catching on the far-distance there is, klevali podleschiki, plotvichka. In Friday all, too, most. First day competition finish my poopoo in zone A, from Left from me instructor Visco, Italy, right Marrying Buglak. Find two distance there is 47 gather steam; and 30 gather steam; coils Aspire 4,000. Sounds start, 'm feed far distance, I allow 5 feeders browning Specialist XL, in this time instructor with first zabrosa but a white bream grams on 300. My first impose brings a small gusteru. In for hours I still caught couple of small fish, periodically dokarmlivayu point and get poklevku bream, dragged his couple of meters and social. Then the second poklevka bream and, too, social, very lasting failings in Cleves. Gotten down on round 6 distance - no outcome. Has ever managed catching up to only chekhon with long one a leash around and the, quite a bit, so as she on fodder not spy. But right Marrying regularly had been bugging little slapping. In a result first day I had fled, in end our team acted not very, has excelled only Andrei Chima, entered the second place in zone.
In the second day finish my poopoo in zone In and in sector, in which Borodayko in first day took zone. Promeryayus, sector very complex, many through the rubble from stones, find two distance there is 50 about. And 35 about., I allow on round 6 five feeders browning Specialist XL, excellent trough for zakorma and active fish, can accommodate many feed and well give. The first impose vershinka speaks out and so minutes forty, turn on far and, too, no signs life. Understand, that yesterday in this sector took zone, that fish here there is, need to seek. After hours industrialized fishing no outcome, 'm switching in 10 about., closer from a near point. The first impose and occur wiggly done, right on, fish there is. Razkarmlivayu point and fish is beginning to confidently getting caught, mostly a dace. On fourth ano is happening very powerful poklevka, strike and feel that on the hook big fish, very makes powerful tugging against crosscurrents, think that there for monster, and finally manages raise on the upper hand, bypassing the brovku and reduce the nut. This e?anaaao golavl, he long not, ever gave up, but victory was for me, on weighing weight have shown 1,164 kg, but on kind of seemed so much more. Under vyvazhivanii chub very helped Feeder Gum from browning, because as ceasing I have was hadn mm. The second tour was more luck, I policies--and first place in zone. With branch browning worked the first time on for competitions, feed appealed, but with them need still deal, sponsoring on water not one hour. Want say thank you its team “Three China Kyiv ” club the southern some to Andrey Chemeris, Whyte Korenyak, Dudchenko Wladyslaw all for participation, for desire to and drive to victory, team the Young and I think that still ahead.
I congratulate winners with victory! Want thank sponsor Center of Clinic of Modern Fishing Three whale for mandate given to fodder. Thank you organizers competition, judges and all participants. Until new vexing meetings!


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