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OkoloPiterskie fishing.

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Vadkh wrote:

Nu and finally. My personal record - bream 3550gr.

Enura Abdullayeva. And I such even not enleve. ( :D)



Enviably?? Himself such.



The kind if such and are outfitted with I their'm letting go still there. On conceals. :D



I congratulate, e?anaaao :cool: and you, too, :cool:

Let on Narva (river) drive, already went leschik, took couple of on smoking



JURI wrote:

GROUP on Narva (river) drive, already went leschik, took couple of on smoking

Need to try. Only Narva on leschu for me the puzzle. How many times nor traveled - Blicca bjoerkna brutality, far nor «. Can with your hand hole what there is, in with the Russian hand (there where can be on the beach sit) two style of on svale and cube. And everywhere this a disease in incredible efforts quantities. Dubinistam are outfitted with leschi, but they without prikormki at all sit. But would still stuck. I catching only here. Further on the forest road on south all Bank Bialowieska.



:flag: This is you] However in lower Narva (river), there fish goes from Finnish Gulf until Khaled el. Station,
In short naval fish.
And I enleve in first part of rivers, she follows from Chudskogo Lake and vpodet in kind of shiv, bream goes on spawning Chudskoy + local.
Below still there is seats closer to Narva, but higher reservoir.



Yura, Thanks! I understood. This in district Piterskoy base "Omut." Will opportunity necessarily skatayus on fishing trip. All the more I have summer cottage on presented under Kingiseppom, so that from ???? near.



Vadkh wrote:

Yura, Thanks! I understood. This in district Piterskoy base "Omut." Will opportunity necessarily skatayus Gone Fishin '(. All the more I have summer cottage on presented under Kingiseppom, so that from ???? near.

Has embraced industrialization higher, about islands Permiskyula and there (cube, 1metr in second) silnoe for. You need to fishing area a bit.



A new otchetik on svezhachku.
Thursday - can weld it pshenku and on night zamachivayu its in trostnikovoy soles of.
9-00'm on myway on market (virtually through the entire city) buying animals.
15-0 I was rushed'm lugging junk and wife in machine and'm flying on liberal scattering. There on rapid all'm throwing away and'm lugging the entire’fishing stuff to. 'm flying on place (50 kilometers from ????) 'm on myway and think only would place was not is busy.
On arrival on place, discover the, that two dubinista ranked 60 meters Bank (virtually entire point contrary pits) covered in 15 crocodiles.
After rapid and vividly my Storage dialogue, they injected me place between them. In principle guys proved pliable and well adequate, but me experienced pro home fishing (5kryuchkov on rights and for other speech) They began to STAMMERlNG to speak, that they not networks gets caught. In short agreed to :crazyfun:
A they on 40 -45 metres from Bank. I became feed on 65 meters away in the most deep point pits (12metrov).
Zamesil bag for, Sensas feeder atraktiv, Trapper a dace secret. Aroma chocolate and almonds. Water in presented what, darker than than on Volkhov, Russia and I still a little bit of a pritemnil prikormku, but without bigotry. Broke a averagely brown color of.
Evening has passed without single poklevki. I was feeding and waited frank Ah, this is great.
On the morning embarked 4 hours morning and again began feed. Fed to 6 morning, but poklevok not was in speak of.
For this time I made up all 2 / 3 pick prikormki. The pourer and of dung, earthmoving worms, of course and three species oparyshey kombiniroval in different combinations. But was full sosalovo.
Began crawl in head doubts. In short in old prikormku added bag for a new once porridge, Sensas 3,000 brasem and big Fisch. Aromu in this mix whup-Sensas atraktiks Brasem Beldzh.
Smells became purely leschevym and prikormka has become much lighter. On sammich from navoznika and white oparika (classic genre) distress the first shevelenka. And again silence on gender hours.
I began dipovat the pourer. Thank pink pepper, white chocolate, and still what the remakes leschevyy, I returned to means of dipu Royal Plum from Richvorta. At the second zabrose with dipom - confident poklevka and on other end began rest who the clearly not? Malek. In end Lyoscha on 1.28 pounds.
Then another zakiloshnik, but he tore off ceasing before podsachnikom. Not weathering loop defence wakes up aggressivity.
Then even a few reprobates grams on 600 and one Blicca bjoerkna on two hundred grams.
After 10-30 I began flock home. And here in one of dubinschikov struck poklevka and they Vinnitsa the look my of bream,, too, on 1.28 kg. I them special one. Gave its electronic bezmen.
The outcome and conclusions. Bream still chunks of for different jobs and on presented until there is no active Ah, this is great. Of course here its adds contributed weather. Have us second week is worth the Cold weather with saturated and until change not in sight.
Solar days alternate with two rainy. In short to've bonked.
Here is and Lyoscha:



Have us, too, weather a crap - at night 12 degrees and the wind in yo 'face. -. Three are gadgets until kilograms grapple vymuchil with 80m. Today promise 18gradusov do am to shoot. With dubinschikami picture the same. Know that not as but place preoccupy.

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Степаныч wrote:

Wu us, too, weather a crap - at night 12 degrees and wind in yo 'face. -.

Inigavari :crazyfun: In Friday sheds rain only in 8 the evening, are blown to hash. In Saturday sunny. Today again dozhdina and + 15. June mother his. In one well, little by bathers and shashlychnikov. :D



Vadim nice! And have us yesterday, in zone competition, Quay MM. Whole zone ranked 3 human, I counted 21prut on 3-'s. Say: "That commit." In the answer: "An waiting for." :canthearyou:



DangerousQ7 wrote:

. Burning kisses. Zone ranked 3 human, I counted 21prut on 3-'s. Say: "That commit." In the answer: "An waiting for." :canthearyou:

My neighbors, times in two hours, suit tested dubya, when poklevok not was either bed very under can bells and - "jag-offs" in one word.

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"the kraken to catch" or de Mrs. vu.

Past my trip on Volkhov not has passed table and some comrades, from our meeting, have expressed desire to to visit the Olympian hole.
Said - done. A pity that on technical reasons we not account for Alexey (Alex0799).
In end on a fishing trip were Sergei (is a master). Ivan (Vanych) and I.
Close to community not BKV, had to strongly on mordovatsya under transit skarba. And from September 1 took 21st th.
Have Ivan Kruzak was fully dead and my velum - full trunk and pushed sofa salon. And Seryoga and with ???? its man, this stuff has brought. A warm-up was labor and intense. :crazyfun:
Then went batter's box now. Ivan stupidly mixed all their Sensasovskie nelikvidy and the remnants of and from above then some Dunaevym. Seryoga, too, sensasil. I made two kneading. "The collective farm" - drunk wheat stalks, boiled spelt be scattered, some peas puree and Binfishevskiy the sponge-cake. Aromu nor what not inscription, brazhkoy from prikormki suggested for a liar a mile away. This for me a new experience under it catching of bream.
"Urban" - Sensas Attraktiv feeder, Sinsat Bremes and Big Fish, Traper secret feeder, pshenki very a bit, Sensas additiv Super bream and Aromiks Brasem (all only under bream).
Fielded two point and made zakorm "as collective farm" mixed, on 10-12 healthy kormukh on point.
Then already've fed "urban" mixed. Evening was a languorous and besklevnym. Negligble speck was eating us on stakhanovski.
In short all as always. Such and waiting for.
After decline of have prepared barbecue and smushed couple of brandy. Then after an. Have Ivan chic tent, what the Yank's. Intends to on times - all on swivel-eyed get, touted five minutes. Himself in diameter Dam 4 and altitude 2 Dam.
Has awakened 5 morning from noise shurupoverta - Ivan did a new batter's box now.
Ivan torchbearer and eiaee and fed on glitterati. In three minutes perezabros. About 7utra have him proklyunulsya aircraft - a scoundrel grams on 350 - 400. And silence until 9 morning. I stupidly'm feeding their a mix tape. Have Vanycha erupted you cullions, but all on petty matter - maximum until 700 grams. Seryoga only it contemplates.
Immediately want say, changeable tips have us was the most full kit, oparyshy three the view, though., worms earthen, acids, vypolzki and dendrobena. Plus maize and night crawlers.
I have'm hanging mix from oparikov on one queen of and made of earth solvents and oparik on the other.
9 30 on oparika the first and very convincing poklevka. Strike and here began bathing red horse.
Leschik simply was freaking on the hook. Tugging were on any taste of and in frequency and on amplitude. I thought that value the zadvushnik sits. When he dodge, I thought that accurately - de Mrs. vu. Seryoga already cleverly his picked up by with tail, ah not an animated from for his podsaka. :crazyfun:
All interested weight, but record not By: '(Only 3200 grams. Then again silence on minutes forty.
Ivan has gone from a butterworm to maize (corn) and have him steadily began to peck you cullions. Then have him was sewage on point and silence. I meanwhile dragged her up the Ken dolls on 1900 grams and 1400 grams.
Seryoga quietly was pleased for us, as is a master seats but under this was sucking on. Have him at all not was biting,.
Vanych with longing moved on constrictors and point again have him earned. Klevali multi-kalibernye podleschi come across and kilushniki. I, too, such polavlival. Need to say, finally I obrybilsya. We began to think with horror about opposite to might.
From conclusions: - Bulgarian mix the table not botched, and perhaps even made things better. So as all zakilushnikov took your venerable's loyal servant.
And here happened the event that contributed on name office.
Have Ivan struck abrupt poklevka, Tornament on earth possessed not on bit childish and through couple of moments occurred steam locomotive. Bream the arcane size, he not exist Vaninykh pushing simply swam To Her to my udochkam, stupidly smatyvaya this simple with Ultegry. Stop Ivan his not was able and under an attempt to keep pressure on Friction clutch and start to pump. Stick suddenly arched her back and has burst ceasing 0.15. All were in shell-shocked, the very importantly that this was bream. Israel’s right to-layn the entire was in such spit and glue, that mother not sound so glum. Real the kraken to catch.
Can be all of this to write off on Hagerman treat snastyu, but Ivan experienced torchbearer and simply so would fish not leaked. Although he believes, that experience search for monsters have him over the last time race, Commission in the sorevy and clubs on trades abroad. After this, he very acquired a such fishing, under this obtaining a remarkable food for reflection about tactics industrialized fishing spoils. Under noise waves of I have took the bait a good leschik -1300grmm, and I even not observed poklevki only this simple uvelo far the in side. The kid in sight'm tormented carrying the feeder trailer and I his were as log before, without intention of hint resistance.
For entire session Wu me only two imaginations less kilograms. Have Ivan number of on more than I have, but size not those. Seryoga on put received third convocation. Here is such a fishing

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Vadkh. There is no have you conscience: '(Open another bottle of whiskey. Here is recognized with morning open.

Pretty boy of course, but from this not easier :D Catch + :flag:

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Alexcd83 wrote:

Tell please, what point industrialized fishing nobody chose (the conch has the power, brovka, the table and vast)?
What from points was perspektivnee?

Transition with clay on stones and clams. The depth of 11-12 meters Sval. Hole healthy and until the most trawling not dokinut.



Passionate Friday.

Theme the old, as do the rump felt, weather are worth warm and dry. People on water to. Dubinisty the jurpling. :mad: At two Germans all point being shot. Even hunting low-balled until one point free not found. And the kind on melyake there Luga with a small coast by a ditch wide with meters 15 and then a hundred meters with counting the depth of 2metra on entire wide. For themselves decided to, figs with them with become more efficient, ah if only zaletnyy you fool. Far not threw, meters 35-37. 8.30 a.m. -10.30 full silence. I'm feeding times in 5minut and await the. Then a scoundrel grams on 400 and couple golavlikov. And mosquitoes wall. Tried covering up - warming it to try. Spat and in flux sleep. Importantly point zakormil. Embarked in 4.00 and immediately went fishing. Actively was biting, until 6.00 then the beginning of on the sly to let up. I floated the chemistry in battle, not particularly helped. 9.30 began wrap this up, okay and took the bait podkiloshnik. So as fish I released, and a hatchling pond already dried it out, he in frame not fell. Was biting, actively, stick slightly not sdergivalo with Resta. Was one sewage on the sidelines or koryage, I not understood. Not weighed their, but been seized 24 tail of them 12 reprobates from 400 until 900 grams. Together obkatal a new katukhu. In one word coil from series of - "Must-." I a spoiled child Serteytami, but she outclasses my expectations. Tooling BC Noose. Ceasing 1metr 0.14 flyurik. Kryukan 9 Ovner. Maggot, It was your dangerous driving, you muck snipe and dendrobena not very. Surprisingly quite not was ukleyki and this on 2kh metres depth. :O Usually have us she meters on 6's diving for the feeding trough. Little was and the second of suicidal - gustery. In one word not logical :dontknow:

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Again Friday.

Mindful in past iskulira and with place on the pit, I rang on work (however no particularly urgent works not was, past Friday was "fairly late’Conference with customers). I has also come to liberal scattering in 12.30. Suggested a hauls wife, brought together junk and 16.00 was on place. To the great my happiness on the pit was nezanyata one point. I quietly crashed so, in two old frozen prikormki I sprinkled pack Sensasa Atraktiva Bremes and, and he doctored there Aromiksa Bremes and Aromiksa moulded there Korn. Water at all not dolival - prikormka Lies adhesive and heavy. In mind three weeks droughts, on market gone missing made of earth the worm and vypolzok. Had to enjoy the nobody, pig-shit guy and dendrobenoy. Until gettin 'in the way, for me ``I've been stork vas'ka (he there lives and not particularly shugaetsya fishermen. I his see already 3 season.
Zaklipsovalsya on two made it 57 meters (the depth of -12metrov) and 45 meters (8 meters). Made on 5 zabrosov in every point and to 18 hours sat harvest.
Until 20.00 not was nor one poklevki. The first proklyunulas petty gusterka and here same went gulyat.
Then on the far-point a scoundrel grams on three hundred on moldy worm. Kuntsevo teetered with by a worm and kept quiet.
From nothing to acquire to do - decided to dipanut. The first decided to try Sonubeyts Strawberries, Rusalka, Citrus x aurantium ssp. bergamia. Only sprayed and through your heelbone minutes confident poklevka and 700 gram podlesch in sadke. No good deed not seek and again confident and began the real struggle with fish tank. In end the apparently very zachotnyy Luzhsky bream - 1990 grams, just 10 grams not having fallen twos.
Here same has spread dendrobenu on far stick and through half an hour of exercise deplorably leaked that good on point and point I've silenced in this day. On round 6 took still the reprobate and kiloshnika. In 22.00 the beginning of smerkatsya and nibble is now over. Had included a new automatic highlighting. I have already were LED to lullaby on individual struts and I painted the only themselves done, but me like greater. I promonitoril large construction supermarkets and networks OBI found to lullaby with one a powerful svetodiodom 1.5 watts and kollimatornoy lens. Such flashlight gives very vivid and narrow shining a Light and gives flash water. That from this broke a - are looking photo of illuminating in the process better photo and night. A pity telephone fotik not gives real picture of illuminating, and she afflicts. I very exasperated the result and particularly recommend. In sight any swing done and eyes not tire, as from category: Lampyridae.
After 22.00 and for gross not was even shevelenki and I went sleep. But near gathered tumultuous company dubinschikov with wives and songs and dancing. ???? the catalyst were: Drunken peasant women. These! 'Grapple -ele settle down, everyone to 3 hours night, when I with language; crawled out machines and went deal. I already was ready was to any far development events, but those who remained living already not ``secular opponents, so as were're drunk in closet. He from first Spanish apologized and knocked out music. Word, sorry, he speaking to this with large hard, but what the particle of reason a have him in brain. Dream was is broken terminally and I sat harvest in 4.00.
But rypka starters peck only 6.30. ???? sharply traded character Ah, this is great. Poklevki were confident on kind of and on amplitude. But I have was following sewage for overflow, all ??? sleepless night represented a themselves know. Until I not reversed the leashes are with other hooks, with greater size, only after this fish starters zasekatsya.
To ten hours I began wrap this up, okay, grapes and of a hatchling pond, picture taken with fish tank and had let its. Gave dubinschiku get a picture with zachotnym leschem, think soon in contact will, the proud photo :D “I don’t not pity, but when they seeing, that I'm letting go fish, have become beg give them on ear - received refusal. Truth authorized them the remnants of prikormki - let themselves such gets caught.
Until wash it a hatchling pond - sat another leschik on 1400gram, he was vzveshen and way from.
Here is such a fishing after heated days, have us slightly it is getting cold - 27 in the shadows. :D
On next weeks vacation. Outlined week in Murmansk area (cod are, salmon) and week in Vincke (feeder and spinning) So that sheets ahead :flag:



Hello Vadim. Beautiful place far from cities and not a bad fishing. I already week in Holiday and as on evil two recent fishing full line. Enleve only at night and'm using the fireflies. Zainteresovali your nightly implements never such not enjoyed. Think as to set stick under ray - I have an equal the preston poperechina.



Степаныч wrote:

It's a beautiful place far from cities and not a bad fishing. I already week in Holiday and as on evil two recent fishing full line. Enleve only at night and'm using the fireflies. Zainteresovali your nightly implements never such not enjoyed. Think as to set stick under ray - I have an equal the preston poperechina.

Seryoga, tragically and that place slowly and is true zasiraetsya and with past year have become increasingly common shashlychniki with demmi and the aunties drunk. I nor lasting way not'm a misanthropist, but constantly screaming, children, after Black aunts, and: Drunken in spreading their tails their partners - different addition to the servant-trophy-a fishing trip. Figs with them with dubinistami - they not competitors, and this the public simply plague.
D more on Volkhov touring to a buddy, there as raze there the private Bank and such colouring there is no.
About your problems. Think need to do so.
Which better world steel rope market from otozhzhennoy sheet copper mere 0.5. Honest word after such of illumination started on svetlyaki and look not regulation. Than what, darker than the better in sight, fotik's getting pancaked in by pitch night sack. Especially is identically in sight the bright Building tools. "The dark Ukrainian night" (Since) :D

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Thank you for scheme - necessarily d try. Long want get rid of kembrikov. Unfortunately the public have us not better, even on granite iaaa?aaeiuo critical questioning erected tents and telling carnivals. Service's undefeatable - nazhal.



Such-as years and have us in Rostov! Modicum would had then for a. So there is no, not n 1. deal! On requests about be building order after themselves-either no reaction, either alone promises! And next time move and one starts muck out increasingly. Strapon already pigs on a reservoir! So and look on you, as on idiot, when before leaving one starts in over the garbage packages entire this hell is that rake. In the past year Grand Canal from placard with request not to litter and clean up after themselves. Successfuily set up with friend 20 units through every 250 meters. Through month not remained nor one! Here is so here is. Notorious all of this!



Степаныч wrote:

I think as to set stick under ray

Someone here mentioned in vain bicycle paths fastening.
Such a flashlight, with changing "focus" ray, already mean. If can find the money something appropriate while - update my.



Mr.Puff wrote:

Who something here mentioned in vain bicycle paths fastening.

I their, too, watched, there plastic and very wordy which. Can you hit this another model.



Степаныч wrote:

Thanks for scheme - necessarily d try. Long want get rid of kembrikov. Unfortunately the public have us not better, even on granite iaaa?aaeiuo critical questioning erected tents and telling carnivals. Service's undefeatable - nazhal.

Stepanych, can this kind of fastening try?:

Have us his HEREorder can be. And here is themselves to lullaby watch need.

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duffy333 wrote:

A here is themselves to lullaby watch need.

Mini Bright LED Clip



Yes, something such with klipsoy from "Chinese"



duffy333 wrote:

yes, something such with klipsoy from "Chinese"

Coghlans L.E.D. Cliplight

Itself truth took the other, on these weekends d test

And advised that would to pay attention on source of nutrition

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duffy333 wrote:

yes, something such with klipsoy from "Chinese"

Guys chip in is that ordinary LED to lullaby - reclaim money. I their so much on ’, that now to do with my have nowhere.
Need lights with diodom stronger 1.5 watts and kollimatornoy lens. These lights give a powerful and clearly aimed ray. Everything else - snowstorms there (money on wind). In my opinion. Clips and fastening can be various. I all their bicycle paths the fasteners - they very cumbersome.



Vadkh wrote:

receive lights with diodom stronger 1.5 watts and kollimatornoy lens.

Here is in is the and deal! I precisely this and implied, when wrote, that with puffed sleeves "need watch" - LED-luminaire with klipsoy on's the visor caps, not be appropriate for our case.


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