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Fishing notes Sergei Popova. Part of 2

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Sava2011, thank you for good words :)
Immediately I’d say that I not cool and to prove to nothing not d. If God will give me chance act well on ChM, I will this, and if not will give, then will take whatever steps are as lesson and test on the tenacity. All who played with me in team know that I major team player and always’ve worked in primarily on major team outcome and will try be maximally useful Team Ukraine on Worlds in South Africa.
I very love fidernuyu fishing trip and am not expected hurl, simply appeared additional focus on maintaining catching carp and now in this fact for me simply not pakhannoe field for experimentation :) however time I have lack, and on feeder and on a carp :)
I still open for dialogue, try to put always respond to all questions which come me in lichku in various should we expect. Networks and in particular on this Forum, and issues these realistically not less dozen in day. So that I gladly, as and before, d share its new experience and interesting condemn with fidernykh fishing trips!



Sergei, GOD always gives those who awaits hopes and believes, but most importantly a hard worker and honest. I think, that personally have you and have your team all poluchetsya (perishing very many admirers in CIS for YOU all), not despite domestic "a beef." And to prove to you will have (let not itself, but other), so as You became enough macho public people and from this have you many friends (known, admirers,) and, importantly VRAGOV! And enemies need win! Druzya and close you will accept any and in sorrow and joy (in conquer and dregs). Druzya figure, and enemies roundly. So NOT Give them a pretext. Until meeting on AC (I the viewer).



ted wrote:

I am not expected nor whom provatsirovat, write on Forum.

You precisely you're provoking here. Finish up. :canthearyou:

On Karpov monthly decision already adopted. If not in rate, specifically for you:

Gepard wrote:

- In the framework personal reports permissible publication posts about karpovoyand game stand it comes to shagging (themes realistically's sister)
- When all rest sections NO, except those, associated with both thrust. For example feeding carp, feeding fucking slingshot and camping on P. (here already on choice moderators)



Can foolish, but. Not controversial of whether desire to deal in savvy accounting convoys, Boylov, their seasonal ingredients, pelletsov, amines etc, and after this start precisely enleve spoils on mind / the largest a dace, Blicca bjoerkna, Ling, sea Bass etc /, but already fiderom.



A grey, yes with Karpov nutrition issues there is no special there is understanding and misconception, much more the nuance in strategy applying feed, osnastkakh, choosing point. Big sazany and driven carps on Different subsist and in other places, their otherwise need to seek, here one experience fiderny fishing not enough.



Sergei, Hi.
Read your report, written previously

Platform Garbolino me very likes, for my weight in the most times, but here is men bigger than others will on it feel -, too graceful. With Rayvom to compare its not can because as they very different, if Roberto Rive more look like on Mercedes not-are slaughtered engine milionnik, then Garbolino more on Jaguar - Vishukana, one spicy.
· Easy changed high chair, simply super convenient theme!
· Mikhanicheskaya, an exact adjustment of the extent of all knots shestigrannikom (can be align as fiddle Stradivarius)
· MA – It a handsome diayn (on my taste of, but given that I have 18 years artistic education, then I to his Italian tastes later)
· ejectable obtyazhka chair, neoprenovaya, if sharded prikormkoy or simply myself, then can be wash and ago to put on the running.
· Pedana from aluminum easily cleaned until luster so as not has an extra $theoretically for zalipaniya dirt.
· Feature-packed and easy drawer-style floor Pandora with handle (as on rayve)
· High 60cm graphite its feet (D25, with pan-green perekhodnikom round-becomes any prestonovskiy got a body kit on)
· Transportrovochnaya systems convenient, simply you clip wheels, the handle and won a recognition, need not no carts.
· Station sustainable, very convenient system load pin socket, on the flapper klipsakh.
· uzkovata Pedana, for those who but with 17l frontal between legs can be cramped in there.
· uncomfortable podzhopnye boxes are, yesteryear askew, loath from Left them prevents the table
· produced Pedana simply don't need, although not know, can be I until not understood for what she
· a blank native table nasadochnyy compared with large prestonovskim, will Sell whom need to.
· consequently less than Preston X6, but the truth I for two years so its Kh6 under pieces of an and not burst, so that me lack until volume of Garbolino.

P. S. Many run the station, for aesthetes by. Rybolovam-staroveram can not please high price and lack of movable desyatilitrovogo tray-pelvis for porridge and of for bagorika :)

Sergei, can be want to expand on that pro it: Name model, size, weight, telescopic boxes are?
Can be photo posting?
Want take a closer about it to know.
Staff I, nothing detailed not found.
Pomogi, please?
In advance thank you!

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Hello Sergei, 'm gonna join you to the request RinAt 66. Tell about this platform. What maximum weight, on your glance it will survive? On how many is rising saddle? I have growth 196 centimeters, weight 90 kg. Very interesting construction, need not gather additionally levels platforms Misc. Modules. Have the most Preston CD, bought these precisely because that, can be regulate levels relatively pedany. But as the me, then still pleasure, until entire gonna make a jackass of. But me simply need not a large number of additional (PV) modules and skrinok. What standard Complectaion have Garbolino? In online; it's saw derzhitsya with large number of at skrinok. I so understood, that modules dokupalis mentor. And the second Pedana commanded in goes? Can whether simultaneously 2 pedany zadvigatsya under platform? Seat platforms stands at around axis? How it fixed? You wrote, that men bigger than others you will feel on it -. You had in mind entire station, or precisely the seat next? When the seat next pile operating enough highly, saddle is worth rigidly on this pipe? As looks this mechanism raising? Was would super, if you have there will time to tell on for more about this pro this platform. And at all military, if with photographs. In online; it's indeed very little the big info about it. And can be could you tell me British, Internet shops with assortment of garbolino? Interested in this platform and got a body kit on. And want say thank you for all your films and sheets. Very interestingly look and to read.



Friends, unfortunately Darren dismantled this Pandora with production. But on Laude this perhaps the most the best from all that I sat. Garbolino very convenient platform, even more convenient with InternetCELL than RIVE, simply RIVE on 36 become more sustained, and me with my 90 + weight had to change, on more robust Pandora. In the rest of the I all described previously. Saddle fixed (, as this mechanism accurately is called I not know, but stupidly're not slapping and dead-bolted. Degree of of is regulated shestigrannikami, their in goes two.
From cons, very nor on paws, on legs, often of the needle, account for podkleivat. Not the most convenient platform for catch it with stone nasypey, but on dambakh and more less adequate ground the banks of is worth is famously.
I one thing time its fielded on sale, and then has changed his mind, a pity Fed with such krasotuley. Now'm competing on RIVE, and this is worth in the chamber, natertaya until luster :)



Vepsian people, you can rid my branch from its gadenkogo Mouse Detective litter?
Parosols than any more useful, than puskaniem bile.



ZooM wrote:

and me with my 90 + weight

Yeah, haven’t update I you not saw.

PS Nu, and with other hand in karpfishing with 80 + and not be allowed to enter. :)



Sasha, ah betcha, and far prime :) Karp phishing requires victims!



ZooM wrote:

simply RIVE on 36 become more sustained, and me with my 90 + weight had to change

More sustainable platform, than RIVE on 36 become I not saw. Eiaee with this platforms on one of fishing trips in Kaneve, on a stony hillocks, where any platform is worth not persistently. I was am amazed sustainability RIVE. This the best platform, but and the most expensive. :)



And have platforms Garbolinovskoy moving about. The ulcer saddle fixed in nekrutyaschemsya position?



It saddle fixed, she stands at exclusively until of fixing, in job position she Tuyabuguz. But most importantly this not the that she revolves on axis, and the that its can be raise on optimum for his growth levels, or lower.



Sergei bountiful time days. In their films you often] However coils Wychwood Solace 10 ACS. Share please their impressions about them. And as they look bad in terms as industrialized fishing. Have you like are worth they not on cyprinids kept sticks.



Sergei! And that with “entertainments ” the films? Plan there the exit?



Until Zoom delightful ternopolskikh carp breeder.
Saw announcements several new films - this will be with steeply! Guys, as film directors, stepped degrading on a few steps in before :cool: In personnel many major fish and unexpected poklevok-of steam engines, new interesting sun with limiting brightness. :cool:
Think Zoom not first year of the, if I will inform, that there a new modern camera for submarine of filming. Expect discoveries Curtain about behavior "Ukrainian" fish in various conditions and reservoirs.



Ah you Sanya of a line is that :) all on many easier, friends. I now on karpovoy session, return days through 5-7 and'll post an one of films. Hope to the time Vlad will return with Volga and will finish his finally :) with a new camera a GoPro Black Edition until learn using, hope in next season already will be able in entire force use its opportunities. And until here is such kind of from my erected tents:

Fishing is very complex, water 9.3 degrees, kholdodno enough, but I very hope that wild fish my dreams kolyunet :)



Sergei, sorry if not in temu- but what firms this species under? (Look like on DAM?)

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Species-Pod Solar.
Fish until there is no, at night was one poklevka on brindle hard nut with pdsadkoy kukuruzki plastic from AVID, but until I bailed out from sleep place was already late :) night cold and carp until not feeds on and not is being shifted. Hope that warm week force will his and fish bashing on point.



So ??? is so apparently driving plastic kukuraza from AVID? :P



duffy333 wrote:

So ??? is so apparently driving plastic kukuraza from AVID?

And where she not been pushed round? ;)



As always is so apparently driving, paradox, that fish finds in this Yellow chunk plastic :)
At night and on the morning was -1 degree, sleeping bag NASH Frostbait Sub20 is so apparently driving, warmly and comfortable experience. Perekrrmil point on dalnyak, on a belly button on 150 meters, only cereals and one tackle with pva sack sack. Tomorrow like promise warming.



As there affairs?



Until without fish, water very the Cold (+ -9 degrees), changed strategy feed, shifted couple of fishing gear on another point, closer to the pit (8 - 9 meters), but I fear that fish that in it pokezyvaet log not aktivnichaet and simply is worth there. So that've been spending a time testing new ZEMEX Razer, I'm gonna hold very defiant three are dace :)



Zoom let!



Friends, released a new the film from cycle "Next Generation Fishing - dive a new generation"
This the commercial devoted it catching fiderom with viewing fletov in commercially a reservoir Pustovity.
Pleasant viewing, friends!

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Perhaps already it is time TOP-10 on nasadkam and prikormochnym compounds to do.



Sergei! Large thank you for video. Saw many useful for themselves.

Сергей Москвичев wrote:

Perhaps already it is time TOP-10 on nasadkam and prikormochnym compounds to do.




Many run idea! Its Top10 after exhibition'm going to publish :) subjective


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